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  1. Haha he hit a nail on the head with this one
  2. I think transcending ego would be a better alternative. That way you can still enjoy life and do fun things, while being grounded in the awareness of what you are existentially. That's where enlightenment work and self-actualization can go hand-in-hand. If you try to 'kill'/ neglect one or the other, life can get very unbalanced.
  3. @Nomad Our true self is immortal. The end is of the ego - the false sense of self.
  4. @TimStr Death is not opposite of life, it's only opposite of birth. It's the end of the illusion that there was somebody.
  5. @Emerald Wilkins Just watched 'Ego: Friend or Foe'. Great content and awesome job on presentation. Love the pastel color background! And I also think you are very pretty The subscription button to your channel wasn't working, will try again later.
  6. @99th_monkey In his video 'Spirituality vs Religion' Leo said that Jesus was an enlightened teacher whose teachings were made into a religion, something he never intended them to be. I used to be a Christian and I can see now how his teachings could have been misunderstood, misquoted, added on to. He was basically put to death for what Leo is doing here - telling us that we are enlightenment/ god/ etc, which was considered blasphemy by the OT dogmatic priests of Jesus' time. There is a video on YT about the missing years of Jesus (from 12 to 30 yo) where it suggests that he was staying in India during that time learning from the Buddhist teaching, and after his death his body was transported and buried back in India, with the tomb also bearing his name. This might explain the obvious similarities between the basic teachings of Buddha and Jesus, the former being the influencing factor on the latter.
  7. @Lou Lou PM me
  8. Ok, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the updates.
  9. @vizual Have you considered starting a journal on here?
  10. @Emerald Wilkins What's the name of your YouTube channel and blog?
  11. @abrakamowse Found these, very good
  12. They are not 'yours' anyway I like this quote by Osho. Kids and animals can be our greatest teachers
  13. @Rasmus Don't take anything personally on here or in life in general. Can't please everyone. I've learned a lot from your posts and, I'm sure, so have many others. Maybe just reducing your time on the forum would be the solution. Leo's probably just hoping you'd change your mind and stay
  14. Not stalking, just being super observant Why leaving? You've been such an asset to this forum. Didn't you say you were Leo's biggest fan?
  15. What is love? The total absence of fear, said the Master. What is it we fear? Love, said the Master.
  16. @Emerald Wilkins If you know The Alchemist and The Son, you know Rasmus.
  17. Abundance thinking starts with being frugal. Penny saved is penny earned. Sometimes the best way to make money is to manage well the funds you already have. Simplify, downsize if you need to, cut out junk food, no excess clothes, electronics, furniture, etc., and if you need second income to make ends meet, either get a part-time side job or ask wife to help you out by working too
  18. @abrakamowse You can't just 'think' money into existence, but you can sit down and figure out ways/ steps (strategy) how to put your thoughts into action, and in time get more money.
  19. @Saitama Ayla started a journal this morning Mind Attacks After Initial Seeing with practical solutions to help us stay on track.
  20. I guess the same way as you would deal with a thought, since belief is a construct of thoughts, and thoughts are construct of the ego-mind.
  21. Psychopaths live in a grand illusion. Enlightened live in a grand reality.