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  1. You haven't experienced infinite loneliness else it would still be the case now, you experienced temporary apparent loneliness. You can say it's alone, but feeling lonely is an experience that comes and goes. ... As for torture, temporary torture, minds get deluded and suffer, and then after they experience release from it, but consciousness doesn't get tortured. And yes it comes from the existential happening originally without choice.
  2. Again projecting a pleasure seeking survival entity onto pure awareness. People imagine God Awareness to be like you become more human, or something, but actually you are simply absent. Literally the opposite of what you imagine.
  3. There are people who have done 100s of trips and are still (trying to) entertain themselves with nonsensical concepts, it doesn't matter if you have no intention to want to go beyond your own mind, see all thoughts as untrue, that's the most important choice. Ego renunciation, self minded renunciation. Psychedelics are okay with sufficient understanding and then still intense, amd else they can delude one further. Having an already kind of stable life, no sins or bad unresolved pasts, that is in fact totally mandatory believe it or not.
  4. All this talk about lonely lonely. Tomorrow go to a park, watch the kids play and the doggies, make eye contact, then see what happens to these thoughts of lonely that seem so real now.
  5. Yeah overcomplicating things. But you are still believing in a creator God, or that you are fundamentally a creator, that something created you, wants you to do things, wants to experience things, this comes out of a misunderstanding of what you are. Existential consciousness doesn't have a motive to exist. It's too existential for that.
  6. And ye, it's painful when people take psychedelics and expect an enlightenment, and all they get is to see their resistance amplified and madness increase. Ye, such is the nature of the work of facing the egoic structure and it's not easy. As Adi Da once said, 'What do you think the Saddhana is about, like handing out candy to children?' (The beginning may seem to contradict what I said, but it refers to the manifest nature of infinity, and that it doesn't really matter, as it's about realizing the consciousness dimension beyond it). Ye It's an existential happening, as consciousness, it is so now, life and body births and dies within it.
  7. ^ it's not that you didn't touch upon something deeper, but people need to understand all story and concepts such as 'god did this, god did that', 'god wants this god wants that', are all still completely untrue. Yes it sounds profound and it may be fun to talk about, but really it's not true, i'm sorry. But the mind may think it is and perpetuate it's drama. So I'm not saying it to invalidate your experience, but I want to hammer this over and over again, all thoughts are not true. You try to personify God that way because the ego likes to hold on to concepts, albeit that makes it stay in ignorance ultimately as well as fear. Because really, it's all more simple than that, so simple the mind cannot do anything with it, so scares the thinking mind, so when it gets closer to it it starts to imagine concepts to hold onto to it's identity. --There is just what appears, and consciousness is free from it inherently. That's it. Only that must be realized. There is no real God either. It came out of nothingness, as an existential happening. Oneness organizes things through love intelligence and law of attraction, but it didn't make these things. _ So when you say I imagined this to escape loneliness etc, that's still the mind talking, because from a deeper level, there is no thinking going, nor is there any loneliness. All thoughts about what appears are simply baseless. .. Never the less useful that you talk about it, because leaving these ideas unchecked can really gnaw on people, also a reason why psychedelics are kinda dangerous, especially because people tend to think that the thoughts they have on them are like the great given insights, and no offense! This happens a lot. Also you didn't imagine anything, this tends to imply that somehow you 'willed' existence into existence, you didn't, you can't will yourself or existence to have existed, it just is, or it appears when it appears. Just as you don't make your dreams come by will. Leo didn't understand this at one point too, though imagining can also refer to the fact that manifest life is mental in nature, part of mind.
  8. That's a question from the mind based on it's sense of wanting a purpose (identity) for survival, reproduction and pleasure. It has some functions in the practical sense, sometimes, but it's just not who you really are. Ye that's a true thing, Jim Newman style, but good luck getting out of your mind without meditation or practicing loving.
  9. I had such a horror trip once on mushrooms, or similar, it was terrible but afterwards came light and ecstasy and then I came down. Ive had many satoris, mostly in or around deep sleep, which are nice, and beyond mind. They were all totally different than that psychedelic madness. What I think can happen on these trips is the mind is brought to some weird really weird state, and its normal ego is quite gone and it feels like, it's at the level of god then, and so every thought or sense it may have it describes itself 'all knowing'. But you see, that's still a level of mind and thinking, which is impermanent and untrue even. Which is hard to imagine at the time because it's all you have known and are used to, and the state is blowing your mind and personal sense of reality also even, so 'it must be true' then. But it's not no-mind, or pure feeling, it's mental psychedelic mad-land. So even though that was horrible, you can see it as grace, showing the futility of mind, in the ultimate sense. Best of luck. Jim Newman also talks about this, perhaps useful to you.
  10. I watched 100's of sessions and owned the bashar forum for a few years. It's trash.
  11. Ye, that's another one of his major falsehoods, thanks for reminding me, his teacher is very solipsistic and extremely arrogant. Of course we have some connected power, yet you are still one in 7 billion as an actor, you really don't have that much power, at all, in terms of world events etc. An ant, a bug you are. My beloved bug.
  12. As long as it takes, meditation/self-enquiry or devotion should be constant. Yes, laying still on your back is the Nr. 1 technique to stay awake while falling asleep, it's pretty hard tho. But it's also a reason to meditate laying down, often it should be nice. - I disagree Leo, it won't be the same as blasting yourself in the face, and some states should be less likely perhaps, but it's all the same pretty much in a way.Though yes, my most lasting extreme was also on psy's, but sober is possible and not as fkin hectic.
  13. I can confirm personally that this is absolute nonsense. You can access all these states, it's not even that hard if you are serious about it, which of course only a few are, consistent and committed meditation especially through falling asleep awake can do it. Being seriously with a real master can also open the doors enough. There's nothing special about psychedelics despite being very effective, dream objects.
  14. Maybe I am not so conscious, I know actually I am an ego that only gets glimpses. But I would say still that you don't have to say reality is perfect because the circumstances are so great. A closed heart and all circumstances aren't good. But you can say 'everything is perfect' because the Self is perfect, and everything comes out of that perfect consciousness. But only meditation and love practice can help this problem you have.
  15. He does care to the point of screaming. But the rapist heart is too cluttered perhaps still.. So he does care and it's also not uncommon for people in extreme pain to lose consciousness, or the memory is blocked out. But the base of consciousness simply doesn't care because it's just not of this.
  16. Animals are very underrated, perhaps they are even immune to suffering because they are so pure. I was looking at this cat who sits at the window looking at people again, the amount of love in his eyes was unbelievable, I can start to see more of it as the practice deepens.
  17. 66 posts and said on 6/12 6:24 pm Nice one satan. We know all of this stuff is real, angry spirits, law of attraction. It can work for or against us, but none of it has to scare you, all of it is to serve your relationship with love and God, use the name of God for good, use your body for love.
  18. Well well, i binged watched these street pastors, and back to being a hindu hippy we go, much better.
  19. One example, of spiritual warfare, could be going on the street at night where it's relatively safe, like in weekend night when they are intoxicated and looking for people that may want your help, or people who look for fights or conflict, but practicing just being as open as possible to them, all of it, your fear what ever, but not returning any hate or conflict, or even better love. Not saying you should look to get in trouble, but see how powerful this sadhanna could be? And how relevant. Because we don't live in desert spiritual or traditional India, though they are quite industrialized as well at some point in this case, which doesn't even mean better.
  20. Ye but you shouldn't speculate about that. Meet them, love them, talk with them, odds are they are relatively developed even, they are actually the shamans of our culture. And with spiritual warfare I don't mean over the top nonsense, it's so easy to put some macho or specialness ego into that world and term, it's the same practice of authenticity and surrender to God essentially at, only mixed with real life action, talking. Of course really easy to get your ego involved and dumb it all up, but that's the practice also of self discovery to serve this process, put that ego on the cross into the world and see the results by mercy, for you.
  21. Not sure what you mean. But commiting yourself to a religion or using a religion can indeed be extremely transforming for the good. Perhaps also because you connect yourself to a field of devotees. Also powerpoints and support structures, and wisdom. Buddhism calls it's streams vehicles.
  22. That last post surely is the weirdest thing I ever wrote, but these new wave of Christian's, passionate with holistic understanding, how powerful man, Todd White is another, they know Dan too. And I am not saying simple christian religion is good and psychedelic hippy bad, or what ever, but this profound, what is true is true and what works works for the sake of happiness is important.
  23. I say all argumentation whether or not the church is good is irrelevant, what church, whom, where. Stop talking like a child behind the computer. I am saying, this path can be used excitingly, greatly, to destroy the lost dog ego and truly live. There is enough goodness in the bible to help a christian, that is easy. What is exciting about this path, truly, is spiritual warfare, related to real suffering and real feeling good, yes that sounds bananas, if you would have told me 2 weeks ago I could write this I would be made very uncomfortable, but I can see the goodness in it now. What is spiritual warfare, it is taking your spiritual practice into action, calling out the devil in real life or healing the devil with truth and right speech and not give into to your own arrogance. True it can be done with mere presence if you are a total jnani, but before that, and it already happens, but before that you can pray for people in need irl and talk with them, try to help them, doesn't matter if it works immediately, someone cared for them, that is enough. I guarantee you, such acts of courage and love and worship will fasten your spiritual procress immediately, the real trick is to be selfless, have it not be about you for once, sacrifice the act without needing result. And god has patience and all will reap results in due time. This will make you truly alive, and will go much faster than internet studying. Research these mad christian devoted pastors a bit, they maybe crazy to some degree and not totally good in understanding, but they are practicing really passionately and that's powerful, they are like strong spiritual force in action in our society, fascinating to watch on youtube as well, and totally biased towards the good, so very good, sure beats legue of legends if you ask me, heh..
  24. This is an another example of true courage and devotion, it will trigger you, i promise
  25. Mm. In the relative field it's all about relationship, but there are dimensions of nothingness, which few know, except sometimes in bed, where it's just quiet and peaceful and impersonal.