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  1. One trap of psychedelics is to associate awakening with actual enlightenment, one being a state of consciousness, the other an insight that can be understood in almost any state of consciousness.
  2. Psychedelics will actually facilitate your ability to meditate, especially if meditation is done during the trips. I don't think I'd ever be able to go as deep as I can without having been shown this through LSD. There will definitely be a stage however where psychedelics aren't of much use. Psychedelics can awaken you, but that doesn't mean they will make you enlightened.
  3. The following have worked well for me: L-theanine Lion's Mane Microdoses (although I prefer low dose instead) Ashwagandha L-tyrosine/creatine if you're feeling fatigued but don't wanna be stimulated Other than that I find any form of cardio beforehand works great, especially if I shower straight after lol boy i feel cleansed. You could also check out this nootropic blend that has a lot of the same ingredients: https://cogneticsgroup.com/
  4. As far as actual drugs go, I'd give phenylpiracetam a go since it's pretty potent as well but definitely safer and significantly less addicting than adderall. Something like adderall should always be the last resort. Defs look into adaptogens like L-theanine though since you can pretty much take them for as long as you want and don't have to worry about side effects.
  5. Take a break from consciousness work in replacement of doing things that are more grounding e.g. running, yoga, being in nature with bare feet in the grass. DPDR can often be a sign of underlying anxiety issues, perhaps even be a form of ego backlash although I'm not sure yet. Most important thing is to practice being more grounded.
  6. The biggest trap I fell in was over-conceptualising the indefinable, it's hard to remember an ego-dissolving experience since what leaves with it is all your memories and sense of time/space which are all necessary prerequisites for a story to reside in your head or be told to others. I just don't find it useful to investigate these things through the lens of the intellectual mind, try to approach this with your intuition; with your heart, NOT your mind. Basic mindfulness is quite good for being more in touch with one's intuition if such a person is actively surrendering the mind. A lot of neuroses can also be bypassed by approaching it this way. A single thought cannot even touch emptiness.
  7. Frank: "If you can't lock it in and perceive infinity right here right now 24/7 then what's the point?"
  8. This seems to be the point where "meditative" enlightenment and "psychedelic" enlightenment begin to diverge, the meditative path focuses more on seeing God in THIS MOMENT whereas the psychedelic type focuses on reaching higher and higher states of awareness. Both are ultimately good but I think to have one without the other is incomplete. I do believe Frank is correct when he says psychedelics alone cannot "lock in" enlightenment so to speak. It just isn't good enough in my eyes, you have to actually change the very structure of your own brain alongside the psychedelic awakenings to make things stick, the baseline level of consciousness is where 95% (or more) of your life is spent, so to think spending 5% of your life in an enlightened state equates to actual enlightenment even if some of it sticks is delusional imo. It's also important to mention that not EVERYONE feels using psychedelics over other methods is the most useful path for them, I'd argue most people find the combination to be most effective, instead of just smoking 5meo over and over again, that doesn't work for everyone. This whole "my way or the highway" attitude surrounding psychedelic enlightenment is bullshit.
  9. Read "Dissolving the ego, realising the self" by David R. Hawkins start to finish before taking LSD alongside meditation and contemplation of these insights and you should make quick progress.
  10. "The fact that Consciousness only experiences itself through one mind is a belief held by one mind! There is no evidence for it. This is called solipsism. Non-duality states there is only Consciousness. Solipsism states there is only the content of our own mind. These two statements may appear to be similar but in fact they are poles apart. The former is the source of sanity, the latter insanity." Defs not solipsism, solipsism is basically egocentricity to the max. Yours and @VincentArogya's insight is basically the same, just a different lens. Everyone experiences non-duality differently.
  11. Taoism is by far my favourite school of thought, if only more people on the forum talked about it , helped me be less in my head trying to overly conceptualise the indefinable, and instead just experiencing it and knowing that way. Hard to be that neurotic when you start embodying taoism.
  12. @The0Self I'm curious to know exactly what evidence there is that combining the two is bad? I've heard taking the 2 together is bad, but that taking creatine as a caffeine consumer is ok, which would often mean caffeine would be in your system when taking it. Kinda just sounds like some bro science to me.
  13. If Leo did in fact say ALL conspiracy videos, then I guess he has a point lol, I could see Leo's passion might lead to accidentally coming off as too generalising or too arrogant. If you express a lot of passion you're bound to not be 100% in every single statement, you'd have to be pretty damn clinical and somewhat robotic to do so, and that wouldn't register with many people.
  14. for me it was just "omg im dying, omg im dying, im dying no no no pls no omg nnnnnnooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" https://giphy.com/gifs/thecoolidge-akira-coolidge-corner-theatre-E0Cm36pxzqIQX2hvz7/fullscreen This gif sums it up pre nice lmao
  15. Of course, there is no "you" to execute free will over what beliefs the ego-mind will attach itself to. Same goes for all decisions made in life, the river stream of consciousness flows with no opinion, no belief, no mind, no thought. Only the ego-mind creates such delusions for its own survival. This enlightened state where emptiness is glimpsed however cannot be a belief as it isn't even a thought itself, and only experience can prove its existence. Beliefs aren't really important to this work imo. But wtf do i know lol.
  16. I use to worry about this, then I had a non-dual experience and realised there's nothing to worry about, like electro beam said listen to your heart, not your head, not your ego, if your life purpose is genuine then not much should change other than your values surrounding said life purpose will become more selfless, but if anything this will generate even more passion in your life as it begins serving a greater goal. Try to generate more of the LOVE aspect of enlightened and you will be beaming my friend.
  17. Yea I had a psychedelic experience from unbelievably potent weed on the beach that put me straight into no-mind, no-self samadhi only to realise that I literally created the entire universe, granted there were a lot of factors that lead to this, but fuck me people shouldn't underestimate weed man.
  18. I wouldn't write off Changa, a friend I know who makes it informed me that you can in fact hit breakthrough territory quite easily, and that it's probably better to do so through Changa then with synthetic since it's more grounded/earthly and not so much of a sledgehammer leaving you saying "WTF" with zero reference point, and also better than ayahuasca since you're not puking your guts out around hippies that won't shave their armpits lmfao.
  19. Everyone's path is vastly different, I know personally I had to get at least some basic understanding of non-duality to find that peace within myself before going out and chasing career aspirations, if it wasn't for this my ego would have gotten far too in the way, would have taken things far too personally and too seriously, and thus the stress of that would've surely meant my ultimate failure. But to be fair I hungered this from a young age, had I never found this I would have been lost and forever confused. Suffering is an excellent teacher, and it's ultimately showing you the universe in a way sees potential in you. It's easy to love others when things are going well, but try doing that in the face of total darkness, of narcissistic types sucking the pure life out of you, of toxic relationships draining your energy, or when financial burdens begin to creep into your mind. To maintain such compassion in the face of all of this is unbelievably difficult, and yet it will force you to grow and mature very fast. It's in the pit of suffering where you will find some of the deepest and most authentic insights, where all your fears and vulnerabilities will be left naked before you.
  20. Amazing report, I resonate a lot with this experience, definitely sounds familiar to my 250ug trip, even the picture you posted looks similar to the vision I had, except instead it was an infinite geometric column of Buddhas expanding in all directions for eternity as the light got brighter and brighter until I completely and totally dissolved into nothingness, but the nothingness was pure light, pure consciousness; the very essence of one's being. During such a process you see all the fears and insecurities the ego creates and realise it to be nothing but barriers from you experiencing god, with the ultimate solution being a state of total and complete surrender/letting go. THIS! Haha I'm still in the same position you are, and whilst contemplation is utterly crucial I found these 2 guides useful for getting back to that state of "pure being", if it wasn't for these guides I would've completely forgotten what the hell "pure being" even means. Maybe it isn't for everybody but I find that state of total non-doership to be the easiest way to empty the mind and subsequently have these sorts of experiences, albeit to a milder extent. Extremely peaceful though. When the mind is completely silent this essence simply reveals itself of its own accord, without the ego having to get in the way whatsoever.