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  1. Yea, whatever....I guess Leo's arrogant style just leaves a bad taste in my mouth these days. It's not even necessarily what's said, but again just the style of it. It wasn't always this bad. The funny thing about cults is that they can form around you regardless of what you say or do, it's sad to say the least, but hey if it works for you then more power to you. All the best lads.
  2. Sam is the reason I got into this stuff in the first place; I think he is a necessary part of the nondual/meditation community even if his teaching's aren't the deepest, it's a good way to get a scientifically minded person on board with investigating consciousness.
  3. Not exactly the most ethical thing to let a literal child make such a profound decision with life-long consequences though.
  4. Accepting life completely and totally for what it is, letting go of judgements, grounding oneself in a sense of humility without being afraid to show confidence when needed, increasing compassion, stopping the blame on anyone including overly blaming oneself, taking full responsibility for one's life, a strong sense of self-awareness, and having emotional stability would all be things I'd associate with maturity (or at least the kind I think is most worth shooting for).
  5. @Adodd I recommend "The Mind Illuminated" techniques for increasing concentration and mindfulness, but also paradoxically being able to drop this into an Adyashanti style surrender/do nothing meditation will allow the "absorbtion" aspect of Samadhi to grow as well, because once the "meditator" drops from the experience you can really lose yourself and go deep. Hope that helps though since I've only experienced full blown Samadhi on LSD.
  6. Check out NLE choppa's new shit, I think you'll dig it
  7. @levani Currently taking "cognetics excel" https://cogneticsgroup.com/ which I can definitely recommend; not sure about your product though the dosage looks way too low.
  8. They are good, although I seem to respond pretty good to adaptogens. Ashwagandha does wonders for my sleep and feels very tranquil, lion's mane I've found good for creativity if you have a good source and can help with brain fog, Rhodiola is quite effective for wiping away fatigue and L-theanine is easily my favourite; absolutely calms you down fast whilst enhancing cognition nicely at the same time. Personally I wouldn't bother with reishi or cordyceps unless you just want a purely physical boost but I'd recommend saving cash on that stuff.
  9. Of course not, but we work with what we have. More sentience being a reason simply makes the most sense, if one were to be forced to kill either a rat or a human, who are you gonna pick? I bet 1 million bucks you'd kill the rat. And if instead of a rat it was a retarded person, I'd do the same. Never said there's anything ok with that though.
  10. I can resonate with that, I think a lot of people more serious about this find contemplation to be a literal default state for them, the very idea of sitting down to contemplate as if it's some structured chore-like activity to do sounds simply absurd! It isn't supposed to be something one "should" do, it should be completely spontaneous in my opinion, with meditation being the antidote to overdoing it so one isn't lost in conceptualisation.
  11. Stroking Leo's ego is the last thing he needs LMFAO
  12. @Leo Gura True, which is why some aspects of this work aren't applicable to every day life at all, if one were to try that they'd simply end up a doormat.
  13. I've taken psychedelics as an untrained immature newb with personal issues, as well as taken psychedelics (even more so) as a far more self-actualized, mature, grown individual with stronger meditation ability and the differences in quality of my trips between these two cannot be understated; literally night and day. Leo for example cannot understand this difference because he's only taken them with YEARS of personal development work behind to back up the experience. It really does make a massive difference. Meditation is also (at least in my opinion) the very best integration tool you could imagine, which makes insights actually mean something. The preparation is better, the experience is better/more clear/easier to integrate and it's more blissful to boot. If you go deep enough you will even get whispers during your sessions of certain states you accessed on psychs. It also works vice-versa, in that psychedelics will make transcendent states via meditation more easily accessible, perhaps even to a point where you either don't need them at all or only have them several years apart.
  14. The occasional glass of red wine's fine, daily I wouldn't recommend; the research on that is pretty inconclusive. As far as meditation and alcohol goes I wouldn't recommend, even though it is relaxing the impatience, lack of focus and dulling of the senses really ruins it. Plus it's an ego booster so that doesn't help. Even weed would be a far better option since it at least focuses you (or can if you're a good responder) alongside enhancing the senses. Look into L-theanine if you want a solid meditation enhancer that can be done regularly with actual REAL health benefits.
  15. Adyashanti is the best! His meditations are transforming! The ever increasing mental silence and pre-verbal awareness make insight into emptiness so clear and effortless.
  16. This whole thread is the literal definition of mental masturbation lol
  17. Reminds me of Martin Ball's description of the ego being like clothing that you wear; post-awakening it can act as a tool that you use instead of it using you, rather than being constantly selfless like some people describe. Honestly thank god this is the case for most people lol.
  18. People do this with DMT and have good reports sooo I think that might answer your question ahaha. @Flowerfaeiry It is chemically related to mescaline though fun fact (despite being an amphetamine)
  19. lmao this is all possible with psychedelics, plus chances are said weed that causes these issues is an adulterated version, seriously lacking in CBD (an antipsychotic with the purpose of balancing THC's effects) since it gives you more bang for your buck. I was skeptical CBD did this until I experienced it myself with THC, completely changes the experience- you're no longer floating off in a foggy daydream but instead feel very clear, sane, calm and present. But yea I agree it can be addictive (taking a long break myself) and as a result make you a slob ahaha.
  20. Defs recommend halving the MDMA dose for anyone considering this (no more than 100mg- even that's pushing it) ONLY during the comedown phase. But yeah I've done it and it can't be dismissed; the LSD makes it like a FORCED therapy, taking you into your most vulnerable place only to have said place subsequently hugged by the MDMA. It magnifies the therapeutic use of MDMA tenfold, and the LSD almost seems to override some of the post-molly blues. It's probably the only instance in which I'd do MDMA again, given my last comedown was kinda harsh. @Batman It can definitely be of use for therapeutic purposes and open you up to the love aspect of enlightenment and embody said aspect with more ease, but overall since it keeps the ego mostly in tact I wouldn't recommend any more than a few times. It's ultimately the "magic" part people talk about that provides the most value, but you've probably heard said "magic" dies quite quickly unfortunately, after which I honestly think is pointless to continue pursuing, especially given the risks. If you're new to psychedelics it can be a phenomenal introduction, breaking down some of the ego's defences so that in the future you can open yourself up with the other psychs easier (hope that makes sense). But for the love of god whatever you do, DO NOT abuse this drug; it will fuck you up if you do, I've seen it first hand and it isn't pretty.
  21. @nistake lmao agreed, masturbating's pretty fun tho! Or it's just a place to flex how woke you are... oh the irony