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  1. Thank you! That's difficult for me. In my current level of development, I'm doing Kriya Yoga and meditation hoping that I can access more energy and enlightenment would be a being experience in that context. Leo says that to attain enlightenment is good to have an interest in truth for truth sake, and that's not my case. Maybe I have to continue to follow my passions until I get there.
  2. @winterknight Can you feel or experience infinite energy? I think you can, even if I'm not using the correct term. So can you use, if you want, some of that energy on a daily basis? Can you use much more energy than a non-enlightened one? My egotistical motivation for enlightenment is to get access to that infinite energy and experience it and use it to transform my reality in an artistic form.
  3. Lisbon Leo! Come in the next websummit, next year ☺
  4. I work with neurofeedback Leo, can you tell me what channels should I do that synchrony? All brain? How many time do you recommend to practice neurofeedback for non duality purposes. It would be awesome if you put some book about it on your book list
  5. Leo! Welcome back! We missed you
  6. Very good video! Thanks
  7. Ok Mentor, when I feel prepared I'll take that step. Your words helped me with my fear and know how. Now I've to continue my 1 hour and a half of different habits that I'm doing for an year without missing a day. And that's your fault!
  8. @Leo Gura I would like to experiment 5-meo in the way that you are suggesting, the problem is that both of my parents have Schizophrenia. Would you think that in my responsability I should give it a try with a really small dose or it is too dangerous for me? I'm 26 and I just smoked weed one time in my life.
  9. I was being worried about you Leo ! Thank duality you're alive!
  10. Ok, maybe the tiger is just an illusion... And there's no conscious in him... I mean Conscious of a limited object. That would be a good point
  11. If you're referring into being an artist, yes I think it is. Anyway, I consider myself an artist and I don't like to see museums, or visual beauty. What I find beautiful is normally excellence, when people do their best, etc... So, the bad news is that for me the answer is yes. The good news is that what you consider beauty can be anything
  12. Ok, that's all make sense. Now the question is why cannot I see through the eyes of a tiger? For me that's the question that stops my self inquiry. If I'm infinite, after realizing that, why cannot I limit myself as a tiger? OK, I can answer that's because enlightenment has degrees, so as soon as I become enlightened I'm still in association with that body, ok... But the question remains, as I achieve the major degree of enlightenment, I could see through the eyes of a tiger?if the answer is no, in my self inquiry I steel remain answering that I'm a unique perspective of life...
  13. So, maybe talent is not a myth... That means that karmic guys could see through the eyes of the tiger and not through "their own" eyes? That would make sense cause since I'm not myself , I should not be strictly restricted to "my eyes".
  14. Hello nobody I'm trying to grasp absolue infinite through Leo's videos. My major doubt is about how can I be the Absolute infinite and just be myself? Could I possibly be me then became Absolute Infinity and then associate myself again as a tiger and not a human? If not, why?
  15. @Leo Gura Do you use brain-train to improve your brain with neurofeedback? How long do you are using it? What changes did you notice? For what intention are you using it? And finally what do you think it is possible with that tool?