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  1. Do you know any enlightened people who used this method?
  2. @Toby practical tips. Understand or no?
  3. @Toby I don't know about that, but the quote I just mentioned made my case. And anyways, I asked if you had any practical tips. If you don't believe that someone can stop their thoughts, please don't post here.
  4. "Meditation is your true nature. You call it meditation now because there are thoughts distracting you. When these thoughts are dispelled, you alone will remain, in the state free from thoughts. And that is your real nature." - Ramana Maharshi.
  5. There have been sages in the past who have managed to turn off their thoughts and live in bliss. You can't live in bliss 24/7 without turning them off.
  6. Really? I mean everyone meditates and virtually nobody reached it.
  7. Can someone with a permanent state of non-dual awareness become a zen-devil?
  8. I realized that the reason (or one of the reasons) why I identify with the body is because I think that my bodily sensations occur on my body. So today i was contemplating the question 'where do my body sensations occur', and my mind was still sure that it was occurring on the surface of my body, until I closed my eyes and kept contemplating that question. And all of a sudden, my mind wasn't so sure anymore, because without my visual field and my mental images of the body, I couldn't tell where the sensations where occurring. It will be quite interesting to find out what is going on there, because it's a very deep illusion that almost no one ever questions.
  9. @Leo Gura @Toby @Brimstone @Markus @Maxx Then why don't people feel selfish when they are tripping on dmt. If dmt is showing you enlightenment, and you say that enlightenment doesn't remove your selfish patterns, then is it possible to trip and still feel 'selfish' emotions.
  10. What do you mean by unresolved patterns?
  11. @Markus @Brimstone @Natasha @Martin123 When I watched Leo's episode 'what's wrong with ego' he listed every 'bad' thing that people do and said that it was all because of ego. But someone with a permanent enlightenment no longer has an ego, so where do the bad stuff come from then.
  12. How did you find that comment valuable it was just somebody's experience? Nobody's interested in your neurosis, unless you have some real advice stop parroting @Emerald
  13. I started self-inquiry two months ago, and since then I have done it everyday for 1 hour. So I was wondering, how long did people here do self-inquiry or other enlightenment work before getting the first experience? Talk from your own experience.
  14. I sometimes wonder if humanity would be better off without scientific discoveries and new technologies. They do have benefits, but they also have a lot of side effects. Do you think humanity would be better off with or without more scientific discoveries in the future, relatively speaking?
  15. These days when I watch enlightened people on YouTube they usually have massive audiences. This makes me think about how many enlightened people there are in the world. Is it in the 10,000s or 100,000s. And where are most enlightened people located? Are they in south east Asia or in the west?
  16. Leo, when are you going to do a video on tantra yoga? It's far more important than all those abstract topics you were releasing lately. Can tantra yoga be used for enlightenment? Can you have samadhi experiences with tantra yoga? What other experiences can you have with yoga that you can't have with regular meditation?
  17. Maybe not statistics, but a rough number of enlightened people in the world should be known by people.
  18. I see what you mean. Most people are always breathing unconsciously, but by breathing consciously you will be mindful the whole time. But that's pretty difficult to pull off. I wouldn't be able to do that for even a minute.
  19. Is it possible to make a field of science which specifically links enlightenment and mystical experiences to how the brain functions? A field of science that explains why 5-meo dmt and other psychedelics produce mystical experiences will be very useful, because it could help us find a way of creating those same mystical experiences within other people. The reason why I was even thinking about this is because, realistically, the only way you could get society to enlightenment is with a magic pill. You can never convince 1 million people to do self-inquiry to reach enlightenment let alone 7 billion. The only way to get the rest of humanity to enlightenment is with a spontaneous insight, like eckhart Tolle and others. That could be possible if we understood enlightenment conceptually, and how it links to the brain and the body.
  20. @Joseph Maynor @Ilya @Shin But there have been people who knew nothing about enlightenment and then suddenly became enlightened. Byron Katie and Eckart Tolle are a few examples, and they sure as hell are grateful for that now. Now imagine everyone on this planet got that same instant realisation. The world would be a better place.
  22. Leo is moving to a cave in India ?
  23. I know enlightened masters who will smoke a cigarette if somebody offers them one.
  24. You should speak to your doctor about that, or some neurologist.