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  1. @Markus it’s not as simple as it sounds
  2. Thanks man! How do I breathe through my lower abdomen?
  3. @brovakhiin yes I know that nothing exists. But let’s be a little practical and relative here. Sadhguru is a master of energy and when he says that people who have passion die young, it must mean something.
  4. Why not become an ascetic? Leo always says that in order to become a sage, you need at least 10,000 hours of meditation. If you stay in a city, that’ll take more than a decade. If you move to the mountains, forest, jungle, etc, you can spend 20 hours a day meditating and 4 hours sleeping and begging for food (yes, that’s how most ascetics get food). If you do that for three years, you will have far surpassed someone in the city who meditates for two hours a day for 20 years. Ascetism is a catalyst just like psychedelics.
  5. @Shin this is serious shit man. Leo is convincing people to live more passionate lives. But by doing that, they will lose a lot of their life energies and eventually die young. If you want to live a long life, start yoga now. People ask whether they should start with life purpose or spirituality. The answer is spirituality. Your life depends on it.
  6. @Ocean read the article if you want to know about passion and dying young. Read my posts if you want to know what to do about it. I can’t repeat everything just for you.
  7. Listen. I’m not saying that it’s absolutely true. Stop bringing enlightenment and consciousness to a discussion about health. We are talking in terms of relative truth. If you are very passionate you will die young because you lose too much energy. Or in other words you release more energy than you receive. You need to learn to control those energies to live longer.
  8. You’ll die young when your passion is consistently sustained. If you want to live a passionate life without dying young you better learn to control your life energies.
  9. Sadhguru said that he supports trump. If you don’t believe me watch this video:
  10. Well, I want to see how newspaper editors feel.
  11. @AleksM is it possible to channel human beings from the past?
  12. @snowleopard this shit is scary. Hope it’s not true
  13. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Paramahansa Yogananda said. I was listening to one of his tapes. Now what the hell does that mean? How could he ever know that?
  14. “He has not done right by us. He is very sorry for creating us. He suffers with us.” No more needs to be said about that. By the way, did you just make that argument up. What evidence do you have for your point. Did you have a direct experience of it.
  15. Amazing article by sadhguru on awakening kundalini. Far more important than meditation
  16. @Shin he's not just enlightened. He followed it up with decades of hard core kriya yoga to the point of mastery. Other enlightened people speak very highly of him.
  17. @Leo Gura Do you think you can overtake Peter Ralston if you carry on your 5 meo trips?
  18. He’s not like you. He was an enlightened yogi and sage. He ridded himself of all beliefs.
  19. 100-200 years is far too soon. I think you mean 1000-2000 years.
  20. Any type of yoga will give you extraordinary body benefits. Except Hatha Yoga. For some inspiration:
  21. @Shanmugam No. The poetry was similar, but he literally said "He [God] is sorry for ever creating us." @Faceless @Dodo Yogananda is an enlightened yogi, so his notion of God is probably Absolute Infinity. I just don't get how you could ever have a direct experience that God regrets ever creating us. Unless you could...
  22. This is exactly what sadhguru said about doing Kriya yoga: ”If you follow the path of kriya very intensely, without guidance it may take a few lifetimes to mature. If there is someone alive who can do things with you, then it can happen in this life.” Is this actually true? Can I not practice Kriya yoga by myself at home?
  23. @AleksM How long does it take to awaken all seven chakra centres? Are we talking years or decades?
  24. Klein bottles. I’ve read about them before.