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  1. Great thread and a lot of new music for me to check out. I have trouble getting exposed to new different music. One of my favorites is Frankie Goes to Hollywood album "Welcome to the Pleasuredome' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfHKgcTaU_4 (short version) Never saw this but here is a version for Star Wars fans (and who isn't really) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBVfb0x2q6U (long version)
  2. @Jofishy66 You should stay Perhaps if you follow the linked thread above you could be a great resource in that discussion area. It sounds like you have alot of experience in dealing with this and you just might be a great inspiration/teacher. I hope to see you around the forums.
  3. Something like "Toastmasters' might help you develop/learn the skills needed to bring your inner voice out. Just a thought
  4. This is something I am currently learning how to tackle in better fashion as I feel this is my biggest challenge ATM. I am battling the inertia of negative thinking for a very long period of time and the battle is uphill for sure. I'm definitely going to give this a read. Thanks
  5. Hello all and good morning. Leo thank you for creating this forum. I appreciate the early access and look forward to helping create a positive and productive place for those of us looking to self actualize. Onward we go! Jim