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  1. Aren't they one in the same? I imagine the pragmatic career oriented hero's journey as necessary to fulfilling the highest hero's journey
  2. Internet marketing is not particularly different from regular marketing, except for some technical stuff. I would start by getting an understanding of marketing in general before you start trying to buy up ads on social media or something. Start with this article: 1,000 True Fans and this book: The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing Seth Godin's books are great, specifically Purple Cow - It has more of a focus on product over marketing, but it'll explain what you should be doing. It's one of the most important marketing books ever written. I recommend getting it on Audible. If you like that, you could also read his blog for free advice. After you've read all of that, you can get into more technical/specific internet marketing stuff. The things I've listed here are all relatively short, you could read them in a weekend if you're really committed. I can post some more specific internet marketing stuff later, but it will really be useless to you if you don't understand the concepts above - you'll just end up wasting time + money.
  3. Buy Leo's self help book list instead then. $35 I think? He has list of the top self help books relating to Life purpose, any one of which will help you solve your problem in the short term, though it wouldn't solve all of your long term problems. Really, the life purpose course would be ideal for you, since he addresses all of the issues that you bring up - how to make a living doing what you love, and addressing your limiting beliefs. Really, i would get any job you can and work until you have enough money to pay for that course, it may be one of the most important things you ever do.
  4. I've been using Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to decide this, by first getting my career/life purpose on track so that I will be set up for more actualization and Enlightenment later on. They are in parallel though as well, doing intensive mediation retreats and self inquiry along the way. It talks about how you can short circuit it, and skip to the top as well. But getting to the top, or enlightenment, is always the goal.
  5. Here's my instagram, where i post some art that i make
  6. I imagine that this situation is very difficult to be in - just being told to be happier isn't really going to fix the situation. I've been in this type of situation myself, and I know it can get really disheartening to feel like no one wants to date you or that you're not attractive. This isn't a problem that can be fixed really quickly, you'll need to spend some time developing yourself to get to a healthy place with this. Specifically, your self esteem is something that should be addressed here - NOT any external circumstances about how you look, how much make up you wear, etc. You are more than beautiful enough to achieve a loving relationship just the way you are. Your self image and self efficacy are hurting you here primarily - basically how you see yourself and what you believe you can do. You have to starting seeing yourself as beautiful and believe that you can have a relationship and be happy in order to really move forward. I would watch Leo's videos on Self-Acceptance and other self esteem related videos. Also, maybe pick up the book The Six Pillars of Self Esteem, which Leo recommends. However, all of that is very long-term self development stuff. You really want to see some practical results in your life asap so that you can feel empowered and happy. Start creating an awesome life for yourself in general. Have lots of fun, do everything you want to do, make lots of friends, find your life purpose, etc. Basically work towards self actualization. Then, quick results in the relationship department would be online dating, meet-ups, dating through your social circle, etc. Be warned though, that your feelings that you aren't good enough (which aren't true) will creep into any relationship you find yourself in, so don't ignore this stuff. 90% men don't cold approach, so it's not uncommon for many women to never experienced it. This of course doesn't mean that you are unattractive in anyway. Watch all your of Leo's videos about relationships, dating and sex, even if they don't seem related to your situation in the title. All them will provide you will really useful information about dating psychology and will help you on your journey. I really hope some of that was helpful. You're on this forum so that's proof that you're committed to developing yourself - which puts you ahead of 95+% of people out there. You're for sure going to find many beautiful relationships in your future, so there's no need to worry. Good luck!