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  1. Artist don't have much say in mainstream culture. I don't think they might have much an effect... but singers? pop artists? They have a lot of money and influence. Maybe they stand a chance against these tech companies.
  2. I would argue if an AI can derive things by itself then it wouldn't be an issue with that. You wouldn't feel violated if a disciple of yours learned from you and created an style on his own. But when it resembles yours to such extent that it blatantly imitates you and COULD effectively pass by yours then there's an issue. I mean, there are so many artist out there and each has it's own kind of footprint that makes their work feel special. I don't see the need of specifically using someone's footprint to "create" something that person would to gain money. Seems quite unconscious to me. Still, let's see how it develops in the future and how we humans are going to handle it. Sadly, the technology is already out there so I don't think there's a way back now. All you need is someone with ill intentions to have it in their harddrive and that's it.
  3. I can't speak for Americans but for humans in some degree. In my way through personal development I have found that most of the barriers towards an acceptable success (not being a billionaire) are quite internal. Fear to lose, fear to be played with, fear of people, fear of death, pain and so many others. Transcending each of those fears the doors open inside you and with them new opportunities. Yes, having a business is a basic human survival thing to do in these times but Leo is very entusiastic of that because it gives you an overall comprehension of the human world than just reading about it. Everything is business, everything cost something. So, how can your mind be completely loyal to reality without that experience? and how can you dedicate to contemplation without being financialy independent? exciting questions. And yes, we are privileged to be able to have some time to think and even sit down to listen to one of his videos. It's a combination of both actually. It's actually weird to see how everything, is actually, very fortuitous, to the extend of saying that luck is actually the main factor in every human life.
  4. As AI as bombarded us with weird news all over the world I can't help but feel curious about the subject. I have noticed many people have just accepted it as it is and called it a technology marvel while others say is theft. The argument of the latter is based on how these AI function, probability, in a sense. According to them, a AI is a database wich calculates the next word by probability. To make this database you need to feed it with A LOT of the subject in hand so it can predict in an understandable manner (to us) our search query. In other words, is made of the words of others. So you wanna talk to Allan Poe. The AI will crunch all the data collected about Poe and base it's responses in probability getting you an acceptable response that seems to come from Poe itself. I guess that's nice. But then it comes... consecuences. While Poe is dead, I bet he doesn't mind BUT how about if you make a book with J.K Rowling style of writing? Surely it won't be as nice, but you could have something interesting there! And how about AI Art? Goes even worse! The AI crunches all the work of your life and get the taste of your style and then spit art with your partial essence with no aditional cost. So here's the thing. I think it is theft because the data crunched by these AI's wasn't taken by the approval of the artists or writters. You might argue that human mind works in the same way since actually we can't come up with anything beyond what we have experienced but I don't believe nature has a problem with us grabbing inspiration from it since we are nature itself. Nature doesn't lose it's survival capabilities by giving us inspiration, it rather gains it through us. So in a reduced case, we couldn't exist without nature the same way the AI couldn't exist without artists or writters. Does Writters or artists benefit from this as nature (or god) benefits from us? No, in the human world they don't! Their means of survival or rather the material motivation to create will severely diminish and as any other job, they will cease to exist as their essence will just get imitated and exploited. If this go on like this, humans will stop creating or rather do it off the internet. Right now even voices of singers are being recreated with AI's. Personally I am not against the development of new technologies but damn, reducing the art's originality or writting worldwide? I don't think that's worth the trouble. So, here's my bias, I enjoy being an story teller and I write some tales on Hive. To be honest I already don't earn anything by doing it. I do it because it feels... good to give birth something that others might benefit to. My selfishness tells me this AI is a threat because it will take this satisfaction from me but in perspective, I don't believe it's so bad to feel nice about "nice" things. What do you think? is it theft or not?
  5. We tend to share what has worked for us as individuals. There's nothing but personal experience so it's natural he doesn't do emphasis in that if he's more mind oriented. Human experience can vary a lot, hence the quote "know thyself". You can listen to every master, or do any sport, martial art but if you are not listening to yourself it's gonna be a hard time.
  6. We are all diferent in nature. If it makes you feel better by all means do it. It's like lactose intolerance. Crazy right? Well, do what's on your best interest.
  7. Wow thanks for all your honest replies guys! I will try these when I have the chance.
  8. Good afternoon brothers I hope you are having a beautiful day! So, I was watching Sadhguru in joe reagan (Link) and there was mentioned that with some yoga techniques you could expand your energy field. This being, the feeling field since we tend to constrict identity to our field of feeling senses or direct experience as you would say. Before saying that he was talking about about the senses and about there where diferent schools of yoga for some of them, like "Kriya yoga", this is, knowing our connection with everything with our own energy field by expanding it, but you could also do it physically or mentally and emotionally. Anyway, this really striked me because so far I didn't know you could gradually feel those things until enlightment experience directly so I was wondering if anyone could give me a source material I could use to "feel" my connection with everything, like the very bed I am laying on. My mother, my brothers, or even my neighbours. Please keep in mind I live in Venezuela so, I don't actually have money to spend in a real course. And even if I did chances are I wouldn't be able to use the means to pay. (Paypal for instance is very restrictive on us) The reason I am not just googling it is because it sounds very compelling, so I don't want to fall into the traps of the supposed methods of scammers or people who don't actually know spouting things for their own grandiose feeling. I do have this feeling that many teachings of india have just diluted into the orange stage perspective of squeezing money out of it so, their wonderous spirit of knowing and become has been reduced to the few who practice and teach them from upper stages. So far I have been trying to be conscious of the union of things by reading and listening to the hua hu ching, mostly because of emotional convenience. I am not scared to say I have brainwashed myself into it because I don't know how to expand my feelings that way. So far I am like, hey, I am god, I can't die. And then repeat that to myself till I believe it and somehow it works. Makes wonders with depression and anxiety, changing a believe system like that and using the mental construct in my favor, but as you might guess, it stills feels shallow. I would like to feel so much more and dive in non-stop! Any suggestions or guidance would be very appreciated.
  9. Motivation is what you are truly seeking. I have left two university careers on hold. Turns out, I hated them and just tried em because I wanted aproval. Also turns out for me that's not enough to motivate me thru it. Let me put an example. Let's say you want to learn a language. You focus on the goal "learn a language" but there's other variants of this issue, the motivation one, that needs adressing: 1.- Why do you want to learn it?. Think about this deeply, try to grasp the delicious behind it. You would be able to connect with people, love people, feel people if you break this language barrier, for example. Feel the pleasure of this running thru you and see if it feels better. 2.- How is easier for you to learn it?. Just "learning a language" is not enough. Perhaps your brain goes black and white when you think a bout learning apps like duolingo, but lights up when it comes to going to an actual classroom with people you can share. Perhaps that feels better for you. So yeah it is a tricky business I tell you. Consider this, "the better way" is not necesarily your way. When you are building motivation for something you don't actually want but need to do, it takes some time. The brain sucks at long term results so try to feel the pleasure of it at every step of the way, not just when you have what you want. This is the way.
  10. Of that I am sure. I guess to deconstruct something you have to know that thing on an intimate level.
  11. There was a time in my life when I started to wonder. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?! And that's the time I found your channel. Since then, I could find one and many pathways to know myself and therefore the world we have constructed with our minds. This last topic about defying science it's incredibly liberating. I had questioned almost every believe in my life except that, and when I saw the title of the video I tried to imagine how could science be deconstructed and my mind couldn't even fathomed how could this possibly be done, that's when I knew I had to watch it. It was like it was the last fragment in a huge wall of comprehension that fell down and my mind expanded a shit ton. So thanks, Leo. Not only because of the content, but the time you took to do it. My mind really needed to be babysited the whole way to not have a meltdown. I have played with this notion from days since I watched it, talked about it with people, and each time my mind grows more and more familiar and giving birth to more and more comprehension about EVERYTHING. So I am very excited about what I am learning from this enormous variable soup and how to feel each day more how it's making sense.
  12. Fortnite it's not as hardcore as the games in my time. Counter Strike, Doom 64. Ah, the pleasure of mayhem. But the game on itself is not really about that actually. It's about tribe companionship, it's not about fear, which is the core of REAL violence. Try it yourself and see how you feel. If you play with people you don't know you will be slighly bored and asking yourself why I am even playing this? But if you play with friends it will feel like sharing a good time. When in doubt, always go to your REAL feelings. When is a game adictive? When is a game a source of REAL violence? When you feel identified with the, generally, hateful, dark personality of the characters who mostly are twisted by a horrible past. If you have given your child a horrible past please, restrain him from all games. This is because, in the game, dark creatures usually are feeling pleasure out of their horrible represed feelings. So if your child is feeling the same things, he might be tempted to try the same solutions since very little is said about how to deal with the dark.
  13. Those studies who use statistics doesn't take the whole world population. Like spiral dinamics or the 9 levels of cognitive development, they couldn't possibly survey all the world. So they take a fragment of reality to interpret the whole, which is of course, the weakness of statistics. It's never the whole truth. And this "Objective" part it's just "Well, it's not perfect por it's better than nothing" kind of truth. Of course, it's the intuition again that comes in play when you interpret the results of these statistics, like the studies I cited again before. You can tell it takes an impressive amount of openness to write these results in the way they are writen, which says something about the researchers: Obviously open minded. When a Closed minded person would say, "this is bullshit" and dismiss the whole study.
  14. The line is whatever you want it to be. Here's the deal, me, as a deep introvert, don't have many friends because I don't need to. Simple as that. The little friends I have know how I am, when I don't want to do something I say it, and they respect it. I don't like parties, big reunions, small talk. But they love me somehow, because of who I am, and that who I am have lot's to offer in their opinion. It could be comprehension, love, I don't know. When you don't feel ok with someone, slowly cut them from your life naturally. There are no rules, consciously at least. Just do what you want. When it comes to people, to grab those who might love you, you need to expose yourself to the public. Those who see and like who you are will stick, those who don't, won't. And you should do exactly the same. This is, what comes natural from you.
  15. Is it simple? Yes. But only if you follow your true self. To rediscover your true self, when lost, you have to get rid of emotional, cultural baggage, fears, neurosis. So yeah, when you reach high levels you say, hey, it's actually easy. But that's because you went through the non-easy part. And to get through that part, you need lot's of philosophy. Confuscious himself would be obsolete of we all have this true already unfolded in front of us. See it this way. Let's say you want to be happy. But you think you can only be happy by having things. You create a whole mental scheme to justify what you believe is true, until you discover it doesn't and that paradigm shifts. That's what I mean. That's why Taoism says, "there's nothing to teach, but only to become one with the Tao" And this is by contemplating, see life as it is, in action. Doing it's stuff and morderating your believes and expectations from it. Even Sadghuru says you don't need him if you are observant.