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  1. @jjer94 Well, since you've gone to me specific: I've rejected spirituality, hierarchies, consciousness, enlightenment, meditation as a necessity, psychedelics, and "Truth". I think the whole business is just a glorified way of trying to escape reality, and a way of looking down on others. I play the game a bit on here, because it still is kind of interesting and is relevant to the site. I act extreme when the spiritual buffs take their ideals seriously, but I don't take it seriously. Good insight though. I guess since I'm over this kind of stuff, I might as well move on like you have.
  2. @Taavi I offended you, which is why you projected on to me. So I should be the one apologizing, if anything.
  3. @Taavi There's nothing to prove on my side. You're trying to prove something on your side because I completely shit on your ideals. Your ideals are stupid and are not grounded in reality. That's the only reason you bring up a post from months ago on me. Again: I have woken up. I don't care about your book, and your fantasies about life are beyond idiotic. One day you'll wake up to how stupid you've been, believing in myth. And you think you've got what it takes to be a sage? Ha! I take shits more enlightened than you.
  4. @Taavi You bring up one post from months ago, from a dark point in my life, and somehow think you're preaching gospel on my current self-esteem level. I've woken the fuck up since then. You on the other hand, are completely lost and clueless. But continue to think you're backing me into some kind of corner, because I put down your fantasies about life and ideals. That will prove something to yourself! One day you'll wake up like I have.
  5. @Taavi You're the one that keeps coming after me with your wonky ass theories and projections, homeslice. Don't start what ya can't finish. Now tell me what it is you want.
  6. @Taavi You still have no point, no goal. What do you even want? You want for me to say I'm wrong about everything, and you're right? Are you trying to make me realize something you think is true in your mind? That's actually pretty funny. At least I'm honest and admit I'm doing this for shits and giggles. I know you ain't gonna change your mind about anything, because you're a fool. Go get high off your own farts, ya goob.
  7. @aurum Great insight as always, aurum. Women (and men) are a physical commodity, just like money, drugs, and delicious food. And just like anything else, when you get what it is that you wanted, the high only lasts for a little while before fading. That's just the way life is.
  8. If they want to engage, I'll engage them. Call me a nihilist, call me insecure. It's funny to toy with them... it's really not that serious at all. Like I said, I'll grow bored of that eventually.
  9. For fun. No reason for me to post on this forum at all at this point, except for my own amusement. I'll grow bored of it eventually.
  10. @Taavi No point to be made. You're a fool. Ultimately, @kurt is right. He's one of the few here that actually understands what's going on. I'm not sure what you mean though by "I value their opinions", because I think all of them are just silly.
  11. @Taavi Cute. Continue to project onto me and call me things, as if you think you're actually making some kind of point. Like I said, I have said a lot of shit in the past. Go ahead, continue to stalk my post history - look all the way at the beginning. I said some really stupid shit. I'll admit it. What have I got to hide? What you're showing here is your arrogance. Do you get a thrill from "diagnosing" people over Internet forums? That's some funny shit right there. You need a lot of help, my friend. @ShinMy bad homey, I just find it hilarious how these guys continue to follow me and preach to me, like I'm saying anything harmful to anyone. I really can't find the harm, but apparently it's hurtful to some people. :thinkingemoji:
  12. @Taavi Cute. Have anything worthwhile to say, or are you going to try and keep attacking me over completely irrelevant shit I have said and done in the past? One time I stole something, one time I thought I had low self-esteem, one time when I was a kid, I kicked a cat. Big fucking deal. I never said there is nothing to do, I never said I'm enlightened, or that I'm not projecting, or that I don't have beliefs. The moment I'm not projecting or don't believe in anything, I'm dead. Feel better about yourself? Reality is just is. You can keep trying to deny it, or put it down in some way. By all means, see how that works out for you.
  13. @Martin123 Uhh, no, I'm just calling you out on your bullshit. Pretending you weren't being a jackass isn't going to magically mean you were not a jackass. I do accept your well wishes however, and I wish the same for you.
  14. There is no damage being done here. What damage are you talking about? Am I hurting someone? Or am I just challenging your petty little ego, so much so you had to call me a Nihilist for no reason at all? Yes, I understand concepts of phases and stages. But they're merely thoughts. What changes in this universe is physical. Newer cells replace older cells, but even that is just atoms switching around. When you cling to concepts, that's where you sit in a position where you are right now: calling me out, calling me names, looking down on me for being in a "certain phase", writing people off because they're not in a certain stage. Typical ideological bullshit.
  15. @Martin123 Hahaha, oh the irony. There are no stages or phases in reality. You labeling me as a nihilist is your petty ego talking. You're too emotionally attached to concepts and ideas, and nihilism being one of them. What is here goes beyond concepts. It's called reality. I'm not a nihilist, I'm not this, that, or whatever you want to call me. You don't even know yourself, so how are you going to think you know me? If you don't like me slapping reality in people's faces, then by all means, just ignore me. If you want to continue in Lala Fantasy Land, then continue. But quit calling me your dirty, empty words.