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  1. @anaj This is is from your amazon's author page: "I'm Göran Backlund and I'm a philosopher. A couple of years ago, something remarkable happened to me. I woke up. That's right - I'm enlightened." Smells like an amateur impostor. Enlightened people don't run about telling "Look, I'm Enlightened". Your copy-paste book might have some goodies, but nothing about you seems genuine. Real masters don't just keep bragging about their mastery the way you do on your website. A philosopher trying to impose himself as a spiritual teacher...
  2. @Ook Illusion is useful when it comes to survival. We (and animals) are hardwired from birth to believe in this illusion in order to survive. Also it's the ego's nature to ground itself on falsehood, because truth kills the ego.
  3. Could it be that deep spiritual insights and awakening experience occur in "Gamma" states of our mind???
  4. Yesterday I had another profound Neti-Neti practice. 5 min: Basic inquiry, reminding myself from first hand experience that "I" is a collection of different thoughts. 10 min: I noticed two types of thoughts: Classical (like the ones accompanied by inner voice) and Maya inducing thoughts (the thoughts which try to disguise themselves as "outside reality/world" and "inner mind" which are thoughts but NOT "obvious perceptions of reality". 15+ min: My intuition guided me to focus on the nothingness state, it was outrageously clear how "I" disappears together with the elimination of Maya inducing thoughts. For example, when I get rid of thoughts of past and future (the ones with inner voice) my mind immediately focuses on "hey, your body is here in this world" sensations/thoughts, "this stillness is inside your mind". To make Maya even stronger, it focuses on body sensations as to affirm it's own existence in the absence of classical thoughts. However, it was possible to focus on complete nothingness in short bursts (back and forth from Maya to No-Maya). Which made clear the Grand Illusion. A question arose, where are thoughts coming from? Where are they taking place? I realized that everything is thoughts, coming from thoughts and taking place inside thoughts. Fucking mind-blowing. After the practice I just laid on the floor in awe and astonishment of how "clever" the illusion is. Like Leo said, the most perfect illusion of all. Also after the practice, I simply couldn't "grasp" the "obvious" definition of self. I had a scared faced, eyes wide open, simply shocked... PS By "everything" I mean stuff from the relative level, which impose upon the raw manifest of realm (non-dual).
  5. The physical realm (body & world) are Maya inducing thoughts. It's extremely hard to see the sneaky illusory side of our perceptions and senses, they feel real, yet they're just thoughts (AKA the mind) coming from thoughts (AKA past, present and future) and taking place inside thoughts (AKA the reality).
  6. @Taavi Why are you suffering? Because the illusion is getting weaker and you don't want it to get weaker? Are you afraid of meeting your true nature? You may lack a strong intellectual understanding of spirituality. Read books, watch Leo's "Dark Side of Meditation" and so forth. Study Ego-backlash.
  7. @kieranperez Do you REALLY think that in 2000 years all of Christ's life details will be kept exact and not bastardized? Christ, Buddha and Mohamed are more of a set of ideas and beliefs embodied in a human form, because monkeys like the shinny thing. That's not to say they didn't exist, but no biography will be kept intact and exact in 2000 years, except if they had cameras and stuff.
  8. @MM1988 I also experienced smth similar but in 3-5 min.
  9. @Gabriel Antonio Same! It's really worth it!
  10. @Stoica Doru Only stage Green/Blue would write an entire paragraph of random & unstructured mind-chatter just to justify his ego in front of others, instead of focusing on the highlighted points in this post as stage Yellow would do.
  11. That's something I'll contemplate on)))
  12. @Dogsbestfriend Since then spreading the truth isn't compassion, even if it hurts for the receiver to accept it? Or should I feed their egos poison which tastes like honey?
  13. How pathetic. You say words are useless in spirituality yet you keep posting posts highlighting the "right" words about spirituality? If the silence is the best guru, then why you keep posting? It's true that the so called truth can be truly derived from Not-Knowing grounds, but words can serve as pointers and motivational elements to keep you on the right path. If you have an attention deficit, go heal it in other places.
  14. You keep trying to express the "right" way of talking about Enlightenment. I can almost guarantee you're a stage Green soy-boy (based on your photo and your anti-men feminist quote) trying to get attention, like a lot of other guys on this forum. Do not confuse the map for the territory. "No one" is a concept. "Enlightenment" is a concept. "Achieve" is a concept. There's no better "concept" to express Enlightenment (another concept for the non-enlightened mind). Instead of wasting time trying to conceptualize something which is the opposite of concept, you better work (as @Saumaya said) on your path towards the destination, not the destination.
  15. Just watched this movie and got surprised at how well it showcased the negative sides of materialism, greed and all other traits of stage Orange Homo sapiens:
  16. @Nahm I see your point, and I did laugh! But I guess it's too deep for most folks to understand (illusion is part of infinity as well)
  17. @Stoica Doru @Rilles@Saumaya Don't speak about enlightenment if you never achieved it. There's no right away to talk about enlightenment, because using language means using symbols. Thus, you trying to find the "right" way of talking about enlightenment, is like trying to prove the map is the territory, which is completely absurd.
  18. @Zweistein If I=you=we have the genuine interest to grow and penetrate further depths of I=you=we minds, then I=you=we recommend reading the book "The Tao of Systems Thinking" by Michael McCurley, which will introduce I=you=we to stage Yellow. If I=you=we cut the ego in two, and put these two halves opposite of each other, an infinite ego loop will result. I=you=we want to help I=you=we transcend from this ego-loop.
  19. @Jcent There are millions of people which say Christianity is the only true path, how could you discount them? Just focus on the essentials, there are way too many different things to try out. There are thousands of ways, but a human has time for just a few. Being open minded has is limits as well (mainly time).
  20. Are you new to the internet? There are thousands of similar companies, all trying their best to rip off money from people seeking magical pills. It may work or it may not, however don't expect anything life-changing. Also don't be paranoid about eating in the healthiest manner possible, why? Because new research comes everyday, you'll never find the perfect diet. Whats the point of investing so much in the future if you don't fully enjoy the present? You might as well have an outrageously healthy body, yet life can end anytime from external factors.
  21. @now is forever the mommy thing was a metaphor (u seem to love them) to highlight your against-the-norm type of communication (asked a question, you answer something unrelated to the question)
  22. @tsuki Lol, that's not insult but a diagnosis, derived from logical conclusions. If you finally acknowledge that calling me racist was silly, I'm happy