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  1. @Baotrader I was bitchslapped by God too, after taking too much edible. Devils like us need a whooping on the ass sometimes.
  2. @pluto Don’t Seek Enlightenment. Let Truth Seek You.
  3. Depends on the psychedelic, dose and what type of mental illness and severity of it. MDMA and LSD, used responsibly, can certainly help many “genuine” mental illnesses.
  4. Unfortunately, there are hellish states of consciousness. I experienced one, and it was horrible. God is brutal. Though it only lasted a few hours, it did traumatize me. From God’s point of view, there’s no such thing as evil or suffering. Only Love. I don’t see why god wouldn’t create creatures who’d suffer for thousands or millions of years in hellish states in one lifetime.
  5. @sleeperstakes Leo is saving our time by not doing that. He talked to a lot of teachers and sources behind the curtains and shares with us the distilled wisdom. He did interview Ralston on YouTube, not on Leo’s channel though.
  6. I guess the 80/20 rule should be fine.
  7. @actualizing25 They did use mushrooms. History is full with psychedelic use, it’s just neglected by mainstream historians as something important. Joe Rogan talks a lot about this.
  8. @Vignan Did 4 edible experiences by now, and it only has a negative impact on me. Will try microdosing with it next. Be careful with the dosage, a relatively high for me dose turned into a traumatic experience. Better go with mushrooms or acid.
  9. Here’s a story from my mom’s childhood. When my mom was young one of her neighbors met with her father in the morning and told him that he won’t go to work that day because of really bad dream. After that he went to smoke at the balcony and someone, from many floors above, accidentally dropped a vase/pot with flowers on his head. Coincidence? I think not. Also, when my mother had clinical death (heart stopped during operation) she had an out of body experience (like so many report), though I never asked for details. Also want to share that on the day I was close to killing myself years ago, I felt a strong connection to some kind of ethereal “light”. It’s interesting that despite my numerous other spiritual experiences, never experienced something of that kind. Wonder if it’s the light Leo talked about.
  10. @Anna1 Did you feel anything unusual before committing the act? Because I did feel some unusual strong connection to some "light" when I almost killed myself.
  11. @Raw Nature STOP spamming with so many posts, 6 replies which you could've written into 2.
  12. Kinda, by trusting your deep instinct/intuition. My greatest fear with suicide, for example, is not being able to do it when I decide it's time to go or ending up as a vegetable instead of dying.
  13. @Aaron p Man, maybe they're just fucking with your mind :-D (Also you've got so much going on in that notification panel, jeez) Lol, I know what you mean there :-) Weed goes well after a molly trip too.
  14. I think you should check Leo's booklist. Plenty stage Yellow books for you human.
  15. Oh yes. That place is polluted AS FUCK. No trees and so much pollution. Emigrate out of there man. You ain't gonna thrive in an environment like that man, consider moving in somewhere further from such pollution. Better move to stage green country. It's obviously not only your diet, but everything your body comes in contact with. I hear Leo goes down so deep the rabit hole, he buys good soap and water, good toothpaste. Also don't forget to drop some DMT in your smoothie for good luck. Also, you can try fasting in the weekend, practical. It's a must however you'll do it.
  16. @Victor Mgazi I've been suicidal for over 4 years. And yes it's entirely ego driven. No. Everybody, deep down, knows that death is not the end. Most just get too distracted by mental noise to listen to that truth. So by committing suicide, people act out on this deep instinct that death indeed will solve the problem (ego) and let consciousness be free again. Also, don't forget that ultimately there's no such thing as you or ego. It's just God. Anyway, realize that by committing suicide you'll be causing more pain into yourself, because you'll be the others suffering your loss.
  17. @capriciousduck Look up A. J. Hoge.
  18. Three types of psychedelics: 1. The ones which thrust you into the ocean (like 5Meo, God Molecules) 2. The ones which throw you into the rivers leading to the ocean (like LSD, classics) 3. Other. (Run out of nice sounding descriptions ideas, fill me up here) Everybody reacts differently. It all boils down to how well developed you are beforehand. You won't get it as long as you'll be hoping the substance to do all the work for you. If you didn't realize this under LSD or mushroom, you've got a lot to train.
  19. @Aaron p When did you go to sleep? Since it lasts for a good 8-20hr (for me, 500ug lasted 20hr), I always do it early in the day. When I tripped with my friend, I felt a very deep connection. When he wasn't under acid it felt like he was in entirely different world. But after I gave him a dose, we synchronized on the same wave. He felt dead/unreal before tripping. But tripping with others and watching movies while under is just fun and mostly impractical. Maybe pop some MDMA with a loved one to strengthen relationship lol.
  20. So here are the apps and features I use on my Android phone for productivity: 1. Habits App ( Great for creating and following habits. I put habit widgets on home screen so each time I unlock the phone, I'll be reminded there's a habit to complete: 2. ColorNote App ( I use it for the To-Do widget, so I'll be reminded each time there's stuff to do. 3. AnyDo App ( By far the best reminders app for android. I like how the reminders pop up as a small panel in the bottom of the screen. 4. Notification Reminder Feature (Samsung One UI) This goes well with If there's a reminder in the notification panel, then it'll keep making a sound every 10min so I'll be forced to take action on it and not just leave it hanging in there. 5. Timer on Apps Feature (Newest versions of Android and IOS) This revolutionized my digital life. I put timers on Games for example, so I won't spend more then 2hr in StardewValley for example. You can also see how much time you spend in different apps. 6. Grayscale Mode / Downtime / Wind down Feature At 10pm until 8am my phone turns to Gray-scale, which immediately motivates me to stop using it.
  21. @Lento Seems like you're really deep in into that stage Blue literature. Wonder why? There are much more distilled and cleaner texts, check out Leo's booklist. Never heard of ego preventing one to get laid. As you might've hopefully heard, women like jerks, which do have quite an elaborate ego. Males with small ego are bad at survival, females don't wanna mate with such partners.
  22. If a book has been written this long ago, it's not his words anymore. Various human translations, interpretations and neglect over hundreds of years will shape the book to possibly drastic changes. Sounds like he's Blue to me. Use of logic and rational doesn't make you necessarily Orange. Because people can use their rational to back up blind beliefs, aka religion in a nutshell. And again, how do you know it's a quote from Muhammad himself? Many generations of interpretations from barbaric humans will 100% make a change on the original words. You've got it backwards. Think about this one: Why are you holding back on more awareness? Because there's a concept of an ego in your way.
  23. @arlin Simple. Whatever meaning you ascribe to it. The finger might think it's a standalone thing from the body, yet it's part of the body. Every grain of your existence is intimately connected to the entire universe. Realize you're not just the finger, but something so infinitely big it's Nothing.
  24. By raising their consciousness. Though you ain't gonna have much progress with donkeys. Let them burn in their own illusion until they get tired of it and grow up. Yes, many older (but still good) videos.