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  1. Yeah everything kinda is. You can't control life.
  2. Stay single for more than 2 months. You need to heal and you need to be alone to understand what it is to respect others.
  3. If you don't like the typical answer "it'd get better, please think about your family and friends" then why make a post about it? Everyone will say to you don't do it because it's our egos protecting us from dying. So what are you going to do? Do you want us to tell U " okay do it " Because probably we're not gonna tell it.... So? What's your decision?
  4. It's simply because the can't relate. If you can't relate you're not gonna like the other person so much, you're gonna create a distance automatically. It's because they couldn't find the positivity in themselves and are reacting on auto-pilot when they get to see that in other ppl. If they too themselves were positive they wouldn't react like that.
  5. What have u done when you were 5? How did you feel?
  6. The thing is, you don't know if they want it. So is it rape? I guess if you don't hurt them, it's OK?
  7. No, don't text again. Some people don't deserve your attention.
  8. My results. They don't seem pretty good. Lol
  9. Giiiiirl. I've been Mia lately what's up with you? It'll get better please don't give up ❤️
  10. Hey guys! Nice pics @Yahya Dont sabotage my thread! It will be here for an eternity and a half!
  11. @Charlotte Corona brought me closer to people and met new one❤️
  12. @Willie I'd love to see what happens next...
  13. That's oura ring. Thank me later
  14. It is not easy! It requires discipline It's amazing once you get the gist of it But it takes practice practice practice And you can only succeed if you want it badly. You want it so much to the point you're going to sacrifice everything for it!
  15. @kras c'mon. Nobody is putting a knife on your throat. Just ignore the messages and set your own pace. You're just afraid of losing her undivided attention. You can't have both now.
  16. Great idea! I should start a food journal/diary. Whatever makes you feel good is important!
  17. @Lyubov keep the conversation interesting. Play a game something like 1 on 1 questions like get to know each other-chat. It works. Keep it light. Also add humor.