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  1. On 25/09/2022 at 9:06 PM, KH2 said:

    Definitely no roomates

    Not all roommates have to be loud disrespectful drunks. You can join rent with respectful professionals who will just use the place to sleep. I've shared for 8 years prior to moving in solo without negative experience. Most of my roommates were literally out 90% of the time so it was perfect. Post it on Facebook and ask people to share. You may come across someone who is looking to rent. There are also website specifically designed to connect prospective roommies. 

    You cut your rent down to 33% from the original price if you share with 2 other people and down to 25% if you share with 3. This significantly speeds up the time at which you will be able to move out. 

    Paying excessive rent to live alone may hold you back financially. Not sure where you live but if you make 1K and have to spend 500 on rent+ bills and council tax.  then it will make future investments difficult since you'll be able to save very little from those remaining 500 after paying for all other expenses and travel. 

    regardless, speaking from personal experience, if you have toxic influence from family, do everything possible to tunnel out, no resource is too precious in such endeavour. If you are living in an environment that does not value deep work and undistracted focus then it is just not possible to make that breakthrough you need to create a value or build a business. Not even to build healthy habits. Family will always pull you back and shame you....at least that was my family 

    You can always get an easy 9-5 job that will be some sort of ticketing support where you don't have to work too hard and can focus on your own things during work time. Getting paid while having time to work on your life purpose is the ideal environment to be in. Takes some of the pressure off. 

    But I don't know anything about your situation so maybe you already have it all worked out :) ignore if above is useless for your situation. 

    Good luck 

  2. This stuff is mostly hit & miss. 

    I've been very disappointed with how overhyped these things are being, considering the real evidential basis is extremely low. The price tags some companies put on mushrooms are just outrageous,  considering one is often buying overpriced polysaccharides grown in a warehouse on haystack, not in woodlands. 

    If you want to cognitively optimise, take cold showers, optimise sleep, and daylight exposure, practice regular mindfulness, avoid using social media early in the morning and clean up your diet. Supplements are less than 1% 

  3. 22 hours ago, Optimized Life said:

    Wouldn't it have been / be better if you just took the high level position & worked tons of hours in your company, lived extremely frugally, worked non stop & suffered for several months - 1/2 year or however long necessary - then quit with everything saved, live in like a caravan in a cheap country & then focus 100% of your efforts on your business (and let say the saving give you couple years of free time to go all in) ? 

    Part of this answer comes from my intuitive sense of the "Going full circle" concept because I know about people who have worked like 100 hours killing themselves for months & then quit & invested all the money going all in. 

    9-5 just seems too prolonged & half assed unless your only doing it to put food on the table, but for actually building savings & investments, I'd personally rather kill myself working more with more responsibility, find a higher salary too & then go 100 hours & quit & invest everything I can from that living on a friends couch & not paying rent. 

    I suppose I'm thinking about it quite simply though, if your main investment is personal skills & mental abilities & building an audiance over time that require consistent patient approach than I suppose 9-5 works better because you can do both simultaneously & allowing natural exponential growth to occur over time without missing sharp market or cultural trends, but then again then again I am overthinking bye. 

    You know these are all great points and it makes a lot of sense to, for some people, do it that way. If you have a very high-stress tolerance and can cope with a massive amount of pressure without burning up, then this is probably a good strategy. 

    I wouldn't be able to handle that sort of lifestyle not even for a year because my stress threshold is generally lower so a lower stress environment with a good work-life balance is preferable and I'm willing to take a pay cut any day to protect my mental health. But then I know people who thrive in that sort of environment for years without any consequences so it is very much individual. 

    If that works for you then go for it :)


  4. On 20/09/2022 at 11:37 PM, Thought Art said:

    Who here is interested in escaping wage slavery? 

    I think this is the most important thing I can do right now in my life. I’ve got debt, and I don’t make very much at my accounting job.

    Ive got to escape being a slave. I just… I really don’t know how I’m going to do this

    I feel ya. I'm in the same boat at the moment. Working in corporate finance on useless projects that seem as relevant as collecting cigarette butts from the streets and decorating my house with them. 

    It is hard, especially when you try to build a conscious business that does not get corrupted or seduced by get-rich-quick schemes, marketing or poor salesmanship. 

    Sometimes the first step is not necessarily leaving your 9-5 tho. 

    It is about finding a more chilled 9-5 where you can focus on the work that matters even if it means taking a pay cut. I could have been paid twice the amount I have right now and could have had a managerial role years ago but I reject all offers because my current job still offers a degree of freedom and some time to work on my business. That's worth more than working 11 hours for more money and having no freedom. 

    I don't think there is an easy way to make this transition other than grind year after year and just aim to get a little bit better each month. 

  5. Your lungs can deal with an acute short-term offence. Just make sure to wear protective clothing and high-quality respirator the next time you do something like that 

    I worked with a guy from construction industry once who told me that for over 20 years he has never been told to wear respirators and that he believes that was contributing to his severe ADHD & anxiety attacks through all that inhaled toxicity. It was definitely a possibility. 

    But in your case, you'll be fine. You can take some NAC for a short time to boost your glutathione production and toxin removal. Lungs can take a lot of impact before becoming diseased. Just think how long most smokers inhale before first problems occur. although we could say that through our evolutionary history we are more adapted to detoxifying combustible particles than synthetic chemicals. 

  6. On 21/09/2022 at 5:13 PM, Devin said:

    Maybe that's why they're not around anymore

    or maybe it is the evolution of the societies, cruelty, liberation from oppression and the unsustainability of endless territorial expansion on the expense of other free populations that made once large empires like Roman or Ottoman crumble. Most of the descendants of once great civilisations are still around tho

    Pretty sure chlorella had nothing to do with it :D 


  7. damn, imagine trying to have a normal life following all that advice. Sounds like a recipe for endless health anxiety and phobia 

    If you are otherwise healthy, I would burn that book. 

    If not, pick the stuff that other books have also talked about, be sceptical about the rest. Always important to expose yourself to many sources and then balance it out. 

    Also note that one of the easiest ways to make money in health industry is to "rock the boat" harder than everyone before you, offer an "extraordinary solution" and convinced enough people to believe you. Pretty sure people who get better on medical medium do so because they switch from shit diet to somewhat of a high fibre diet, raw diet and for a short term that works for everyone. You don't hear from all of those who fail on it. 


  8. You might have been misdiagnosed the first time since nothing showed up in the consecutive years. 

    OA is rarely diagnosed in people below 50. Yes you definitely want MRi, not X-ray for something like that.

    Your nutrition definitely did not cause that, especially not at 26. OA takes decades to develop even in the most predisposed individuals and once you have it, you need a surgical replacement because the worn-out cartilage cannot be regrown or repaired. 

    It is either a misdiagnosis or something completely different. Joints can be painful for many reasons. Get a second opinion. 


  9. 18 hours ago, Clabber Girl said:

    Sometimes I feel bloated and tired,

    fasting is rarely the cure to long-term bloating. With severe restrictions, that fatigue may become even more profound and causes of bloating could be many or few, usually related to microbiome balance, the nutritional composition of your food, stress, heavy use of antibiotics in the past, long-term low fibre diet being replaced for high fibre diet etc. 

    Still, worth experimentation just caution is always advised to not restrict your calories severely and for too long as it may impact the menstrual cycle, mood and sleep. 

  10. When it comes to blue -green and green algae, majority claims are either made up completely or mechanistic speculations from in vitro studies are being exaggerated and extrapolated to human biology.

    I would be highly cautious with supplementing high amounts of this stuff since we very little clinical data on dosages, long term safety and it really being more than just an expensive green poo.

    And the heavy metal detoxication has never been verified properly in humans either, it is just something that naturopaths are spreading without a spec of evidence. 

    You actually want high quality research and clinical safety data when embarking on something as aggressive as detoxication of heavy metals. Half assing can cause more damage than benefit 

  11. 2 hours ago, ShardMare said:

    Michael569 i see. Do u think this diet fine?

    Looks a little bit dull with all that chicken & rice but nutrient-wise you are probably OK.  You could throw in some more fibre and some occasional DHA source would probably be nice. As others mentioned, some extra variety of other types of foods would be nice. Any  gluten-free cookbook would fix that for ya. 

    Just out of curiosity. Are you a hospital worker or do you get dietitian-prepared food? Coeliac is fairly easy to build your diet around, 

  12. 3 hours ago, Jannes said:

    These are generally healthy to consume in small amounts but if you hammer in the same food every day you would consume exactly the same anti nutrient every day which would harm your body


    2 hours ago, integral said:

    It has one of the highest concentration of plant defence anti-nutrients

    you guys need to stop believing the antinutrient nonsense :D Seriously. 

  13. Damn, makes me want to try it even less now. Somehow I felt they reached a climax with DS 3, which was just ridiculously difficult, yet not as challenging as DS2. Maybe they felt they had to numb it down to attract larger masses. That's what happened to Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Total War series and Far Cry and many other once amazing series. 

    I made it about 60% through which ended with a rage quit after being gang raped by invading demons right before a bonfire and losing a shitload of souls twice in a row  :D .  I think I'd like to give it another go. 

    Great analysis tho, only watched about 15 minutes but he is making lots of excellent points there. 

  14. Italy could be an interesting one for you to consider. 

    The country has a wonderful balance of good weather, access to sea, mountains, lakes, forests and natural parks as well as ancient history and culture. Socialisation-wise, Italians are very welcoming even to foreigners. 

    You'd have to learn the language but it is not a difficult language, perhaps in 2years you could be semi-fluent with some tutoring and study

  15. 3 hours ago, integral said:

    The only indication of whether something is healthy or not is how you feel after you eat it.

    the question is "how should you feel"? Or is it a question of "how should you NOT feel"? 

    If a food makes you feel too stimulated for example, would you say that's good for long-term health?

    If a food makes you feel very strong and horny all the time, you could also say that it is not good because you are encouraging too many genetic adaptations and too many anabolic processes (burning the candle of longevity from both ends) - excessive cellular proliferation also increases risk for unintentional genetic fuckups and that raises your risk uncontrolled replication (cancer) 

    A lot of what people call "ancestral foods" are foods that are supposed to make you feel strong and reproductively potent. If that is true and food is helping you achieve a supreme reproductive peak, it is also possible that the same food will lead to rapid downfall after the prime peak period because you have stacked up too many genetic adaptations and your cells are experiencing rapid telomere shortening leading to accelerated cellular ageing. 

    Novel foods (e.g. plants, plant proteins, grains etc) which perhaps cut away some of that prime peak but do not encourage so many genetic adaptations are maybe better for you over the long-term despite the fact that some people tolerate them worse (e.g. bloating, indigestion etc ) and they push you through life on more power-saving mode giving you less energy but also being less anabolic and less pro-carcinogenic. 

    One could ask if it is preferable to become a Liver King or Shawn Baker type of dude living on highly anabolic foods, being the alpha but at the same time encouraging the most rapid ApoB - proteoglycan binding in your arteries and getting that first bypass in your mid 40s or become more of skinnier type, surviving predominantly on novel foods and making it to your 70s with LDL below 100 mg/dL and normal blood pressure. 

    To answer the initial question, most likely you will feel the best after eating the foods that are highly adaptogenic (e.g. beef , eggs, meat) and those are the foods that would historically make you the strongest around your peak reproductive age. What happened after was not important as long as you could pass down your genes and reproduce successfully a few times. In our ancestral times, caring for old was a burden, not a privilege. the more old people your tribe would stack up, the more vulnerable the tribe would become so it was actually preferable to get very strong and then die relatively young as long as reproduction was successful. Ancestral foods are ideal to get you that far. 

    Since we have moved past that and achieving longevity is more preferable and we have developed infrastructure to care for the elderly and don't have to kill each other for food anymore, you could make an argument that eating foods that create soy boys rather than alpha tribal leaders are preferable if you intend to stick around for longer. 

    A long answer to a simple question :D 

  16. Could it be related to anxiety? Anxiety attack feels similar to chest tightness. The more you ruminate the worse it gets - that's a common sign of panic attacks.

    GERD is definitely a possibility l. You could take some antacid when it occurs and if they help you will know that's what it is.

    Also costochondritis may feel similar when the ligaments between sternum and ribs are inflamed. There may also be bacterial infection of sternum. You could locate the source of the pain by pressing on these regions and they will hurt the most when taking the deepest breath 

    Cardiac problems are statistically less common in young people when it comes to clotting and atherosclerosis issues. Rare occurences include things like patent foramen ovale - no idea how common that is and i believe those are not painful. Have you had your cholesterol levels checked? 

    Based on what they investigated it is probably not heart related but keep exploring . Go get a second opinion or pay for more investigation if you have to. 

  17. Stress management and sleep improvement would be the most noticeable immediate benefits.

    Whem I get stuck in YouTube shorts loop for too long, a session of meditation helps me rebalance my overstimulated brain.

    I think it is also good for sexuality and libido although don't have a any clinical research for that.

    Neuroplasticity is a big one too if you care about things like creativity, memory, undistracted attention and mental health.

    That's some of the more biological benefits that you asked about