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  1. Hard to say if this is a thing or torn out of context. Could be. Could also be a virus, brain infection of some sort. Who knows. But don't discount the possibility that it was staged either.. But I think what is clear is that we are entering a time in human existence where we will be seeing more seizures, more depression, more ADD and possibly new neurodegenerative diseases we have not seen before as the current gen Z grows up. Human beings have never before been exposed to so much mental stimulation and fuckery on the internet not to mention all the drugs, chemicals and crap people consume in the greatest quantities ever. An average 18-year-old in the west cannot survive without a phone for 30 seconds, cannot focus for more than 5 seconds, is addicted to caffeine from a very young age, probably on mental health drugs and has been put on antibiotics as a baby. They are also exposed to more information in one hour than their grandparents in 5 years. It's gonna leave a mark somehow. Compare that to the amount of stimulation an 18-year-old would just get in the 1950s.
  2. congrats man! Enjoy the freedom of the unshackled mind.
  3. Yeah it may take several attempts if she is a virgin and if you are very gifted. Be patient with each other, use a lot of lube and take it easy. Stress causes muscles to contract. Being relaxed is essential for her. The first time is never easy for the girl. You could try gentle insertion with a tiny dildo if she is open to that being her "first thing in"
  4. this might be a possibility ^ I've gone through a phase in my life where the previously meaningful thing has become absolutely redundant. David Deidda talks about this in the "way of the superior man" - that's one possibility Do you feel a sense of satisfaction in the work/career you do? Has that perhaps changed in any way? # Do you feel connected to your inner core and to your values at your work? or is it more of "just a job that pays bills"? Do you have a satisfying relationship or could the absence of one be driving those feelings? How is your health? Your nutrition, sleep, your gut health, and stress management? Do you live in an environment that challenges your mental wellbeing in some way? Are you regularly exposed to things like mould? Do you get enough daylight exposure? With shortening days and less light, lot of people are slipping into depression, which can be fixed should that be the case.
  5. ^ +1 for me more resistance training than cardio, the later I find more draining rather than energising. No powder, pill, herb or stimulant comes even close to the stimulation you get after a good morning workout. From my experience everything except caffeine and to a small degree green tea is either completely useless or mostly placebo when it comes to mental stimulation although I haven't experimented with pharmaceutical-grade CNS stimulants like modafinil.
  6. you should be able to find electrolyte powders. Something with as few excipients as possible and no need to go fancy. I would go for powder preferably to capsules. Start light so that you don't give yourself diarrhoea.
  7. I've heard they can actually pull out oxidised LDL from the inside of blood vessels which is absolutely insane if that's true. We don't even have drugs that could do that.
  8. you might be overloading your body with more than it can handle. I've had that sort of shakiness before especially when going very heavy on legs. Electrolytes as suggested above might help. Potassium isn't particularly rich in any of the foods you mentioned. You could try a short-term electrolyte dosing and see if it helps.
  9. @Realms of Wonder thanks for sharing more info. I would question the usefulness of that AM fast for your energy. It seems to me like you are cutting yourself of from a significant portion of calories that you are not compensating for with your second and third meal. There isn't a lot of complex carbohydrate type of food there and overall the volume seems rather smaller for someone both physically and mentally active. I'd suggest either removing the whole IF or moving it to later in the day. It is generally better for your body to have breakfast and then not eat, say, from 7 pm till 7 am rather then going so long without food in the morning. Those crashes could also be caused by the proportion of those meals. High processed carb/ low fibre / high meat. It just seems really heavy. I know we are all about fasting for spiritual benefits and all that but frankly if you struggle to focus because of that then you are pulling the shorter end of a stick. Get some good quality breakfast with good proportion of wholegrains, fruits, berries etc of at least 600-800 calories. That will help both the energy and the constipation (which to me seems like a side effect of relatively low fibre diet). Consider swapping out some of those meats with some vegetarian proteins as well. You know, more variety, more taste like aromatic curries, middle eastern dishes, falafels, stews. That sort of stuff. Also, I know you are still young and it doesn't affect you but I would reconsider eating large amounts of beef no more than couple times a week, probably not twice a day. I am convinced more than ever before that beef and red meat is actually one of few things in nutrition about which we can say "definitely harmful". Get Michael Greger's plant based cook book and start experimenting. That's how I learned And if you plan it right it works for both mental and physical gains. That would be a start on to get on the top of those crashes.
  10. Sign up with a local library, pick bunch of books on complimentary medicine and then read them all. You will start getting inclinations which way you are being pulled. Without some research and small bets you won't know what resonates and what doesn't.
  11. wow, I love this choice of career! I had a time in my life when I was seriously considering working in fire brigade or as a paramedic. Good luck with it! Sounds like a deeply-satisfying purpose
  12. One way is to take initiative and responsibility in your hands while you are young and dedicate at least 2 hours a day to figuring out what you want to do with your life in order to escape wage slavery and then pursue that as if you life depended on it. If you can sufficiently capitalise on that, getting some pension later on will be nice but it won't be the thing keeping you from poverty.
  13. this is a test worth getting for sure. Especially if you are not sure. The test is called IgA Tissue Transglutaminase and it needs to be run by a doctor. The risk of being undiagnosed coeliac is that unless you are removing 100% of gluten (for life) but instead you are just having it every now and then, you are causing massive damage to your gastrointestinal lining each time small bits of gluten are introduced due to autoimmune flare-up and destruction of the microvilli. There exists a small risk that when undiagnosed Coeliacs consume small amounts of gluten over years, they may end up with autoimmune inflammatory disease of the bowels (IBD) and in extreme cases even colorectal cancer because of the chronic low-grade inflammation that the autoimmune reaction is causing. (This is only relevant if you were undiagnosed Coeliac) If you are NOT coeliac, in general, there is no reason to exclude gluten. I know this is an unpopular statement but gluten is not unhealthy for non-coeliac humans and in fact, foods containing it are important caloric and energetic sources for athletes and young growing males and females. Consumption of gluten-containing whole-grain carbohydrates has, in general, been associated with more positive health outcomes, less chronic disease and even better mental health. If you are eliminating, then test first. If you are not Coeliac (after the test) and you are still reacting to it, then that is a clear indication that something needs a little bit of work, usually the gut microbiota diversity. To answer the initial question. I am curious. What sparked this thread in the first place? I assume there is either a symptom (e.g. fluctuating energy/ low mood) or some other concern that made you curious. I would base my response on that initial motive rather than blasting you with sets of random recommendations on a forum. Because the answer may be as simple as "eat more veg" but could be a little bit more complex depends on why you are asking.
  14. Hey, Need a bit more info. Can you share an example of your last 2 days breakfast, lunch and dinner? Add portion sizes if possible. Or add a few pics if easier Regarding gluten, have you had Coeliac testing? If you suspect it, i would highly recommend paying for that test.
  15. I don't think it is all that bad but of course it depends on how much you drink it, why you drink it and the quality, purity etc. Men who drink coffee regularly are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and Parkinson's so I'm sure that's not a completely negligible benefits once we get a bit older. But you got to balance it out with your sensitivity to it and of course for anyone prone to anxieties or GERD, coffee may not be suitable. Many naturopaths will say coffee can lead to adrenal fatigue - I think if adrenal fatigue was a thing, liver fatigue, pancreatic fatigue and heart fatigue would be a thing as well which clearly isn't. It's just another one of those things floating out there. I just don't like an absolutistic reductionism such as "nobody should eat/drink this" especially when the reason for exclusion is argument like "pranic foods" which I am more and more convinced is just meaningless. A lot of foods NOT considered Pranic such as mushrooms, garlics, onion, chillies and coffee lead to better health outcomes for men and women when consumed in abundance. All this nonsense is simply introducing yet more complexity, more polarity and even more sub-division to a topic that is already incredibly messy, polluted and corrupted by selfish individuals, organisations, quacks and motivated reasoners. If you want to be healthy and delay occurrence of the first onset of chronic disease (the ones that kill 8/10 people today), eat in accordance with the most robust evidence which is basically the guideline diet based on a Mediterranean diet with mild modifications. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/528193/Eatwell_guide_colour.pdf . This style of eating is based of hundreds of millions of people's worth data looking at the most severe, the most aggressive and the most deadly health conditions such as Alzheimer's, Colorectal cancer, coronary heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. As of today, we do not have more effective way to delay or prevent occurence of these throughout one's lifetime. Most people don't die from SIBO, allergies and bloating. Individual variations for (short-term) therapeutic (e.g. FODMAP, SCD, keto or low-histamine) , ethical (e.g. vegan) or environmental (e.g. only local produce) purposes are totally possible but severe modifications of the above are unlikely to lead to better long-term health outcomes despite short fleeting gains (e.g."I went keto and lost 20 kg in a year") Any disputes of the guideline type of diet by doctors and influencers is usually based on mechanistic speculation, , rodent data, poorly controlled trials or motivated reasoning.
  16. @Ulax depends for what purpose. Plenty of high quality books in the Book List. In terms of books on friends-making, loneliness etc. I haven't really read much material from there but I think Covey's old 7-habits masterpiece covers some of that stuff to a degree. Also the basis for good friendship making is strong self-efficacy so that one is not pulled towards groups who just prefer idle socialising and wasting time talking shit....For that purpose, "6 pillars of self esteem" might be a good one -> It is one I am going through right now. It takes about 3 months to complete all exercises if you do it properly but seems to be worth the effort.
  17. It is manipulative. All the techniques he uses such as "say the person's name all the time" or "praise people" or "pay attention to them" in his agenda this is all to gain something in return. He is even giving examples of how Rockefellers would "successfully " disarm an employee mutiny (or something like that) by basically being fake to everybody, praising them with fake compliments and not willing to pay them a proper living wage. It is a manipulation book and it doesn't work on highly developed individuals. It is a book for mediocre managers in big corpo who think people are donkeys who only know carrot and stick. But like I said, if you are head of sales at Procter & Gamble or PWC, it may actually work perfectly to motivate all the young wolves in your team looking to screw customer over who actually thrive from that sort of shallow motivation. If you're in it to build high quality relationships, burn this book.
  18. @Ulax i did about 4 years ago and it just left me with bad feeling in my mouth. Don't get me wrong there is usefulness there for corporate life for example and stage orange business but i just can't see it as useful for friendship making.
  19. I dunno man. This books is shady as fuck. If you are in business of making genuine friendships, put any manipulation aside. This book was more suitable in 1960s to make people get to like you more so that you get more business opportunities and more people to work for you without resentment. It works on low consciousness individuals who are easily seduced by fakeness not on highly developed people.
  20. Having a steady income makes you more suitable in the eyes of the girl. I think that matters more than how much you actually have on your bank account at the time of the date. It shows that you are responsible and reliable and can take care of her and her baby if needed in the future. If your dates seems to keen to know how much you actually got, take that as a red flag. That being said, spending some money on nice clothes, perfume and clean shoes is fairly important. Not expensive, just clean and fashionable to a degree.
  21. This one can be powerful. Women like when men know how to cook and especially when they like it (shows you would be a good father and caretaker) Few conditions: it is preferable you no longer live with your parents make sure the place is vacant for whole night if you have roomies you got to clean up your entire house/flat you actually need to know how to cook it should not look like a direct sex invitation - actually the sole goal should be bonding and getting to know each other. If more happens, great but don't push it. I'd say ideally you want her to be around while you are about halfway through the cooking to give you guys enough interaction, light chat that does not require constant eye contact and kinda just causal fooling around, throwing food ingredients at each other etc . She may even volunteer to help which is already a initial bonding experience.
  22. if you look at the current list (before new guys) up to half of those hardly come around anymore so it is nice to have more people that way especially in other than EST or PST zones so that at all times at least one person is out a about.
  23. Welcome to the team guys 😊
  24. @LfcCharlie4 thanks for the tag. Great list of practical suggestions. Not much to add without getting lost into various rabbit holes.
  25. I have to admit, I don't know know the full scope of that answer yet and cautious to do such recommendation on a public platform. You could go to Nutrivore's discord and ask him to make a video on that, maybe offer a $20 buck donation and I'm sure he'll gladly do it in his next life stream. I don't really know anyone else on the internet who has gone as deep and offered so much content into as he did. Maybe Avi Bitterman could do that as well. Everyone else seems to be cherry picking or biased into mechanisms. I definitely wouldn't trust populists like Eric Berg or Paul Saladino do give the answer. These creators are too biased into single perspective because it pays their bills to say certain things and omit other. You actually want a proper nerd who is really looking deep into this stuff. Someone who sucks at marketing, has low view-count and low subs number. That's the type of person you should be looking for in crucial topics like these.