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  1. can you describe your meals? Or even better, can you take a pic of your breakfast, lunch and dinner and post it here? constipation is one of the side effects of Biperiden Hydrochloride (Mendilex) so maybe changing that med for an alternative would also help
  2. it is an extreme protocol to a condition that (in my opinion) requires an extreme approach - almost like a reset. Alongside everything else I described, it may work (but results not guaranteed, the LC can be a bitch to treat)
  3. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you have a CV? ↑ start there if you even want to be invited for an interview. If the problem is that "I have nothing to put on my CV" - well, that can be fixed as well but you may need to start with an internship or a lower paid position to gain exp
  4. @undeather fabulous response ↑ - few probing questions for you are you talking about salt (NaCl) or Sodium? Would the above be realistic for salt only? What's the gold standard for CVD risk mitigation at the moment in terms of optimal sodium intake per day - this is one I'm still not clear on. Also, when assessing the evidence, do you solely look for lab studies with 24-hour urine collection? What do you think about some of the evidence pointing to safflower and rapeseed potentially scoring even better than olive oil where LDL reduction is concerned? I am less and less convinced that veg & seed oils (with the exception of coconut & palm) are that different from each other when it comes to human outcome data.
  5. i'll spare you the complex explanation - you can probably get that from chat GPT. In a summary? You are probably stressed as f**k and need to figure out how to relax (basically what this entire forum is about) So do whatever it takes to calm yourself down - meditation, hot baths & showers, cuddling with a pet, watching some silly movies. But I think, ultimately, you need to process whatever the hell happened to you. Maybe you should work with a good therapist to guide you through that process. I don't know if @Emerald comes around often but you could reach out to her via https://www.thediamondnet.org/ Here are some DONT's for you if you struggle with panic attacks caffeine stimulants of any kind more trips cold showers fasting and meal skipping loud music, scary movies and noisy environment arguments with people (even online) If it is very bad, some meds for a short term can help too
  6. nice one Ok, couple questions then Do you consider ethics and sustainability in your approach, or are you solely looking to maximise health potential? What are your goals? - Are they more short-term? (muscle hypertrophy, strength) or more long-term (longevity, chronic disease avoidance) Any eliminations? Any existing health comorbidities? Do you have a food budget? A lot of what would commonly be considered "junk food" actually has an exceptional nutritional value which is why they would sometimes be used alongside chemotherapy, for example, because they delay chemo-induced cachexia. And considering a lot of it is getting enriched with vitamins through fortification, by that definition some of these products would match the definition of a superfood You could say that leafy greens given the price per calorie are (by your definition) junk food. Rice probably too. Maybe even lean meats like chicken or turkey which besides protein have a poor nutritional content and exceptionally high ethical tax. My definition of junk food would probably be something along the lines of: "a food or a food component that has been linked to unfavourable outcomes in human health independent of energy excess and independent of existing health comorbidities if consumed on a regular basis ("regular basis" is a poor definition of duration, I know). And I would also add - or where a minimal harmful dose has already been established with relatively strong accuracy and where zero consumption would offer the highest risk mitigation - by that definition, I would go with processed meat, butter and probably even red meat because those harmful doses have clearly been established with relatively decent accuracy and the less of those you consume, the better - all things being equal. Everything else is dose dependant or context dependant So here is a complicated answer to a simple question . . . . Btw I'm just teasing ya because I don't love to answer these sorts of questions without having a rigorous assessment of someone's diet and understanding their goals which is why I usually spend up to 4 hrs talking to folks before giving any advice. Sounds to me like you're on the right track and the closer you can get to a somewhat personalised variation of a Mediterranean diet the better. You are likely going to benefit from addition of healthy processed food like tofu, dark chocolate, cocoa - you know the good stuff. While limiting the above. Everything else comes down to personal ethics and ecological preferences as well as budget and local grocery availability Hope that helps!
  7. @Migue Lonas hey , thanks for the tag. "clean eating" is a pretty barbed wire term. What does it even mean. Ella Woodrow in UK got a pretty big backlash for advertising this couple years ago. I'm sure if you asked 10 folks on this forum what the term means you'd get 10 different diets. So let's start there - what does "clean" mean to you? And what do you consider junk food?
  8. Practical steps. Think macro right now. What do you need to be putting your energy in. I see you indicated Life Purpose above - probably the way to go. Is you career / finances / living situation stable? Could holes in there start interfering with the LP work at some point? (e.g. running out of money, getting too much sas from parents etc)
  9. Sounds like you lost the footing with the LSD trip and now need to reground yourself. Probably going easy on spirituality for some time and practicing more "down to earth" activities and habits would help. Eating - Intermittent fasting can be stressful for the body - you are already tense so it might be better idea to eat more often, more cooked foods even. There is some evidence that skipping meals increases circulating levels of cortisol in the morning. Might be good to experiment with more balanced approach. I'd go back to regular meals. I'd even reconsider keto for something like a nice balanced mid carb mid fat mid protein approach combined with lots of fruits, veggies, cooked aromatic dishes. Think curries, stews, soups, Mexican and Indian dishes. Panic attacks are a Yin condition and you need to counter with a Yang diet. Weight lifting - If standing under a heavy barbell is not a grunding activity then I don't know what is Not the most spiritual but what you need is to put some weights on to figuratively" hold you down" - weights are an awesome way to do that, no to mention extremely beneficial for mental health through neuroplastic adaptations. Those cold showers I'd reconsider too - you might actually benefit from taking hot showers. COld exposure is stressful , again turn the tap on activivities that put your adrenals on hyperdrive. Cold exposure is for people who are burned out, you are too hyped up and need to calm down Church and prayer - yeah this is good. those seem all like a decent chocie for your condition. Are you on any meds? With that ketamine - it is important to find an experienced practitioner to guide you and who will supply you with clean product. I would say focus on lifestyle and diet before going into this thing. Couple more things you can try. I found headstands oddly calming or just hanging your head off the sofa for 2 minutes seems to activate parasympathetic dominance (maybe that's not how it works). Or just some light yoga practice - bridges, downward facing dog etc. Remain in a single position for longer and focus on calming down your breath. journalling - on everything that happened to help yourself process IFS - someone already mentioned this. Not a bad idea. Do you camp? Do you have any outdoor experience? Spending more time outdoor on your own could help (when you feel better). Like camping solo for a day or two twice a month could work extremely well. Solo hiking has helped me put my mind in order a lot of times before. Ideally choose a location that is not too busy as human interactions take you outside of reflection. And finally - when you are in limbo like this what you need is to reconsider your purpose in life and open yourself up to new calling and ane journey. Maybe everything seems meaningless exactly because you realised your life was missing a deeper spark. But maybe you're not ready to fly away into enightenment yet and what you need is to take a stage Yellow approach and put some energy into life purpose work. That outdoor time can help you.
  10. Family can be tough. On one side you feel obligated to love them (even tho deep down you may not feel it) and you feel obligated to be there for them even if you don't want to. On the other hand, many families pressure their kids by guilting them with stories about personal sacrifice during and kind parenting during upbringing. "after all we've done for you"...this type of toxicity. But remember, you did not sign up t be brought up - they chose to have a baby and if they now use it to put an expectation on your shoulder, that's a sign of bad parenting and a MAJOR sign of immaturity. Can you move out? Could you afford a rent of as low-cost flat (maybe even shared accomodation with another person)
  11. I'll start here. No, that's not true. I don't enjoy humiliating people, and this is not about belittling you in any way. My honest opinion is that I think you're a smart guy, and you care about this stuff. You could probably even become a health practitioner, or expert of you desired so. You certainly know more than most people do. If I was harsh in the first comment - i apologise. Perhaps a few things I said came up as too personal - that was not the intention. The problem is that you are easily seduced by mechanisms - which you then bridge over to human outcomes without evidence. I get it - they sound cool m, use fancy terms and are not as boring as epidemiology. I'm dyign of boredom when reading epidemiology sometimes - but that doesn't entitle me to ignore it and go down mechanistic pathways. That's a definition of bad science. It's not your fault; you've been exposing yourself to communities like RP, which do that and get rewarded by it from other members who don't know better either. Its a groupthink. You told me this yourself. That RP forum is corrupt af. People get kicked for voicing their opinions - we had this conversation. Why is that happening? Because it is based on paper legs and they know it. Nobody who is intellectually honest is afraid of being challenged They welcome challenges because they are always looking to correct their worldview. Notice I'm challenging YOU on YOUR epistemic standards. If you are going to be using science to support your claim, you need to do so objectively. Finding A study that shows A mechanism is not good enough. You need to apply certain research method - there is a reason why those exist. Because you are not a health professional I can't hold you to the same standards as if you were one but I think you should potentially consider becoming one -you would have what it takes. I mean that. And should you ever wish to practice you will have to make a decision that all health professionals do at one point or another - Are you a professional who practices safely with respect to the evidence? Or are you a quack? Many health professionals become quacks and they practice quackery and eventually, they stop seeing clients and start doing social media like Paul. Because practising quackery causes you to lose respect of other professionals and your clients. But folks on social love it, and it earns well. However, it costs you integrity and soul. That said, let's go into this ↓ SIBO is not about intestinal inflammation. Now you're bridging topics. I asked you about "showing me evidence that legumes cause intestinal inflammation" - I am trying to pin you down on the causative language. We don't know what causes SIBO, it is a multifactorial condition based on bacterial proliferation in small intestine, not inflammation, although inflammation might be present as an immune response to food. IF you don't digest. IF!!! it. For a person with coeliac disease eating gluten raises the risk of bowel cancer and IBD. So? For a healthy person, it doesn't. What's your point? Lactose intolerance is a specific condition as well. That line of thinking does not apply to everyone. You can't cherrypick like that. Maybe - what does that mean to a person? Does dairy cause ....? Cancer? If indeed dairy causes small intestinal permeability - what is the evidence that it translates to health outcomes? another mechanism - what does this mean to a human? How does eating more wheat wreck my gut? If I am healthy guy or a girl and I like to eat Wheat grains with barley for breakfast and greek yoghurt - what't the evidence that I'll end up with cancer, SIBO or IBD as a result of that? Please share. Every food is immunologic - every food triggers an immune reaction in the gut. Every bacteria, everything you eat and swallow. during a flare-up!! That's different. During a flare everything triggers Crohn's/ I am interested in healthy person. Do legumes increase risk of IBD? For a healthy person. Please share the evidence. The first study is hypothesis about the endotoxin role in neurodegeneration. Notice the word "hypothesis" - would you be interested to see the evidence that high-fibre diet (rich in everything you deem bad) protects from Alzheimer's? To be honest I don't know enough about IBD to take an expert role - @undeather would have to comment on the aetiology. I'd even say you might be right. I think once someone has been pushed down that path and has had years of flare ups and autoimmune response maybe they can't do fibre in the diet anymore...maybe. Maybe the gut is so wrecked and the microbiome so messed up that it can't be fixed again, only food needs t to be eliminated. It is a very specific situation that requires very specific therapeutics. I only worked with one person with IBD - it was a hard case and she did seem to benefit from a Specific Carbohydrate Diet tho but her case was relatively stable to others. But let's say I even grant you this" more legumes during Crohn's flare up is likely to be bad" - sure, granted. It's like saying "wearing regular shoes if you have diabetic foot ulceration, is painful which is why wearing shoes causes diabetes" That's what you are doing here with these mechanisms. In fact, we are taking it further saying "Shoes cause disease in people and people should not be wearing shoes I haven't no. Never had a reason to. Have worked with a few people who did and they all came with bad health. Whether it was consequence of carni or not I can't say. Carni is a good elimination diet, it can work for extreme conditions - it is likely to be a poor long term strategy and given the potential risks I won't even entertain that - call that close-mindedness if you will. If you know drinking from a septic tank might be bad and someone says "I drank from it a bit and I'm fine" - does it mean it is safe? Let me ask you - what's your problem with epidemiology? Or what is your critical concept based on? I know a lot of people criticise it but the criticism I've seen is based on highly uneducated standards. Many who criticise epidemiology don't understand it, don't read it and all they know is what someone said on podcast. What's your take? Genuinely curious Btw so that you know, A LOT about what we know in nutrition is based on clinical data, non-epidemiology. For example the whole weight loss side, low carb high carb keto diets. We have shit tons of clinical data. Even for seed oils we have clnical trials. what food dogma? I am not emotionally attached to food lol! If you read my comments from here even 2 years ago you'd see that its always been changing because my standards and knowledge has been changing. I try to be intellectually honest if I can. If I am convinced that a position I previously held was wrong, I am happy to reconsider it. Let me give you an example : I used to believe dairy is toxic, mucous-causing, bone-breaking and cancer-causing. And you would find me saying these things even on the forum - I don't think so anymore and other than butter, ghee and high-fat dairy I would say dairy is mostly neutral even beneficial for people. My research standards have changed a lot Soy - I used to believe is emasculating hormone-altering food. Now I love it, and I believe it is good for me. If I get convinced that it is actually not good with new previously unknown evidence coming up - the tofu will go. I have no relationship with it. I prefer eating tofu to eating beef for my protein that's for sure Same for legumes - for the first 25 years of my life, I would not touch them because they made me fart. That changed after I learned more - now I love them. 5 years ago I went down a vegan rabbit hole and I eliminated all animal foods believing they caused cancer after reading Michael Greger's book. Now I don't believe in what he says anymore and stopped consuming nutritionfactsorg altogether. I no longer believe most animal foods cause cancer although I choose to still go mostly plant-based for personal ethics....that's a personal choice that I do not push onto my clients. Again, nothing here is a personal attack. Like I said I don't think you are stupid or deliberately spread broscience. You are young and have not had as much exposure and experience. Considering you're like (based on photo) 24-26? your knowledge is far superior to what I had in your age, I'm 33. Awesome, continue that journey. Just be responsible with it. Treat the knowledge like a Jedi would treat the Force. Spread it for the good of the world and strengthen your standards for what information you take on and what you ignore. Be ruthless with people who spread nonsense and cut them out. Don't spread it to show off. Jedi master does not wield his lightsaber for the amusement of the crowd. Don't spread it to masturbate your ego. Be more rigorous with yourself. Its a journey. Just continue walking it and don't settle so easily for mechanisms. Keep learning, reading and exploring. I think a path of a health professional would suit very well for you. Perhaps a holistic psychiatrist who uses nutrition and lifestyle to support clients? maybe going to school to get a proper health education would work well for you. Just a suggestion.
  12. These men you talk about are extremely wealthy. I know the farting dude you talk about, the one who grabs the moderator's mic and farts in it while his gold-digger wife laughs? You can't be serious about portraying that as a serious relationship. No, you can't be a pig and score a good woman. Not with your or mine budget. If you're wealthy, you can pretty much rdo anything and still have some dumb woman tolerate that in exchange for expensive gifts
  13. Are you hydrated enough? High Hb levels or High total erythrocyte count could be indicative of chronic dehydration Could also be indicative of poor blood oxygenation - are you in a good physical/athletic shape overall or do you get easily winded upon exertion and does your heart rate insanely rise when climbing a set of 5-6 staircases? Ever measured your Vo2 max? Just some suggestions - could be none of that.
  14. Channel that green energy to transition into Yellow eventually. You can have a stage yellow business based on high level of integrity and honesty without being a scumbag and still make decent money. But also important not to rush it. Green is a great time to explore your feminine side, your energy, passions and purpose, get educated on problems this world faces, experiment with veganism...but then slingshot yourself further
  15. @undeather
  16. @Rigel it's not about moderation. He didn't violates any forum guidelines. i think it's about being responsible and accurate at least where giving health advice to others. This goes across the entire forum. And like, none of us are immune to this. If i read some of my posts around here from 4 years ago i would have to hide my head in the sand with the amount of jibberish and cringe...
  17. I promised myself I won't be doing this....... but seriously - what's your evidence for saying this? How do legumes, dairy and fibrous plants (meaning all fruits, vegetables, legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds?) cause intestinal inflammation, production of lipopolysaccharides, bacterial overgrowth and serotonin surges. If we take the extreme case of intestinal inflammation - say Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis - what's the evidence that folks who eat more legumes are at higher risk? What if the opposite is true? How would we know? For example, dairy and legumes both are associated with protective effect against bowel cancer. Do you know what is one of the leading hallmarks of bowel cancer risk? Intestinal inflammation. So if the above was true - we wouldn't see this. But let's say an average guy with little nutritional knowledge is reading this. And trust me many do. He goes "oh man, i better start eliminating all of it" - is that going to improve his health if he starts eating butter, eggs and meat? (because that's basically what he is left with). Is this type of recommendation going to produce a sustainable long term health strategy that is safe? Are you gonna be responsible for outcomes that may come as a result of that? Most people who are digging into nutrition to fix their health already have a degree of eating disorder. All that replies such as the above do is nuke everything these people are holding on to and put them back into perpetual information chaos. From there folks end up depressed, with messed up health, messed up gut, increasing cholesterol levels and endless amount of confusion. Not to mention falling prey to online quacks This is no criticism - I just wish you guys would think deeper about some of the stuff you are recommending where it is absolutely clear to me that you haven't bothered to fact check any of your claims with any form of human data. Actual people are reading these comments. Behind each avatar is a real man or a woman who may take this information and apply it in their own health journey and it may mess them up
  18. Congrats! that kind of awakening can help change the trajectory of your life if you channel the energy right. I had something similar about 14 months ago and it has helped put things and priorities into perspective Before you go and burn yourself out with 3 hours of sleep like a dried twig thrown into a fire, reflect on what that stress indicates. Couple things come to my mind. fear of what this will mean - fear of change? Fear of having lack of direction and now with the awakening you want to do "something " but you are not clear on what it is you need to be doing? regret/guilt over having wasted time? Either way, try to understand what is that deep drive before going into the day to day grind. And be strategic - 3 hour sleep is a terrible strategy and if you do this, it will kill your soul, your creativity and make you fall ill.
  19. can you elaborate? When approaching, do you wear clean clothes? Are you shaven & well trimmed? Washed face, teeth, eyes? No grease. Do you smell nice? Does your breath smell nice? Are the spaces between your teeth clean? Tongue clean? Clean ears? Nice & neat clothes free from stains? Clean shoes? If you are approaching, you better be checking all the boxes otherwise don't even bother. If you don't care now, the signal you are sending is that if she dates you, you'll basically turn into a disorganised mess
  20. Give it time. Guide her so that she knows how you like it. If she has not been giving oral sex to another guy before, she won't really know how - its the same with guys doing oral to girls - it takes a bit of a practice to figure out where the "soft spots" are. Also if you find it too sensitive, maybe she needs to be more gentle and also avoid touching the gland (the head) with her hand. Some days, the penis can be so sensitive that oral is just not an option. If you are not circumcised and most of the time wear your foreskin over the glans, you'll be waaay more sensitive than guys who have the skin cut or glans always exposed. Don't make too much of it - you'll figure it all out, and the longer you stay together, the better the intimacy gets
  21. If you want to find a mate, engage in an intimate relationship, start a family and have kids, you can hardly avoid it. If none of that particularly appeals, you're better off staying away from the dating game
  22. Compound movements should not be underestimated either. Nor should exercises that do not contribute to hypertrophy but which rather develop mind muscle connection, speed and balance. For the ultimate fitness one should combine different elements of exercise - compound and isolated - you need to be training all fibre types as well as you central nervous system. You basically want all of the below - that is if your utlimate goal is to maintain a decent athleticism into your 80s and 90s and not fall apart after 45 the way a lot of guys do these days. Strength - Power Muscle endurance - Decent lean muscle mass - as measured by DEXA Relatively low body fat content - as measured by DEXA Optimal bone health and bone mineral density - as measured by DEXA Cardiorespiratory fitness - as measured by Vo2 Max and heart rate recovery speed Agility Speed Flexibility Balance
  23. Long covid is a condition that requires an integrative approach - one or two things won't cut it, you need to go all in - inside out and outside in. A guy I worked with over a year ago had a good results from long covid through the combined protocol of targeted supplementation for intracellular antioxidant protection and cell strengthening, a lot of cold exposure & building up stress resilience, lot of weight-bearing exercise, saunas, sleep optimisation, going for about 90% plant-based diet and a lot of body scanning type of mindfulness. Full disclosure: this was an experimental protocol so practice at your own risk, but I think with long covid your main goal needs to be rebuilding your resilience from the inside out, massive immune support and hepatic detoxification support, massive antioxidant status improvement, replenishing of essential fatty acids if needed, removal of heavily digestible foods (processed meat, beef, animal oils) and going heavy plant-based - need to be careful not to slip into protein deficiency tho, so it is a balancing strategy. The addition of deliberate cold exposure worked really well as well as a lot of weight-bearing exercise (within limits of available energy). We did a sort of a yin yang protocol where we would be switching between going hard and focusing more on anabolism and then allowing a week to go easy, replenish, eat a lot of yang - hot spicy foods, rest - hot showers, saunas and then go back yin - cold exposure, exercise, colder foods etc. It was a bit counterintuitive because long covid causes fatigue and malaise, but I think pushing against that is how the body regains its resilience as long as you leave enough room for adaptation and replenishing. Also, I would consider getting a chest X-ray for that shortness of breath - just to be safe. Testing your iron status through full blood count (doctor test) can give some hints as well. Also, check your vitamin D status (doctor test) - vit D is like your nuclear submarine when fighting covid - you want to be in the upper 80s even low 90s. Obviously things like alcohol, tobacco, cigars, pipes, vaping, bongs, marihuana, recreational drugs, energy drinks, sodas, sugar drinks - 100% removal. I would accept nothing less in such a case. You don't want to be poisoning your system when doing this. You need to be filtering your water, eating more organic if possible and minimising exposure to pollutants where possible - reduce everything that taxes liver and kidneys If you do all of the above to a reasonable success, you can expect massive improvement in the near 3-6 months. Nutrient tracking for 7 days on cronometer.com to assess zinc and magnesium status is a good idea as well, and correct whatever needs to be corrected. Good luck! it is definitely an uphill battle.
  24. @Yimpa that's a good perspective. You can certainly build up a portfolio of positive reviews, the question is, will bunch of Fiverr reviews be enough? It's like trying to get a job as sales manager at PWC by working at a grocery store as a cashier - maybe you will but chances are your virtual CV is being downgraded rather than upgraded...i might be wrong so take this opinion with a hefty dose of scepticism...maybe that is indeed a way to go I dunno maybe i have a messed up perspective but you're basically competing with folks who can always do it cheaper, faster and for whome those 5$ are actually an entire day's salary. it's a race to the bottom and as westerner you can't win it because your cost of living are exponentially higher than teenagers from developing countries with whome you're competing I just think it destroys the creativity and mastery process for many because they constantly have to suck up to clients with cheap mentality looking for cheap and quick work That being said I don't know what the alternative is as someone who is not that kind of a freelancer. Maybe the other places you mentioned...or aiming higher and creating something that is harder to replicate