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  1. 64 grams of saturated fats per portion? Nice!!! You'll be bending your <30 population's heart disease statistics should this ever become a thing in India. One erection at a cost of one month of life
  2. This is just a speculation so take everything I write here with a healthy dose of scepticism. I don't know your situation and only know what I've read and what you told me that one time we spoke. But from the sound of everything and from seeing that this approach has been helping, part of the answer might be that you need to make yourself a bit...well, tougher..I think that is the right word. I've given similar advice to a guy with long-covid recently ...and I'll give it to you as well here: There is a few things in your report that could serve as evidence that making yourself stronger from inside out and outside in might be part of the answer, perhaps even the entire answer. you've been introducing exercise - swimming is an incredible HIIT that basically engages all skeletal muscles in your body. It is a metabolic furnace for your mitochondria - and it seems to be helping the supplement stock you are doing seems to be helping - many of those products can act to strenghten cellular antioxidant defences Maybe 80% of the true benefits of the supplement stock comes down to 20% of those supplements (that's how it usually is) - the ones that are starting to plug holes in previous deficiencies. Anyone who is long-term deficient will feel like flying once those deficiencies are restored. if you can handle 200g of oats and 750 grams of lentils per day, your gut IS NOT wrecked. I repeat - if you can tolerate this level of fibre onslaught, there is probably no point in thinking that this is coming from antinutrients, fibre intolerance or any of that stuff. Your gut is probably quite healthy. What I honestly think is that you have been ruminating on this for so long that you have prevented yourself from taking action through mental paralysis - that was also the impression I had when we spoke. To a point that taking any action has become anxiety provoking. And now, embarking on this new protocol (above) is actually making you stronger and it is slowly working. I have been taking this type of approach with numerous clients now, and people actually benefit from it. Almost all my guys who come with chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood issues and inability to focus benefit from getting stronger (physically, mentally and emotionally) - some don't of course, nothing works for everyone. This includes Diet (inside-out) - aiming toward more anabolic protocol. Forget cleansing, detoxes and green juices (maybe later but not now) - that stuff is just making you weaker. Start focusing on rebuilding yourself - bump your calories to 2,200-2,400 - add more protein (are you vegan/vegetarian) and add even more starchy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, teff, amaranth, millet, barley etc. You don't need more fat, i think there is enough already. Alongside that, keep loading on vegetables, berries and other high polyphenolic compounds - that stuff is doing wonders for you on the cellular level. Enrich your diet with an abundance of exotic spices and green herbal spices - each of them is adding something extra. Also think more food variety - more different legumes, add soy products, more veggie types, more fruits, more grains - I might even add some low fat dairy like kefirs, Greek yoghurts, and cottage cheese. If you are not vegetarian you might benefit from addiiton of small fatty fish, the ones that are low on heavy metal and PCB spectra like sardines and mackerel or haddock. Activity (outside-in) continue being active as much as you can. Challenge yourself to be active in new ways - carry your groceries, take the steps instead elevator, get a standing desk, go hiking or wild swimming. Get off the bus earlier and walk the rest of the destination. If you have the energy - I would HIGHLY encourage some form of resistance exercise. Lifting weights that are challenging every muscle fibre literally injects your body with growth hormones and anabolic hormones - those have PROFOUND impact on your mental health, your neuroplasticity and your cognitive health. In that manner, a session of barbell squats is superior to cardio. Make sure to get a PT the first couple times if you're a gym newbie Habits - Reading the book "atomic habits" might help, but basically what you want is to become a little bit strategic. Building micro habits one at a time so that your day has a sense of structure and organisation. The human brain loves order, and we thrive in order. It gives us a sense of purpose. Meaning when you wake up, there should be a set of steps you take that help you wake up and get going. Night time - without proper sleep, your body will never regenerate. I don't know how good your sleep is at the moment but if not good, keep working on it. There are lots of strategies. If you're stressed at night, you need to be meditating more and reflecting on your fears and traumas. If you are physically unable to fall asleep, it might be more mechanical (too much screen time, too hot, too cold, too noisy, too many video games late at night, bad pillow hardness, hard mattress etc) Education - reading books is like looking inside other people's brains. You get the creative juices that others had to crack their heads for years to produce. You're getting the absolute best of someone's brain dump and the highlights of years of them going down certain rabbit holes. =Most writers want to give you their absolute best (although there are plenty of shit books out there) Books help you expose yourself to tremendous ideas, practices, strategies and information. In particular, I think you would benefit from reading Peter Attia's - Outlive, he describes a beautiful protocol for becoming strong, resilient, agile, focused and sharp, basically all the things you struggle with. The other one I think you would benefit from is Richard Schwartz's No Bad Parts - I think there is a lot of deeply rooted stuff that needs to be resolved, at least from reading the way you describe yourself and your situation. Passion - and finally, maybe this is for later. If you have time and energy, you might think about what is meaningful for you. What would make you charge against spears and swords - metaphorically speaking (1:40). What is, for you, worth fighting for every day? What is worth defending when coming under undeserved attack (also metaphorical) - what do you want to see more of our there. What is something that is effortless to study & researach on Friday evening while your peers are binging on Pizza, drinking cocktails and talking shit. Maybe you disagree with all above - totally cool, in that case ignore this comment. All the best !
  3. You can choose to focus on the things that you have immediate control over and that aren't taxing your budget too much. exercising and being more active can literally cost you nothing - get yourself a skipping rope, some resistance bands on Facebook Market (ideally for free) and find the nearest calisthenic ground. Take 3 sessions per week and combine it with 2 joggs per week. - that alone might do wonders for your cognitive health. Maybe you could sign up at a council gym, those tend to be super cheap. If your body is physically weak, your mind will be the same. Give it a shot! your diet does not have to be expensive either - who in your household does the cooking? - can you help? could you learn some healthy recipes ? How much money per week are you able to invest in food? Are you getting any pocket money? do you have any savings? educate yourself -these days you have unlimited access to (almost) free books - libraries, book exchanges, second-hand book stores. Sign up in your local library, borrow a bunch of books and start educating yourself on the human body, on nutrition, on mindfulness, on relaxation practices, on productivity habits, personal finances and empower yourself with access to practical information - worst case scenario you'll pay some late return fees. People on Facebook Market are literally getting rid of millions of free books all the time. Look into that. try to socialise with people - do you have any friends? You only need one good friend, ideally someone who is also into developing themselves, you don't want a couch potato who plays video games all day for a friend. Maybe you don't need to chelate maybe the problem is that you haven't stuck to anything long enough because you've trained your mind to be uncomfortable with lack of immediate gratification. (hence why you said "most attempt fall on their face after few days) - anythingno healing modality can fix anythign in days. Even chelation may take 3 years. Healing takes time and the early results may take 6-9 months to become apparent in some cases. You might be surprised how much fixing your diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress management can improve your wellbeing. I've seen it happen over and over again where guys told me they need some radical detox therapy and all they needed was lifestyle adjustment. Grab the bull by the horns, accept 100% responsibility and start sorting yourself up. Don;t expect immediate results, you're likely looking at a long term journey but if you don;t do it, nobody will do it for you. in terms of the job, could you get some part-time offer such as delivery cyclist, driver, a part-time worker at a gas station, at a mall, library etc - check if there are job agencies in your town and apply for some part-time jobs. And finally, could you get access to some government support? Maybe you need a medical diagnosis for that. Either way, might be worth looking into. There are all sorts of support packages for people who struggle. Good luck!
  4. I don't disagree. It's a very valid post. The only thing I'm not too clear on is to what degree these are imlicated in the disease outcomes. I think when it comes to read meat, it is harmful regardless of processing type because its real harm to the human body comes from ApoB binding inside tunica intima, not from hydrocarbons. But hydrocarbons might be aggrevating the damage that's for sure. Interestingly for fish, the literature is clear on their beneficial effects despite the fact that half the fish in the world is probably consumed grilled...which makes me think that the impact of PCBs and HCAs can be mitigated by other beneficial factors in the foods such as PUFA, Vitamin E content and polyphenol content of vegetable served alongside it...maybe...maybe not. Diabetes is caused by energy excess in the first place - diabetes can be caused by any diet as long as the person is constantly gaining weight. And the only reliable "cure" for it is weight loss. The literature on cancer is a bit of an enigma for me - no idea how much hydrocarbons are implicated. I think when I was reviewing the bowel cancer literature, the impact of hydrocarbons was not conclusive When it comes to neurodegeneration the research is inconclusive but I would side towards them being quit harmful. That being said it is probably preferable to always cook meat on lower temperatures. Grilling and flaming is just stupid and completely unnecessary practice. I don't care if it tastes good. One of the reasons these things are so hard to study is that hydrocarbon exposure is a proxy for a bad lifestyle overall such as eating a lot of junk, being inactive, smoking, drinking etc. And because studying PBC exposure in clinical setting is unethical, the epidemiology is what we have and it is a mess. My personal take is that they are probably quite harmful and should be minimised on individual level. I'm more worried about burned meat than I'm worried about grilled sweet potatoes tho. But i wouldn't make a bridge saying "PCB" causes cancer or heart disease - that would be taking it too far Overall I think this is a great post bringing lot of awareness @LSD-Rumi
  5. @StarStruck bro just upgrade the shit I have 1 TB for 50£ a year and it includes the entire office package. The cost is very fair imo
  6. What about the best cinematic game trailer. Vote this one
  7. One Note should be part of OneDrive same as all your other Microsoft docs. Unless you have multiple accounts. Check if the notes on your PC match the notes on Cloud - if you go to OneDrive and open the virtual One Note it should have the same content. Alternatively just upgrade your storage, it's pretty cheap Are you on the 1TB package?
  8. nice sum up. I've probably spent too much time in corporate glass houses - I'm sure the topic could be approached in a more chill way. Or not if you don't mind an occasional knee in the balls
  9. You should mostly ignore them in polite conversation including dating, work, socialising etc The only times when you can touch them is either when she is your girlfriend/wife/fling, when you are a medical professional examining the tissue or when specifically given permission (usually drunk scenario) In all other scenarios assume that boobs are neither to be talked about nor touched nor looked at (when she is looking at you) or it will make you look like a pervert. Sure, you can take quick glances and everybody does just try not to get caught The fact that a lot of girls like to flash them around does not authorise you to touch or really pay them an excessive amount of attention, that usually turns into an awkward scenario pretty quickly. When complimenting (in a non-formal setting), at least in the West, you can compliment things like evident weight loss, dressing style or a particular piece of clothing, new hair, makeup etc. You should not compliment individual body parts unless you are very familiar with that girl and you know she appreciates it. As a guy that is - girls can generally compliment each other's body parts in a conversational scenario - this is also very country dependant and would probably be more likely in the Mediterranean region and less likely in the Northern and Western Europe where relationships tend to be a bit more professional. In a professional setting, you generally don;t compliment people on physical appearance, you compliment on professional achievement or personal achievements (family stuff, achieved education etc). Rarely you can compliment on stuff that is obvious and begs to be complimented on (e.g. long-hair girl comes into the office with short hair) - that should be acknowledged. But if you noticed she got a boob job, unless she opens that topic, you do not talk about it. When you are in a professional setting - work, corporate etc - you do not acknowledge any differences between gender and completely forget about people's bodies and looks. Forgetting this unwritten rule not only gets you fired but will get you labelled as a sexual harasser and can get you into a criminal register. The professional setting is dry, direct and formal communication only , with the exception of a colleague or a person with whom you're extremely familiar and comfortable.
  10. @Harikrishnan I've learned a lot from the How not to Die - Cookbook & How not to Diet - Cookbook . Both have great recipes. Although I'm not a raging fan of Michael Greger's work as I once was, I am yet to find recipe books that come even close to these two...at least for me. They are all 100% plant-based tho
  11. Both, but the thing that bugs me on phones is the inability to remove tags (has someone figured this out?) Otherwise the forum is well optimized for phone.
  12. Games can be more cognitively stimulating, often requiring a much higher level of deeper concentration, and can lead reduced rate of blinking and that intensity might, in some people lead to headaches. You might be unconciously tensing your jaw , neck, traps and upper back muscles while focusing - pay attention to that, all of these things can lead to headaches potentially. Some games also require endless micro-ing and task switching, that could also be it. Movies usually don't require that. Do you watch movies on the same monitor?
  13. @Kksd74628 that's fair feedback; you're right, I was being insensitive. Thanks, I'll pay more attention to it !
  14. If you guys are still together 12-months from now and you'll report that the relationship chemistry, communication and synchrony is great, we can say that it worked.
  15. @Mormegil awesome!? Thanks for the report. There is time and place for IF but it is not when you can barely keep your eyes open and every task is a struggle.
  16. This might be pushing it a bit too far. I'd try to cut it down by 20-30% and see if that works better. I think high-carb breakfast work really well for most people, but there is a threshold, which once crossed can lead to a bit of a brain fog. Alternatively, try cooking the oats rather than eating the dry and replace the yoghurt with some raspberries or strawberries - it might help balance it all out a bit better. If your current weight is < 70 kilos, you can probably make do with fewer calories. I weight 86 kilos and would not be able to stomach that quantity of food either, pretty sure. If your stomach is full to burst it defeats the purpose of energising meal. Another tip that I've been doing lately is to make a smoothie bowl from 2 bananas, cup of berries and some greens and flax and then I grind about 80 grams of oats into that with some prot.powder I find if I exercise within 90 minutes of this type of meal, I can lift more, I'm more explosive and I can extend the reps-till -fatigue- by up to 3. Its an anecdotal report so take it as such. I don't get the same boost from oatmeal tho. Only works in summer, I hate cold breakfast in winter
  17. @001 I still do while at the same time trying to dig myself out of that- it's a sort of a "going forward" goal
  18. Couple of years ago I was journaling exactly on this topic, and I concluded the article with this picture. Even now, years later just looking at me fills me with dread and an incredible sense of sadness. If I was to summarise it with a single sentence, it would be: "The realisation that I've wasted my entire potential and spent my life serving someone else " I think that particular day I promised myself that I'd never give up on myself even if it took me 20 years to dig out from wage slavery
  19. Are we talking about existential fears (e.g. child, or partner dying tragically) or more like weird unusual types of fear?
  20. @at_anchor do you have an exercise habit?
  21. on a daily basis for months and years? yes it turns you into a food slave But to do this as a one-off experience, especially for someone trying to sort out a bunch of health problems or oprimise for energy and mental performance it may (or may not) give some hints. For a person confused about nutrition and trying to make sense of it all, tracking is an incredible tool shedding a lot of light and clarity. Also if you're interested in long-term health preservation, things like Cronometer can help you calibrate things - such as doing ad hoc tracking, say once every 3 or 6 months. But yes, it shouldn't become toxic and cause anxiety about micro deficiencies etc. I think any tool you use can become both useful and toxic - its all about balance isn't it
  22. I'm so done arguing over nutrition with you
  23. @LSD-Rumi just curious have you ever experimented with things like large doses of St John's Wort or Saffron? Some of those experimental trials show comparable effects to even Prozac or Mirtazapine but I've never had an opportunity to try them with anyone because they can't be mixed with any meds.
  24. @MarkKol yeah , chia's safe to eat daily. Make sure to adjust your profile based on your age, weight, height and goals + those numbers will adjust accordingly The only ones I'd be worried about in excess the most is sodium, saturated fats and maybe vitamin D & A (if you supplement) everything else is fine
  25. The second day is not bad. Don't worry about Vit D just supplement that. The rest can be pimped with some modifications and addition of new foods -for that calcium either throw in some dairy or tofu and sesame seeds. For vit E a couple of almonds should cover that. Vit B12 either animal products or supplement The first one needs more carbs and more protein - this will also bulk up the calories and probably cover the micros as well I love playing around with Cronometer, everytime i do i discover some new micronutrients superfoods i didn't know about. It's a good way to build a functional diet and cover micro deficiencies although not ideal if you're a foodie who's all about pleasure.