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  1. message me if you want to have your account deleted and locked
  2. You could start a journal and keep uploading your videos in there. Other members including myself have done that in the past. Or you can put your youtube link in your signature. That is allowed and you can make use of that. But yah in terms of sustaining a Youtube channel, it's hard. As someone who started one and made it to tiny 83 subs, I can tell you that in the beginning the return on the time you spend shooting, editing and marketing is EXTREMELY LOW, borderlining with none existing. It can be heartbreaking to see a video you spent 10 hours on getting 30 views over 6 months. So it is important the content is right for your audience. If you have the discipline, the time and willpower you can make it. It helps to have accountability. We were a group of 3 holding each other accountable for 3 months but then it all kinda collapsed Patience and consistency is the name of the game. No tricks, tech, tactics and hacks will get you there, if you are not ready for the lon-term journey. I wasn't among all other obligations.
  3. if you are underweight, resistance training is one of the healthiest ways to gain weight. Not only will you gain lean muscle mass but your appetite will increase too. Go more for resistance training and less for cardio if you want to increase your BMI overall.
  4. I had this conversation with my cousin who is in his early 20s and his response was basically "because you have to be like that if you want to fit in". It's all about status in the group, image and personal branding. Because the competition is so vicious pretty much for anything (girls/guys, jobs, social media attention, being the alpha or the diva in the group and different roles in the social circles) they have to play that game because the only other option is to be the outlier and get labelled weird which means no pussy, no fame and no social recognition. People get different roles assigned and they need to work hard to maintain those roles in the social circle. But not all are playing this game. In many countries, teenagers do not use Instagram on massive scale so you would see a completely different mentality compared to the young people in US or Australia. It's a cultural shift that cannot be stopped and one day it will start morphing into something else. To a Millenial, this makes some sense but it is weird. To Gen X this is hard to understand unless their kids pull them in. To Baby Boomers, this is a mental asylum because many of them lived in post-WW2 world and the values of today's people seem to them unacceptable in a sort of "this is what my father died fighting Wermacht for?" way. What I'm curious is to see Gen Z grow older and whether there will be a new boom of teen reflection on some of the content they produced and whether they will become as judgemental of Generation Alpha as we Millenials were of them.
  5. If one a week works for you then there is probably no harm in that if it improves the overall quality of your life. You may benefit from reading Cal Newport's Deep Work too. Has helped me quite a bit with being less distracted
  6. Is there anything in particular from Gary Vee you found helpful? A book maybe. I've been referred to his marketing content a lot but haven't taken that step yet.
  7. @Jannes I did a bit of fact checking and I think you're right, my assumption of bodybuilder protein intake was exaggerated. Seems I need to do more research on bodybuilding type of diet. Jay Cutler claims to have been taking 300-400g of protein per day on average. C-Bum seems to be scoring about 250 g / day. Obviously they compete in slightly different sets so perhaps the common ratio is somewhere in between. I agree that it it not protein itself but protein being proxy for saturated fats maybe? or low fibre diets? The protein-kidney thing does not seem to hold in the evidence. Either way I need to dust off my knowledge in this area, glad I don;t work with bodybuilders Thanks for multiple corrections!
  8. There we go, this is your main problem Addition to not being bored. If you can fix this and be ok with doing boring activities and getting "high" on boring things like reading academic textbooks or walking in the forest, you will get your dopamine back. A good way I found to practice this is to go to gym without headphones, without caffeine, preworkouts, creatine or any stimulation. Just go and exercise and embrace the lack of stimulation. You can retrain your mind to enjoy it. Another way is to force yourself to read more especially something that would be in a category "Important but Boring" Forget about exogenous substances, herbs and mushrooms. This is a mindset problem, not a biochemistry problem. BDNF and NGF agonists (mushrooms are neither btw) aren't going to cut that unless you suffer deficiency which would be even hard to test for and statistically very unlikely for a young guy unless you suffer chronic depression or dementia. Reflect on what it is that you are trying to achieve with the stimulation. Shortcuts? Avoidance of negative feelings? Avoidance of hard work? Finally, is it possible that your life could be missing a deeper spark? A purpose? Something you are going for, that drives you and pulls you out of the bed in the morning? Good luck. Enjoy being bored to death P.S. your diet seems fine. I wouldn't say this is a diet related issue although I'd need more information about portion sizes and meal prep to be able to tell for sure. Lack of protein and carbohydrate in general can reduce motivation in people as well as caloric deficient diets.
  9. If you want to generate massive income (ethically & legally) you need to provide massive value. And in order to do that you need to posess unique skills that market values - building those takes years so this is not a quick-cash advice. But it doesn't stop there. You need to figure out how to sell your skills, how to market yourself, how to spread the word and generate attention. Without it, even the the best and the smartest is going to go hungry and broke because they'll be trampled over by an army of teenagers doing Reels and making millions of dollars, stealing all the eyeballs. That's unfortunately the reality of this world if you wanna do online business. There is other ways ofcourse such as going into academia, getting a standard 9-5 job etc. But if you wanna go solo, create a product, market it and make a living, you need to join the marketing hoard online in one way or another to generate attention. Btw this is not coming from direct experience, I very much struggle to do this myself so once I figure it out I'll let you know Perhaps you should give yourself some time to reflect on these questions every day. A journaling habit can help you do that. Reflect on these things while you are still young and (I assume) without kids, mortgage and that sort of stuff.
  10. I think the main message from these is to breathe through your nose and fix your mouth breathing at night. Mewing seems to help to be more mindful of it and forces you to nasal breathe because mouth breathing while keeping the tongue touching the upper palate is weird and feels wrong. Not sure if those claims around the change of bone structure are to be believed. Once your epiphyseal growth plate stops growing and calcifies, you don't get further bone development, but maybe it is like wearing a retainer that the constant pressure of the tongue does something indeed over the time. It is possible. I've been doing this practice for about 30 months+ but haven't noticed any changes of facial structure. Maybe it is more profound if you are in your early 20s and still have some possibility of bone development. Taping mouth was fun too
  11. Oh you bet it does. Eating 1gram per pound of bodyweight is going to make you pretty weak if your goal is to get stronger, it is nowhere near enough. You will fatigue quicker, and your progress and recovery will be significantly impaired. There is a reason why bodybuilders go above 3 grams a day. It improves your recovery and your strength significantly. You can train twice a day and go very heavy while maintaining muscle mass and burning more fat. Especially pre-competition where you need to chissel like a statue, this is where ultra-high protein vs normal protein makes a difference. Well that and anabolic steroids But like I said it is a short-term strategy and I would never recommend such protocol to anyone because my thing is chronic disease avoidance and long-term quality of life even if it comes at the expense of sacrificing 30% of my strength and taking 3 times as long to make gains. I agree with you that for regular person maintaining health and being reasonably active, 1g is enough Any high protein, high meat diet leads to stacking up too many genetic adaptations and are going to shorten your long-term survival. This is why all that appeal to ancestral diet is just stupid. Eating ultra high-protein diet such as carnivore will get you there, and make you strong like an ox (if you plan it right) but after 40 expect a downfall to begin due to all that saturated fat.
  12. that's an understatement Durianrider is like that crazy NPC in GTA 5 who gives you a quest to murder someone while laughing like a maniac. You have to consider that he is coming from a perspective of an endurance athlete with very low BMI who can burn it off. The major issue with sugar is where it leads to weight gain. Becoming too fat for your own body to handle is what will give you insulin resistance, not the sugar itself - this has pretty robustly been demonstrated by Roy Taylor's research But a lot of his advice is weird. There is nothing wrong with complex carbs. If we are to follow nutritional epidemiology, then any diet that moves away from red meat, trans fat, excess sugar and sugary drinks and processed meat pretty much any way, is going to lead to better health outcomes. Ideally you wanna stay around relatively high carb moderate fat and moderate protein at least if you intend to stick around for a bit longer - a modified version of Mediterranean diet is probably going to be your best bet unless you want to play a Russian roulette with your health and see if low carb quacks were right. If you don't care about long term health or your heart or your brain but want to become as strong as you can while in your prime years and then rapidly decline - do carnivore diet. Btw John Venus did not quit veganism for his mental health. He was never an ethical vegan and for him it was a business opportunity and chance to become famous. He also went of veganism because he was afraid for his son's health. I kinda agree with that caution tho, it is good to introduce kids to all foods to minimise risk of late life allergies.
  13. It depends on what you can offer to the market, the more unique the skill the more you can get paid. Remote work, has over the pandemic been accelerated by 10 year margin so most international large companies actually don't mind employing people all over the world. Polish your LinkedIn profile and look around what else there is. Other than being an employee the only other way is to be your own boss, which as someone who is trying to do that is about 50 times harder than being employed because you are the service provider, the marketer, the accountant, the customer support, the sales person, the content creator and the IT person at the same time. It is hard, frustrating, ungratifying and stressful. But if it works, it buys you freedom. Technically you could also become a consultant/contractor and charge a premium for doing short-term works. For that you need to become good at networking and build up some skills but if you can get in and bet contracted by a big corpo you are going to be swimming in cash. The company I work for full-time pays contractors up to 3000 dollars a day. And to be frank they don't work as hard and lot of them seem actually quite useless and the internals often end up cleaning their mess. Some investing is always an option but unless you have spare 20-50K it is going to take A LOT of time and skill to get something back So ultimate @Someone here the question come down to: What can you offer to the market? What do you want to do? If you need unique skills but do not have them, what could you do to get them? This is the only way to make a conscious living. To be proud of the work you do by offering a superior value. Or jump on some crypto scheme but that ship might have sailed a long time ago for people with low capital.
  14. the human microbiota is not just made of bacteria. There are also fungi, viruses and it is not uncommon for some parasitic species to live there too. In most cases, parasites are asymptomatic and dormant (suppressed by the immune system and other microbiome colonies). I don't think it is as black & white but I have never researched this topic in depth so that's a personal limitation - but I don't think there is anyone out there who understand the whole complexity of the human microbiota and all sorts of interactions and relationshi[s/ What if having tiny amount of dormant parasites is even beneficial? Like the hygiene hypothesis for allergies saying that lack of environmental exposure and excessive cleanliness causes the immune system to overreact to harmless proteins such as pollen, gluten or gliadin because it has nothing else to do? Which is why it actually benefits children to play with animals, play in durt and dust, put stuff in their mouths and eat every type of food available to build up immune tolerance. Whose to say unnecessary antiparasitic cleanses wouldn't have same effect? Lot of people are endlessly cleansing, juicing and taking antimicrobials, that seems to me like taking low-grade antibiotics endlessly. Look here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/331744428_Interactions_between_Parasites_and_Human_Microbiota "In a similar study, it is reported that the patients who were protected from Cryptosporidium infection had an increased level of indole-producing bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Bacillus spp., and Clostridium spp. In contrast, infected patients had an increased level of Bacteroides fragilis, Bacteroides pyogenes, Prevotella bryantii, and Akkermansia muciniphila (13). A previous study of intestinal parasite infection in individuals from a rural area showed that there was a significant increase in the relative number of Bifidobacterium spp. in G. intestinalis-positive patients (14). Increased Clostridia levels but lower Enterobacteriaceae levels were observed in Blastocystis-positive subjects (15). All these studies suggested that the tested intestinal parasites may induce significant bacterial changes in the microbiota, and gut microbiota has also a potential influence on parasite infection outcome" "During this prospective study, it was observed that acute diarrhea occurred less often among Giardia-positive children than among children who were not infected with G.intestinalis" It's like there are small adaptations that force the microbiota to adjust and strengthen against these species. Maybe that's even beneficial. I'm not saying we should WANT to have parasites, just maybe that it's a threshold effect and tiny amounts are not harmful as long as one's microbiota is healthy and they have a healthy immune system. But regarding the tests, the risk here is that if you google "antiparasitic cleanse" you will instantly get targeted by quackery. Unreliable tests, unverified cleanses and potentially dangerous protocols harming the integrity of the microbiota. Basiclaly you will get diagnosed by some ridiculous online questionaire and then sold on a $300 dollar parasitic cleanse that needs to be done 4 times a year. Where a real parasitic dominance is a concern such as Protozoan infection or Trichomanas overgrowth person needs to get medically tested via stool sample test and get a proper guided protocol not half-ass it with herbs and juices. I'm just cautious with embarking on a random protocol. unless first properly tested..that's what I wanted to say with the above.
  15. I read "Paradise Cleanse" and I'm like "wth is Leo tripping on now" ok, jokes aside......Have you actually had any sort of faecal tests that would indicate parasitic overgrowth? Medical? Not some quackery over the counter nasal swap? Wanna know a secret? We are all full of parasites! Your microbiome is made of probably tens of millions of them and thousands of different species, some may even be beneficial, keeping your immune cells at alert and keeping your intestinal mucous nice and thick so you wanna make sure you are targeting an overgrowth situation not doing a maintenance protocol that can end up with more problems than solutions. Overgrowth situations should be managed carefully and potentially short-term medically-administered anti-parasitic protocol may be more effective as the drugs used for this are extremely specific and highly lethal. If you then wanna go in with probiotics, oreganos, wormwoods and agave, I don't see how that would cause any harm
  16. Eating higher mercury food does not necessarily translate into having a high heavy metal count in your brain. In order for them to get from the gut to the brain they need to go through a transport system so incredibly complex and protected by multiple mechanisms that none may get there at all. It also depends on what you ate with tuna. The more fibre there was, the more likely it was that any pollutants just got excreted. Have you considered getting some basic blood work, ferritin tests, thyroid tests, and assessment of some basic B vitamins (doctor can do all of this). How is your diet, sleep, stress management, , the environment in which you live (e.g. mould, dust, poor ventilation), relationships, daily routines, hydration, stimulant intake, current body weight, lean muscle mass density, body fat density, the current level of physical activity etc. How much time do you spend on your phone and social media vs on disconnecting yourself. Work-life balance & socialisation? There is so many factors that could be causing you to feel the way you do. I wouldn't jump straight into the chelation pool without investigating more obvious patterns. At least not until you fix that vomiting reaction. Either way, all the best with the protocol!
  17. I have someone in the family who is heavily drinking alcohol and I can tell in a millisecond whether they've had a drink or not over the past month. It affects the body more than just on those obvious levels. It's like the energy around the person changes, they are in darker place - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Energy levels are severely impacted days and weeks after and it may take the body years to completely reverse the damage of alcohol. I've seen a few men in my clinic as well who drink regularly and it is nearly always the major factor behind their depression, anxieties, pains and fatigue. It's like healing a wound by cutting yourself elsewhere to take the pain away. Not meaning to shame you Ima or anything like that. It is brave for you to share this. I'd say to maximise the results of the chelation therapy, you should ideally do everything possible in your power to remove that alcohol 100% , it takes too much away and gives too little in exchange. Not to mention chelation is a heavy liver-demanding process and if the liver is busy turning alcohol to aldehydes it may impact the effectiveness of the chelation protocol Also, I'm wondering if you wouldn't;t benefit from more plants heavy and fewer animal foods in the diet. Plants provide many phytonutrients and fibre which aids removal of heavy metals from the gastrointestinal system where a lower-fibre diet may cause the reabsorption of toxins through the intestinal walls. I'd say a split of 80% plants and 20% lean animal products like small oily fish would work very well. Not to mention things like beef are associated with a worse mental state in the nutritional epidemiology. But that's just a minor suggestion. All the best on your healing tourney.
  18. It might be a reverse causality - people who are more introverted, shy, retrospective or who generally have lower mood are more likely to wear darker or navy, dark green colours because you don't want to stand out and introverts prefer to hang out on the outskirts of the attention circle. I've always been more pulled towards darker colours and darker themes and feel better in places and clothes that are not too bright - and it reflects my personality and interaction with the world. On the other hand, if you are an extrovert, love socialisation and being in the centre of attention, your dressing style will reflect that, you'll wear bright colours that contrast the grey & black that many wear so that you can stand out. These people naturally attract attention if you notice them. Obviously there is a lot room for manoeuvre in the middle such as introverts in bright colours and extroverts preferring darker clothes. Social media will skew this a lot as well. I don't think clothes per say impact one's energy/auras/chakras - whatever you wanna call it. It's a reflection of the internal state.
  19. Then don't do it. Chelation is not the only healthy therapy out there. Consider getting a medical assessment for those symptoms to make sure you're not missing anything important.
  20. It's really impressive how much you are doing at 24. I don't see anything wrong with any of those activities but maybe you are a little too overcommitted. When was the last time you took a holiday? Do you also do things that don't necessarily lead to anything other than just chilling and taking it easy? Ultimately, what is the reason you are doing all of this? Is it financial independence? That's an ultramarathon and sometimes letting of of the outcome a bit and loosening up can go a long way. What that means is that's it's ok not to work some days on your gig and just chill and play a video game or enjoy your favourite series without feeling guilty about it. Or instead of a work-packed Saturday go into the nature and do some photography. You know...stuff like that. Otherwise, without sufficient rest you will indeed burn out.
  21. PhD is a complete waste of time and money unless you need it for the next step in your career , mostly likely in academia or research. If you are doing what Leo does, PhD would probably significantly impair his work, progress, time, finances and willpower. You should never do an academic course like that just for the sake of "having the title" to boost your self-esteem. However in a career where PhD is valued such as research & development, medicine, biology etc, yes you should get it.
  22. What is the rest of your lifestyle like? Is your diet optimal? Sleep? Exercise routine? Alcohol & stimulants? All of those or lack thereof can give you symptoms that one would associate with detox and which might have nothing to do with it but everything to do with lifestyle induced fatigue and mental fog. Also consider that perhaps the acc may not be the answer.
  23. Down tonight's rabbit hole. Because screw Halloween https://www.andro-health.com/blog
  24. I've never lead a journal in my life and been postponing starting one online but it feels like the right thing to keep myself accountable and share a journey as so many others are doing. I love reading what other people are going through. So I am turning on my fav soundtrack from my fav movie and cracking on with the writing. My journey has started after coming to London from Slovakia, my home country. I was always lead to believe that having a good education, university and good grades was important. My dad works in business and is doing well for himself so naturally, I never saw any other way. I studied at business university and accepted that I'll just be clocking my hours for the rest of my life for some company that I have no passion or ambition at just because this is the "normal life". All changed when I found Leo through "how to stop caring what other people think about you". The more I listened to these videos the more it made sense to me. I started to realise how out of balance I was. A materialistic Eastern European with zero passion, zero motivation and no fulfilment. Somehow I convinced myself I was doing the right thing and was becoming "successful". Lol, if I had a dollar every time I hear this word..... I become a corporate rat, sucking up to my boss and depending on other people to tell me what to do. It took me 2 years to muster the willpower to make the next step and to buy the LP course which opened up a new dimension for me. I've always been interested in health, fitness and that side of life but never saw it as more than a hobby really. The course convinced me that I should pursue this passion and create a purpose out of it. I took 5 months of additional life-coaching after the course and by the time it ended, my journey was quite clear -> I wanted to lead a life where I would help other people get well and to stop suffering. I kinda assume it would involve some area of alternative medicine but wasn't really sure. Sometime later I discovered a post from College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and at that day they happened to have an Open Door day and the last opportunity to sign up for the new semester (starting in 4 weeks!!). To this day, I think this was a sign from the universe...or just google being really smart with adds ..either way, the moment I walked in I knew I found my temple of knowledge and that I was meant to be here. An hour later I was walking away with a prospect and a bill for the sign-up fee for 3 year course of Naturopathic nutrition. That was Summer 2017. Year 1 was all about anatomy. Endless revision of bones, muscles, organs, tissues and cells. English & Latin both. I seriously have massive admiration and respect for medics. We did not go into the depth they do but man.....I don't know how someone can remember thousands of Latin words and location of every single bone and muscle on the human body. Somehow my enthusiasm lasted the whole year which made learning easy but I lost a lot of it now. Years 2 and 3 were more into nutrition, biochem & pharmacology but also herbal med, Chinese med and most of all therapeutics. For the first time, I came face to face with real client which was an extremely terrifying experience but at the same time, it felt like the right thing. My very first client in the school clinic was a young finance manager. Burned out, depressed, stressed, overworked, overexercised, asthmatic and allergic. I could see myself in him couple years back. I was that superachiever, exercising 7 days a week doing Crossfit and always living on the run. During this time my asthma & allergies were the worst they've ever been so I had to slow down. I explained the same to him and 4 weeks later he came to his follow up with pretty amazing results. I realised that the modern epidemic is not really some sort of infection and fancy diseases but it is stress. I saw that in all my other school clients. Stressed, burned out, unhappy and overworked. The modern epidemic especially in cities like London. I am now in my final days of the naturopathic college pretty much just awaiting the diploma. Everything has been submitted but that's just the beginning of it. Marketing, accounting, taxes, Webdesign and all the other stuff comes next and it's giving me a lot of headaches. I'll be documenting the next steps of the journey on here.
  25. I guess the question is then, what's the point of this thread. There is no easy way out. You will have to suffer your way out of it unless you just want to become addicted to something else as a rebound. I agree with @UnbornTao . Any therapy that does not force you to face your demons and promises easy way out is just a waste of money. Ignore if this doesn't resonate