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  1. @LSD-Rumi genetics in combination with environment will play an obvious role
  2. @mmKay I am not an expert in Covid, @undeather is better positioned, far better educated and more experienced than me in this area. Could it be long covid that is still raging and that resurfaces each time your immune system gets a bit weakened and flares up over and over? Does it generally get worse when you're stressed, when you don't sleep as well and when you travel? But maybe what you need is a proper evaluation of your current lifestyle, health, diet etc and maybe identify areas that can be improved? Maybe your immune system needs a boost? Do you exercise regularly? Do you go out enough? How's your diet right now? Are you restricting anything? How stressed are you on daily/hourly basis? Are you on any meds? How's your gut health? How's your post workout recovery? Cognitive health? (memory, focus, executive attention) Any recent tests revealed anything? Also what is your current bodytype? Are you lean, overweight ? You could try tracking your diet in cronometer.com for a few days, see if you're missing anything nutrition-eise It is hard to tell without knowing more about you - i don't think this can be fixed with a supplement. Also, what makes you suspect you have pericarditis? Because if you do you better march to the ER
  3. That's true. It's always important to honestly evaluate once spending and look at different spend categories - there are usually areas that can be managed more effectively - food, clothing & transport being some of them. But yes, for anyone struggling with finances, making a year worth of savings might be a struggle - in such case it might be better to work some sort of job , at least part time and work on your own project alongside - that's my situation at the moment. I'm all for passion, life purpose and freedom but unless one is supported by parents, I don't know how to make it work.
  4. Are you sure you've thought this through? "Go and see what happens" is not the best strategy where personal finances are concerned, you might be sawing of the branch you're sitting on right now. I applaud you for brave decision but quitting job and going soul searching is good if you have at least 6-12 month worth of savings (meaning at your current pace of lifestyle, without tightening the belt, you won't go broke for 6-12 mo). Anything less than that is a risky strategy. Especially if you are going to be investing into a transitional career (which is something that may take 1-3 years+ before you make your first dollar). Not here to burst a bubble or make you depressed or anything - just drawing a realistic economical model. Ofcourse you'll probably be making savings by not needing to commute and eat out so that's good as long as you can adjust the strategy at home for maximal savings. Perhaps the ideal way to go around this would be to find a different job, similarly paid but requiring less effort so that you can put more time in your new thing. You know, some ticketing job in a big telecomms company where you don't work more than you work - or something like that. Ignore if this doesn't resonate
  5. Have you ever questioned your sexual orientation? - serious question
  6. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK531476/ <quote> Contraindications There are few, if any, absolute contraindications to the use of modafinil. However, the following is a list of relative contraindications, cautions, and special considerations: Dermatological reaction: If serious rash including Stevens-Johnson syndrome develops, discontinue modafinil at the first sign of rash, unless the rash is clearly not drug-related. Angioedema and Anaphylaxis Reactions: If suspected, discontinue modafinil. Multiorgan Hypersensitivity Reactions: If suspected, discontinue modafinil. Persistent Sleepiness: Monitor patients frequently for a degree of sleepiness and, if appropriate, recommend patients to avoid engaging or driving in any other potentially dangerous activity. Cardiovascular disease: In patients with preexisting cardiovascular conditions, consider increased monitoring. Modafinil is not recommended in patients with documented left-ventricular hypertrophy or a history of the previous cardiotoxicity related to psychostimulant use. It should be used with caution in patients with uncontrolled hypertension, unstable angina, or recent myocardial infarction. Psychiatric disorders: Modafinil should be used with caution in patients with a history of psychosis and/or mania. Such patients should be monitored for hallucinations, delusions, mania, aggression, and suicidal ideation upon starting modafinil. Discontinuation is advised if these symptoms develop. Tic disorders: Limited evidence suggests that all CNS stimulants may exacerbate tics in patients with pre-existing tic disorders. A baseline assessment of tics is recommended before initiating treatment. Sounds like you should be safe if you don't fall into the list but be careful and use common sense - if you're getting too many symptoms, cut the dose or cut it out altogether
  7. Who consumes 3 kilos of protein powder a month? I can barely get through the 1 kilo of Vivo in 2 months. The people who do those sorts of stunts usually consume the crappiest and cheapest products (bodybuilders who drink 5 shakes a day) - and at that point things like HM is absolutely of no concern to them. That being said, I am not sure how clinically relevant that dose is. Like, is this enough to actually be harmful? I'm sure if you go deep enough you'll find traces of heavy metals in everything, just from coming in contact with diesel fumes or pesticides Also regarding your calculation, you are presuming that 100% of that is absorbed - what if you absorb like 1% of that? Dose accumulation calculation only makes sense if you are 100% sure that the volume is being retained - for example such as the case of Vitamin D supplementation. ....I don't know the answer that's why I am asking..maybe you do? If anyone knows more, please comment. Also to OP, can you share that report?
  8. Social Media - shattered sense of identity, living "according to script" - as seen on social, trying to replicate people who themselves are fake & depressed. Easy childhood, lack of challenges, lack of pressure, too much shielding from overprotective parents , Decline in stage blue values - discipline, loyalty, modesty & humbleness, generosity, honour, truth, beauty, slow productivity Exaggerated sense of self-importance Ilusion of choice (especially relevant to dating online) Decline in parent-child time due to financial difficulties, parental careers and parents having kids in older age Poor diets, excessive screen time, sleep deficiency Excessive porn consumption Lack of purpose and passion Addiction to stimulation (caffeine, sugar, weed, obtaining stuff quickly and too easily ) poor living situation in many cases due to financial reasons + maybe poor maternal health during pregnancy event
  9. ^ I'm siding with this comment. You might be too sensitive to the glycemic load of the porridge (which begs the investigation of your blood sugar control) - enriching it with more fibre, low GL foods like berries, nuts & seeds and maybe dropping a tablespoon of protein powder or some nut butter might fix it for you. Also as already questioned above - it could be an intolerance issue - do you have problem with gluten? ( maybe an avidin issue?) Also, probably a good idea to have your blood sugar investigated - you're a lean guy so it might be a hypoglycemia issue rather than hyper - not sure? Speak to a doc if it happens often.
  10. Can you snap a picture of your oatmeal the next time you make it and post it here? Also, what is your age & BMI - would you say you're skinny, overweight, normal?
  11. @Twega i love their website, branding & marketing - very American ? as in for the product, looks alright but a bit too high on the price end..i can get higher strength 150 doses for lower price over here. Once you open the individual categories, they aren't that different from other products that Optibac or Symprove are selling. Lot of claims that would be hard to justify but that's US, in UK that wouldn't fly They know how to make it looks aesthetically pleasing tho, that's for sure
  12. have a set of notes or a screen in front of you - I often have my laptop behind the camera so that I take a quick peak at it when I freeze. There is nothing wrong with cutting out those ehm and uhms, everybody does that I couldn't talk unscripted for 2 minutes straight. It is very hard to be as consistent. Maybe some relaxation exercise or a power pose would help you get that confidence. Most people are not great with public speaking so don't worry too much about it. It is a very hard skill to master but it doesn't mean you can't. Maybe just record yourself couple time and then watch it and sart observing certain tendencies (e.g. hunching, lack of hand gesturing, being too stiff etc) You're doing great for putting yourself out there, I feel like that's the hardest part - to embrace that fear. I used Premier Pro, I still pay for the whole Adobe package even tho I'm mostly just using Lightroom and a bit of PS these days. But it is not cheap - if you can get an access to student discount somehow, get that. There are other much cheaper tools out there.
  13. @Loving Radiance I like Optibac, they have a good variety and a decent amount of their own research. Not sure if they are available in your country but if not any high-CFU with a good variety would do. In the end, most probiotics are fairly similar. Your gut can heal but make sure you get rid of that Lyme's first it can be a pain in the ass - that would be a main priority before doing any form of damage control. You can enrich your diet in probiotics (e.g. starting your day with a hefty dose of kefir) and prebiotic fibre foods to already mitigate this damage while you're taking those antibiotics. I wouldn't add too many supplements in the mix; focus on foods predominantly. That may get you started. Undeather will probably have much better advice being on the frontline of medical therapy.
  14. Same feedback as was given previously - someone already shared the channel. Is that yours? https://www.youtube.com/@richardjpurdy Photo - your account needs a photo or a logo otherwise it is indistinguishable from other accounts Account Layout - There are options to polish your account - use a background pic, add some "about me info" etc. Make it look professional. Think about what the person coming to your account is thinking. The account is your business card, your shopping window (even tho you are not a business, you should be presenting yourself as a professional because the advice you are giving is a professional level) Audio + Video - need to be fixed with priority - you can use a phone or get something like Sony ZV1 or Canon Mark III - or similar. You need an audio upgrade to - get a Bluetooth mike or a portable mike. Get closer to the camera, half of the body is enough. Try to blur out the background a bit. I know finding rigth location is hard but I prefer that desk setup. Or try outdoors on a nice weather. With a bluetooth mic it is quite easy body language - your BL is closed and very non-confident - open up, use your hands more, tilt your head, and invite your audience in. Light - Get one of those light rings, the kitchen lights don't look great Edit - there were a few moments like in the beginning where you are waiting a bit as in for recording to start - cut that out, use some nice transitions in those moments when you were looking for words. Thumblink - most people choose a video by thumblink - try to put a little buit more effort into that otherwise all videos look the same, the thumblink should hook the viewer - its kind alike the way people judge books by the cover and while maybe you don't, most of your viewers do Note: this is not coming from personal experience, although I do have an old channel (my content was mostly rubbish) but what I'm telling you is general advice you NEED to have if you want to make it as a Youtuber. I did not apply a lot of the advice I am giving you myself which makes me a bit hypocrite I am very much aware of that https://www.youtube.com/@androhealthnutrition/videos Notice those two videos I have that have close to 800 views? - Thumblink !!! Those were actually topics that a lot of people found relevant (and I plan to make more like that in the future). The rest of it is pretty much just me playing around with editing and testing new tech. I got half of my subs from these two videos. Regarding the content itself - as told by others, try to put a little bit more effort into structure. > Hook the viewer in with a quick 5 seconds intro. Most viewers are likely to leave within 10 seconds if they don't get hooked. Entire channels are catered to this inforation. Do a little bit of research and those subs will come.
  15. @Javfly33 it's too complex and too confounded topic to discuss here. There is much to consider and the outcomes are difficult to interpret. But saturated fat in excess, independent of total calories and independent of other lifestyle variables (all things being equal) are most likely harmful to humans. I'm not familiar with the data where the total magnitude is concerned or the dose dependant assessment but I'm planning a blog to dissect it one day - I'll let you know once that is out , if you're ever interested.
  16. Leo, Take as much time off making content as you need, even a year or two. Health comes first. Most of us probably haven't watched more than 20% of the total content anyway. Plenty to catch up on. Maybe go travel to a tropical location for a few months and just take it easy. South East Asia is a nice one for that.
  17. hmm, maybe..yeah. Maybe idiopathic hypogonadism can be triggered later in life. I gotta admit this is a topic I've never looked into - @undeather do you know anything about the aetiology of hypo? can't comment on that - statins are probably extending his life if his lifestyle is poor erectile dysfunction yeah, among young guys, I bet this is a big one
  18. Damn, I haven't heard about this. Wonder how this is going to be prevented. Seems like a giant spit in the face of the whole "confirm you're not a robot" thingy. AI influencers could literally outperform any human in any industry completely dominating the SEO of the tool.
  19. yeah, that can be a cause for sure but you would have usually known from an early age because even as boys these men would have developmental issues - what I mean is ED that gradually gets worse and starts at like 35 - this is actually fairly common in young guys these day and is likely a result of lifestyle, atherosclerosis, stress or some new meds (or weed abuse)
  20. Let's just say that one of the leading causes of ED (in men past 45) is atherosclerosis of the penile artery (buildup of plaque inside penis restricting the flow of blood and complicating erection) Something that can be ESPECIALLY accelerated by food like butter (churned butter in this case which is even worse) I know you mean well but does it really have to be half a cup of butter my god !!! What's wrong with using olive oil. Giving health advice, even to random people on random website, needs to be treated responsibly. Not everybody knows how to fact check these things
  21. 64 grams of saturated fats per portion? Nice!!! You'll be bending your <30 population's heart disease statistics should this ever become a thing in India. One erection at a cost of one month of life
  22. This is just a speculation so take everything I write here with a healthy dose of scepticism. I don't know your situation and only know what I've read and what you told me that one time we spoke. But from the sound of everything and from seeing that this approach has been helping, part of the answer might be that you need to make yourself a bit...well, tougher..I think that is the right word. I've given similar advice to a guy with long-covid recently ...and I'll give it to you as well here: There is a few things in your report that could serve as evidence that making yourself stronger from inside out and outside in might be part of the answer, perhaps even the entire answer. you've been introducing exercise - swimming is an incredible HIIT that basically engages all skeletal muscles in your body. It is a metabolic furnace for your mitochondria - and it seems to be helping the supplement stock you are doing seems to be helping - many of those products can act to strenghten cellular antioxidant defences Maybe 80% of the true benefits of the supplement stock comes down to 20% of those supplements (that's how it usually is) - the ones that are starting to plug holes in previous deficiencies. Anyone who is long-term deficient will feel like flying once those deficiencies are restored. if you can handle 200g of oats and 750 grams of lentils per day, your gut IS NOT wrecked. I repeat - if you can tolerate this level of fibre onslaught, there is probably no point in thinking that this is coming from antinutrients, fibre intolerance or any of that stuff. Your gut is probably quite healthy. What I honestly think is that you have been ruminating on this for so long that you have prevented yourself from taking action through mental paralysis - that was also the impression I had when we spoke. To a point that taking any action has become anxiety provoking. And now, embarking on this new protocol (above) is actually making you stronger and it is slowly working. I have been taking this type of approach with numerous clients now, and people actually benefit from it. Almost all my guys who come with chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood issues and inability to focus benefit from getting stronger (physically, mentally and emotionally) - some don't of course, nothing works for everyone. This includes Diet (inside-out) - aiming toward more anabolic protocol. Forget cleansing, detoxes and green juices (maybe later but not now) - that stuff is just making you weaker. Start focusing on rebuilding yourself - bump your calories to 2,200-2,400 - add more protein (are you vegan/vegetarian) and add even more starchy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, teff, amaranth, millet, barley etc. You don't need more fat, i think there is enough already. Alongside that, keep loading on vegetables, berries and other high polyphenolic compounds - that stuff is doing wonders for you on the cellular level. Enrich your diet with an abundance of exotic spices and green herbal spices - each of them is adding something extra. Also think more food variety - more different legumes, add soy products, more veggie types, more fruits, more grains - I might even add some low fat dairy like kefirs, Greek yoghurts, and cottage cheese. If you are not vegetarian you might benefit from addiiton of small fatty fish, the ones that are low on heavy metal and PCB spectra like sardines and mackerel or haddock. Activity (outside-in) continue being active as much as you can. Challenge yourself to be active in new ways - carry your groceries, take the steps instead elevator, get a standing desk, go hiking or wild swimming. Get off the bus earlier and walk the rest of the destination. If you have the energy - I would HIGHLY encourage some form of resistance exercise. Lifting weights that are challenging every muscle fibre literally injects your body with growth hormones and anabolic hormones - those have PROFOUND impact on your mental health, your neuroplasticity and your cognitive health. In that manner, a session of barbell squats is superior to cardio. Make sure to get a PT the first couple times if you're a gym newbie Habits - Reading the book "atomic habits" might help, but basically what you want is to become a little bit strategic. Building micro habits one at a time so that your day has a sense of structure and organisation. The human brain loves order, and we thrive in order. It gives us a sense of purpose. Meaning when you wake up, there should be a set of steps you take that help you wake up and get going. Night time - without proper sleep, your body will never regenerate. I don't know how good your sleep is at the moment but if not good, keep working on it. There are lots of strategies. If you're stressed at night, you need to be meditating more and reflecting on your fears and traumas. If you are physically unable to fall asleep, it might be more mechanical (too much screen time, too hot, too cold, too noisy, too many video games late at night, bad pillow hardness, hard mattress etc) Education - reading books is like looking inside other people's brains. You get the creative juices that others had to crack their heads for years to produce. You're getting the absolute best of someone's brain dump and the highlights of years of them going down certain rabbit holes. =Most writers want to give you their absolute best (although there are plenty of shit books out there) Books help you expose yourself to tremendous ideas, practices, strategies and information. In particular, I think you would benefit from reading Peter Attia's - Outlive, he describes a beautiful protocol for becoming strong, resilient, agile, focused and sharp, basically all the things you struggle with. The other one I think you would benefit from is Richard Schwartz's No Bad Parts - I think there is a lot of deeply rooted stuff that needs to be resolved, at least from reading the way you describe yourself and your situation. Passion - and finally, maybe this is for later. If you have time and energy, you might think about what is meaningful for you. What would make you charge against spears and swords - metaphorically speaking (1:40). What is, for you, worth fighting for every day? What is worth defending when coming under undeserved attack (also metaphorical) - what do you want to see more of our there. What is something that is effortless to study & researach on Friday evening while your peers are binging on Pizza, drinking cocktails and talking shit. Maybe you disagree with all above - totally cool, in that case ignore this comment. All the best !
  23. You can choose to focus on the things that you have immediate control over and that aren't taxing your budget too much. exercising and being more active can literally cost you nothing - get yourself a skipping rope, some resistance bands on Facebook Market (ideally for free) and find the nearest calisthenic ground. Take 3 sessions per week and combine it with 2 joggs per week. - that alone might do wonders for your cognitive health. Maybe you could sign up at a council gym, those tend to be super cheap. If your body is physically weak, your mind will be the same. Give it a shot! your diet does not have to be expensive either - who in your household does the cooking? - can you help? could you learn some healthy recipes ? How much money per week are you able to invest in food? Are you getting any pocket money? do you have any savings? educate yourself -these days you have unlimited access to (almost) free books - libraries, book exchanges, second-hand book stores. Sign up in your local library, borrow a bunch of books and start educating yourself on the human body, on nutrition, on mindfulness, on relaxation practices, on productivity habits, personal finances and empower yourself with access to practical information - worst case scenario you'll pay some late return fees. People on Facebook Market are literally getting rid of millions of free books all the time. Look into that. try to socialise with people - do you have any friends? You only need one good friend, ideally someone who is also into developing themselves, you don't want a couch potato who plays video games all day for a friend. Maybe you don't need to chelate maybe the problem is that you haven't stuck to anything long enough because you've trained your mind to be uncomfortable with lack of immediate gratification. (hence why you said "most attempt fall on their face after few days) - anythingno healing modality can fix anythign in days. Even chelation may take 3 years. Healing takes time and the early results may take 6-9 months to become apparent in some cases. You might be surprised how much fixing your diet, lifestyle, sleep and stress management can improve your wellbeing. I've seen it happen over and over again where guys told me they need some radical detox therapy and all they needed was lifestyle adjustment. Grab the bull by the horns, accept 100% responsibility and start sorting yourself up. Don;t expect immediate results, you're likely looking at a long term journey but if you don;t do it, nobody will do it for you. in terms of the job, could you get some part-time offer such as delivery cyclist, driver, a part-time worker at a gas station, at a mall, library etc - check if there are job agencies in your town and apply for some part-time jobs. And finally, could you get access to some government support? Maybe you need a medical diagnosis for that. Either way, might be worth looking into. There are all sorts of support packages for people who struggle. Good luck!
  24. I don't disagree. It's a very valid post. The only thing I'm not too clear on is to what degree these are imlicated in the disease outcomes. I think when it comes to read meat, it is harmful regardless of processing type because its real harm to the human body comes from ApoB binding inside tunica intima, not from hydrocarbons. But hydrocarbons might be aggrevating the damage that's for sure. Interestingly for fish, the literature is clear on their beneficial effects despite the fact that half the fish in the world is probably consumed grilled...which makes me think that the impact of PCBs and HCAs can be mitigated by other beneficial factors in the foods such as PUFA, Vitamin E content and polyphenol content of vegetable served alongside it...maybe...maybe not. Diabetes is caused by energy excess in the first place - diabetes can be caused by any diet as long as the person is constantly gaining weight. And the only reliable "cure" for it is weight loss. The literature on cancer is a bit of an enigma for me - no idea how much hydrocarbons are implicated. I think when I was reviewing the bowel cancer literature, the impact of hydrocarbons was not conclusive When it comes to neurodegeneration the research is inconclusive but I would side towards them being quit harmful. That being said it is probably preferable to always cook meat on lower temperatures. Grilling and flaming is just stupid and completely unnecessary practice. I don't care if it tastes good. One of the reasons these things are so hard to study is that hydrocarbon exposure is a proxy for a bad lifestyle overall such as eating a lot of junk, being inactive, smoking, drinking etc. And because studying PBC exposure in clinical setting is unethical, the epidemiology is what we have and it is a mess. My personal take is that they are probably quite harmful and should be minimised on individual level. I'm more worried about burned meat than I'm worried about grilled sweet potatoes tho. But i wouldn't make a bridge saying "PCB" causes cancer or heart disease - that would be taking it too far Overall I think this is a great post bringing lot of awareness @LSD-Rumi