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  1. Divine Divinity 2 Dark Souls 2 & 3 Metro Exodus TES - Oblivion The last of us
  2. nothing out of ordinary there, TSH is better towards 1 than towards 2 but most doctors wouldn't care as long as it is not 10. Overall her thyroid seems to be doing alright. her vitamin D levels are beautiful tho if she is supplementing she can probably go to a low maintenance dose now. curious to see a refresher on her iron panel
  3. I'm probably not the best person to advise on that. I don't seek out particular brands and it also depends on where you live. B-corp certified products are held to higher standard in order to pass through the certification so looking up for that B-sign is a good idea. But in general, I think keeping it as simple to as few products as possible might be a good idea - at least when it comes to men. I'm not too versed in what is the best approach for women. Ideally get stuff that is not harmful to aquatic life and is based on relatively simple ingredients that you can mostly read and understand. But in the grand scheme of things, I think there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to toxins & pollutants such as water & air pollution.
  4. You need to be healing your acne from inside out While there is a hormonal component to acne in growing males, you need to pay a lot of attention to your diet and your physical activity. I'd even go as far as to say that optimising the two will likely lead to 60-70% improvement within 3 months. High-fibre Mediterranean type of diet with less junk, processed food and high-fat animal based foods and an abundance of PUFA-rich foods, high-fibre foods, spices, herbs and all sorts of natural ingredients is going to help. Overwhelm your system with cocktails of polyphenols - many of which are fairly reliable blockers of excessive androgen receptor expression (one of the hallmarks of acne). I wouldn't mock up with superfoods and supplements as long as you don't optimise your diet. The second part of this is exercise which has important regulatory functions for the endocrine system and systemic elimination. I think high-intensity exercise the type that leads to a lot of sweating is better than weights for this particular scenario / You might consider switching to natural cosmetics too - for example I've only been using herbal soaps to wash hair & body for years now and it works well. You don't need shaving foams, aftershaves and all sorts of weird stuff - keep it simple. Also pay attention to the type of moisturisers & creams you are using - I'd be prone to go for more natural brands with fewer ingredients, the type you can actually read and understand. There is much more that could be said and done but these should get you started.
  5. no, I was just curious. Because the situation you are in puts you in a very fortunate position. You are getting paid well and not being asked to provide work in exchange...that's perfect. Use that time and that income to start paving your future. If you; 're saying you want to do something different in the future, this is the best opportunity you'll ever have in your life to do that. It usually takes 2-5 years to change careers and up to 10 years to match your previous salary (depending on seniority in the previous career) so the earlier you start working on it, the faster you'll get there. You're young, without kids (I'm assuming) and without major obligations. Make the most of it. Your situation may change, and before you know it you may get made redundant and lose the benefit of free money or get a bunch of projects loaded on your table. I'm not sure what it means in your world but better start figuring it out. Fingers crossed !
  6. We told you: MORE REFRIED BEANS!!!
  7. How do you feel about this company and this line of work? Are you passionate about this or is it more of a means to pay bills?
  8. If I was to give top 5 at no particular order of priority Figuring out how to eliminate distractions and being able to dedicate a few intense focus slots per day even if you feel bored and unmotivated - especially when you feel bored and unmotivated. Daily reading - books, research, blogs, articles - in your particular area of interest Learning to be okay with never-ending uncertainty (my greatest struggle) Being at your absolute peak fitness level - the fitter you are the more energy you have and the sharper your mind & memory is. Not expecting anyone to gratify or glorify you for what you do especially when you feel needy for approval. LP is a lonely game I'm working through all of those myself but this would probably be my top 5. The tips and tricks you can learn from Leo and people like Cal Newport by watching & reading their material.
  9. Yes there will be suffering. Uncertainty, fear, anger, guilt, regret and all sorts of other feelings will be coming up as you embark on this journey. Don't look to your feelings to guide your decisions all the time. Emotional compass and your intuition can help you calibrate your choices when in doubt or when facing a difficult decision or a moral conflict. But sometimes you have to walk in the direction that seems the most terrifying to you. Usually, that's how you know you're onto something. The suffering of not having a purpose is a signal form your intuition that you should be doing something about it. If you put your head into the sand for the next 10 years you will never forgive yourself once you grow older, have kids, wife, get married and do all the usual stuff. Because that absence of something deeper will haunt you in your sleep and it will weaken your core. To use a video game analogy, this will be like being on a permanently negative buffer that permanently reduces all your stats. Because the opposite is a life of never tapping into something deeper than sheer survival and abandoning the deepest vission for your life which seems even scarier to me. It's not enough to contemplate, you need to pursue this thing as if your life depended on it. Take time each day to reflect and journal on this each day. Real tangible actions - write until your hand hurts - then write some more. Get Leo's LP course if you can burn some extra cash. I commented on another post in a similar way with more detail - maybe this will help you ]
  10. I think despite all that lone-wolf bs on the internet, most people don't benefit from solitude. Sometimes, sure but not always. You could be the most developed person on the planet but that constant loneliness just can't be good for your mental wellbeing. I'd say working on gaining some social experience would go a long way.
  11. I agree with everything you wrote except that last bit. Sometimes you can trace the causes of people's sleep problems much further and those are harder to fix. Removing all electronics 4 hours before bedtime for those people does nothing because those issues are driven from a deeper place and need a different approach. But yah in general, blue light is a big one. For me, it messes up my sleep really bad. My girlfriend is completely unaffected on the other hand and can go ZZZ after 3 hours of late evening exposure with no problems. Late coffee is another one, lot of people don't realise any caffeine taken in the afternoon could be in your system still at midnight and for those particularly sensitive or those with slowed-down hepatic detoxification of caffeine, it could be the reason. All I'm saying there is much more there but on the pie chart of sleep problems, blue light would probably take at leasy 30-40% of cases.
  12. well said ^ ^
  13. ^ shouldn't overuse the words such as "the only reason" where it clearly isn't that not by far. I'm chill my dude
  14. Sounds like there is something deeper going on which is not going to be fixed by HPA axis manipulation. Are you struggling with consequences of past or recent trauma?
  15. Good list. Those are definitely burdensome points. If the product is niche enough that in itself is already a USP but figuring out how to get more people to care about it is the real challenge. We are all just so busy and our attention already so incredibly preoccupied that it seems like there just isn't much attention left. Not to mention the market is so polluted and prostituted with the businesses who are willing to annoy 10,000 people to get one sale that consumers have lost almost all the trust in a new products - its a tough market out there , whatever you do. Patience and faith are your strongest weapons. And obviously hard work
  16. @Applegarden8 i know you are ? good luck man!
  17. right....and people who are medically diagnosed with insomnia caused by structural macro changes in the brain and amygdala hypertrophy from PTSD or years of childhood trauma, those with depression, anxieties or those with traumatic head injury that damaged pineal gland are all just scrolling too much reels in the evening and that's why they can't sleep. Good to know !!!
  18. oo I thought you were in Germany ! would have sworn I saw you saying that Oh yeah if I new that, my comment would have been more compassionate, I understand it is more difficult to start a business over there for a young individual. Perhaps it is easier than years ago so I'm sure that has to account for something. I agree, there needs to be a passion there otherwise the whole thing becomes meaningless. But from my experience even if you are deeply passionate there will be times when you are working on a project (related to that) that is just incredibly boring and frustrating. It is important not to quit when in the middle of that but to be able to reconnect with the thing that motivated you to start in the first place. Journaling on these things used to work for me although I don't journal as much anymore. I also like to review my notes from the LP course often, that helps me reconnect with the times when the fire of passion and motivation was blazing. Organising your calendar a bit might work. I understand that the time at work, you have no control over but maybe at the beginning of the week plan the slots after work and if you have some spare energy , time block some activities that are actually meaningful. I do a calendar review on Sunday evening and then I try to do it at the end of each day (I don't always get to it) but having a sense of schedule makes it more difficult to procrastinate and waste time (which I still do ofcourse) could you get mentoring? Someone local in India to inspire you and push you. They are not cheap but a good mentor who won't tolerate bullshit is worth his weight in money.
  19. I'm working with someone who keeps having persistent nightmares returning to traumatic experiences of the past. And while we've improved other areas of their life, this one isn't improving much. They are already working with a psychotherapist but I feel like this needs a different approach but is beyond my scope of practice. Can you guys recommend any books or tips for someone going through this? Thanks!
  20. Thank you guys for all the advice! I've made a lot of notes. Let's see what happens a month from now on our next catch up Cheers!
  21. Sounds like the real issue could be a lack of serious work ethic. I don't know the first thing about philosophy but unless you plan to become an academic tutor and get paid by an institution such as university, then you'll have to figure out how to become a business owner and get paid by clients (e.g. Youtube stream from views & adds ) If you are serious about starting some sort of business in philosophy or otherwise, you just have to embrace the work it requires. Being a biz owner means hundreds of hours pouring down boring work like marketing, website, SEO, content development, editing, research. Because how else are you going to get found by the people who are supposed to pay you? Becoming an influencer in 2023 is getting insanely difficult, not impossible just ridiculously difficult. The earlier you can swallow that bitter truth the better. If you need to be excited and highly stimulated to work, otherwise you abandon all projects, then it's never going to happen. Pick a project and pursue it to the end even if you have to push through boredom and work till 3 am. Some of my greatest progress were times when I felt the most bored with the work I was doing. The exciting stuff is usually pretty fleeting. I'm not a fan of content like David Goggins and the whole bro culture but one thing they say I absolutely agree. Unless you are willing to commit your mind, your heart and your time and pursue that thing as if your life depended on it, it won't ever happen. The more often you quit the more difficult it becomes to finish something because your mind will associate difficulty with reason to quit. If you're saying you have a lot of free time, stable income and desire to make a difference then that puts you in a very fortunate position to pursue a private endeavour Embrace it while you're young, without kids and without major obligations. You'll be in your 30s and mid 30s before you know it
  22. Maybe the cardiovascular system response is the same but the mental response is definitely not the same. Running outside engages all of your senses, it actively forces you to track the surface, adjust, avoid obstacles, take in smells, objects etc. Running on the treadmill makes me feel like I'm being punished for something - it is depressing, boring and you can't even sweat properly without people giving you disgusted looks. Maybe its a mind game but try comparing running along a forest track or even just a city at night with running in a stuffy gym and looking at sweaty back of the guy in front of you That being said, I think a 10-minute run to wrap up a workout if you;re trying to burn some extra fat is a good idea but it is far from enjoyable
  23. You're killing me with this unbroken sentence ?? but yah I agree.
  24. Sure thing but I'm sure we can come up with better ways to remember the dead than visiting an overpriced, depressing block of stone each year in the middle of thousand other blocks of stone. As a kid, havig to visit the graves of people I didn't even know just reminds me of so many unpleasant experiences, I'd hate my grandkids having to go through that. Cremate, plant a tree, or maybe carve out the initials of that person on the bark - sounds so much better. With time, that tree will be forgotten once the closest people are gone or have moved on., becoming part of the ecosystem and even serving as a haven for birds and insects. No need to occupy space for 200 years in the middle of the cemetery. Most of us are not that special.