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  1. Sounds like you are trying to justify avoiding the gap you need to bridge through significant amount of personal development to be where they are. Very few, that's true. Until that oxy is out of your system. And what happens if you ever get into a situation where you have nothing outside of yourself to depend on anymore? I am not bashing on anyone, the response was an attempt to add subtle humour into what I thought was an unreasonable way to approach something as simple as going out,. But you do you, don't let me or anyone else tell you what to do. Every being has a unique way of how they are approaching their life. Maybe for some, this is indeed a must, maybe I'm just too old to understand it
  2. You know back in the days when I was a teenager (I'm 33 now), I'd just hit the gym and get a massive pump, smash an extra-chicken kebab, and that kinda spiked my confidence and mood sounds like you're trying to medicate a major social anxiety there. Treat the root cause and you'll be good when meeting women without needing to rely on brain-chemistry altering stuff
  3. Could you unwrap this a little bit. Would you say you have been avoiding other people in fear of ....conforontation? exposure? Somehow that pattern of your email keeps bouncing back to this theme. Tell us a bit more, especially about your typical day, your interractions with other people, the social component of your life and maybe hint a bit to your childhood.
  4. @undeather noted. Still, the cost is deadly
  5. The value exercise can be a bit difficult to do because it feels like each time you choose 10, you have to leave other 10 on the table which feel perhaps even more authentic to you sometimes. It is likely you'll be revisiting this exercise many times over the years to come; I have done and redone my values at least 5 times since I did the LP course. Gradually, with more life experience and exposure to new things, you will learn to 'feel' into it. You can do this by observing yourself more in your daily interactions with the world. Watch the things that inspire you and give you joy vs things that upset you and make you feel sad or even hopeless. Your intuition is more attuned to this than your rational mind. it is worth not rushing through this too much, but also, don't let perfectionism paralyze you. I don't know how old you are but as you age, these things become easier and easier to identify
  6. I agree. At least in case of suspected lactose intolerance since the available tests are almost as good as none.
  7. Those symptoms resemble those of a heartburn fairly closely. I would start with a doctor's visit to verify that. If you suspect a bit of dairy intolerance, that can be a relatively simple or not-so-simple self-experiment, depending on how dairy-heavy your diet is and how available dairy free alternatives are to you. 2-3 weeks is a good period to aim for if you want to test removing all lactose-containing dairy. There are no great tests for non-IgE-mediated allergy. This means that for any immunological intolerance that is not directly allergy (e.g. milk allergy) that causes a spike in a marker called Immunoglobulin E, any tests done can produce false negatives / false positives. Also, IgG tests, hair analysis and anything else is generally highly unreliable for this so careful before you go down those routes. So try a gentle elimination and see what happens, but do visit the doctor, too,for that stomach burning just to make sure you are not ignoring something else.
  8. 22 doses for $160 is a tough cookie to swallow. I would love to see if people got the same results from them if they took out those 90mg of caffeine (equivalent of 1.5 espressos). You know like when preworkouts have 16 ingredients and we all know they give you shits, tunnel vision and awesome workout? We all want to believe it is because there ar all these mysterious ingredients like beta alanine and carnitine but deep down we know the effects is 99% driven by 250mg of caffeine per dose. Part of me thinks Qualia Mind, his most popular supplement is just that, a glorified coffee. But I have no direct experience so take that as a major limitation.
  9. Looks a little bit too on the expensive side considering this is only 1 month supply The first one has an interesting ingredient mix, I've not seen many of them mixed in this particular way. I am surprised he could stuff all of that in. Not loving the level of Iodine in tho, if anyone is prone to hypo or hyperthyroidism, this could become an issue, especially if you happen to live in a country where salt is already iodised but even if not. Those cellular antioxidants might be a bit of hit & miss, we don't have a lot of great data on doses, absorbtion, shelf life etc so you would be entering a speculative realm there. The other one, the gel one - the price seems quit high for what's in there. You could probably get most of that from eating regular soups made of ingredients with high carotenoid content like carrots, squashes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, adding in bunch of green vegetables for the K vitamins. This one I would have hard time justifying the cost. But its on you. If you don't mind spending £90 a month and it helps you relief an internal anxiety or a fear, then it might be worth it. If you are already on a tight budget, I might rely more on a diet.
  10. could you share the resuls here of your full blood count?, unless it is confidential info Regarding that B12, what were the levels the very first time it was tested? What was your supplemental protocol before you were tested? What doses, how long and how often? And what type of administration (oral/sublingual/intravenal by GP etc) Any iron panel results? What was tested as a part of your thyroid profile? What markers specifically? What were the values? Can you share a link to this particular test? What was it called? Did it say "serum" or "red cell" fatty acid profile? This might be hard to answer but would you say this is your common resting blood pressure? Do you have a family history of low blood pressure? (mom, dad, siblings). Do you have a personal history if it? Do you often experience diziness when standing up fast or hight heart rate without any stimulus? yeah, that looks alright. Just curious, did you GP suggest HbA1C assessment? (long-term red blood cell glycation) What did they test exactly? Do you know what the marker was called? According to NICE there are possible variations in this and there are few rounds of tests when there is a risk of false negative that can be aplied. I assume they assessed only IgA Tissue TG (IgA tTG) ? Did they also look at Total IgA? What do you think about their stress hypothesis? Is there any chance you are experiencign panic attacks or mild anxiety attacks? Did your bowel movements change significantly before? In what way? Few more questions work/life balance? Sleep quality? Are there stressors where you live impacting you? (personal, relationship, work, recent trauma etc) any mould presence in the house? Poor ventilation? Excessive use of gas cooking? Very high proximity to busy roads? High levels of polution? Old carpets? Very old building? Recent or less recent floodings? Would you say you are relatively sentive to strong smells or bright lights or loud sounds? migraines?
  11. Thanks for this. A few follow up questions. What sorts of tests have you had done so far? I saw the MMA, Active B12 results. Anything else? Have you undergone proper medical assessment for blood pressure, glucose metabolism and the usual manual examination in doctor's office? What was the initial prognosis of your doctor? What have they ruled out so far? What did they think could be going on? Can you describe the onset of the first symptoms and what was happenign in your life back then? How have you started noticing? Have you recently overcome any infection - mild or moderate? What is the feeling exactly when you exercise? What do you exprience physically? Does your heart rate accelerate more than previously? Are you having chest tightness?
  12. @Yimpa thank you @RendHeaven
  13. Hey Alex, I've just come back so excuse my ignorance. It seems like you have been going through some rough times lately. Health may, at times, become challenging to navigate and recover but it sounds like you're leaving no stone unturned in regaining it back. Was there another thread where you described everything that has been going on in more detail? Was there a timeline to how things have started evolving? Was there an event that has triggered the first onset of symptoms? I feel like there is way more to this story and I agree with some of the hypothses that have already been drawn here by others, as potential triggers or at least parts of the puzzle. Anyways, can you point me to a discussion where you have already talked about it all? I don't want you to be repeating yourself.
  14. A thousand blessings for your friend. I hope he received the care he needed - physically and emotionally.
  15. I read a quote a while ago: “in the heart of every man lies a kingdom; our quest, then, is not conquest, but the unveiling of our own majesty” I re-read it so many times before the profound message hit me and I realised I had gone lost completely chasing rainbows and butterflies. I lost the spark and the flame that once burned so bright was all but gone. I used to have such a passion but I let myself get seduced by the wrong things and wrong people. Nothing was making sense anymore. My old business did not make sense anymore, the direction I was taking felt stupid, pointless and lunatic. I lose interest in some of my hobbies and even my relationship did not benefit. My mind got flooded with anxiety and worries about the present and the future. But maybe I had to lose myself so that I could find myself again. Over the past 6 months, I had spent a lot of time in blank silence, reflection and solitude. I've done a fair share of journalling. I would sit down on the beach in November, light a small fire and just stare into the darkness. I lost interest in socialisation a bit, got disconnected from my family. Took me much longer to get motivated. I had even noticed I was forgetting a lot of things - from my nutrition school, things I had learned and that I was doing when pursuing my nutrition clinic, I felt I was losing a lot of that. This has been going on for a while, but throughout this purification of my soul through stillness (and weight training) and disconnection from this place and few other, I have been finding myself again and I think I have been connecting to my true core for the first time. Some of that dying passion has been rekindled. I started reading books again which was a huge thing and something I had fallen out of completely. I started redesigning my business model from the scratch, it never made sense to me the way I originally designed it and I realised I was supressing those feelings of rage and disgust inside myself for too long. I was never speaking with my true voice - it was as if was running on a script, trying to mimic influencers and things I saw online... But it never worked. Of course it didn't. Some things cannot be faked. A I'm in the process of buildign my new online practice. I feel connected to it way more than I did to Andro Health. It is taking a lot of time to build and I have been impatient a lot. It is far from complete but at least i'm heading the right way. My mentor has been harsh and critical with me but without his help I would have never made it. I needed to learn this lesson. I needed to go down the wrong route for a couple years chasing the pot of gold before realising I was heading the wrong way. I've now been re-learning the way I talk and the way I do things. I've also made peace with a few things in my personal life too - made a few decisions, put decisions in motion, and that has liberated a lot of my mental bandwidth. This forum has been a part of my life since 2016, when I first joined but I think I also got lost here. Too much time spent arguing and debating. I'd like to change that, be of more use to folks around here, learn something and appear less arrogant and presumptuous. At least I'll try.... but its good to be back.
  16. I have realised that over the past 6 months, this forum has become an incredibly huge distraction for me and I keep procrastinating here and avoiding the hard tasks, challenges and questions I need to figure out in my life and in my business. On average, I would often spend up to 90min - 2 hours here in accumulated time. That needs to stop, I need that time elsewhere. Going forward I want to be putting more time into my marketing planning, social media content, client work and figuring out more effective ways to expand my clinic otherwise I'm never gonna be able to leave the 9-5 and with the change of management, I am starting to resent it more and more each day. I've recently also made a decision to extend my clinic to women because I no longer associate with the decision to go men's health only. I still work with women so what the hell is the point anyway !!! So I need to put work into redesignign my website, changing name and changing all my ebooks to that point. And with planning a kid within the next 12-16 months I can't afford to be fucking around anymore. So thanks to anyone who has been following along with my posts around here. Thanks to Leo for building this super amazing place! Anyone who liked my responses feel free to connect on Insta or Facebook (links on my website, at the bottom - see signature), I'll be sharing more health stuff there. Going forward, I'll be taking between 4-6 months off from here (more if I deem it useful) . If you see my logging in it must have been by accident Take care everyone!!
  17. I feel like there is a deeper question on the back of this. Is there any chance that what you're asking is: "How do I grow myself without spending money?" Because simply hoarding money for the sake of having "more on my account" can significantly hold you back. You don't want to be wasting but something you need to make an investment that will hurt and set you back 3 grand without even being able to justify it in the short term. - in fact the most strategic investments you will make will usually have zero immediate effect, especially when you are investing into an intellectual capital (instead of buying stuff) But a simplest answer is for you to find a way to make extra income to put your mind at ease so rather than hoarding you can rest assured that more is coming in all the time and you are in freedom to spend when you need to. If you want to be reading more without spending why don;t you just borrow books from the library or get them second hand on Facebook Market & Ebay.
  18. Thanks, I've been considering it but was worried it would just be the "stop being a fucking pussy bro" type of a book. Was it practical enough?
  19. I think he means per 100g. It depends on the processing and density but for firm tofu, you'll usually get 10-14g protein / 100 g weight tops. Whenever you see higher values they are usually measuring cups - Americans like to do that. You get about twice as much for Tempeh per gram But then nothing prevents you from smashing an entire 400g block in one go if you want to be a freak & a soyboy for life no offence indicated there - I love being a soyboy too
  20. Yes, stable and prosperous relationships require work. The same way your children, your work, your purpose, your health and your spirituality require tons of work. If you commit to another person and want to make it long-term, it is impossible to get there without an incredible amount of deliberate action. But the rewards you get exceed what you put into it. And I'm not talking about regular sex, that's actually not even on the top of those benefits. If you are with a mature person you help each other grow and prosper and you create something that is strong, reliable and that you don't see anyone around you having. Obviously, if you want to have children, family and stability without a life of drama, infidelity, traumatised children and flying plates, only a healthy relationship will get you there. The notion that relationship should be all charm and buzzing is mostly based on the initial spark of horniness when people can't get their hands of eachother. Once that passes the real work begins. This is where a lot of people would say "I don't feel it anymore, I don't think I love him/her anymore" -and they break up. This is a typical error in relationship psychology. They didn't stop loving, Loving another person is totally different, its not about humping eachother in a bedroom 3 times a day. Loving another person never goes away as long as you are willing to put work into it. As Scott Peck describes it Love is the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth... Love is as love does. Love is an act of will -- namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.” - Road Less Travelled , Chapter 2 (well worth reading btw) Take it as someone who has been in a relationship for almost 13 years. We got engaged recently and I've never looked back. With each year and all the work we've put in, the bond has got stronger, more mature and more prosperous. We've helped each other grow so much over the years. We've become like an extension of one another. Sure, there were occasional thunderstorms over the years, sometimes you disagree, sometimes you have small argument - but those go as quick as they come. We've had so many incredible experiences, adventures and journeys together that I could write a 10,000 page book and I'd happily go back to any of those and relive them again. I pity the folks who are afraid of relationships and spend their time and money chasing one-night stands and get from one relationship to another. The thing they are chasing , deep down, is the thing that ONLY a stable relationship can give you, they just don't know it.
  21. are you taking medication for acne control? Antibiotics? Acutane?
  22. is it working better for you now that you do it this way? I recall we had this conversation on another thread I don't think he has tested tho - @Something Funny did you have your blood glucose and A1C investigated?
  23. It's fine most of the time. The only potential issue I have are the tomato heavy products that are actually cooked inside the can, someone once told me Heinz Beans is made this way. I was never able to verify. If that was the case potential aluminum leakage in reaction with tomato acidity could be an issue - maybe Things like mackerel or sardines in can or beans in water are probably safe. I find that beans from a can need a bit extra cooking. Ideally pressure cook your own beans from dried. I sometimes do 3-5 kilo raw beans mix - soak for 24 hrs, then on 30 mins high pressure then dry and then freeze into vacum sealed package. Takes a while but you have a stock that will last you a while. Once done each time you cook toss a frozen chunk in the food.
  24. if it doesn't explicitly say, it is not. The sellers who go the extra length and supply organic will tell you - because it sells and because it costs shit ton of money. Those who do that will tell you - multiple times all over the packaging. The reason organic produce is packaged is to prevent contamination with non organic produce. If it doesn't say , it's not organic. not organic does not mean it is bad for you similarly, processed, does not automatically mean bad for you - only small amounts of processed foods are what I would peg in "definitely unhealthy" category