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  1. Contrary to above I'd say you should keep low fodmaps in if you can tolerate them. You also need tl protect your microbiome colonies. If you lose the largest phyla due to fibre deprivation you're gonna have a hard time fixing your gut and keeping your mood stable.
  2. Sibo can actually be as hard to treat as IBD. it may take some people up to a year to achieve full restoration. Sometimes more. Anyone who has fought it for years would tell you it is extremely complicated condition Also to probiotics theory is not really true, most randomised controlled trials show benefits of probiotics supplementation in patients with SIBO despite the fact that naturopaths make up all these claims about sibo going dormant and probiotics making it worse et But then naturopaths are notorious from ignoring wider evidence in favour of outdated protocols and overpriced tests The probiotic theory is kinda counterintuitive, most people with sibo will benefit from probiotics as long as they take the right ones. The bacteria that is overpopulated is a quiet different phyla to those found in probiotics anyway
  3. Well you could move on to nicotine patches or less toxic form of vaping?
  4. I'd be sceptical to every single thing claimed by Norton. He is notorious for being somewhat dogmatic and hiding his cherrypicking behind his PhD. I gotta ask this "why would you get cancer from not fasting" most people (statistically speaking) do not fast and most people (statistically speaking) do not get cancer in their lifetime. It's a great habit that's for sure but watch out that it doesn't become a neurosis. The muscle atrophy questions is all about the length of the fast. 24 hour fast won't do that to you. A 72+ might but the loss won't be dramatic, we're talking grams here probably coming from your largest groups (legs). Also don't forget that your body recycles amino acids, you don't just run out, there is a constant stream from breakdown of old cells, neurotransmitters, red blood cells etc. In order to enter muscle catabolism there has to be a significant period of starvation. To protect yourself you can just take some amino powder twice a day on your fast.
  5. Not this brand but I've used Doctor's Best before. Nothing to complain about, they are a standard supplement brand.
  6. @Roy i actually suck 😄 but DM me your nick on Steam 🙂
  7. @hamedsf that's a lot of broscience. Sources? Why do you think we need meat to make testosterone? What is it on meat that we can't get from plants? Did you read any studies? Care to share please? Show me a prospective cohort study that shows vegetarians have overal lower testosterone than omnivores. The moment i hear a word "soyboy" being used in a serious conversation i lose respect for the perrson because they've dedicated to use the cheapest argument of all, mockery rather than present valid and educated argument based on evaluation of some data. Seems to me like you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Prove me wrong show me study that clearly outlined reduced testosterone in men consuming soy. Not mice, not rats, not in vitro. Human trial.
  8. @Chris_Esoteric do you know what is causing your anxieties?. Seems like dealing with those would help. Can you recall a trigger point? Dod you have a suspicion what causes them?
  9. This one is more of a scam on national level but in my home-country, in eastern Europe we were promised that a highway would be built all the way from west to east of the country. At the moment it goes from west to somewhat middle and then you are left with shit roads for another 150 miles. The highway has been paid for through taxpayers money at least 3 times now in the last 20 years. Billions of euros have dissapeared. It still hasn't been built. The company that got paid still exists and operates. However suspiciously politicians have become rich, houses worth tens of millions have been built....and the highway is nowhere to be found. Nobody has ever ben found guilty. .... The last 3 governments we had were ruthlessly exploiting the funds of European union and openly stealing money from the national treasury. Nothing ever happened for decades the country was robbed blind by the government it elected because the majority of the country was too dumb and too blinded by their poverty and lack of education to vote for a better party.......thank god that generation is dying out now and it looks like we are finally heading towards better times.
  10. Such foods were nearly unavailable in the past and so if you happened to find something hyper-palatable with concentrated calories, it meant the tribe could survive a bit longer. Like finding a tree full of ripe figs or dates. The entire tribe would probably go and collect everything before it was discovered or just to make sure a fight didn't break out if another tribe found the tree as well. Our bodies are wired to seek out those high-calorie sources. The problem is we don't have to look anymore, they are everywhere which does not serve the primitive hunter instinct we still have and so people can't control themselves when they eat this stuff and obesity has become a problem. Those foods are often designed to trigger a neurotransmitter response that makes it impossible to stop eating. It wouldn't be problem once every now and then but problem is that we have made those foods the centre of our diet and that makes us sick and fat
  11. @Human Mint You should totally be fine with getting up to 80g of protein per day, possibly even less than that. Twice a week is what would be considered light-to-moderate so I wouldn't see the need to go above 1.4g/kg of protein/bodyweight. But you can always invest into some good quality protein powder as a last resort if you'd like. I'm not sure I'd do IF if your overall goal is muscle gain and you are already struggling to eat enough protein. However if you can fit 2,500 in 2 meals so be it. You may end up super stuffed thou :D. For the goal of weight gain and hypertrophy, 3 main meals per day would be preferable. Achieving 80g/day is totally doable on mostly vegetarian diet. You can hide a lot of red and yellow lentils in meals. I don't know if tempeh is available to you but don't forget about that and tofu as another excellent complete source. I wouldn't worry about complete or incomplete protein sources. That argument dies once the person eats a variety of different foods.
  12. @Human Mint What's your weight? How often do you exercise? How long are the sessions? Are you following any particular diet module?
  13. @mandyjw thank you! That makes a lot of sense to me
  14. @mandyjw thanks for sharing a bit of your wisdom. This really resonates with me. You need to know the rules of the game before you break the rules of the game. Could you elaborate on this Mandy?
  15. That you need to stop going to tic toc. The platform was not designed for you, you are not the designated audience neither for the app nor for any of the content. Drop it, leave it. The content is perfect for the people to whom it is addressed (is that how you use "whom" ). It could not be any better. The person who invented it was a genius, the unfortunate thing is that people outside of the ideal audience are seeing it as well. Maybe that's part of the algorithm optimisation. I like to think that what I see is just a tip of the iceberg compared to what my teenage cousin sees who is actively "doing the dance"
  16. A morning 3 hour lecture on observational studies. My brain is fried, confused, overwhelmed and somewhat depressed. Why did I sign up for this course again? Why did I do this to myself? Well because knowing how to read & interpret research will be a number one tool if you're to be serious on this journey Why does it have to be so fucking complicated thou? It was easier when I just took anything for granted. It's like, no sources can be trusted anymore... Because they can't...people have their biases and it will be your job for next 60 years to be able to see through all that personal bullshit, beliefs, dogma, cherry-picking and deliberate misinterpretation. Right.....
  17. I'm enjoying the AOE2 HD version on steam. It's one of those strategy games like Starcraft 1 that you can pretty much play in 50 years and it will still be super enjoyable. I 'm not sure if AOE4 won't just be the exactly same game with hyper graphics. It's tricky, if they add too much new functionality, they will offend the all-time gamers by changing the core concept but if the game just ends up being AOE2 with better graphics, there will be little added value to the new players. It may end up being an overpriced AOE2. Mount and Blade did something similar with M&B2 where they released 95% copy of the previous game with improved graphics. I found it quite boring after few hours. Not to mention poor optimisation of graphics
  18. IKEA now actually allows you to furnish your own tiny coffee spot with around 3-4 tables and up to 12 seating spaces at once so the layout may not be super expensive. Not sure how much license to operate is. You also gotta account for staff expenses, utilities, sanitation, logistics. The 1 million seems a bit like a pipe dream ad neatly broken down by @Yarco . Not saying don't dream big but be a little bit more realistic. But you can't expect to compete with big chains. All you can do is look for a niche group of people. 90% of people buying street coffee just want A coffee, any brand will do. How will you be different? If you're really serious about this thou: 1. Make a serious business plan including financial prognosis -expenses vs earnings 2. Figure out who your niche clients will be 3. Familiarise yourself with all costs of setting up a place like that. Maybe you could also frenchise under a big chain, the way Subways do If you need a loan, the bank will need some seriously financial prognosis and solid business plan. It's not impossible but entering a commodity market that is already super saturated will he risky. Maybe what you can do is establish a cute little hypster coffee store in area where there is none also serving some vegan friendly snacks. Those sorts of places are very popular
  19. @Twega Few tips that may help you score the interview in corporate BE ON TIME !!! - in fact, be there 20 minutes earlier. Sometimes just getting through reception, getting badge, walking through security and getting in elevator during morning peak may take 15 minutes. Expect delays so be early Pay a lot of attention to your appearance on the day: clean ironed suit, well-washed face, well-shaved, perfume, proper hair style. Make sure your breath doesn't smell of coffee, no stuff between teeth etc - V4 are super fussy about their employe appearance, especially if you'd be doing more client-oriented work. Talk directly to the topic - usually these recruiters are very short on time and attention ability, they'll judge you based on first 60 seconds. Learn about the company, what they do, the products, major clients, bit about history, note down few interesting facts get some updates on some major breakthroughs that Deloitte has been through recently. Make sure you are aware of any recent major achievements or successes by the company familiarise yourself well with the criteria of the future position and be prepared to give some examples of how your skills match those requirements. What value will they get from hiring you? Be very specific. I know you probably haven't had a lot of experience being post-grad but if there are any personal achievements (academic, sports, ..anything else) be prepared to talk about those. Be prepared to talk about your strengths and weaknesses Don't lie but it is ok to slightly exaggerate some of your past achievements Be humble, if you have no idea about something they ask, humbly admit it. They can usually sense bulshitting.
  20. The concept of IKIGAI is pretty much at the core of self-actualization and Leo's work, he just takes it a bit further
  21. What would you be doing if "the level of personal satisfaction" was the currency, not the money? What would you want to share that would make you truly fulfilled if money was not a concern anymore?
  22. Not too useful to be honest Just based on how I feel after an exhausting day when it still says I have 60% body battery left where in reality it feels more like 10. I'd love to know what variables are being accounted for. Possibly an average caloric expense on average + number of average heart beats + high volume physical activity. Yeah, I dunno. There is a reason why medical equipment costs thousands of dollars. But then even a lot of medical measuring units differ from each other inaccuracy. Body fat measuring unit is a brilliant example where you get a variety of results. I'd say in the end it comes down to self-calibration, at least that's how I use the Garmin Vivo 4. Because you keep using the same watch, you get certain data feed from activities that you do repetitively and then can adjust your exercise and lifestyle accordingly if those numbers start being a bit off. But in the larger picture, those Garmin values may be completely off compared to if you used medical grade heart rate monitor.
  23. I was looking into it at one point and got super close to buying but then I decided to go for Garmin Vivosmar 4, same what @tsuki mentioned. I think what you get with the ring that you don't get with the smartwatch is the convenience of it being a ring. It is more comfortable to wear when you sleep but also easier to lose possibly? I'd definitely lose it at some point. But because it is a ring it means there is more wear and tear. For example I do a lot of calisthenics and bodyweight I dunno how it would work if you're doing a lot of bar work, pushups, weights...you know high amount of direct pressure and friction. But if you don't care about that, the ring may work for you It has really solid review and if you're ok with the price, go for it and maybe do a short review for the rest of us in a month?
  24. I'm not sure it works like that but maybe it does. As far as I know, the only condition that causes depletion of dopamine is Parkinson's disease which is caused by the destruction of a region called Substantia Nigra (dopamine headquarters) caused by chronic inflammation. ALternatively deficiency in amino acids responsible for dopamine production such as phenylalanine and tyrosine could potentially cause a degree of that as well. Its not that dopamine gets depleted. The molecules is always being reuptake and pulled back (although some people with COMT mutation may genetically have a lower function to do this). It's more about that you just hardwire the brain to receive a dopamine response from something that exceeds normal life. So the usual stimuli just don't do it anymore because the reward mechanism has built up excessive expectations for the stimuli. Such as drug response or eating a lot of hyper-palatable food or binging on porn and then having issues with non-staged sex. Also personally what I think is happening as well (no evidence for this thou) is that the brain just downregulates the receptor sensitivity to dopamine so that it protects itself from possible damage of overindulgence. And then when you actually need that focus later on you don't get it anymore. But this may just be assumption. I'd say that was also just willpower depletion, energy depletion and just overall exhaustion. repetitive ejaculation can be quite depleting process to the whole body
  25. when we say "brain damage" this usually implies things like inflammation, neuron death and lesion formation. Something you'd see in people with Alzheimer's. I don't think this is what she means. It's more about that some parts of the brain can get rewired and even reformed. It's like when somebody has been suffering from depression for 30 years, the size of their amygdala is 3 times the size of a person without depresion which just exacerbates the fear response to things others wouldn't normally react to. Environmental exposure to different stressors and stimuli constantly forces the brain to undergo so-called macro-adaptations. Different brain areas can grow or shrink or have slight changes in functionality or sensitivity. Another example is a state called "adrenal fatigue" which actually doesn't exist (or at least not to a degree naturopaths like to think) but what adrenal fatigue is that brain is becoming less sensitive to adrenal hormones and so all that cortisol is just flowing around with nowhere to dock. It is a real-time adaptation to prevent damage to the hypothalamus. So what is probably happening here is the brain is becoming adapted to receive rewards from what it sees in porn and this can damage your real-life perception of sex. Of what a woman's body looks like, what a man's body looks like, average penis size, average sexual performance and what the sex should be about really. Porn just takes away that entire route that leads to sex, the foreplay, being in relationship, cuddling, massage, fooling around and all of that and turns it into "a fuck" And so then when men who have been exposed to porn since the age of 10 get to experience real sex, they can't even get it up because they see an image of Peter North screwing some fake barbie doll for 45 minutes and in their head they are like "but I can't do that" "my dick isn't big enough" "why ae her boobs so small" "why doesn't she scream like the girl in porn does". Of course you can rewire this and quitting or at least minimising porn is a good way to achieve that I don't know if I'd consider that evidence of motivation Yes hardcore drugs can fry those circuits but it is because drugs actually cause real damage to the brain through intra-inflammation and oxidative damage. This is a completely different mechanism. It has been shown hardcore drug users had brain lesions across different areas of the brain, loosened blood brain barrier, messed up gut and all of that will contribute to real-time brain destruction