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  1. Well in that case I wouldn't suggets you play Mount and Blade, ever The horse literally gets killed in every single battle. The cost of owning a horse in medieval or ancient times was so extreme that many soldiers would do everything possible to prevent the horse being slain. This was especially profound in eastern empires such as Parthia where the horse was like a family. This is also why certain cavalry units such as Cataphracts would armour their horses in real lead armour, well that and the fact that the horse became a tank able to break any shield wall. Horses would often be taken as a trophy so the aim was usually to kill the rider than the beast but it would happen in the heat of the battle often that the horse got crippled. An interesting tactics were also using camels which seemed to scare horses and damage the cavalry formation. The elephants on the other hand, from what I heard they were super unreliable, expensive to feed, expensive to travel, nearly impossible to ship and very hard to tame. Once frightened became equally dangerous for both sides and often had to be killed by the rider to prevent disrupting the formation. I think in the siege of Carthage they actually ended up causing more damage to Carthaginians than the Romans? Maybe we've overestimated their real usage and value. I read in Roman Britain that when Claudius brought elephants to Britain, it was a huge joke and they caused more problems than use although it was certainly a nice propaganda for the emperor. So eventually their real value become more symbolic (e.g.l Hannibal crossed the Alps riding an elephant and nearly brought the roman empire to its knees) Oh and Shadowmere kinda sucks I found it too slow compared to some of the other horses that had little health thou
  2. By how much was it elevated? What was the level and what was the healthy range? Bilirubin can be elevated for a variety of reasons, on its own it is not a reliable marker enough to indicate liver damage. Did you get some of the other enzymes taken? (GGT, AST, ALT, ALP) What was your CRP? Anything else that was off chart? Were your kidney markers elevated?
  3. @undeather thanks, appreciate the clarification! Super cool having MD on here
  4. thank you! You would need previous exposure to gluten for biopsy to be relevant right? What is the ideal duration one should be reexposed to gluten before the test to prevent false negatives you think?
  5. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the evolution of species over millions of years and the postural and practical advantage of having opposable thumbs
  6. @Zeroguy just drop it. If you don't agree with what somebody writes just stop reading their stuff
  7. That's so interesting! That's so much for sharing, I wonder what the mechanism was for dairy causing this. Tinnitus is so difficult to deal with for people who have it. This is really an inspiring story. How long have you been tinnitus free now?
  8. @flume set it up, then delete it and then renew for the next challenge (probably around Nov-Dec) Would love to have you. Looking forward to the chat as well
  9. @undeather what tests would you run in your clinic if you'd suspect an undiagnosed coeliac disease?
  10. My momentum has definitely been halted for the past 10 days. Ever since that poisoning episode, I stopped all research, blogging, and all the creative world completely and instead spent several days just playing video games and doing the lowest energy activities. Eating one meal a day mostly made of simple ingredients helped the healing. But glad to say that this is now over. I've fully recovered after that episode and the momentum is building up again. Excited for the new challenge we'll be doing on Facebook. I didn't expect a lot of interest so 16 people is like a small army! (link for anyone looking to attend ). The last time I hosted the cold shower challenge it was so much fun, a lot of community interaction and I know many people managed to keep it as a regular habit so that was awesome. I've also finally set up my youtube channel as well and have started scripting the first video. I feel so much resistance towards doing this but many people including my mentor have told me this is a mandatory way to go to attract potential clients out there so I'll give it a year and see how it goes. Initially I'd probably like to try 2 videos per month. Not yet sure if that's realistic expectation. I tend to run out of ideas pretty quickly even for social media posting. Ordered some internal lightning and will start testing my old Nikkon camera to see how the sound and video quality is. I'm not 100% sure about the content yet. I'd like to talk about other things than just nutrition, there is too much of that out there. Gues I will start testing the waters and see if I can get at least 20-30 views per video. During my recovery time, I finished this epic game again. My second top after metro exodus probably followed by days gone
  11. I don't know why but it sometimes feels like this part is being completely omitted in the endless "what's the best diet for weightloss" discussion. Get yo ass to the gym and sweat it off like there is no tomorrow
  12. I feel like every aspect of my life has (positively) been impacted since 2016 when I first stumbled upon the channel. The thing I'm most grateful for is the LP course which opened a new career trajectory for me, showed me how to transition and gave me hope that corpo career won't be my early grave. I've learned what I'm passionate about, went back to school and have for the past 4 years been actively taking steps towards liberating my ass from wage slavery. I started a small business, learned about marketing, finances, accounting, taxes, legal stuff, things I'd have never thought I'd be able to do or would need to do. And I'm still far from being able to leave wage slavery, I know it will happen eventually. Other than that just understanding how I was always being a victim, driven by emotions, unable to cope with negative emotions, always on the run, always holding grudge against someone. Leo taught be about how to understand myself, how to ground myself and be happy with less, not needing more stuff to be fulfilled. Disconnecting from media and news was a big one as well. Learning about SD model has been a game-changer as well. I started taking much better care of my finances, diet, my body, my relationship has thrived from this work as well as my general life happiness and satisfaction. At the moment pursuing enlightenment, trying psychadelics and letting go of "myself" is not on my radar...yet, I feel I'm not ready for that journey yet (maybe I never will) or maybe there is something else I need to do first.
  13. Leo, do you have a good resource to learn from about this? Like, speaking to a very niche market and how to find those people?
  14. The issue with plastic cutlery is only when you use it with hot food. Like a plastic spoon in a hot soup. Personally, I have an ecological issue with plastic cutlery rather than it being a health hazard. Licking a plastic spoon every now and then won't give you dementia don't worry, xenobiotics are a concern but compared to what you'd get from fish or heated food from a plastic bowl, it is minimum. If it bothers you throw metal cutlery in your work bag and carry it with you. I do that sometimes although it seems to disturb some people
  15. ofcourse! It was around the time Starcraft and Dune were out as well. The early days of my video game addiction Yop the first video sums it up! No, there were good features. The graphics were excellent but the gameplay was repetitive and vanilla.
  16. For me it was definitely Rome 2 but that's because I'm really passionate about that time of human history and I explore a lot of those sites here in UK on weekends. The Shogun 2 series are awesome if you liked the movie, The Last Samurai, with Tom Cruise. The Medieval one was also awesome but it is a bit older so expected outdated graphics. For me napoleon didn't fit but that's because I don't particularly like that period of European history. no shame in spending that time with ES series. It was s time well spend Mass Effects 3 was insanely good but Andromeda sucks imo. Yop, my youth used to be the same
  17. Yop, I've clocked over 300 hours on SHogun 2 & Fall of Samurai, not to mention nearly 400 on Rome II You know what the worst thing is, I'd probably do it again it they didn't start making all that Warhammer garbage
  18. A very very limited amount of research shows some positive benefits for testosterone levels which could potentially have a positive impact on libido and sperm production speed. "potentially". No personal experience tho
  19. Going back to the original argument "humans are frugivores" maybe this could be truth for those living in tropics where there is endless abundance of fruits across the year including those such as coconuts, jackfruit, and durian that are slightly higher in protein and also contain some fats. As it stands today, with large portion of humanity living in cold regions, fruitarianism simply isn't the answer. Yes, you can import mangos from SOuth America but is that "natural"? Were we really supposed to have eaten food coming from 5000 miles away pretending this is the "natural diet"? A fruitarian in Sweden will probably start losing hair and teeth after 2-3 years unless they can afford to spend their entire monthly salary on fruit not to mention drinking smoothies during -15 in winter is anything but pleasant. We have come too far and too apart which is why the question of "whats the best diet for human" has no answer because it is dependant on region, cultural heritage, tradition and most of all climate, soil quality and agricultural availability. A naive Californian will think anyone can be vegan because for them, the options are endless, they have great availability of financial resources and are only exposed to people like them who are middle upper class and surrounded by wholefood stores and Costco supermarkets. Well why don't you tell that to a poor shepherd in Nepal or a dairy farmer in Scotland with a rough income of 18-22K per year. Do you think they're gonna start binging on Acai berries and papayas? Historically these people based their diet predominantly around animal food, potatoes and grains and even more animal food, milk, butter and eggs in winter. If they were lucky to live close to a coast, an occasional cod on butter with potatoes was served. We can argue all we want but the answer is that there is no answer. It is too complex and too diversified.
  20. I'd say you look good in both before and after. It's important that you feel good & happy in the body you've got now
  21. BPAs & phtalates are a problem with cans that are not labeled BPA free. In terms of leeching aluminium, that's mostly issue in the ones with tomato sauces like Heinz beans because the sauce is cooked AFTER the cans are sealed so all those acidic tomatoes may be reacting with the alkaline aluminium can unless there is an isolation layer. But yes, it is a concern. Get your tomato sauce in glass bottles and cook your beans from dry
  22. @joshuahuebner Holy shit first of all well done for earning so much in 19s. Damn at your age I was making less than 600 euros per month I agree with @Average Investor a lot of serious investment into your own growth including health, reading, taking courses & seminars but also this is a beautiful opportunity to find your life purpose. Once you do invest as much as you need to start moving that way. You'll have a 5-10 year headstart to most of us who did that process. If living with your parents doesn't in any way impair your growth then make the most of this advantage of not needing to pay rent & bills. It truly seems like a blessing my friend. The omens are good, time to get your hands dirty
  23. Might be you'd benefit from some gut work. WHat's the general state of your digestion (intolerances? pains? bloating? burping? etc) I think you'd benefit from getting some basic blood work. Request a test called Full Blood Count including Ferritin, Vitamin D and B12. See if anything comes up
  24. @Medhansh have you been medically diagnosed with anything? Sounds like an IBD or IBS? WHat have you tried so far? What were the circumstances in your life around which all of this started?
  25. I'm pretty sure @flume will have an awesome tip/resource to help with this.