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  1. If you look at most meta-analyses on the intake of red meat they nearly always include a split between regular and processed where they are looking at individual differences. What you see most of the time is that while processed meat is worse, yes. The beef itself is pretty much unanimously associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer. Here is the most robust monograph published on the topic to date. This is not a blog of some low carb lunatic. These are robust clinical guidelines prepared by WHO's collaboration with IARC. This is the deepest analysis of the data possible. https://www.iarc.who.int/featured-news/media-centre-iarc-news-redmeat/ "A meta-analysis including data from 10 cohort studies reported a statistically significant dose–response association between consumption of red meat and/or processed meat and cancer of the colorectum. The relative risks of cancer of the colorectum were 1.17 (95% CI, 1.05–1.31) for an increase in consumption of red meat of 100 g/day and 1.18 (95% CI, 1.10–1.28) for an increase in consumption of processed meat of 50 g/day" - this is a nice demonstration of how processed beef is very bad but regular is equally harmful, you just need slightly bigger portions. For every 100g eaten per day the risk of CC is increased by 18%. This translates to about a 4-6 mouthfuls of steak. 2) Why do you think seed oils are bad? People who consume more unsaturated fats (in replacement for saturates) have better health outcomes. This has also been pretty persuasively demonstrated now. Seed oils are not the problem here. The ApoB containing lipoproteins triggering early onset of intraarterial inflammation (found in foods like beef and butter) are the real problem. And smothering your steak in butter is probably trippling the risk of adverse health outcomes
  2. get your B12 levels checked. May not be it but if you are severely restricting animal foods and not supplementing, it could be a factor here. Could also have something to do with the hypotension in your other post.
  3. They can be interestesting but it is important to validate your results with great caution and not to dramstise the results too much. E.g. mutation on a gene XYZ that has been shown to cause disease X in knockout mice does not mean you will get the same disease. While some mutations have stronger associations than other the disease and genome interplay isn't as well exolored in terms of human outcome data so always take a step back when interpreting your results. Also sometimes it is genuinely better not to know. Also be VERY cautious if the company selling you the tests starts offering you supplements or "tailored programs" to "mitigate the impact" a lot of them do this and businesses like that are the bottom of the barrel
  4. You have cold my friend. It's ok to get ill occasionally, get over it, you are a human, you will get sick again and again. Fapping has nothing to do with it. Rest, make a nice vegetable soup and be gentle with yourself. No need to take anything, let the body heal itself That stress ain't helping either. Take care!
  5. It might be a reaction to increasing fibre content. Your microbiota might be adapting. Reduce the fibre a little bit and once it becomes tolerable agains, start increasing again. But if it seems unnatural it might also be reaction to high FODMAP carbohydrates which should be further investigated. Make sure not to fall for some shitty naturopathic tests like organic acids or some hair intolerance analysis... those tests are complete quackery. Get a proper medical testing or just experiment with low FODMAP diet and see if it helps. The Monash App os super useful for that. Good luck
  6. no negative effects unless you are overeating on salted nuts or nuts dipped in chocolate
  7. It's a threshold effect but I would be careful with using words such as DOES NOT. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32827219/ - this is a pretty darn robust Cochrane Review, one of the largest reviews of the topics so far. 15 RCTs over 56 thousand participants were polled in meta-analysis. included long-term trials suggested that reducing dietary saturated fat reduced the risk of combined cardiovascular events by 17% (risk ratio (RR) 0.83; 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.70 to 0.98 - Look at the confidence intervals - everybody in the story got better after following SFA replacing diet Meta-regression suggested that greater reductions in saturated fat (reflected in greater reductions in serum cholesterol) resulted in greater reductions in risk of CVD events, explaining most heterogeneity between trials he number needed to treat for an additional beneficial outcome (NNTB) was 56 in primary prevention trials, so 56 people need to reduce their saturated fat intake for ~four years for one person to avoid experiencing a CVD event. - while this may not seem like much, in a scale of 100 million people we are talking about 1.5 million people who will get to live much longer and a significant cut in premature loss of human life. As @undeather said. These clowns on YouTube who spit in the face of major evidence should actually be put on a trial for causing premature loss of human life and it is sad and scary to see millions of people following their agenda. Saturated fats are one of the major causes of heart disease mainly for increasing the distribution of ApoB containing lipoprotein. These are problematic because they take long time to get rid of. AboB is like these tiny hands on the top of lipoprotein particle (lipoprotein is a shell that carries different particles like fats and nutrients around the body but it also contains cholesterol) AbpoB is like a magnet for the proteins called proteoglycans inside the tunica intima (inside the artery) and they readily and irreversibly bind to it ,which our body does not like happening and so it causes release of immune signals that attract monocytes (white blood cell type) and they start to gobble up these particles gradually turning into foam cells which then trigger a variety of inflammatory pathways one of which are release of growth factors stimulating the growth of the muscular layer of tunica media (the middle layer of the artery). With time as foam cells themselves end up trapped inside tunica intima because they are full of gobbled LDL, they are now being pressed by the growth of the tiny muscle beneath them and also getting crowded with other dead and dying foam cells, all this mess starts bulging u in a lumen (the inside of artery) and plaque starts forming up - early atherosclerosis progresses. The more this happens, the more monocytes are being attracted, the more foam cells produced, the more the tunica media muscular layer grows - and with a few decades atherosclerosis has formed if the process is not slowed down through dietary modification or certain meds (it is infinitely more complex than that and our doc above would be able to explain it much much better) - the mechanism is well described, well studied and very well known. Here is a really good review of the process https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5310383/ It is also funny how we always poo poo on seed oils and toxic vegetable oils but actually the less saturated fats people consume and the more plant oils they replace them for, the less this happens and the lower their ApoB circulating levels get. There is a reason clinical guidelines and public health guidelines have been advising for reduction of SFAs in public food and why you now see oils everywhere rather than fucking butter or margarine. This research has been done decades ago and this is exactly what they were telling us Ofcourse having insulin resistance as you suggested is definitely a contributing factor but perhaps more to diabetes complications (renal damage, peripheral neuropathy and premature blindness) than to atherosclerosis itself.
  8. I've never done any deep dive into the literature on fasting so take this response with a pinch of scepticism but I really like the concept of fasting for 24hrs once a week as a sort of mini-cleanse. Alternatively another option is simply to skip a few dinners during the week or just restrict them to small portions. I don't see much point in water fasting and that sort of stuff unless fighting a chronic disease where it has been shown that fasting can help otherwise one may actually be harming their body's skill to cope such as fasting-induced cachexia during cancer therapy etc.
  9. Yo don't want to eat much of any form of red meat in general. The evidence toward adverse health outcomes is pretty significant at this point. I would not make pork a significant source of calories unless obtaining better sources of calories was not possible or removing pork would result in malnutrition.
  10. i agree with this, the notion that a few light sessions per week here and there are enough is far from what is needed to keep the body healthy and slim with all the sitting most of us do and hyperpalatable foods The differences will start becoming obvious after menopause and andropause the most. Before that we are protected by genetics and hormones a lot
  11. the filter you used, does it detect mould presence? And does it filter all allergens specifically? Some filters are quite selective and some are shit although dyson should probably be pretty reliable so it's just about what it is filtering and what it is NOT filtering. It's hard to kinda give advice about asthma over a forum chat because of how multifactorial this thing is but speak to your doctor again and see if there are any other tests they could run You could experimentally try to take antihistamines for a few days and see if that helps. This way you may be able to tell is the breathlesness is trigger by allergic reaction specifically. Some people also react to pesticides, chemicals, pollution, sulphates etc. So if you happen to live ina polluted area, that could for sure be a contributor. Those might be harder to cut out but you could do a run down of the food you eat most of the time and see if there is anything there loaded with weird stuff that shouldn't be present in the food. Not sure how your diet quality is, but asthmatics do seem to benefit from more plant-based type of a diet for some reason. What's the pattern of the condition? Is it always bad or does it change? is there any chance the condition is driven by psychological factors such as anxieties, stress, holding tension in your body etc?
  12. I'm just curious, what is the product/service you offer to the world at the moment? What do you ship out there? And how much time do you spend marketing it?
  13. Don't worry, it will get resolved eventually Give him time to reply. You didn't lose anything, it will all be worth it
  14. Oh I'm sooo far from overcoming all barriers My biggest obstacle which remains to this day is action planning and time management. Like what to focus on at a given day and prioritising tasks, not getting distracted and avoiding procrastination (such as the forum) . That remains the number one challenge. It's also sort of a fallout from being employed 9-5 where you are basically told what to do all the time and you do more of a reactive work rather than proactively seek it. Excellent! Seems you got it all planned out so my best advice here is: be patient, it's a slow process, one step at a time. The journey is as beautiful as is the destination. One day you'll proudly look back and tell the story over and over, every time someone asks you "how did you do it?"
  15. I feel like the ultimate question here is "how do I drop my belly and get jacked?" The answer was already provided several times here. Start exercising regularly, eat a clean diet in slight surplus and don't jeopardise your sleep quality. Give it a year of consistent effort and you'll get there.
  16. Hope this won't be a bubble bursting comment, but it may take you years, a decade, to get your life purpose to a stage where you will become fully financial independent. The market is huge, there is the most competitive there ever was, the marketing is much harder than it used to be. Yes, you can reach 7 billion people...but so can all your competitors. It is important this does not discourage you but you keep focusing on your craft while figuring out how to market yourself to your niche audience. DO you know who your niche audience is? It can't be everyone. And yes, maybe during this transition you will need a stable 9-5 (or part-time) job to keep the money to pay bills, food, rent etc. I've been on this journey for about 2 years since finishing school and going solo and trust me if I didn't have a stable 9-5 income I would never ever be able to pay all expenses. Going solo is the hardest decision of all because now, you no longer do what others tell you but you have to be the sales person, the marketer, the accountant, the HR person, the motivator, the CFO and the CEO at the same time. It takes time even if you are very good at what you do. Be okay with that, ebrace it. If the journey was easy, everybody would be an entrepreneur. But you chose to walk the thorny road. Maybe the job you find should be something easy where you'll have a lot of time to focus on your thing while doing some mild admin work. You actually want some lame dead-end job where people don't constantly bother you so that you can get paid and focus on your craft too. Ideally something that you can work from home. Some sort of ticketing support bs work where you learn a few tasks and do that over and over is ideal. Gives you plenty of times to work on your own thing. It's ok to have a temporary 9-5 job to keep you going. It's just means to an end. I know a guy who works for a telecoms company as their support guy, works from home, makes 1800 euros a month and plays video games 7 out of his 8 hours. He has ben doing this for 5 years. Imagine where he could have been if he started a business but instead he is obese and depressed and escaping the suffering into a virtual world. What I'm trying to say, there are jobs out there that pay for literally doing very little work. Find a job like this and leverage the tools and the money to build up your musical business. Good luck! you got this
  17. HGH does not only build muscle, it is anabolic, that's true but not just to muscle cells. HGH builds everything, it repairs cells of the gastrointestinal lining, bones, hair, nail, it stimulates skin cell replication. It's like a systemic handyman repairing everything. Even if you have an increase of it, it may not translate into more muscle, you need to be in excess of calories to gain muscle. A body in starvation is not going to waste resources to gain muscle (from the biology standpoint, carrying excess muscle is a useless trait anyway and during a period of famine your metabolism switches to low maintenance mode) then start focusing on muscle mass building and you may lose that belly fat as a side product. Wasting, in general is a yo yo weight loss strategy. You stop eating, you lose weight but you shock the body so once you start eating you gain it back. Not to mention the overload of stress hormones flooding the body during prolonged fast. Also, I guess, make sure you are not trying to shortcut a process that takes a decade (building a muscular body) by finding a "hack" such as extended fast because someone said it gives you more HGH. It does but HGH is a bottleneck anyway. You can only use so much of it in a day. You can't be both in a catabolic and anabolic state at the same time. The same way you can't be awake and asleep at the same time (well, maybe there are certain trans states which put one halfway in, but most people can't do that) yes but what quality of training? They can do yoga for 15 minutes, sure and then spend the whole day meditating and sitting because they have no energy for everything else. And don't forget that not everything you hear on youtube is true. Also, how are you going to extend effort in the gym and push hard to stimulate an anabolic state if you are running low on glycogen, low on sugar and depleting your fat stores too? Where will you get the energy? The only remaining way to obtain glucose is through gluconeogenesis of your own muscle tissues. So not only will you not be making gains but you'll be breaking down the existing lean mass. The exact opposite of what you want to do. I seriously doubt there are people out there who are making big gains while doing 40 days on water fast, or they are full of shit. The most realistic depiction of what extended water fast does to a human was the case of Tim Shieff, the ex-vegan ninja warrior competitor. He was a hallmark of health and radiance in his prime days before he turned himself into skeleton, wrecked his digestive system and went a little bit nuts into the head and started drinking his own piss. Yes, he was an extreme case but I am yet to see a healthy demonstration of a prolonged fast. Vegetable Police had an interesting story too. He went all in yet in the end most of his symptoms of IBD came back and he took forever to regain a decent body weight. You do. But you also needs sufficient amount of carbohydrates and fats. And those are all hard to get on extended fast. But I mean look. If you don't believe me just do it. Go to the gym during a second week of water fast, load some weights on benchpress and see how it goes. Also then observe your recovery time compared to the usual times. Chances are you'll have the worst workout of your life. There is time and place for extended fats. Absolutely. But it should not be the same time when you are trying to grow, stimulate cell replication, stimulate growth pathways and generally need to be in abundance. Fast in summer and bulk in winter or the other way around.
  18. You gotta think about the karma you are creating in that process too and what that does to your soul if you treat women as walking vaginas.
  19. Water fasting is a regenerative/catabolic state where you should be relaxing, meditating and retrospecting. Muscle building is an anabolic, highly energy-demanding process. Exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with the fast What you'll get as a result is fatigue, brain fog, low-quality exercises, half-assed fast and feeling low & grumpy. Pick one and leave the other. Also, don't oscillate between them too often or you'll wreck your metabolism with all these shock waves.
  20. Were you any happier than you are today back then? Chances are you were pretty miserable and hated your body.
  21. That fat indian ugly girl is still a human being and you were being completely selfish and ignorant of that on your aproach if that's all you saw. Good on her. Start seeing the women you approach as your equals rather than tools or you'll die a virgin. She could probably smell your insecurity a miles away
  22. See if living without Instagram, Facebook & Youtube (100% removal of apps and locking of accounts by another person) would help you feel better about yourself one month from now Burn all magazines related to fitness, beauty and that sort of crap. Hell I'd even consider not using any makeup during this period. The stress of constant comparing with yourself with your beauty standards isn't probably helping. Spend some more time in nature. Grab a backpack and go on a hike few times a week if you can. Helps you reflect better and takes your attention from withing more to the outside. Maybe pitch a tend by the lake sie and spend a few nights on a solo trip. Lots could be unravelled during that trip. Look at the stars, observe birds, fish, bugs and animals. Nature can help you spend some time reflecting on your strengths, on your positives and on what makes you special and unique. If you do all this and still feel like lipo is the best way forward, then do it.
  23. @integral kynurenine pathway is one of those to be mindful of. Some people activate it more than other but there is some association with mental health disorders and chronic inflammation. Although I have no idea what impacts how much tryptophan gets shunned down this pathway.... genetics, microbiome, any ongoing health disorders and certain meds may (or may not) accelerate opening of this channel. But it would be a possible explanation why some people actualy feel worse upon taking TT