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  1. Would you be comfortable sharing your full iron panel results? The first step is to reduce your heme iron intake (red meat, organ meat, processed meat) and switch to plant dominant diet as non heme iron is slightly less bioavailable and less abundant. Secondly, check if any supplements you are taking have iron, this often gets lost but a lot of multi supplements are loaded with iron and some people cross take the same nutrient from multiple different sources. I'm sometimes surprised how little people know about what they are actually taking. In terms of reducing it, the safest way, unless you are at toxic levels, is to wait it out and reduce naturally by reducing your intake of the top foods as mentioned above. If you are very concerned speak to your doc, I believe there might be short term pharmacological applications to increase binding and excretion but this is not something I'm too familiar with.
  2. you're lucky, these guys just released their latest article on this topic. https://mynutritionscience.com/misinformation/ A great blog ran by a non-profit group of nutrition science geeks, worth subbing to this. Would love to be part of this team
  3. Not at all dude, not at all! In fact, I appreciated what you said, means you are a critical thinker. That's fair. I think the science behind it is quite fascinating for anyone who is interested in understanding it, you'll quickly realise it can be so much more than calories in, calories out. This might help: Nutrition Made Simple, is a great channel for a start. Simple, clear, concise and highly researched. Gill is a likeble dude, does not stir drama and gets a lot of respected people on podcast. Anything that includes Christopher Gardner or Layne Norton as a podcast guest is likely to be of high quality If you want to geek out, then Nick Hiebert and Avi Bitterman are your guys For books, grab some generic academic nutrition textbook and start there. See what is available on Amazon, some Nutrition 1.0 or even Nutrition for Dummies (if you don't mind the pun) is quite good actually.
  4. Not familiar with their work. At a glance you could say that put a lot of focus on employing beautiful & exotic people to appeal to young audience which can be a source of a bias as perhaps it would mean excluding more capable but less physically charming employees. The definitely also put a lot of effort into sounding scientific, progressive and cool. But of course this is nothing new in this industry. If you take their "quiz" it is basically a problem-creating thingy that convinces you that you are sick and you will conveniently be sent solution to you email. The questions they are asking are a bit random but I can see where this is heading. The messaging is highly stage orange with a lot of claims that are derived from mechanistic & speculative data. But from my experience with high-end clinics who focus on similar protocols, the process is as following: Coming onboard would mean paying thousands of dollars for their clinical assessment services with beautiful doctors and their beautiful nurses and bunch of blood tests that your doctor could run for 4th of the cost or for free if you pay insurance. You will have a private consultation with a medical doctor who will of course be bound by Non Disclosure Agreement to not tell you that what they are about to do is not just borderline unethical but also completely useless convincing you that you are in safe hands. On the top of that most likely you will receive several functional tests such as Methylation panel, Adrenocortex Metabolomix, Dutch test and Organic Acid tests or Microbiomix possibly partnered by Great Plains or Genova for a neat 25% kickback to the clinic while charging the patient extra. And while all of these are cool, fancy, give you beautiful and artistic charts representing urinary biomarkers and masturbate patient's ego, the internal validity of some of these overpriced tests is basically non existent. They are as speculative as sticking a finger into the air and saying "I think I have cancer". Some of them are pretty good tho. And then as always, based on your results (which are NEVER 100% good btw) you will be sold on an expensive maintenance protocol which will most likely include a dozen of nootropics, with a clinical markup, supplemental antioxidants, powders and all sorts of advice such as "avoid seed oils, take cold showers & eat more red meat". Finally you will be booked for a follow up in 3 months which, if you pay now, will only cost 1000 dollars and include all of these tests once again to see how you compare. Make no mistake, it will help you feel better - no doubt about that. As long as they address the basic stuff. But it is possible that could have been achieve for 10th of the cost without all the fluff. Maybe not. I am generalising and speculating but based on my experience with high-end clinics such as these in UK, who derive majority of their income from pseudoscientific protocols, overcharging clients 3 times the national standard, selling overpriced tests & supplements with no evidential basis and taking commissions on supplements. I would assume this is how it goes. I had a client once who told me that the the cost of my 3-month package was less than what he was charged in a premium London clinic at Harley Street for a single test. Do you know what that test was? Organic Acids - basically a pseudoscientific hokum that has absolutely no diagnostic value and all it does is lead to prescription of useless supplements. This is how low the industry has sunk. Guess this is why you'll see me endlessly trying to defend evidence-based practice because where we don't do that, we give rise to charlatans and scammers destroying the authenticity of the entire field of nutrition. Because in reality we don't know much about longevity when it comes to humans and the certainty of evidence is low so the gaps are filled by marketers rather than researchers. Most of we know comes from rat studies or observing blue zones. And so telling someone that the most effective way for longevity is to eat a Mediterranean diet, control calories, maintain a high muscle and bone density is boring and people won't pay you 8000 dollars for that so yah.... TRT has its value in men who are experiencing chronic health problems derived form suppressed testosterone for sure, there is plenty of good data to show that. Peter Attia did a great deep dive into this topic on his Drive Podcast. TRT is not something I would do to gain more muscle as a young dude.
  5. haha good point ! You shouldn't
  6. @Someone here oh god nooo don't subscribe to the "soy kills your testosterone" nonsense dude, cmon we had this conversation 😄😄Ok, no seriously you're totally safe eating soy products. Who says there is an epidemic? If so many men are borderline infertile why do we see a boom in population growth? You know what I think there is an epidemic of? Lying shits on the internet who sell fake problems and selling fake solutions to this (which pretty much defines 3/4 of the influencers in the fitness industry preying on the insecurity and inexperience of guys who get most of their life exposure through their digital devices and are disconnected from reality ) The minds of young have been corrupted to such a degree that they are willing to give themselves cancer as long as they can get a six pack now and have an illusion of attractiveness and masulinity EDIT: btw nothing here is personal bruh, this is more of a rant of mine
  7. of course a food can make you feel better temporarily but that could be down to numerous factors. Eating a food that you like and that tastes good causes a release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Sure you can translate this as "wave of masculinity" but that's probably just a natural response to something you enjoy. It makes you feel good. That's why we pursue the things we do because they make us feel good. Foods can have all sorts of secondary effects but it doesn't;t mean they cause permanent alterations (with the exceptions of some that do such as red meat possibly causing irreversible changes to the vascular system)_ Some herbs, like astragalus or Rhodiola can cause adrenals to release epinephrine short-term, which make you feel better, for a short time and then the levels get rebalanced and you are back on ground zero Coffee causes some dopamine release and blocks adenosine receptors - that makes you feel better. Doesn't mean it is making you stronger, just triggers some release of a few molecules for a short time. After couple hours, that feeling goes away. Some plants may cause a short-term vasodilation through nitric oxide buildup but it doesn't mean they somehow suddenly increase athletic performance by 30% It's just all this mechanistic translation into long-term outcomes that I have issues with. the word "boosting" indicates that you can just take a shot of something like drinking a potion in MMORPG and just get +20% buff in a given biomarker. It doesn't work that way. Androgenic hormones are tightly controlled by the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis. If you inject yourself with hormones, the natural production will go down to rebalance itself. If it gets too low, the pituitary will send a signal into your testicles to make more. This is happening thousands of times per day without your input. It's not a system you can affect as easily without taking synthetic hormones. Again, we are talking long-term, not short term variations. Sure, if you get deficient in these it may have negative effects. But what we mean is once you have healthy levels, taking more of any of these doesn't do anything. If your optimal testosterone levels are 650 nanograms per deciliter then this is where you will be most of the time and eating more oysters is not going to make you permanently go to 750. Whenever someone says "has been shown" ask them "where, can you show me?" I would discourage you from seeking superfoods - like the one thing that is the best , the greatest the most masculine & dick-hardening food and just focus on eating a variety of all sorts of foods. Making sure you are not hypocaloric is going to provide more benefit than macrodosing a single food nutrient. By the way, this is a bit off-topic but in the epidemiology, when long-term data is accounted for, omnivores, vegetarians and vegans have mostly the same levels of testosterone regardless of their diets. People who eat the most soy have the same levels as those who eat the most steak, on average, statistically speaking. Or if there are variations, they are tiny and statistically non-significant. But this reality is boring, so quacks will say stuff like "eat eggs to boost your hormones" because that's what insecure gym bros love and that's what sells. You can sell books, seminars and supplements by convincing people that what you say is true even if it isn't. The final topic I'll make is - always look out for the long-term effects of something that is claimed to cause rapid improvement. Heroine causes rapid dopamine increase but in the long term can give you dementia and cardiac arrest. Anything that rapidly changes the homeostatic balance of biological biomarkers is either toxic or a pharmaceutical grade stuff. I'll leave it at that
  8. You might benefit from small, risk-free experiments where you give yourself the opportunity to have more exposure to all those things. Spend some time making music or speak to someone who already does what you are passionate about. Invite them for a coffee and ask them to share their story. How did they start? What were their challenges? If you have a bit of experience in the therapy already, offer someone a free support. That's how I started in the health therapy when I was still in school. I reached out toa few people and offered a free help and this way I got the opportunity to test the waters and see if I liked it.
  9. Yeah, the trend is definitely changing from 100% remote. Most sane companies won't force people to go back 5 days a week but some presence in the office is likely to be the next thing in the post-covid world. I am not familiar with the evidence of remote work & productivity, I guess that is hard to measure. You can measure total revenue, net profit, sick days etc but those numbers are likely to get confounded by the fact that a lot of companies were cutting off expenses left & right during the pandemic so I don't know how reliable those results are going to be. Either way, I'd say a hybrid module is likely to be the future for roles like a back office where people don't need to meet clients or support the in-house running of the office. For facilities, sales, IT support and other roles that need more in-house presence more office time is likely to be expected
  10. I'm sure there are some substrates inside the egg (e.g. fatty acids, zinc, maybe boron) that serve as substrates for testosterone production in the steroidogenesis pathway. But whether we can take that mechanism and spread it apart like he does and say "eggs raise testosterone and make your dick hard" would be a long shot. I don't blame him, stuff like this sells. Considering he has 2mil subs and gets less than 10K views per video shows that any content where he doesn't talk about erection, testosterone and muscle gets no attention, so he is actively incentivised to make stuff like this up to get more subs even tho most of his subs are inactive. Ok, here is the deal with testosterone. If you are a healthy young male, your body is keeping your testo at an optimal dosage that is appropriate for your individual biology, for your age and your environment. Believe it or not, the role of testosterone is not to make you muscular but to stimulate the production of sperm more than anything else. There is little benefit for the levels to be excessively high. In fact, extremely high testosterone levels might be associated with prostate cancer risk especially where conversion to DHT is very effective. In certain conditions, some man have low testosterone. This is usually because there is a problem somewhere. Liver disease, kidney disease, hormonal disease, diabetes, obesity genetic deformity of the testicles, torsion, undescended testes or even a brain tumour pushing on the hypothalamus or a pituitary is a possibility. Anything that increases free testosterone (e.g. exercise, certain foods) only do so transiently, meaning short time. Just like when you eat, your blood sugar goes up, your insulin goes up and then both go down. We could say "eating raises blood sugar" which is true the but it does not automatically raise your long-term blood sugar. This is what anti-carb community uses as a main argument all the time even tho it is idiotic. .. back to the topic tho... So you should still focus on exercise, sleep and a balanced diet to have your healthy optimal levels. But just trust in the biology of your body and that it is doing all of this for you. The recent elimination of smoking that you did @Someone here probably did 10 times more for your testosterone than any raw eggs ever could Make sure not to get caught in nonsense these guys are spewing, thinking you need to chug 10 raw eggs in the morning to be a man. These guys are just shady salesmen profiting on the insecurity of young men. Don't give him pleasure of actively subscribing into this broscience ideology. BTW there is not one clinical trial proving what he says is true. Not a single one
  11. Because a lot of people do shit work for 9-5. It destroys them from the inside, The work is meaningless, shallow, boring and unfulfilling. Not to mention people are overworked and underpaid more often than not and have to report to people who are poor managers and self-centred. If you like your job, good for you. Consider yourself fortunate. Or maybe you actively pursued something you would enjoy early in life, in which case, congrats! I'm sure it is partially a mindset thing as well but the way market is structured, for each satisfied person there is probably 50 frustrated people who hate their jobs.
  12. Just ask your doctor to run the full iron panel (blood test) every 3 months at the doctor's office. If you see a rising trend, then indeed blood donation or cutting down on the beef is a possible solution.
  13. They would naturally be left to age & die without forced reproduction each year. The colonies would shrink over the decades, farmlands reused for other purposes and the idea is that farmers remain farmers but are now subsidised to grow plants even with primary focus on organic produce....right now that's a pipe dream. Or you could go old school and deploy animals for agricultural purposes (e.g. land ploughing) and use them to help you create organic farms for crop planting. I don't think that's necessarily unethical. The animals naturally respond positively to "exercise" and movement compared to being locked in boxes and fattened up so they can be sold for steaks. I think there is even some research that cattle that is being kinda pushed to move more, have higher levels of serotonin in the body. But I don't know if that's true. If you see cattle in the wild where they have large pastures, they keep moving all the time, shitting & pissing all over the place and naturally contributing to redistribution of nutrients back to the soil. They still have young but not at the rate at which they have it on meat farms where they are being impregnated
  14. @mrPixel If caffeine is your natural form of gentle antidepressant, than maybe stay with it and use the norepinephrine kick it is giving you to look into the underlining issue. Many things can be sources of depression so make sure to explore a variety of different topics such as: unresolved trauma feeling of being stuck in an area of your life (work, relationship, living situation, purpose crisis) nutrition and significant nutritional deficiencies or poor dietary composition sleep deprivation , insomnia, apnoea etc excessive social media exposure & lack of me-time drug exposure - smoking/alcohol/marihuana etc unmanaged stress gut issues toxic environment medication you are currently taking learned helplessness other
  15. Sure thing, the gut-brain axis is a fascinating topic, although any GIT researcher will tell you that what we currently know about it is just surface-level stuff but give it 20 years and powerful new therapeutics will start coming up from this field.
  16. procrastination = loss of motivation which is usually caused by being overwhelmed. I don't believe n procrastination out of laziness. People procrastinate because they don't know where to start and are overwhelmed by things they need to do I mean, you can work 50 and get more done than a guy with 80. I don't know about you but after 4 hours of deeply intense work, I cannot continue. Like my brain circuits responsible for deep focus get so fried that I can't do that more than once a day. Sure, you can do 12 hours a day if half of that is replying to social media content and admin work. But where you have to actually isolate yourself and do the work that matters, I doubt even people like Cal Newport can clock more than 5 hours of intense work per day. It just isn't possible. I do 3 focus slots per day, each 60-70 mins long spread across the day as I also have to dedicate time to my 9-5 job and trust me by the end of that third, I am absolutely exhausted mentally. Even on weekends when I don't do 9-5 bit. I feel exactly the same way at the end of the day. If somebody could figure out how to extend that resilience to mental fatigue after intense focus session, I'd be willing to pay a lot of money.
  17. How often do you get your blood lipids measured? Do you see a trend there?
  18. I don't think that effect has anything to do with the enzymes. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe the hype. Like when people go 100% carnivore and experience that. I think it is partially psychosomatic. It goes something like "I did it and it works for me even tho they said I couldn't. Now look at me being all radiant and glowing :D" - not the Fallout type of glowing. Maybe it is about eliminating foods that don't sit well with you. I'm sure there is energetic component as well coming from the pure ultra high fruit diet but a lot of the stuff these people claim is just nonsense when you look at them and they look like the girl shared in the other Carnivore post yesterday. To her she is the healthiest she has ever been, to an outsider she looks like a skeleton. I see this as the greatest benefit. The huge fibre amount. It is probably more than we need but ancestrally, I believe in periods when there was no mean people would eat even more fibre.
  19. He is not wrong. Those are all very legit points but if you wait till you have mastered all to start a business, you will be waiting a long time. For example "learn how to sell" without actually having contact with prospective clients is impossible. You can read books but in the end you need to be rejected a numerous times, fail to sell, stutter and just see a prospective client go from to many times to pick up the subtleties of selling. I can't tell you how many times I failed to sell a package because I thought I knew what the client wanted (and that was what they were saying) but in reality there was a deeper need they were not communicating, which is what they really wanted and I failed to pick that up. A good salesman can go beyond the spoken words because it is rare that people just want the surface stuff, there is always a deeper desire below The bit about motivating yourself that Erik rightfully touched on is a big one and I don't think most people appreciate the privilege it is to have someone in your 9-5 job tell you what to do and then praise or criticise you for it. As a n interpreneur you do things that bear no fruit for months even years and all you see, very often is lack of success. Again, I don't think you can learn this without first being in that environment. That tolerance of uncertainty will either make you or break you. I like the "death ground" one tho. It is a powerful motivator but if you do business that way you can burn out from the stress and loos nights of sleep. Overall, I think it was a decent content, practical and applicable but I doubt you can learn most of it from books. You gotta start business and then you are learning on the go.
  20. To be honest with you, I am not yet clear on where the safety limit is. I think the current red meat recommendations are based on the cardiovascular literature (rather than cancer literature), and I'm yet to dig into that. The current safe recommendations are 450 grams of unprocessed red meat per week - I'd go below that if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, stroke or cancer. You are young, you have a strong body, your cells are healthy and you are protected by your genes. Right now you can get away with eating anything but the question is "will you one day wish you didn't do what you did when you were young?" I think a lot of people will. This is why we have the evidence. To learn from people who have gone before us, got those diseases and then were recruited by researchers to become a part of the story for younger generations. It comes down to us whether we will listen or ignore them. I know people will say shit like "bro the science is corrupted, and this is all healthy user bias", but in all honesty, we would have to assume that all those millions of people included in studies lie and I think most people are honest deep within. My opinion is that by focusing on red meat high diet you are just taking away a lot of joy that comes from dietary variety of all the other amazing foods you are leaving out. Have the steak, have the butter, have the sugar. Just don't make it a staple of your diet but see it as a treat. Hope that helps P.S. Without wanting to self promote, I recently finished my latest blog exactly on this topic. I tried to be as unbiased as possible so maybe this will be useful for someone.
  21. people like this should be banned form YouTube for promoting eating disorder. This has nothing to do with veganism, this woman is mentally ill and should not be taken as a healthy example
  22. You are right, the link with processed meat is very strong at this stage and pretty much undisputable. Every systematic review done to date has shown increased RR for bowel cancer. With unprocessed red meat the certainty of the evidence is a bit weaker but it still shows increased bowel cancer risk. The latest bit of research was the meta analysis in 2021 showing colorectal cancer (RR = 1.10; 95% CI = 1.03-1.17), colon cancer (RR = 1.17; 95% CI = 1.09-1.25), rectal cancer (RR = 1.22; 95% CI = 1.01-1.4. And this was unprocessed red meat. So pretty unanimously increased risk across the board, more towards distal colon. I think at this stage, we need a 2023 update of the review (I hope someone is looking on it) but the way it looks, about every other year we have a new meta-analysis which strengthens the relationship To say that unprocessed red meat DOES NOT have any link to colorectal cancer is taking it bit too far because it the opposite seems to be the true. I have no personal bias in saying this as I am not vegan but this is an OUTRAGEOUS claim. Look at this https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35719615/ 3.1 million participants pooled into the most epic meta analysis I've ever seen. Specifically comparing plant based vs omnivores and their risk of various gastrointestinal; cancers. Look at the effect size for colon cancer. Subgroup analyses demonstrated that the plant-based diets reduced the risk of cancers, especially pancreatic (adjusted RR = 0.71, 95% CI: 0.59-0.86, P < 0.001, I2 = 55.1%, Tau2 = 0.028), colorectal (adjusted RR = 0.76, 95% CI: 0.69-0.83, P < 0.001, I2 = 53.4%, Tau2 = 0.023), rectal (adjusted RR = 0.84, 95% CI: 0.78-0.91, P < 0.001, I2 = 1.6%, Tau2 = 0.00. You are looking at 24% reduced risk of colorectal cancer for vegans basically. At a study of this magnitude, whatever negative effect vegan diet has, you would see it ....and well...you don't. I mean you can totally find vegans who still get cancer, ofcourse! But all sorts of people get cancers who are at low risk like non-smokers getting lung cancer. But once we look at greater population risk, red meat is a clear risk factor so you gotta weight that out. Also, some people's genetic makeup is just messed up and they unfortunately end up sick regardless of what they do. There are two factors which I think are key here: vegans eat a shit ton of fibre which has been associated with risk reduction vegans eat no red meat and no processed meat There are other risk factors potentially associated with poorly managed vegan diet such as iron deficiency anaemia, pernicious anaemia, osteopenia but colon cancer is definitely not one of them. That's actually one where going vegan is like wearing a freaking power amulet giving you +20 cancer protection. DHA & Prostate Cancer The video by the doctor you shared is legit and this has actually raised a lot of concerns in the scientific communities. There was one animal trial where DHA was linked to prostate cancer. But once similar data were meta-analysed in humans, the result was non-significant. Meaning DHA shown neither benefit nor harm. Here is the trial. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33530576/ Basically there was no association. DHA is neither protective against PC nor is it a harmful contributor it seems. if you are worried about PC, look into the link with dairy, that one is much stronger.
  23. I did something similar for about a month couple of years ago. I wanted to see if my allergies would improve on it. I didn't notice any changes in energy but I did feel a decrease in the mood because the diet was boring, tasteless and kinda dull. I also notice, the plaque on my teeth was building up faster and I had to brush my teeth more often. Best time to do this would probably be summer rather than the end of winter tho. It is a cooling diet and you don't want to be eating smoothies and cold dishes in February too much. Also the thing with enzymes is bs, enzymes are not living, they are just a bunch of chemical mediators that get triggered at certain PH or an environment and get chemically attached somewhere else to catalyse a certain other reaction. It is a trigger & effect method. Your body is full of enzymes btw and none of those are living. You can add synthetic enzymes and they work just as fine as your biological ones. There is no component of living organisms there. Although enzymes might get denatured at certain temperatures, that's true but they do not "die" per se. The benefits of most raw foods probably come down to fibre content and polyphenol content rather than enzymes. That and radical drop in saturated fat & salt consumption. Most proponents of raw diet are quacks with eating disorders and some of them are completely delusional and I think, even have undiagnosed mental health disorders. It is rare that long term raw foodies actually look healthy and strong, most just seem emaciated, wrinkled and aged. You will still find some like Kristina Carillo-Bucaram who looks like a human goddess or John Rose, who seems fit as fuck at his age, but those seem to be an exception rather than the rule. And there are some like Durianrider and Freelee who seem a little bit....out there. All the quitting raw foodies on YouTube are the ones who, I think genuinely tried for years and they just couldn't do it - they lost their periods, and their hair, and started having dental health problems. I don't think it is a good long-term choice. You don't quit after having spent a decade building an audience just because you want to try a steak. You quit because your health is falling apart. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that up to 30-40% of top Vegan influencers have been secretly eating eggs, dairy and meat for years. Especially the ones who do it for fame rather than ethics That being said, it can probably be a good diet for quick weightloss and some form of cleansing. If you do it, let us know how it went.
  24. You probably need a stool test to get it investigated. Speak to your doctor. You should not be having diarrhoea that often. Might be a food allergy of some sort or dysbiotic issue. Get it checked, don't guess.
  25. ya, about 10-12 times on a good day. Bu then, my bodyweight is 87 kilos so lifting 90kg (200lbs) is not a huge deal. Btw don't measure yourself by how much you can bench compared to other people. Just measure yourself on the amount of progress you made. Don't forget that a lot of strong guys in the gym are on growth hormone, tons of creatine, pre-workouts and are eating an atherogenic diet. The game is not equal anymore. Not to mention the hideous technique some of them deploy to lift heavy. You have a lot of adepts for joint replacement and spinal surgery, not to mention bowel cancer, kidney disease and stroke in 15-20 years from all red meat they eat. It's you against you. Forget everybody else.