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  1. @Raphael yeah that might be a good strategy. From my experience it is often lack of calories and lack of protein in diet that causes fatigue. Good luck!
  2. hey @Raphael hope you don't mind me chipping in. You know there is no shame sometimes to go see a doc and get some basic testing that your medical insurance would cover. There is a variety of stool tests they can do and some blood test as well. Describe your symptoms and see what they would be willing to do Do you eat gluten or have you been in past month or so?
  3. Thanks for the advice! You're right, get the idea of the perfect avatar of the client. That's what it comes down to. Thanks for the reminder!
  4. I think this is a decent list of traits that a LP should have. The last point is something I would try to brainstorm a bit. This could become an issue. It will be hard to dedicate thousands of hours to the pursuit of your passion if you are torn among many passions. There will always be a conflict of interest and at some point, you are likely to arrive at crossroads. I think the more specific & targeted you can be the better. Think of yourself as you would of a medieval blacksmith. He is the master of his craft, the best in the town and he regularly works to perfect his art. he knows his time is short and so despite his passion for nature, he has never become a naturalist. Despite his passion for riding, he has never become a horse breeder. And despite his passion for archery, he has never become a fletcher. This is because he knows it wouldn't be realistic to dedicate his time to multiple professions. It is ok to have many passions and hobbies but life purpose needs to be above all that. A single point of focus that you can laser-zoom in to and chip at it every single day becoming the best so that you can share your gifts with others. It is hard to do that by being jack of many trades, despite this being the preferred scenario especially here in the west. People overestimate the importance of knowing a little bit about too many things. So the answer your question , I would say the key thing to integrate is to get super specific on what it is your life purpose will revolve around. Once you get that, you know what your focus is, you can buy the right books, find the right mentors and set sail to your destination. But if this is unhelpful, ignore
  5. You can definitely master multiple skills but you have to figure out what will be your deliberate practice method and then spend many hours on each, ideally daily. It would be logistically easier to first focus on one and then other or you could alternate between weeks or days of focusing on one and the other. But most important is to have some sort of plan of practice. Whatever that would mean for you
  6. This thread has been reopened twice by two different spammer, @Raptorsin7 let me know if you'd like us to close this considering it's a year-old post thread that is just attracting spammers now.
  7. good post, thanks for share Charlie! Sauna is definitely an amazing health practice.
  8. For Optimal sleep? With capital "O", highlighted, underlined? Zero Different people metabolism caffeine at different speed. There may be competitive detoxification with supplements, herbs, medications even food such as grapefruit, turmeric, black pepper, chamomile, lavender etc all stuff that may competitively inhibit caffeine metabolism at P450 enzymatic pathway. If you are unlucky and cursed with the worst CYP1A1 allele it may take you forever to detoxify caffeine and if you then add dark chocolate and some green tea to the mix you may still be under caffeine influence 12 hours later. Statistically unlikely but if the aim is optimal sleep, then even this has to be accounted for. So for optimal sleep the answer is no caffeine If the question is: "How to minimise impact of caffeine on sleep?" the answer would be stick to one cup and have it before 2pm. But in the end the best answer is direct experience. Have a week with caffeine and week without and see how you feel/.
  9. remove sex content from Onlyfans and you get Patreon maybe I'm missing a trolling undertone of this entire thread but the question is" is that the best use of your potential and the highest possible contribution to humanity?" Not to mention there is an overabundance of gay and straight sex stuff absolutely everywhere you look for it. Unless you can bring something new and nische on the table you're not gonna earn anything. The algorithms will work against you in favour of guys with unrealistic proportions, thousands of subscribers and those who do all sorts of crazy shit to get attention.
  10. Has anyone bought/completed any of the courses on https://ebenpagantraining.com/ Any thoughts / negative experiences / positive experiences/concerns or any comments at all? Thanks
  11. @Proserpina @Human Mint @The0Self @roopepa cheers guys! Glad to see this thread come alive yet once again
  12. Sugar-free (detox) challenge is now live and going. I'm happy I've managed to pull of shooting the intro video, editing and it finishing the guidebook among all the crazy shitstorm that was happening at work yesterday. Despite AH being focused on men's health, I'm super excited to have got so many ladies on board as well. I'm definitely not used to be making videos, it felt super awkward, took forever to get decent lightning and I ended up using my phone rather than Nikkon camera due to auto-focus issues. The quality in HD was pretty decent still unfortunately I messed up the upload so it showed as pretty shitty quality on Facebook. However, after this experience, I can definitely imagine myself starting to do some simple youtube videos. The production quality will probably be low in the beginning but it is the next logical step to reach a wider audience. The light ring definitely made a difference and it seems my Power Director license is still valid so the editing bit should be doable. I'd love to use Premier Pro again but fuck the license is expensive !!! Maybe there is a way to add it to the company expense tho. I can't quite decide what I want to do but I'm most inclined towards just talking to the camera (Leo type of content) about stuff rather than doing what I eat in a day type of stuff. I'd also like to add some workout & nature content to that, not yet sure what it would look like. I am passionate about researching and then sharing that research so I feel called towards this area. NOTE TO SELF: "stop daydreaming and actually lift your ass off the chair and go record an actual video...." I'd like to dig into the research on dental health and a systemic connection to the health of the whole body, especially digestive health. I was aware of the connection before but never paid as much attention to it as I should have. After a recent conversation with a medical doctor who highlighted some pretty mind-blowing research to me, I realised this has to be my next target of research to serve my clients better. Shame the topic of dental health was explored so poorly at school.
  13. Consider reading Matt Walker's - Why We Sleep and/or Sanchin Panda's - Circadian Code to truly understand the importance of sleep aligned with the rhythm of the day and why reversed, inconsistent sleep, excessive night shifting or just a sloppy sleep schedule can be a trigger of a chronic disease in a few years
  14. Closing this down as it is turning into another one of those unproductive posts. We appreciate all the help we can get with reporting insulting behaviour and trolling. Let's not keep blaming each other anymore. All of us have made mistakes in the past, said something nasty to someone or did something we later regretted. Let's move on. If this particular troll comes back, they won't have it easy as members are now fully aware of this dynamic going on. Thanks guys!
  15. The most important bit of this thread. DON'T FEED THE TROLL - don't acknowledge anything they say, don't comment, don't quote them, don't panic and take control of your emotional response. Trolls like to dingle a carrot in front of your eyes and then laugh as you try to reach for it with anger and emotional outburst. [ An example " Hey your journal sucks and you should XYZ yourself. You suck" ] They get their trollgasm from watching you suffer, swear and be angry and frustrated. The troll is here because they are bored or scared or just lacking emotional maturity. Sometimes they are just a kid and sometimes a regular user who has gone rogue and angry about something. Trolls are a side product of any internet forum, a corruption if you will. They will always be there and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about that. Having said that I have seen a past troll on this forum become a regular member with valid contributions and genuine regret of past actions, I won't name anyone but trolls can sometimes be brought back once they are understood and allowed to be part of the community. Sometimes this is possible but usually not. If they come back we will ban them again. It takes more time to create new email account and new forum account than it takes to ban someone. Eventually, they will run out of steam. The frustration of needing to go through the account creation process all the time will beat the fetish of seeing others suffer and the anger feeding the troll will diminish with time. HOW CAN YOU HELP Report the troll and one of us will take care of them. Lets not raise any more of these threads, helps us do the moderating work by actively reporting, please. Make sure to always leave a short comment when you report to make it easier on us so that we don't have to go back and read the whole thread every time. Thank you all who help us keep the forum clean and a safe & secure space for everyone Also please report any shady emails, schemes, directing you to weird websites, to buy viagra and crap. If it looks dodgy, report it. - HIGH FIVE -
  16. I truly hope it will remain that way for you. But a young body can tolerate a lot and once problems start to snowball, it takes A LOT of work and deliberate effort to stop that snowball effect. Best take care of that sooner than later Don't wait for the disaster to take the first step.
  17. @universe thanks man, really helpful!
  18. @Raphael id try some of the gluten free wholegrains, most of them are LF. For example same recipe as oatmeal but use buckwheat or quinoa instead. Cook it, mix with some LF fruit, berries, bunch of walnuts some cacao to taste. Careful with overripe fruit tho, the brown bananas for example are too high in fructose and can exacerbate it. Same for dried fruits, some are ok other not so much. Also just go online and google low fodmap cookbook. Plenty of good ones there. If you suspect fodmaps to be an issue I'd suggest you look into the hydrogen/methane breath testing. Get the 3 hour not 90 minutes. The short one is not enough and can produce false negatives or false positives. Hit me up if i can help answer any questions on the topic of LF elimination.
  19. Healing journey can sometimes lead to temporary worsening of how one looks or feels. It's all part of the process. What is to give light must endure burning.
  20. Probably not in the west thou, most people actually eat way too much protein in US & Europe. But I agree that where protein is deficient and a lot of calories are derived from refined carbohydrates, obesity can become an issue. Protein intake does not protect from obesity thou as some of the key protein sources in the western diet are also largely obesogenic such as burgers, fried meats and processed animal products yes to all Genes can predispose one to have larger stores of adipose tissue and maybe having poorer insulin sensitivity and some other endocrine factors but it comes down to a whole scale of other external factors such as some of those you already mentioned but mostly financial situation, social situation, education level and upbringing (e.g. if parents eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, so will the kids)
  21. I agree that having an abundance of hyper-palatable foods sold cheap and wide makes this worse but the problem of obesity goes beyond lack of self-restriction. Obesity is a socio-economic problem. It often stems from lack of education, lack of financial resources, being born and raised in a family with poor eating habits and low levels of personal development over generations. Not to mention rising cost of education, fresh produce, housing etc. Basiclaly things that would pull these people out of the rut are becoming more and more unaffordable for them. At some point poor parents have to make a decision: do I let my kid go hungry or will he/she become obese by feeding them the poorest quality food (the cheapest food) like bread & sugar? With a lack of education, it is hard to make informed decisions about what is healthy and so the natural inclination is towards high calorie, rewarding foods that tend to be ridiculously cheap. Here in UK you can get a pound of fried chips (french fries) for 3 British pounds for example (3000 calories in a single meal) - if you know where to look. I mean even look at this forum where you would assume most people have a higher rate of education and mostly decent upbringing and background. Even here the opinions on what to eat to be healthy are so incredibly diversified. And now imagine someone with 5 years of general education being raised in a family of two neurotic grown-up children of a parents, probably alcoholics, probably having at least 5 addictions each, who has to make critical decision on what information is correct and whatnot. Impossible. Then not to mention being born to already obese family means one is born with messed up microbiome, somewhat messed up genetic predisposition and is thrown down a slippery slope which takes an extreme amount of willpower and independence to get away from. In 90% cases it is impossible simply due to lack of positive examples and external help that these people never get. We could take this further but just wanted to reiterate that obesity is a deeper problem than just eating too much junk. That's a consequence of other, deeper underlying problems that have accumulated over generations of resource deprivation and social inequality.
  22. Maybe you need to park that course for 5 years and expose yourself to more life experience first. Read a bunch of books of completely different genres, get a few jobs, travel the world a bit (once covid restrictions lift ), talk to people from foreign countries, join toastmasters. You know savour diversity. At 22 it is possible you just haven't been exposed to the wide world enough. Try to get some more diverse experience and then come back to it in 5 years, you may see things differently.
  23. There is a progressive contraction & relaxation technique. Start from the head and gradually scan all areas of the body. Start by tensing all muscles you can tense for 5 seconds and then release completely. Observe the difference. You can repeat the cycle as much as you need per body part until you feel some of that tension has gone.
  24. It might be helpful to address this at some point. But everything else was professionally addressed in the comment above
  25. what do you mean