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  1. It might stem from gut-related food intolerance. Any sort of mucous discharge and respiratory blockage is either caused by environmental irritation or dietary intolerance. Mechanical obstruction in the nasal package such as deviated septum or nasal pollyps is also a possibility. If outside exposure is a cause (e.g. pollen, dust, dustmites), tests can be down for that. Some of those are serum IgE or finger prick. Your doctor can do those fairly cheaply. Once you test positive on IgE alergy to something, avoidance is usually the best remedy or some natural antihistamines such as quercetin dihydrate If the cause is intolerance to food on the level of the gut triggering an immune reaction and buildup and discharge of mucous, that's a bit more difficult to deal with but can equally be tested for. If you suspect gut health to be the cause best work with someone who knows what they are doing. You could try ti get gastroenterology appointment and see if you could get a few tests done. Sometimes even things such as intestinal permeability could be related to immunological symptoms but this is again something that needs a supervision of medical professional, nutritionist or a gut health specialist. For mechanical obstruction, ask your doctor if they would be able to have a lookup your nasal cavity to check for nasal polyps or cartilage obstruction. Most nasal inhalers are only masking symptoms, in majority of cases this is not something you can fix with any nasal sprays or nasal corticoids.
  2. 1. stop using KRATOM look at this - basically this stuff can behave like morphine, slightly weaker (but also stronger depending on what you have) so what you are experiencing might genuinely be opioid withdrawal "Both mitragynine (kratom) and 7-OH-mitragynine target opioid receptors, albeit with significant differences in binding affinity [37]. In fact, while the affinity of mitragynine for opioid receptors is less than that of morphine, 7-OH-mitragynine is far more potent than either, approximately 46 times that of mitragynine and 13 times that of morphine" Kratom has also been implicated as a cause of organ dysfunction and toxicity [67]. Animal studies have indicated a risk for drug–drug interactions, namely through modulating hepatic P450 activity and drug metabolism Mitragynine also appears to inhibit hepatic demethylases and transferases, as well as glucuronidation by UDP-glucuronosyltransferases (UGT) such as UGT2B7 and UGT1A1 [70–73]. This bears important implications for a possible interaction when kratom is co-administered with other drugs known to be UGT substrates - what this says is that kratom may competitively be detoxified with other substances because it eats up a lot of different liver enzymes necessary for basic function. Aside from its potential for abuse, kratom poses numerous others risks to patients, largely a consequence of its status as an unregulated supplement. Without regulatory oversight, there is little to ensure the authenticity, purity, quality, potency, and safety of commercially available kratom preparations [89]. Consequently, it is difficult to know for certain what is actually present within commercially available kratom preparations, and the concentration of mitragynine contained can vary considerably [90]. For instance, it has been reported that kratom products may be altered by artificially increasing levels of 7-OH-mitragynine to enhance potency - read what I copied in the first bullet about the strength of 7-OH variation Also, it seems like there might be something you're ignoring in your life and a voice of your unconsciousness is letting itself be heard through those anxieties. I'd spend some time journaling on this and exploring areas in your life where you might be committing slow spiritual suicide (e.g. being stuck in wrong job)
  3. good list & great post! When it comes to disease, chronic inflammation & free radical damage are always going to be your main go to when trying to heal the body. Forget about miracle products, target these two and the body will start to heal itself. Stop inflammation and help trap free radicals as good as possible and the rest will take care of itself.....at least most of the time. Interestingly where energy is concerned, I found that protein deficiency, carbohydrate restriction and general caloric deprivation to be the main trio of culprits followed by short sleep and excessive exercising.
  4. I use Teepe brand. Any size that fits well without too much pain between two teeth. Expect mild bleeding in the beginning and some pretty gross smell. Both will go away as you become regular in it. The standard dental thread also also work but I prefer the small brushes. This this - kinda like a small dental shower. I prefer the manual one, it has become a habit over the years but the electric works well as well you just gotta be careful around your gums to prevent erosion from force and also have to use a proper brush. Not too hard but not too soft either.
  5. Pfizer 1. shot - all good, no side effects, mild tenderness in the side of the shot for 2 days 2. shot - mild weakness and feeling as if my body was coming down with a flu that never really came on. Went to bed at 7 pm that day. The next day all was well again. No long term side effects for me. My girlfriend had exactly the same progression.
  6. @Superfluo yeah that's the one. I use manual one (non electric) but both work well. The manual is more of a ritual as it takes up to 20 minutes per session
  7. A portion of that "yellowness" is pigmentation. Whatever is plaq can be removed by regular single tooth spinbrushing. Sugar and flour products in diet are a concern as well. But generally floss twice a day, brush twice a day and use the uni brush at least 4 times a week. Water pick os very useful too. If nothing else helps pay a hygienist and then do your best to sustain it
  8. @Gen Sue Rodriguez try not to reopen old threads for the purpose of self promotion pls. There are better ways to drive interest in your business and drive traffic to your website. It is allowed to put your web link in your signature. Try to be more helpful to others without not necessarily leaving links in all comments, thanks.
  9. @EugeneTheSage fair enough You know in my old apartment I would put the laptop on the top of my clothes drawer as it was just the right height. That was a neat "standings desk" so sometimes there are other options. All the best in the months to come, I'm sure you will figure stuff out, whatever that is. Let me know if I can help in any way.
  10. why not sell your current table on Facebook Market (or something like that) and get the adjustable desk instead. Same functionality, same space allocation just a bit more practicality None of my business but hey where there is a will, there is a way
  11. Experiment and see what works for you I found for me timing is most important. Turn off PC 1 hour before bedtime and spend that hour reading by a warm bulb light or by the candle light if it is bright enough
  12. I'd start with a basic adjustable desk that you can use both for standing and sitting. That in itself might be better investment for your health than all the other gadgets combined. The treadmill under table is super cool, I'd love to have that one day.
  13. This is an interesting topic. We do not have a lot of studies yet but the few randomised trials we have actually show promising results https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20030543/ 20 volunteers randomised into two glasses groups - the amber (blue light blockers) had significant improvement in sleep quality https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29101797/ Amber glasses can also be helpful in insomnia however this is a really tiny study (n=8) but it shows clear benefit. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28017916/ The users of smartphones without blue light blockers had lower melatonin levels and higher cortisol levels overall compared to those that used the blocker. However the results were not statistically significant, meaning the results might have been obtained by chance. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28595523/ Instalment of blue light-emitting devices in elderly care homes caused more nocturnal activity and more disrupted sleep although it caused more wakefulness and active time during the day ...as it should. From direct experience, I definitely get impacted. If I binge on computer games late at night or watch TV I feel worse in the morning than having read a book but it could be due to neurostimulation of videogames rather than more parasympathetic stimulation of reading a book. Hard to tell. Overall, I'd say blue light does have some disruptive effects on human sleep.
  14. A mark of a professional is knowing when to back off. You can have all the data and knowledge you want but sometimes you come across a wall, someone who does not want to hear the answer and they'd rather carry on doing what they are doing despite the fact it is not serving them. This guy was clearly not ready to hear that advice. As a health professional all he can do is to share the latest research and if this dude is not ready to accept that, from Matthews's perspective that's it. There is nothing else he can do. most smokers are fully aware that they can die from lung cancer which has 8% treatment success. But most smoke anyway and you can overwhelm them with research but it won't help. There are other, much bigger dynamics going on there.
  15. There is a lot you can do if you learn proper dental hygiene (not suggesting your dental hygiene is insufficient btw 😉) including daily flossing, single tooth brushing and occasional water pick. Good dental hygiene and low sugar consumption will get you a long way. But getting hygienist checkup twice a year is a good idea. Unchecked dental issues can destroy your digestive health and even give you heart problems down the road
  16. @Raphael yeah that might be a good strategy. From my experience it is often lack of calories and lack of protein in diet that causes fatigue. Good luck!
  17. hey @Raphael hope you don't mind me chipping in. You know there is no shame sometimes to go see a doc and get some basic testing that your medical insurance would cover. There is a variety of stool tests they can do and some blood test as well. Describe your symptoms and see what they would be willing to do Do you eat gluten or have you been in past month or so?
  18. Thanks for the advice! You're right, get the idea of the perfect avatar of the client. That's what it comes down to. Thanks for the reminder!
  19. I think this is a decent list of traits that a LP should have. The last point is something I would try to brainstorm a bit. This could become an issue. It will be hard to dedicate thousands of hours to the pursuit of your passion if you are torn among many passions. There will always be a conflict of interest and at some point, you are likely to arrive at crossroads. I think the more specific & targeted you can be the better. Think of yourself as you would of a medieval blacksmith. He is the master of his craft, the best in the town and he regularly works to perfect his art. he knows his time is short and so despite his passion for nature, he has never become a naturalist. Despite his passion for riding, he has never become a horse breeder. And despite his passion for archery, he has never become a fletcher. This is because he knows it wouldn't be realistic to dedicate his time to multiple professions. It is ok to have many passions and hobbies but life purpose needs to be above all that. A single point of focus that you can laser-zoom in to and chip at it every single day becoming the best so that you can share your gifts with others. It is hard to do that by being jack of many trades, despite this being the preferred scenario especially here in the west. People overestimate the importance of knowing a little bit about too many things. So the answer your question , I would say the key thing to integrate is to get super specific on what it is your life purpose will revolve around. Once you get that, you know what your focus is, you can buy the right books, find the right mentors and set sail to your destination. But if this is unhelpful, ignore
  20. You can definitely master multiple skills but you have to figure out what will be your deliberate practice method and then spend many hours on each, ideally daily. It would be logistically easier to first focus on one and then other or you could alternate between weeks or days of focusing on one and the other. But most important is to have some sort of plan of practice. Whatever that would mean for you
  21. This thread has been reopened twice by two different spammer, @Raptorsin7 let me know if you'd like us to close this considering it's a year-old post thread that is just attracting spammers now.
  22. good post, thanks for share Charlie! Sauna is definitely an amazing health practice.
  23. For Optimal sleep? With capital "O", highlighted, underlined? Zero Different people metabolism caffeine at different speed. There may be competitive detoxification with supplements, herbs, medications even food such as grapefruit, turmeric, black pepper, chamomile, lavender etc all stuff that may competitively inhibit caffeine metabolism at P450 enzymatic pathway. If you are unlucky and cursed with the worst CYP1A1 allele it may take you forever to detoxify caffeine and if you then add dark chocolate and some green tea to the mix you may still be under caffeine influence 12 hours later. Statistically unlikely but if the aim is optimal sleep, then even this has to be accounted for. So for optimal sleep the answer is no caffeine If the question is: "How to minimise impact of caffeine on sleep?" the answer would be stick to one cup and have it before 2pm. But in the end the best answer is direct experience. Have a week with caffeine and week without and see how you feel/.
  24. remove sex content from Onlyfans and you get Patreon maybe I'm missing a trolling undertone of this entire thread but the question is" is that the best use of your potential and the highest possible contribution to humanity?" Not to mention there is an overabundance of gay and straight sex stuff absolutely everywhere you look for it. Unless you can bring something new and nische on the table you're not gonna earn anything. The algorithms will work against you in favour of guys with unrealistic proportions, thousands of subscribers and those who do all sorts of crazy shit to get attention.
  25. Has anyone bought/completed any of the courses on https://ebenpagantraining.com/ Any thoughts / negative experiences / positive experiences/concerns or any comments at all? Thanks