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  1. < SPOILER ALERT> Well in a sense she does. It is not the traditional one like LOTR of Star Wars and the structure is mixed up. There is the call for adventure when the Pilot comes and she decides to go with him despite all odds ( her mother, the unknown world..). The pilot is not the traditional messenger because it was her decision but you see the point. Her mentor dies, when the Amazon general gets shot in the beginning. She faces the threshold guardian ( probably the evil Nazi general or the trench battle) But than she nearly quits when seeing the villagers she freed all dead from the poison shell. eventually she decents into the belly of the beast ( the nazi camp) and fights the ultimate Boss ,Ares but in the end realises there is a much bigger goal and that is for her to protect the humanity hence she remains in the world of men and fights "the evil".
  2. if you think Leo's content is bullshit, i suggest let it be for now and return in couple years. See if it makes any more sense then. If not, repeat again in couple years. I know if someone in my 17s told me to do any personal development, I'd flip them off and go play video games and eat some shit food.
  3. Definitely. It is proven that lack of sun exposure influences your mood levels and can lead to depressions and anxieties. It is no coincidence that countries with the least sun have higher level of suicides. Suns is the inhibitor of all life on this planet. All living organisms require it daily. The lack of most natural form of D-vitamin is what causes these along with problems with calcium levels. The good news is that you only need around 15 minutes a day to get your required amount. As it always is, too much of anything can harm so make sure you don't over-expose yourself If you can, get naked out on the sun as clothes are not natural, or at least don't wear synthetic clothing. However that can be challenging at times especially living with neighbours
  4. @sgn probably a pure troll account. Doesn't care whether he gets banned...
  5. There is always a chance/risk that the course will uncover something completely different, that's what happened to me so my major went straight down the toilet ( no regrets). If that is your case as well, it is better to find out now than in 30 years
  6. Dude are you being paid by a Pharma Company? Seriously! Where do your arguments come from? You seems to despise all natural and tend to claim that chemical supplements are equal if not superior to natural Vitamins and Herbs? Nature provides everything we need in an abundance but it is mankind's will to play god and to earn money that twists facts, truth and leads to misinformation being spread. All life on this planet comes from the sun, caught on leafs of plants. This is the source of vitamins, minerals and protein. Not lab chemicals and certainly not products of slaughter and mass murder of animals. Before you cut me of as "being a vegan" think twice about what you are saying. Also it seems to me like you might be click-bating some of those i-herbs links for commission payments....but I hope I am wrong The most natural and herbal supplements are sale tricks. Most of them don't work and are a big waste of money (not all though). You can actually pick many of them yourself and give it a try . Simple plants like dandelions can purify your liver much better than any synthetic substance out there. Many drugs and supplements are based on natural sources, but they remove one substance which completely destroys the balance of phytochemicals , bioflavanoids and other substances in the plant. Vitamin c whole foods isn't any different then regular ascorbic acid. It is the same nutrient and is absorbed well and this is backed up by studies. Studies funded by pharmaceutical business. Absorbic acid is highly unstable and toxic to human body. It is completely foreign substance and your body attacks it. It puts your organs at danger and can give you a cancer. Man thinks he can twist nature, break it down, exclude some elements, and copy it in a lab. As far as I know, we are not able to synthetically create an apple. Wholefood supplements are a different story but nobody buys them because they cost 8 times as much On the other hand I am going to agree that some supplements are necessary for some people but they need to be wholefood not synthetic. B12 being the first ( bacterial) especially for Vegetarians and Vegans , Chlorella is an excelent one as long as it is properly prepared so that it is digestible. From there it is purely person's choice but a balance of green leafy vegetables. A decent adrenal formula to support our overstressed glands and magnesium in highly digestible form.
  7. Walking around, being honest and truthful, pointing out your flaws makes others feel insecure because that is not what majority does. The modern world is generally not an honest place. I mean us, humans are intuitively not bad, we just don't like to be judged or criticised, that's why we always go around hiding flaws, pretending to be the best versions of ourselves. Highlighting all perfections and sweeping imperfections under the rug. Usually the only time where we all connect on the same level is where a mayor catastrophic event happens, only then you see people genuinely opening themselves up for others, being true to our humanity. Having their expensive clothes all bloody from trying to save your fellow man's life as it happened in London not long ago. Be the change you want to see in the world and let your light shine onto others. Your positivity will inspire,and motivate the rest of us to drop our fears and judgements and step out in the light. "You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
  8. * Preparing meals for next day kinda helps me relax . It is also a good mindfulness practice. * Journal and retrospect on the day passed.
  9. @Outer very decent arguments all of it. Yet still, humanity is getting overly dependant on outer help. Be it sleeping pills, be it antidepressants, be it performance or sexual stimulants. Having done a quick google search I found couple articles that say that it can actually be harmful to take Melatonin from external source and that it stops working over time however that would be the same if I were to ask if Avocado is healthy, no doubt i'd find someone telling me it isn't. The problem is that we get overly attached to stimulants on an emotional level. Most of us could go on our daily lives without coffee but we choose not to because it is emotionally the easiest thing. Even though you say Melatonin supplementation is cheap and non addictive, there might still be someone who get emotionally so hooked on it that they'll never be able to sleep without it. That being said i agree with your point that Melatonin secretion is killed by Blue Light which is reason why we can't go to sleep after hours of browsing in the night. The solution here is not to take supplements, but to optimise one's lifestyle and daily schedule which in our mainstream culture is getting increasingly difficult.
  10. I wouldn't advise taking chemical hormones to help with sleep, not even small doses. The body starts secreting enough melatonin after 10pm to put you in sleep as long as you don't do things like watching TV to numb it down. Whenever you start supplementing something that is naturally being released by your body, you are asking for trouble. Same with taking testosterone and same with using inhalers instead allowing adrenal glands to do their work, and same with drinking coffee...
  11. @stevegan928 love the last one
  12. Great post ! This is completely contradictory to what most of the population does which is why sedatives of all kinds are number 1 pharma drug in US. Emotions are like a stream of river flowing through you. If you keep the "tunnel" opened they will pass through you leaving no impact. If you resist the flow and look for ways how not to avoid the stream passing , you will drown eventually regardless of how big a dam you build.
  13. Save some cash money and ask an older friend. Or maybe approach a teacher at school with whom you have good relationship if he could buy it for you in exchange for cash. There has to be someone in your surroundings who has debit card and will understand your point. Your parents are scared because you are no longer their little dummy but you are starting to have your opinions. Also when you open Leo's Book List section, at the bottom there are already some audio books mentioned. Start with those He talks about many of them in his videos so just pick one and start reading, you don't really need the whole bunch. Before you know it, you'll figure out a way how to buy if but for now go one by one.
  14. Besides what has already been mentioned Avoid your exposure to blue light at least 2 hours prior (tablets, phones, laptops...) Get a bit of fresh air Drink warm beverage ( without stimulating substances) Read a book ( not on PC or phone) Meditate Journal Go to bed between 9-10:30 pm.
  15. @SFRL This is what many many people experience when drinking coffee. Hell back in days when I was daily coffee drinker, I knew I had to find a place to "lay low" within 30 minutes of having the drink or else I would shame myself for eternity Coffee increases bowel movement in many. It is not natural but it doesn't mean your digestion is messed up. Coffee does this to perfectly healthy individuals all around the world. As suggested above, green tea could be a great replacement/
  16. You are welcome, I hope you will find it helpful Once you start cleansing yourself, you will see your energy levels escalate. Good time to run is in the morning on empty stomach which is where your body detoxes greatly and also burn stored fat cells instead of sugar since none of is left after night. Take a shot of water with lemon and cayenne pepper to give yourself a kick start to boost metabolism before you head out
  17. @pluto I've heard about eating dandelions and how beneficial to gut flora it can be, but never tried it myself. Do you buy them or pick them yourself?
  18. @Richard Alpert generally whenever person has certain disease, it is advisable that they get of the sugar as much as they can. Glucose, the final product of carb digestion promotes sickness and contributes to acidic environment of organism in which most viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, (you name it)..thrive. Fruit sugar is no different. For a healthy individual a rational portion of fruit per day is absolutely fine. From what I've researched and observed during my fasting, the veggie juicing cleans the fastest and you don't get the insuline spike you would get from juicing fruits ( fiber in skin that is thrashed during juicing slows this down so fruit is better blended whole). Combine it with some seaweeds like Chlorella powder of supplement and you have the complete Vitamin-Minearal Spectrum as well as all Amino Acids and essential fats. Many experts promote Frutarianism, other are against it...it is a mess of opinions. We have to organise the data ourselves and find whatever works for us.
  19. Besides mineral waters and fruit, hardly anything from Starbucks could be considered healthy. When your baseline is "messed up digestion every morning", basically anything that makes you feel any different would be considered healthy? Or less unhealthy perhaps? Rather try to get of coffee completely and see the difference then. You have daily evidence that it is not good for you. The "alive" feeling it gives you burns out your adrenals and few hours of energy will be paid heavily later on in your life.
  20. Start by addressing the causes in your life. Majority of diseases that humanity has are lifestyle choices. Retrospect back on your life. Where does your lifestyle backfire?: 1. Smoker ? Alcohol drinker? Coffee drinker? 2. Excess animal food? ( meat, dairy, eggs, ) 3. Excess sugar? ( includes fruit sugar, honey, agave, pasta, pizza, pastry.....) 4. lack of exercise? ( 5 times of week minimum) Heavy weight lifting and high heart pounding aerobic exercise. 5. Stress at work? stress at home? bad relationship? 6. Polluted water source, living close to highway, power plants, coal mines..... the list goes on and on and on....... Start treating symptoms first before you include "superfoods" and ultraffoods for hundreds of dollalrs. Once you have identified causes , what can you do? Become your own doctor, take your health 100% in your own hands! Re-starting your immune system Look into Juice Fasting and Enema cleansing to give your immune system a "restart" and boost. Don't blend, Juice !! No fruits, only vegetables, seaweeds and a lot of fluids. Hold your nose if it tastes bad or add Stevia. No sugar. Get a decent cold pressed juicer ( not blender and not centrifuge juicer). Enema will help cleanse your intestinal tract like nothing else. It is not a usual method and a bit uncomfortable the first time so make sure to use some oil with it( coconut, olive) to help "get it in." Majority of docs will not recommend this as it doesn't earn money. Be prepared for symptoms of serious detox ( headaches, swinging moods, cramps, lack of energy) those are all symptoms of detoxifying, you might feel like shit before you get better. * NO ANIMAL FOOD during this phase * NO PROCESSED FOOD * NO SODAS AND SWEETENED DRINKS Do your homework and research before you fast or try enemas as there are many aspects to consider. Heal Yourself 101 from Markus Rothkranz is a great source of incredible information. Other things you can do if you don't like the idea of fasting 1. Raw plant based diet, preferably vegetables, small amounts of fruit, seaweeds , seeds and little nuts ( grinded, soaked). Don't worry about protein, you'll get enough of it. 2. Exercise - you know the benefits. 3. take sauna for detox ( ideally infrared if you can) , daily. 4. Don't touch animal food during your cleanse phase. 5. Avoid all shit food - many threads have been opened on this forum discussing this. START TODAY
  21. One of Eckhart Tolle's books (or maybe more of them) has a very specific sign at the end of each chapter or an important section. This means that you should stop and ponder for a while before going on. Perhaps try to draft with a pencil random sign or a word STOP on every 2nd or 3rd page or at the end of each sub-chapter to give yourself the sign that it is time to stop reading and think. Another great way is to take notes as you read. I like to use highlighter and take notes later. Whatever works for you. Review your notes during your commute times or when at the toilet
  22. @ElenaO yes indeed it can. One of Iron's main functions in body is to work with red blood cells transferring oxygen all around your body. A lack means insufficient cellular oxidation, over long term that could have some nasty consequences. However I would discourage you from buying Iron supplement. Instead focus on eating more dark green leafy vegetables ( spinach, kale, broccoli, watercress...). Too much iron can be toxic but you are very unlikely to go overboard if your main source are plants But again, most of us here are not nutrition specialists so just to be really sure, maybe talk to a nutrition expert or look someone up on youtube. Good luck!
  23. Totally agree! Also make sure to take it slow during the negative phase, when going back to the starting position(lowering the weight). I tend to see guys dropping weights way too quickly. Take it slow, savour the pain even if it means less reps, the quality of each is incomparable though
  24. @TBurg82 this was the beginning of my relationship 6 years ago. And it prevailed for a long time. Give it time, this is perfectly natural for a shy, introverted individual but even extroverts. We care about our partners so much that by fearing we disappoint their expectations, we completely block our natural flow of energy..resulting in things such as you described. Partnership needs time, before the chemistry is stronger, before you develop mutual trust, friendship and deep passion for each other. Don't ever rely on drugs. It will backfire terribly on you, screwing you up beyond repair. Learn to use all your senses and have a really god foreplay, don't go straight for the best. Make sure your partner is satisfied at least twice before you even think about penetration. However as said above, in case you are overweight and unfit, look into an exercise routine and your nutrition. Salty, fatty and sugary foods kill your libido. Avoid staying up late night and over-masturbation
  25. @Prabhaker not disclaiming health benefits of Yoga at all, it is incredible and everybody should do it! However it is not enough to prevent the loss of bone matter.