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  1. Next time, you browse social media, put some awareness to it. Do it but do it consciously. Leo has a good video "Awareness alone is Curative" 1. I am picking a phone in my hand conciously 2. I am conciously opening the facebook app 3. I am conciously scrolling through this pile of horsehit that other people post and looking at things than I don't care about. And last, just realise how pointless social media usually is. You get soooo overloaded by meaningless information, drama, fakeness and pretenders that your whole self agenda is out of the window. After 5 minutes of endless scrolling, I feel like having 50 gazelles run over my head....
  2. @Epiphany_Inspired that dirt on the carrot is Vitamin B12, one of the most potent vitamins and the one that majority of Earth's population is deficient in. That kid definitely knew more about life than most adults
  3. You are getting a lot of awesome insights and that makes them afraid. It is a stuff they don't understand and most likely never will. Pity them and show them love. This non understanding is completely common and everyone who starts to do some consciousness work and change habits sees it sooner or later. As @General 2 said, it is the pendulum of homoeostasis at work. They don't know any better. There are things you can do: First of all realise that your life is 100% your responsibility and that you CAN get out of this rot you think you are in. Sign up with a local library to research all the books you need. This will also allow you more time for contemplation and generally being by yourself, there is little distraction in library. Meditate outside when the weather allows it. There is an internet that comes in USBs that you plug in to your laptop,look into that, ask your phone provider about it. You can show the middle finger to your dad taking wifi which is pretty lousy move IMO. You can still take notes and study, just add these notebook among your regular school stuff, your parent's won't even notice. I don't know what your age and financial situation is but I'd advise you to look for a job at least temporary and start saving your own money so that you make your decisions and can move on with your life, potentially moving away from your family until they find enough love to support you no matter what. Cheers !
  4. Nobody can answer these questions for you. Don't ask for a step by step manual on how to live your life from strangers who know completely nothing about you. What is your life purpose? What are you passionate about? These questions need to be answered first. Everybody has their own path, their own intuition, their own vision of life an goals. What works for me, might not work for you. That being said, it is generally good to have an education. It's not really about the information you get but its about going through this period when you are not burdened by anything and can focus on what is important. Just make sure you go study something that is meaningful to you. Don't listen to what you "should study" because it earns more or less. Do what is most natural to you.
  5. This whole idea that Fashion somehow matters is just a cultural rape. Our minds have been raped since we were kids with fashion trends. Nobody ever wants to be the weird kid, the one who wears odd clothes, we wanted to be liked, to blend it, to be like that other cool kid. Birds of feather flog together. Fashion is a genius masterpiece industry when it comes to marketing and salesmanship. They release crap articles to convince you that regardless of the garbage in person's head, the appearance is what matters the most. Than they give you SALES to buy it before it runs out. Summer sales, Winter sales, Black Friday, Last minute pre christmas sale, first after christmas sale. "Get it now, only now, best price on the market !!!!"Again it's only the cultural conditioning to be approved of, to be liked. I don't care about the reason. If someone is willing to spend 3K on a piece of clothing regardless of what it is made off ,that's a beautiful demonstration of completely twisted value system. Unless it is a scuba diving gear, hockey armour or something of that sort. That being said, we cannot obviously walk around naked, but to follow fashion trends and play the whole peacock game is a waste of life, time, money, energy. Last point, a bonus: Majority of trendy clothes are made of artificial materials. When exposed to even medium heat but even if not, they seep chemicals and deadly toxins through your skin. Things like polyester should be avoided like a plague. Go cotton or linen if you can.
  6. Everybody is addicted to sugar. We have been since we were babies. I don't mean the most obvious ones like Agavae Syrup, Honey, sweets, sodas but also fructose in fruits or starchy carbohydrates in pasta, pizza, rice. Or lactose in Milk. Corn starch, wheat products. It's everywhere. Don't beat yourself over occasional cheating, it is very very difficult to unhook oneself from the sugar, it can literally take decades. One thing though, I'd advise is not to remove spices from your meals. many of them have proven benefits to cardiovascular health, digestion, mental health, endocrine system etc...Just don't overdo it.
  7. Does he recognise that he has a problem in his live? If not, you cannot help him. Don't try to help someone who doesn't want to change. Sometimes you need to give time for a person to wake the fuck up.
  8. The key to successful relationship is being content in the presence of solitude in the first place. If you require other people to feel whole, you will always suffer once they all leave you. That being said, socialising can be very beneficial but also very toxic. I'd rather be alone than hang out with people who socialise to elevate their "social hierarchy status", polish their ego, boast, talk shit and generally waste time. Listen to your own intuition instead of other people out there. You don't really need many people in your life but it can be contributing to have a like minded person or two in your life. Seeking friends should not be random like we did in highs school by becoming friends with people who sit next to us but very picky and deliberate action ( as dicki-sh as that sounds). You want people who grow you and challenge you, you want people who will hold you accountable and give you critical but constructive feedback. You don't need fake, pretenders who will complements you and stick a knife in your back as soon as you turn around. As per the ladies, well again listen to your intuition again. It definitely has its benefits to experiment with sexual partners and it is also a pleasant distraction but you don't want to make it a priority ever. Just make sure you do not justify your solitude to give yourself a reason for self pity because that will damage your mental and physical health and make you very miserable person.
  9. @Natasha agree, the one I use comes in tiny tablets. I dose them based on my stress levels, activity and exposure to pollution in city.
  10. As long as they have broken the hard digestible cellular wall properly, it doesn't really matter. I use Sun Chlorella from Japan. They use a Dyno-Mill technique. Not sure how that works but it is 95-99% digestible. Although not the cheapest 1500 of them cost around 90 USD
  11. imagine the spectrum of your emotions. Complete depression and sadness on one side and excitement on the other. Happiness is being in the middle. It is being content with whatever is without needing to change. It is a state of complete acceptance. Even if you feel an emotion on a scale anywhere outside of the "content", it does not influence you, you do not become that emotion, you merely observe it and stay in the middle.
  12. @Moreira these days a term "superfood" has been prostituted to the highest degree, just as term "organic" or "natural". Marketing has completely decreased its validity. However there are foods / herbs /plants that are definitely superior in nutritional value and effects on central nervous system, respiratory, digestion etc... to most other. Things like Blue&Green Algae, Bee Pollen, Sprouted legumes and seeds, the ones you mentioned and many many other are incredible however there is a challenge of obtaining high quality ones. Chlorella for example ranges in digestibility anywhere from 3 %to 90% depending on source and manufacture method. But generally yeah, great stuff as long as you are getting a high quality .
  13. it is a very dangerous game to be spouse-centred ( or girlfriend/wife/fiancee centred..). All your decisions are made based on her. Your mood is influenced by hers. Your "freedom" is established by her to a great degree. She, not you is the centre of your universe and that is not the correct way to live. What happens if she decides to leave you for a detached asshole? While it is perfectly fine to dedicate a lot of energy and waking time to your relationship, make sure it does not become your priority. YOU are your priority! You are the most important thing in your life. The second this changes, you become a doormat a punching bag. Dedicate your life to sharing and contribution but never forget to cultivate your own agenda in the first place. This way you won't have to chase your masculinity because by being true to your values you'll know which is the right path to walk. Oh and btw, being a THE MAN is not so much about the looks as being out there and killing it in life. Leo has a great video on "How to be a man"
  14. adding couple things on the top of what guys already mentioned Avoiding polyester clothes as they seep chemicals into your body through pores. ( wear cotton, linen, hemp, other...) Avoid hygiene products that contain complex metals, alcohol, earth oil... however this one is rally really deep topic ( read 100 year lie from Randall Fitzgerald) Keep your windows open throughout the night and day, avoid using too many chemicals in your household, don't buy cheap carpets they seep chemicals, EMF Exposure - Walk bare foot when you can to ground yourself and reduce it. Don't use wireless gadgets, turn of wifi at night, don't put laptop on your lap, cut the time you spend on your mobile phone. If you spend to much time on aeroplanes, look into supplements that remove radiation from the body Supplement chlorella - cleans toxins, metals, and poisoning, promotes longevity. Especially important if you live in a city. Filter your drinking water Consider a wholefood B12 supplement even if you are not a vegan/vegetarian Do not eat between 11pm and 11am as that is where your body pushes out waste.
  15. @pluto interesting study, thanks for sharing. I guess my concern is that in our western countries, most of the soy has been modified to meet the massive consumption. However this has shed some light and hope for me, great article. I'e seen studies promoting soy and I've seen others discouraging. So in the end it all comes down to a matter of who do you believe since most of us don't have the money and knowledge to do the physical research.
  16. @pluto from what I've read about soy. It is heavily modified across the planet. It has been completely twisted and changed from what it was once. Soy contains many anti-nutrients and toxins. It changes your chromosomes with its high levels of oestrogen. Men actually become feminine and women masculine. Even animals fed soy show signs of colonial cancer. It also absorbs minerals like Zinc from your body. In ancient times, oriental farmers used soy not to eat but to enrich soil and rotate the crops. Humans were once able to digest soy, thousands of years ago but due to hundreds of year mixing with other legumes, the nutrients in it have become undigested and straining organisms. This is really an expert topic, I only know little that I've read in few books about Nutrition but the message i got is to avoid soy like a Plague. Soy is being put into baby formulas causing irreversible damage to the brain, to genitals, digestive system... Now whether organic non GMO is legit , that I have no idea. The thing is that with all those years of modification, even a seed that you plant without modification could have been heavily mixed and cross planted a millennia ago completely changing structure of it. But than again, it was used for crop enriching not eating hence I think it has no place on man's table. That's just my opinion so if you come if with something disproving this, please do let me know cause I loved soy Don't know much about the other grains, I've never tried any of them. Recommended generally are sprouted (where possible) or soaked pseudo grains like buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, wheat grass.
  17. Gluten in majority of wheat products is a very sticky protein. The seed of the wheat contains ensymes necessary for gluten digestion however these are killed during high heat processing when making pastry products. The gluten however makes it so now you end up with a lot of heat-messed up protein that you cannot digest without any enzymes to digest it. The good thing is that our bodies can compensate and produce our own ensymes hower this puts a lot of strain and drains a lot of energy. In a long run this is not sustainable, your body's potential for ensyme production suffers greatly and many regular wheat consumers develop inflammations in form of acne, bloating, collon cancer, weight gain, digestive problems, auto-immune disease...the list goes on and on. And than there is the concern of genetic mutation which was mentioned above. That is a reason why products like Soy should not even be touch. Another case with wheat products is that generally it is a "dead food. " During the processing of bakery products majority of nutrients are lost. Hence when eating these products you take a lot of empty calories just to find yourself hungry again because your body will be missing essential nutrients. Not to mention that processed carbohydrates are one of the best way to gain fat on your body.
  18. First thing in the morning have at least half a litre of water with lemon and cayenne pepper. Don't eat until 11 am as that is where your body pushes out waste. Drink throughout the whole afternoon. Don't drink during your meals to make space for more food. Water mixes up with the chloric acid in your stomach, reducing its potency and leaving more work for your gallbladder and small intestines. Instead have a drink before the meal, for better digestion add apple cider vinegar to it. Don't drink at least 30 minutes after meal. In the evening have a warm glass of water to prepare your body for sleep. Couple tips: filter your tap water don't drink out of plastic bottles if you don't have to. If you do drink out of plastic, do not leave it exposed to sun as that stimulates more plastic being released into the liquid. Don't become a waterholic. This is a popular trend. People indulge themselves in water the whole day like it was a magical liquid. Especially office workers with nearly 0 caloric output. Be reasonable. There are some online calculators to assess your ideal intake. There are also some great apps that you can setup to send you reminders at frequent intervals.
  19. Give him a sense of purpose, something positive in life. He sees that he has to be fed, he knows he can barely walk. Even in his age he realises that he has become a burden and he sees the way your family perceives him: "as old, fragile shadow of a human being" Of course he wants to die. Give him a sense of purpose. Talk to him, talk about his childhood, about his school years, about lives of your great grandparents. He may have thousands of stories to share. Make it a family night when he will talk and the others will listen. Damn, he lived through WW1 and WW2. Do this before all the great stories die with him. Very old people can give you incredible wisdom and mind blowing stories. it may even improve his brain health if you force him to think back into the past. People age and start to die rapidly when they lose a sense of purpose.
  20. Definitely go discuss with your gynaecologist. Iron deficiency is a common result of heavy period. However best to make sure the heavy bleeding is not caused by something else. They would have seen many cases like that and will know what to do best It is probably connected with the sour in your mouth. To get some Iron in a natural way, have a bowl of dark green vegetables every day and look into supplementing Chlorella. ( Sun Chlorella in Kyoto,Japan produces a high quality, highly digestible product. Nowadays many companies resell their product so very easy to get. ) Good luck
  21. @a e l i 1. streaming only, no download is possible as of now. I guess this is to prevent violation of copyright which is perfectly understandable. 2.Hell, it's very deep!! There are many visualisation exercises that go directly to you subconscious mind, your imagination and your past. The product is for general public but it is created in a way that feels like it was tailored individually. It feels like Leo speak to you personally only. It is profound and advanced and not everyone is ready for it. Nobody can really tell you if its for you or not. Buy and see for yourself. Worst case scenario, get back to it in 5 years. I don't think the license has an expiration period. 3. Negative? Hmm... not really. You have to work really hard on it and that might discourage a lot of people who just want to buy something short, exciting and expect massive results. So be prepared to really put your time into it. Months of it. That I don't consider negative but it is an obstacle for some. 4. I did. I had a subtle intuition for years but I would have never though about doing somethign about it, it was just something I liked. Now I am convinced that it is a reality and am in the process of transition which will probably take few years but that's ok P.S. - If you don't really like it in the end, there is a refund period in which you can get the money back, i think it's 50 days but frankly I don't think many people have done that. Unless you are completely close minded and super lazy, slacking on exercises, you'll get the money's worth.
  22. It gives you a nice overview of Business and Management generally so it is a good starting point for most business careers in Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Data Analysis, Marketing, Market Data, HR but also many other. Most corporations will hire you if you can prove some knowledge of Excel, Word,Outlook. This puts you on a path of money chasing, kissing ass and corporate ladder climbing though so make sure this is something you really want to do.
  23. haha excelent suggestion. Have a reputation point for that No seriously, I see myself stroking my ego with every reputation point and every time I get one it feels great. At the same time I completely agree with this suggestion, it would make for less judgement and projection on low ranking members and more suggestions coming from heart and not ego. On the other side, they tell you who has been around for a while, has vast knowedge( not neccesarily) and is worthy listening to so a taught decision.
  24. Great topic, thanks for opening this! Can you get hooked on Maca? I mean in an a way that you seem to lack energy once you stop doing it. Is it like Caffeine or pre-workouts formulas? Boy, it took me a while to unhook myself from those Also, how do you guys dose it and eat it? Thanks !
  25. @CarlosV What are you interested in? What makes you passionate? Which activity helps you forget about the world outside? People around here are wired differently and everyone sees something else as important. It has to be something that deeply resonates within you only, nobody else can give it to you on a silver platter. It may also help you to take the Life Purpose Course.