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  1. I mean actual meals please, no synthetic or bottled stuff
  2. Few things that could help More physical activity- add some vigorous workout session to your daily routine. A 20 minute high intensity, high heart rate, cardio session could do the trick. Tiring your body before sleep could help you a lot. Stretch before sleep - if you have a pet, you'll notice they stretch before sleeping, many people do this in combination with deliberate yawning Dim all lights at least 1 hour before sleep - to help your body with melatonin production. Only have enough light to avoid bumping into the walls. This is an ideal time to meditate, do some breathing exercises Careful with evening snacking - high starchy and high fatty meals that are difficult to digest will disrupt your sleep. make sure that your dinner is light, consisting mainly of raw food. Have a warm beverage - there are certain herbal teas that help calm the body, look something up. many of them contains herbs such as Spearmint, Lemon Grass, Tilia Flowers, Blackberry Leaves, Orange Blossoms, Hawthorn Berries, Rosebuds Look into magnesium supplement - generally magnesium helps you relax stiff muscles , reduce anxieties and put body in more state of calmness. Most of us are generally deficient in magnesium. If nothing helps however, it could be sound idea to talk to a physician as thee are some physiological issues that could be causing this. Some people naturally cannot sleep very well and there are people who do not sleep at all. Not saying this could be your case but it is good to know that you can expel that possibility. Also the trick with morning early wake up is to have a purpose for making up. You need to plan your morning routine. Be it exercise, studying, meditation, yoga, it has to be something that will pull you from the bed. Once the alarm rings, get of the bed, don't sit, start moving get a blood circulating, open all shutters, open the window,. splash your face with cold water, go make breakfast. Any physical activity will help wake you up. Having a lemon drink with a pinch of cayenne pepper helps kick start your body in the morning.
  3. @Natasha 5000 mg of B12?? Are you sure that's the right number? That's 5 grams, literally a teaspoon Human RDD is around 3-5 mcg which stands for 0.003-0.005 mg.
  4. Has anyone from UK been on one of those around the country? There are literally hundreds of them advertised on google. Any good or bad experiences? Any particular companies or websites you would recommend? TA!
  5. Finished it and got a lot of insight. Beware however, the course does not tell you: "this is your LP and this is what you do, here is a 10 step manual" It helps you to uncover this stuff yourself from within and at the same time gives you very practical advice on how you can go ahead and start transitioning. Deep inside all of us know these things, we just don't know how to access them. Having said that, I uncovered my passion that I always perceived only as a side interest before. I've signed up with a 3 year, weekend university to change my mayor and learn new information while keeping with regular 9-5 to make living. On evenings and early mornings, I work on starting a blog or studying different materials, which is just me testing waters and seeing what could work. Moving slowly but it gives me tremendous amount of satisfaction to know that finally my life started to head in meaningful direction. And if it has to take another 10 years to earn my first dollar while doing what I live, than so be it!! I'd rather do that than spend the rest of my life doing corporate career. My advice to you is definitely do it and finish all exercises. Especially values and strengths, those will be your guiding beacons when all other "lights fade." Follow your heart and intuition instead of your rational mind and keep extreeeeeemely open-minded. good luck !
  6. You said it yourself. Work your 9-5 to make living and in your spare time develop your skills. That's how most of us do, the transition could honestly take few years. It helps to create a good morning routine so that by the time you are off to work, you would have already spend 1 hour or more, working on your skills. I have learned that in my life the reason for lack of energy was that I had many unhealthy habits like late night TV and PC games and my nutrition was really poor based only on cooked and processed food. Turn this around and you will have a lot of energy even after work. There are no excuses, only solutions that are more or less obvious. Reading Steven Covey's 7 habits could definitely give you some ideas on how to optimise your routine and how to focus on what is really important. Cheers !
  7. Please don't take this the wrong way but if a house chore gives you this much anxiety, you better start working on your emotional development or this kind of victim behaviour will seriously f**k you up in couple years. Your parents restricting you is not an excuse. Everybody has things they need to do and most of it is not pleasant yet we do it regardless. Life is not all shiny object and pleasure and the earlier you wake to that reality the better. In this case, I'm not sure if Tao can help you. Start doing daily meditation and taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions. Do not give in to your negative emotions, learn to recognise them. The Emotional Intelligence might be something of an interest to you to get you on the proper path of personal development and self actualisation.
  8. There are several thinks you may try that Chinese Taoists have been practising for millennia. Acupuncture. Visit your local Chinese area and look around if there is something Also, try signing up for Yoga class. Not the modern fitness shit Yoga but genuine oriental Yoga. Kundalini for example is gaining a lot of popularity. Fasting to give your body and organs an opportunity to rest by stopping digestion and focusing on recovery. Combined with colonic cleaninsing if you can. Get in touch with nature. Go hike into a national park or just spend some time in a forest by your own. Look into proper diaphragm breathing with focus on various body parts. Clean your nutrition of all pastry, processed food and add more vegetarian meals. Meditation would definitely help you with focus on releasing tension from individual parts Finally, look into the source of your stress. What is it? Being stiff, means you hold in a lot of tension. Something's gotta be causing it. Do you have a stressful job/ Quit it then before your health starts to diminish. If there was one book, I'd recommend to you it is: Tao of health, sex and longevity.
  9. You may just be catching an illness of some sort. Measure your temperature, notice how you feel. Have some extra sleep. Alternatively, "reset" your digestive system by 30 hour fasting and see what that does to you
  10. @SimonH you are asking questions that need to be replied by you only. Realise that everybody is wired differently. Start a journaling habit and put your thoughts on a piece of paper. Alternatively, work with Life Coach. He/she may help you find the answer you are looking for not by giving it to you but by guiding you so that you find it yourself. Good luck!
  11. no, it will still hurt like hell.
  12. @Annie There are certain hormonal changes that appear at different ages for females, usually this would be after 45. I don't know if that would be your case. However I would recommend you to look into an e-book section from Markus Rothkranz. He has a lot of content on youtube as well. All of them are paid, but not very expensive. Some time ago I was developing Symptoms of Asthma and downloading his ebook helped me realise what were the factors causing it and also to add some more foods into my diet which certainly helped. I haven't had any symptoms for over a year now. These books are very exhaustive listing many many herbs and foods so you only need to pick what sounds right for you but it may definitely have some value. Browse the list, maybe there is a condition that is close to what you are experiencing. http://markusrothkranz.com/online-store/e-books/index.html Hope that will be of some value to you
  13. @Annie try using a coconut oil on your skin, could help. For me it does better job than any other skin care. I would advise you to get your hormonal levels checked by a medical professional before undergoing any self treatment.
  14. For those of you who own a blog or their own website. (not monetised) What do you see as mayor challenges that may discourage your audience? What do you see your audience being more attracted to? What are some traps to avoid? Any tips you would share for a blog newbie? Thanks !!
  15. The only vitamin that large % of population is chronically low on is B12. Other than that it is wise to cycle Magnesium as the agricultural soil has been largely depleted across vegetable and food farms. D3 if you live in a climate that has little to non sun exposure such as northern Europe in Winter. And maybe an algae source of DHA
  16. @Sidi break your day down, on a piece of paper. By 15 minute sections. Identify what you usually do in this time. Set a priority to these chunks of time. 1- cannot be moved 2- could consider moving 3- could definitely move or even cancel. See what comes out. You may be spending a lot of time doing unimportant things without even knowing it. For me it used to be pc gaming, movies, social media, pointless hanging out with "friends" I guarantee that you'l find a 60-90 minute chunk. If not, buy a jumping rope, trx, pair of dumbels and find a place around your house, a park maybe. You can fit in a 30 minute HIIT session. Or perhaps find a gym next to your school and hit it the first thing after school.
  17. Haven't bought my domain yet , considering pros and cons so far.
  18. Best plant based source is Hemp and Pea because they are rich in other nutrients and highly bioavailable as well Whey is a dump from dairy industry. They used to dispose of it as a waste. Later on they realised they can feed it to bodybuilder so they convinced the fitness world that it is good for them. This stuff is as dangerous as the entire dairy industry. Humans should not even touch that crap.
  19. @Annie there is magnesium oil. Many athletes rub it under their armpits, knees, neck and in pubic area for joint&bone health and muscle regeneration. These are usuallyeven more digestible because they are taken through the skin, however can be costly.
  20. Yes, it does happen once you start to do some spiritual work. However it can be also a result of improper nutrition and lack of calories in your food.
  21. Has anyone had any positive experience with an Acupuncture. Has it helped you reverse any disease or burdening condition?
  22. @Jordan wang Your values are your guiding beacon, your light when all other lights fade. This stuff has to to come from very deep within. It should not be the surface level stuff and it should not be what society teaches you. This is a crucial exercise. Lock yourself in a room for 3 hours and contemplate. Your intuition can help you. Look at all aspects of your life. Why do you do the things you do? So you lift weights. Why? To get girls ( sex, approval) , to get muscle ( physical apperance / fitness) , to promote longevity ( health) , to become a personal trainer ( contribution), to make yotuube videos ( wisdom, knowledge , approval) . Take the actions you do throughout the day and break them apart. What are the re-appearing patterns. What makes you tick? Does it turn you on when you get to advice to someone at work? ( contribution,mastery). Do you love to read in the mornings? Do you enjoy making breakfast, lunch for other people? What kind of movies do you watch? NatGeo ( Education), action movies( excitement, fun), Epic movies ( adventure / nature/ travel). What kind of games do you play on PC? Skyrim/Witcher ( adventure/Mastery/Dedication/Independence), Mafia (Approval, Power), GTA ( Independence/Freedom/ money) This helped me to find my values. I believe that you should seek for what you already have within but haven't discovered yet. What I first did was to select those that I wanted to have but in the end realised they wouldn't work for me in most cases. Many of the values you already have, you just don't know it
  23. Low carb, Low fat? Wow, how are you still alive?
  24. @SFRL Read" Fast Food Nation". There is a large global meat Cartel. Biggest probably in US. The price is being held low s that everyone can afford it, the US Governments subsidises meat industry with billions of your tax dollars..huraaay. Meat farmers live at the edge of poverty with income hardly exceeding 24K annual. They are highly regulated, their properties are being taken if they refuse to cooperate with the dictatorship of meat companies. For example they have 4 weeks to raise a chicken and little longer to raise a cow. You CAN NOT do that without injecting growth hormones. Yes I agree it is off, the whole meat industry is bullish, exploiting, unconscious and incredibly cruel , second only to maybe war and oil industry in its destruction of the planet. ever compared the anatomy of carnivore such as Cat with Human? Long, sharp teeth designed to crack through bone., jaw without expanded angle, larger mouth, more acidic PH, shorter digestive track( to avoid food rotting inside), swallows food whole, no digestive ensymes produced in Saliva. Humans have none of that. We are herbivores and although we can digest meat we are not adapted for i, if you look at Heart disease statistics you'll see that something is probably fishy in there....and I am sure it is not result of us eating too much veggies This is just a cultural brainwash that humans need meat to be strong, to be on the top of food chain...
  25. @Roxane agree and those are all very valid points. For me those were reasons why I gave up all animal food. What I found out is simply that most people just don't give a f**k about any of that. We simply prefer not to think about it. And secondly many don't know or don't wish to know. Believe it or not but majority of the planet perceive meat as necessary and absolutely beneficial meal to human health. You cannot change anyone besides yourself. Follow your agenda and be an example to others. And if nobody is willing to follow, that's ok. People are wired differently.