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  1. @pluto well said brother, thanks for encouraging words !
  2. Being authentic would mean being true to your core values. If you hit one or more of your values, you'll know it, feel it inside. Like a feeling of deep contentment. Not an excitement or a rush of joy but pure contentment. It will also be incredibly easy for you to get into the "flow" and lose yourself in time. To know what triggers this in you, it will be helpful to find your values if you haven't already.
  3. @ElenaO I am a judgemental AF that is true I know how silly it is to even notice these things but can't help it sometimes
  4. a fascinating things about some of these stars is that they may have turned into supernovas million years ago and died out but since it takes millions years for the light to reach us, it will take another milion years for humans to be able to observe what could potentially be happening right now. So we are looking millions of years back in the history and most of the light we see started its journey before first humans evolved on this planet.
  5. The primal concern when building muscle mas is to make sure you hit it hard and often. Consistence is the key. If the muscle is not under a lot of stress no amount of protein will do the work. In our society we are obsessed with quick results and nobody has patience to take the time and discipline, it takes years to build a solid muscle foundation for a natural athlete which is why many guys end up taking steroids because they simply have no patience. A balanced vegan/vegetarian diet will give you all the protein you need without contributing to the mass slaughter and destruction of the planet. That being said, some of the vegan proteins on the market are incredibly potent and able to give you as much result as any whey product out there. Remember that whey used to be dumped before they realised they could feed it to bodybuilders. It is a waste product and should be treated as such. Branden Brazier's Vega products, Garden of Life and Sun Warrior series are among the most powerful vegan protein products out there. Since they are made of high quality, mostly organic ingredients you do not toxify your body with crap that cheap whey proteins give you. If you want some cutting edge science, I suggest you look into some work of real researchers who promote vegan diet as being the healthiest option: Dr Kim Williams, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Caldwell Essestyn, Dr John Mcdougall, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Brian Clement. People who actually work with the sickest members of our population and who see the causes of poor diet choice over years. Best advice anyone can give you is to tell you to research this stuff for yourself and decide what works the best. That way the ego is not in the way and it feels natural whatever your decision is in the end.
  6. a fuel to prevent our cells from dying
  7. @pluto I've heard about this as well but never had guts to try drinking distilled water. From what I've researched it is not possible to remove all pollutants from water even by installing a 2000 $ filter and that this could potentially be the way to go. Do you have any experience with drinking distilled water?
  8. Perhaps in a form of an interview with someone who is well versed in that topic? Really enjoyed the interview-styled video back then with Tripadvise for example.
  9. agree with @Not me, great book indeed. If you'd like to explore some alternative breathing techniques, Tao of Health Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid explains in detail many of the oriental diaphram breathing techniques for purification, longevity and vitality. The biggest issue with breathing generally is the lack of consciousness which is why we all do shallow breathing most of the time.
  10. You wouldn't be able to boil the soup higher than 100 degrees Celsius. The smoke point (when it starts turning rancid) for olive oil is between 160 and 200 degrees Celsius https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_point. The thing with unsaturated oils however is that over the time they oxidise when in contact with the air as well unless stored with dark green glass bottles in the fridge. But the radical damage would be very small when cooked in water comparing to when fried on a pan, that's when it gets tricky.
  11. Cooking with oils is generally a big NO due to free radicals that are being formed as a result of the lipid hydrogenation under the heat. The more unsaturated the fat is the worse it gets when heated. I would look at what's in the non-sticky one. Is it ingredients found in nature?
  12. Too much of anything can make you sick. There is no such thing as "healthy diet "because there are nowadays literally thousands of explanations of what the heck "healthy" even means. There is nutritionally dense and nutritionally poor diet and most of the population is somewhere in between. Listen to your body and observe its signals. If you lose weight fast, you do not have enough calories, if you start gaining fat, you have too much simple as that. If you have mood issues, skin conditions etc, you might be deficient in nutrients not calories. If you are still below 23 year old and potentially growing it is generally good to eat a bit more as long as the food has a high nutritional value. If you exercise a lot, feel fine and have no problem gaining muscle mass than you are just fine. Buy some relevant nutrition book and devote some time implementing a diet that suits your needs. Remember we are all different, what works for one, may not work for other so being a zealot about something is usually not a good idea.
  13. The guy deserves a break. He should go and travel across South East Asia for 6 months, live in temples with monks, fast and meditate for days. Imagine all the juicy stuff he would bring with him. He should get out the Vegas and do the things he has never had the opportunity to do because he had a commitment to us, his audience or was busy with the consciousness work.
  14. In majority of cases, our families will not support any decision that threatens to integrity and comfort of its members. Ask anyone who has moved abroad. Family members will unconsciously( or consciously) manipulate you to feel sorry for leaving them even though in most cases there is no real threat unless you would be leaving a mother with progressed Parkinson's with no one to care fro her. I have moved away from home 4 years ago yet I am being bombarded by self pity nearly daily. Most of it by family members who are healthy, and well taken care of. Following your agenda and your values will bring you a true satisfaction and regardless of your decision, in time family will learn to accept your decisions. Singapore is not close but you can still come around twice a year. Tickets are not astronomical. Putting family on the first place is not the wisest decision as that presents a massive distraction and often hinders your personal growth. Take the opportunity and see how it goes, chances are you'll both hate it and come back. You can always find another job, the market is huge and if you already have some experience you wouldn't have a problem
  15. There must have been a "trigger event" something that cause the emotional reaction, that led you to become unconscious. What you could try is to contemplate that event. Take a piece of paper and write down what happened , everything you remember and maybe you'll discover what triggered you: a person you don't like, a particular smell, large crowd of people, someone acting the in contrast with your values. Or get into a meditative state and once you manage to calm your mind, return in your mind to that place or any other place that triggered you and try to look around for some clues. In my life I tend to find that when I am undergoing a situation that is going against my core values, I feel strong emotional reaction. The trick is to accept it and become aware of it in the first place. The second step would be to try to identify the cause.
  16. The best advice anyone can give you is to try this stuff for yourself and see how you feel. Also it is important to do your own research and not rely on what anyone says. Your dietitian could have been educated in 70s when the nutrition information was 10% of what it is now. Even on this forum, some people will tell you to eat a of meat, dairy and eggs and other will tell you to go vegan. I tend to find that family is usually the worst type of source when it comes to eating advice unless you are a son to nutrition expert who constantly seeks out the latest facts. My only advice to you is that if you want to gain weight without looking like a fat seal, you absolutely have to start lifting some weights. As per the nutrition guide, it would be good idea to look into some unbiased literature on the market. General nutrition guide book would be a good start, there are many of those on Amazon.
  17. The ancient Chinese Taoists believed that whenever a male ejaculated, his vital energy would be drained. This applies especially to men above 30 who have achieved their vitality peak or are nearing it. For the same reason they encouraged retention of semen during intercourse as it makes the man stronger and more resilient to various diseases. On the contrary, a female ejaculation has been widely promoted and should be achieved as often as possible. A sexual intercourse has been perceived as a re balancing of Yang (male) and Yin ( female) homoeostasis that has been extremely healthy for both partners. And for same reason male homosexuality has been perceived as unhealthy because two Yang(s) will fight for dominance and male homosexual penetration is percieved as unnatural due to lack of natural lubrication, while 2 Yins are generally fine. It has been believed by Tao masters that retention promotes longevity, physical and mental strength, the burning desire of youth ( libido), improves quality of relationships and makes the male an attractive partner to both younger and older females. Take from it what you will but realise how exhausted you feel after you "beat the bishop." That being said, abstinence is not an option but reduction in frequency would be beneficial.
  18. YouTube is your course, you don't have to pay a single buck to anyone ( maybe besides your domain fees).
  19. people like to enjoy variety and believe it or not, a dominant portion of the planet have zero nutrition knowledge. While some may look at food as a fuel, most look at it as a mayor pleasure in life. Fried plantains give you variety of alternative meals and recipes as long as you don't care about impacts....so that's your response.
  20. Chlorella is one of the best supplement to rid the body of toxins and pesticides and will help you detox even better, I'd definitely add 2-3 grams of that, maybe even 5 on your fasting day. Sun Chlorella from Kyoto, Japan produces one of the highest quality on the planet. They sell 1500 tablet packages for affordable prices on Amazon. It also adds essential nutrients such as B12, Iron, Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin B6. As per teas, Macha Green Tea is great to keep your mood up throughout this time. You will be breaking your fast if you put physical food that needs enzymes and stomach juices to process, supplements are quite easily digestible and best taken first thing in the morning. I usually take 1-2 green vegetable juices, cold pressed at home, to ensure intake of nutrients. This is optional, some say it is best with, some say without. You want to make sure you are not deficient if you are going to fast over prolonged periods of time. Also when juicing, go for the water, non starchy type (kale, celery, cucumber, ginger, parsley, pepper, )
  21. @egoeimai I highly suggest you read The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck. He talks about the misconception of Love a lot. Among other things of course.
  22. Make sure your CV is achievement oriented with real examples. Most CVs floating on the market are written in bulletpoints. This is boring, vanilla and hard to distinguish from others. Instead focus on: What have you achieved? What obstacles did you have to overcome? What was the status quo and how did you challenge it? If you don't have any work experience, focus on achievements from your personal life. For example i've always added my competitive sport titles that i achieved as a teenager and most interviewers want to talk about it. Avoid cliche nonsense such as: I am a good communicator or I am a good multi-tasker. Everybody sees through that. Instead give some examples, show how you are what you say you are. Put yourself into the eyes of the reader who has at that same day seen 300 CVs. Would you hire you? If not, start over.
  23. That's a beautiful life purpose. Good luck on your hero's journey !
  24. Sign in to cronometer.com to identify best sources for yourself. Generally plant based sources are: Blue Algae - 60-70% Green Algae 50-55% ( Spirulina 57, Chlorella 55, Hemp Seeds - 25% Almonds 21% Sunflower Seeds 21% Flax Seeds 19% Pumpkin Seeds 19% Cashew 18% Sesame Seeds 18% Chia 17% Walnuts 15% Lentils ( cooked) 8-10% (based on type) Beans 7-10% ( based on type) Tofu 11% Green leafy plants: 2-10% As a vegetarian you may also add eggs and cheese but eggs are very average with 12% and each egg gives you around 200mg of cholesterol. And cheese varies.
  25. @Privet there is a book i would recommend to you: https://www.amazon.com/Tao-Health-Sex-Longevity-Practical/dp/067164811X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504167566&sr=8-1&keywords=tao+of+health+sex+longevity This is a teaching of ancient Chinese Taoists. It talks about proper breathing, stretching, nutrition, meditation and many, many aspects that our western medicine completely ignores. There are suggestions on how to naturally treat diseases and various conditions by food, herbs and specific exercises and pressure points. Perhaps you would find that useful, I certainly did. A great deal of open-mindedness is required when reading this as it talks about Chee, Yin-Yang harmony and some topic that are hard to cope with for most people. just order a used one for 2$ and give it a shot