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  1. Hi guys, A question that's been bugging me for a while now. For months I have been working to figure out my life calling and I think I found it. The tough part is, my current education is completely outside of that. I should probably go back to school and get a new degree but not sure I feel like spending another 5 years doing seminar works, thesis and freakin presentations just to get the degree. I am worried that without it I would not be taken seriously even if I had that knowledge. I know I'm just probably being lazy and comfortable but have any of you been in this? Or how did you make the transition if your LP was a completely completely different thing. Thanks for any advice, much appreciated.
  2. youtube -> speed reading -> search
  3. +sugar consumption raises your insulin level, a hormone produced by pancreas to help with sugar digestion. Which is a good and natural thing. The problem is that too much sugar causes insulin resistance and can result in Diabetes II. Over-consumption of sugar spikes your insulin level which results in following crash and more hunger, energy deficiency, sleepiness and mood swings. Over long term can contribute to things like blindness + sugar is stored in your muscles as glycogen, short term fuel, if unused becomes a fat around your waistline, + it decays your teeth unless you wash them after every sugary meal + it promotes a growth of cancer cells, + kills your libido + it is addictive, worse than heroine, coffee, alcohol and tobacco combined!! + contributes to accumulation of LDL cholesterol ( the bad one) in your arteries, resulting in increased pressure, heart disease and potential for heart attack. Since it is not possible to avoid it, just make sure you cut as much of the white sugar as you can, dont overdo fruit and stay away from artificial sweeteners.
  4. Try to get as close to "living food" as possible. Te refresh your body and energy reserves, you want to avoid anything processed sweetened, fat or generally hard to digest. A So although this might sound a bit old-fashioned, a rich bowl of veggies is your best bet. + green leafy and cruciferous veggies ( broccoli, kale, spinach) + legumes + mushrooms ( make sure you pre-cook them) + onions + seeds ( a mix of flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds) - soften in water for 60 minutes and than put on top of your salad + nuts - make sure you avoid cashew and all fried and salted and chocolate ones. Drink only pure water, filtered. Don't overeat on fruit, it has lots of vitamins and phytochemicals but fructose is not very beneficial for human body when overly consumed. If you are really into this stuff you can try to look into sprouting and sprout juicing. Presumably this is the healthiest food there is but it is quite difficult to source if you don't have a garden. Haven't tried myself yet, so no personal experience. Suggest you'd do your research on this. However your lack of energy could do with lack of general motivation and unhappiness? That is a completely different discussion though.
  5. @Evilwave Heddy Something in area of Nutrition, Fitness and general Wellbeing. I haven't figured out the concept or the vision but definitely within these categories. This is something I have been passionate about since I was a kid but never considered it more than a hobby. My current degree is Business Management and Marketing. Ideally I'd need to get into Nutrition and Biochemistry. That's like twisting the whole life around which scares me to be honest.
  6. if it's not painful and uncomfortable, you are doing it wrong. Your muscles have to be put under stress to react and grow, same for your bones( not to grow but to avoid osteoporosis). If you see people smiling and chatting in gyms, that's a money and time wasted. Red face, sweat, grunt and contracted face is what counts. The chemistry behind the pain is that glucose ( final product of carbohydrate digestion) in your body is being converted to energy in your muscle cells. Glucose gets into the cell with help of insulin, gets converted to ATP ( more compatible molecules for cellular mitochondria) with help of oxygen. This is the standard process when to activity is not vigorous, like walking, easy running. Basically body has enough time to convert the energy so it uses oxygen, the need for energy is stable and not large. However if you engage in a harder exercise and body cannot get enough oxygen, lactic acid is being formed to get the glucose pushed into your muscle cells, to produce ATP+waste products( co2 that you breathe out) . This is much faster but not long sustainable. The accumulation of lactic acid and debt of oxygen is what causes the muscle pain. The pain you feel afterwards however is your muscles recovering from micro tears that are formed whenever you work out. This is a normal process and in order to grow, muscle has to damage itself to repair and add additional mass. It is important to distinguish between "good" muscle pain and "bad" joint pain. If you feel pain in your knees, elbows, back, usually it means you are doing something wrong or over training and should take it easy, see a masseur or just optimise your nutrition. Listen to your body and learn to obey its signals. With experience you'll learn to distinguish the good and bad pain. Hope that helps
  7. Your are your own master and you only are responsible. You either cut the crap and start exercising and eating clean or don't and you will feel guilty, miserable. for the rest of your life, being victim and whining, most likely ending up with a heart attack in your 40s. So what's it gonna be? Nobody can help you unless you agree to help yourself first. Lift your ass up, trash all the junk food in the bin and brute-force your way into the gym. You think for the rest of people health comes as privilege? Served on a pedestal? Hell no, we work our asses of day after day after day. Wake up or keep sleeping and be miserable.... It's all up to you.
  8. Untethered Soul by Michael Singer if you were looking for something a bit spiritual Topics of this book: awareness and enlightenment meditation (slightly) death contemplation internal purification and emotional mastery
  9. Has anyone tried joining Toast Masters group? Can you please share some of your experience and how do you think it helped you? What weakness in your life did you overcome? Thanks
  10. @Wilm than I guess time might will reveal it for you. Try to boost this topic, maybe someone more experienced will have an alternative suggestion for you
  11. @Wilm Have you tried contemplating your own death? If not, I suggest you do this tonight. Switch of all lights and get in the deep, dark mood. Ideally after your family has gone sleeping. Leo's contemplation video can be quite depressing but the fear of death and this taught realisation can open new perspective to you. Also I assume you are getting quite close to that..in LP Course, the Section with LP Excercises, 2nd one(auditorium). I won't say anymore but that was an eye opener ! Let me know how it went. Keep dreaming brother and don't give up on your life. You only have this one chance. Let me motivate you with a quote that i borrowed from @Nahm “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. I pasted this on my computer screen and my mirror and read it aloud for myself every morning and every night. This shit is like steroids for subconsciousness mind.
  12. @Wilm just because you are not good in something now (working with people) doesn't mean that you cannot develop the skill or even become an expert in it. You didn't know how to ride a bike and tie you shoes once or perhaps speak foreign language. Maybe instead of what you can think of, try to think what is missing on the market? What is lack of? What do you hate about this industry? What do you think could be changed? You could try to look at running from a nutrition perspective, from a medical perspective or long term health. Or look into runner's clothing, shoes. I'm not an expert but do your research. What are some growing trends in running? What is the market heading towards? Also you say, there are other interests. What are they? Write it down and journal or meditate on it. Perhaps you could combine some of them. I suggest you get back to LP course and pick up where you left of. Don't be discouraged by the amount of question but focus on each point as if it was a single lesson. Do 1 per day of that is needed. Don't be shallow but look really really deep. Alternatively think of getting a coach. Haven'd done it myself but heard people getting some pretty awesome results.....What do you have to lose? Many of us here are in the same boat and the struggle is real.
  13. Agree with what has been said above though, If you are into serious lifting and muscle gain, the only way is doing heavy weights, home workout just won't do it unless you are ready to invest into barbell and at least a pair of 45lb (20 kg) weights ( and few lighter ones). Also there is a certain sense of companionship and spirit in gyms. You get to meet like minded people , share tips and tricks. You need as much as 30 minutes to get a good workout. If you want to avoid gym but still want to do a hard work though,try to split your training into home and outside ( say park or street) Home Focus more on muscle mass, slow contraction and reps/sets. 1. pair of dumbells ( not too heavy) 2. flexible bench that can be moved to horizontal and inclined angle 3. ( optional) for more serious gain, consider a large barbell (the long bar) and a set of weights that you can challenge yourself with. Thus is however tricky because for some heavy lifts you need a rack or a partner. 4. ABS Wheel - amazing tool for core, greatly underestimated and mocked by bodybuilding community. Outside This is where you should do most of your cardio, speed , circuits. There are many cool workouts you can do outside besides jogging. Not to mention, you don't sweat over your carpet and have a fresh air and sense of freedom. ( especially after dark) 1. TRX is an amazing tool, that you hang on a tree, old gate, wall ( need to have a hook) , street lamp and can work your ass of. Any part of body can be practiced. Great both for cardio and strength excercise 2. Kettlebell (weight depending on your strength and fitness level). There is so much you can do with it and it requires minimum space. Although better used outside. 3. Jumping rope - great for warm-up as well as vigorous cardio once you improve a bit. 4. A mat to lie/ sit on. In your Outside session, focus on circuit. Ideally work with time ( or count reps). Usually you only need like 20-30 minutes to completely destroy yourself if you are short on time and prepared to "sweat blood" An example of "Outside" would be: 1. Burpees (60 seconds) Break 20 sec 2. Rope Jumping (60 seconds) Break 20 sec 3. deep lunges in 20 meter lengths ( for 60 seconds) Break 20 sec 4. high jumps on spot, tapping your knees with your palm in the midair ( 60 seconds) Break 20 sec 5. star jumps on spot ( to cool down from previous) ( 60 seconds) Break 20 sec 6. TRX - whatever you like ( 60 seconds) Rest 60 seconds and restart the round. Do 3 rounds in total. Looks easy, but can ruin you for couple days if you are unused to it. There are literally hundreds of options here, research internet and be creative. Sorry for long post, wanted to give you a practical example. Hope that helps.
  14. Maybe the issue is that you are afraid to be a dreamer? It is definitely something I am struggling with. Although I am trying to be as open minded and as brave when completing this course as if there were no obstacles, it is sometimes difficult to me to write down those answers anyway just because I can't see it right now. Our society conditions us to go for what is certain and never go "all in" unless you are sure. It took me probably 10 hours to go through this exercise just because of all the deep contemplation I was doing. Did a lot of visualising and journaling on it but it certainly helped. Try to open your mind beyond your world of your current possibilities. You can for example certainly tailor your LP around running btw if you could visualise it.
  15. My mom has developed an alcohol problem some time ago. Of course as all alcoholics, she will not admit it. We had family interventions, she stopped for a while but than got back to it even more. Not only is it making her fat and destroying her self esteem but there is also all the negative effects of alcohol and emotional instability. Having watched Leo's addiction video helped me work on my PC gaming addiction however to an unconscious person like my mom seeing world black and white, an idea such as contemplation or meditation is so so far out there. Sometimes it is like teaching a toddler to use calculus. If I were to dig deeper, I'd say it has to do with her having no purpose of life. She stopped working years ago and nowadays spends time around the family house mostly. Also the divorce of my parents didn't help. So my question to whoever would read this is: How would you approach a person who is super easily offended, does not realise that she has problem, is very emotional and would not want to do any high consciousness work. How would you soften the mind of this person to be a bit more open-minded to potential solutions that do not necessarily lie out there but within? Thanks a lot for any advice
  16. @Arman that's an amazing perspective, thank you.
  17. @Whywolf thanks for suggestions. I have identified several causes. First of all it is the lack of purpose in life. She does not work and has not worked for year. Of course she is frightened even by thought about going back...became very complacent. Its is a shame because she has a degree in two languages , both of which she is still fluent after all years of low usage. Another might be that our dad found another woman and left her , went living to Denmark. Me and my sister have made peace with him considering that my parents' marriage was rubbish for many years. She can't and has very very hard time forgiving people who wronged her. And lastly she has very victim mentality. She feels like the world is hurting her and that nobody cares about her and that world isn't fair. I tried to explain it to her in a soft way that she is causing all her problems but that results in her getting offended....so it's a challenge. Her addiction is just a way of her dealing with anxiety and victim thinking. I agree with what has been said that the person needs to want to be helped first and presently she is definitely not in that state of mind. I'll try to have a talk with her and show her how it is hurting all of us as @Venus suggested. Thanks folks, it is good to be a part of a like-minded community
  18. Thank you all for valuable suggestions, much appreciated ! These gave me a lot of perspective. Cheers
  19. Routines - 3* times a week vigorous Cardio circuit. Doing 30 minutes of 5-6 excercises. Trying to do as many sets as possible and competing against my previous record, kinda creates a self-competition. Or Tabatha sessions. - 2* times a week lighter circuit or strength training or boxing circuit. - alternatively sprinting sessions if its nice outside - that is a killer. (6 * 50m) * 3 sets Excercises 50% bodyweight, 30% heavy barbells, 20% battle rope, kettlebells, abs wheel, fitballs, TRX Warmup Starting every workout with treadmill (15-20) or skipping rope (10). + of course include Yoga or stretching at the end, very important for muscle, bone and joint regeneration and protection. Agree , it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated. I used to have a lot of resistance. It helped switching to 90% plant based diet ( still struggling with few pieces and occasional cheating). Working out with mate helps or joining class sessions. Generally though workout shouldn't be much fun. If it is fun and it doesn't hurt, it has no value. Muscles and bones have to bee put under a lot of very hard stress to prevent later degeneration.
  20. Definitely go for it even if you had to borrow that money. I haven't gone through the whole thing fully yet but definitely see patterns emerging already and I've discovered a ridiculous amounts of insight about myself, completely seeing changes in personality. Although it is tailored to public, you get the feeling that it was created just for you.
  21. @Principium Nexus no necessarily. Hot shower induces toxic release. Your body gets rid of chemical and heavy metal poisoning. Same with infrared saunas or sweating during vigorous cardio excercise. Acne are mainly caused by wrong diet.
  22. Try focusing on plant based for a month. Even if you are not ready to go Vegan, give it a shot, you'll be mesmerised by results only after few days. Vegetables - no restrictions, focus on Green leafy , the more colourful your salad is the better. Tomatoes contain sugar so you may want to be careful there. Highest nutrition: spinach, broccoli, kale, avocado, brussel-sprouts, peas, carrots, olives, cauliflower Fruits - Stick to 3-5 pieces a day. Avoid highly fermenting, high sugar. ( agave, mango, pineapple, yellow melon.. dried fruit ( absolutely not). Snack throughout day to keep blood sugar steady and prevent hunger. Eat Fruit alone, don't mix it up with anything. Seeds - always raw. Buy a glass jar and mix: flaxseeds, hempseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. Eat 2 spoons twice a day or add every-time you have a salad. ( make sure to mix with little water 20 minutes before eating for easier digestion). Store them in the fridge, outside of light and air. Nuts - avoid cashew and peanuts ( even raw are already processed, processed fat gives you cancer) also some people don't suggest Brazilian nuts although not sure why. Make sure you eat all of them raw. Not salty not fried, of course no chocolate or joghurt. Legumes - high protein intake, if you are a fitness type of person, definitely go to this category. Lentils, Beans, Amaranth, Quinoa, all great food. They are very filling and nutritious. To put this from the other way: Animal Protein and Animal Fat are causes of all your health conditions and problems. Studies that tell you otherwise are funded by meat and dairy industry. These cause you skin inflammation resulting in acne and hundreds of other conditions but I'm not going into that because this is about acne mainly. You will be surprised how easy it is to drop animal food once you give in to it. If you are interested in some studies check out some videos from Brian Clement or Neil Barnard and many many other renowned experts, vegans. Specialists ion the area of nutrition. Check out Real Truth about Health conference if you get even more into it. Ok i might have given you bit too much haha, hopefully something will be of use
  23. @Melo First of all, compliments on making the big and bold move. That takes some balls Secondly I want to note that however it seems like you haven't fully thought this through? You need to have a plan of action and at least a scratch of your road ahead. Going all in without an idea of your next move could be unwise. Not trying to discourage you but Life purpose just as a house needs to have a solid foundation holding it (some capital to sustain you to start with).Meditation is great and will give you a lot of fulfilment but for a life purpose path to clear up for you, it may take while and a lot of hard and deliberate work, and in the meantime it is good to keep the income flowing before you know what it is and have a visual image of your goal. However that being said, you now have all the time to do what you need to do. Spend your conscious time 100% dedicated to finding your THING. I suggest you consider buying Leo's Life Purpose course to get on track. It is an excellent way to dig deep and understand yourself on a core level and you can get through it in a week or two if you have enough time. I myself am 3/4 through the whole thing and already am seeing a lot of patterns emerging and maybe even the ultimate THING. It is important to establish a healthy routine and some sort of control mechanism to battle all cravings and distractions (internet, procrastination, TV, other...). Wake up early, eat healthy, cut all crap. Be prepared for opposition, arguments, people not understanding you, your family not supporting you. This is the world's means of getting the balance back. You swing the pendulum in an extreme direction and your surroundings will fight to swing it back and regain the balance. This is all normal. For most people this is a threat to their comfortable lives and it is dangerous. Arm yourself with patience and train your willpower. Develop a steady plan of action. Study, keep meditating and visualising, excercise to have a 100% support of your body and brain and things will start going your way.
  24. Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Carrot, Apple. Few nuts (not cashew or peanuts) and seeds if you fancy. Strawberries, blueberries also add a nice taste.
  25. Hey guys, Has anyone tried to experiment with their sleeping regime? I'd like to spend more time being productive in the morning and have been waking up at 6 am but I often feel sleepy and groggy and that it is doing more harm than good. Even if I go to sleep much earlier than i would usually have. If you have any interesting info or experience to share please can you comment? I am interested in anything. Ideal sleep time, any rituals you would have to help you sleep deeper. ( for me meditation does great job). Things you suggest to be avoided, food you eat/don't eat etc,.,, Thanks a lot for any suggestions in advance