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  1. Don't make the mistake of thinking she will always want to be lead tho. Sometimes women like to take charge too. One of the traits of toxic masculinity is the need to always be the one that is in charge. There is a fine balance there
  2. @Jannes nope you're good. Ofcourse megadosing greens and eating raw legumes still isn't a good idea (obviously). But normal volumes of these foods consumed by humams are totally safe. For all we know (and according to what early animal research is suggesting), some antinutrients might actually be beneficial for us.
  3. Looks a little bit dull with all that chicken & rice but nutrient-wise you are probably OK. You could throw in some more fibre and some occasional DHA source would probably be nice. As others mentioned, some extra variety of other types of foods would be nice. Any gluten-free cookbook would fix that for ya. Just out of curiosity. Are you a hospital worker or do you get dietitian-prepared food? Coeliac is fairly easy to build your diet around,
  4. you guys need to stop believing the antinutrient nonsense Seriously.
  5. Damn, makes me want to try it even less now. Somehow I felt they reached a climax with DS 3, which was just ridiculously difficult, yet not as challenging as DS2. Maybe they felt they had to numb it down to attract larger masses. That's what happened to Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Total War series and Far Cry and many other once amazing series. I made it about 60% through which ended with a rage quit after being gang raped by invading demons right before a bonfire and losing a shitload of souls twice in a row . I think I'd like to give it another go. Great analysis tho, only watched about 15 minutes but he is making lots of excellent points there.
  6. Wow ! Nice find, I've never seen this one It is as if he already knew this was going to be successful. The confidence and the typical Leo cockiness are all there. So fascinating to see the gigantic progress, thanks for sharing.
  7. there are entire cook books and youtube channels dedicated just to this question. I'd say you may find the best answers there.
  8. Italy could be an interesting one for you to consider. The country has a wonderful balance of good weather, access to sea, mountains, lakes, forests and natural parks as well as ancient history and culture. Socialisation-wise, Italians are very welcoming even to foreigners. You'd have to learn the language but it is not a difficult language, perhaps in 2years you could be semi-fluent with some tutoring and study
  9. Damn, imagine designing a clinical trial testing this
  10. the question is "how should you feel"? Or is it a question of "how should you NOT feel"? If a food makes you feel too stimulated for example, would you say that's good for long-term health? If a food makes you feel very strong and horny all the time, you could also say that it is not good because you are encouraging too many genetic adaptations and too many anabolic processes (burning the candle of longevity from both ends) - excessive cellular proliferation also increases risk for unintentional genetic fuckups and that raises your risk uncontrolled replication (cancer) A lot of what people call "ancestral foods" are foods that are supposed to make you feel strong and reproductively potent. If that is true and food is helping you achieve a supreme reproductive peak, it is also possible that the same food will lead to rapid downfall after the prime peak period because you have stacked up too many genetic adaptations and your cells are experiencing rapid telomere shortening leading to accelerated cellular ageing. Novel foods (e.g. plants, plant proteins, grains etc) which perhaps cut away some of that prime peak but do not encourage so many genetic adaptations are maybe better for you over the long-term despite the fact that some people tolerate them worse (e.g. bloating, indigestion etc ) and they push you through life on more power-saving mode giving you less energy but also being less anabolic and less pro-carcinogenic. One could ask if it is preferable to become a Liver King or Shawn Baker type of dude living on highly anabolic foods, being the alpha but at the same time encouraging the most rapid ApoB - proteoglycan binding in your arteries and getting that first bypass in your mid 40s or become more of skinnier type, surviving predominantly on novel foods and making it to your 70s with LDL below 100 mg/dL and normal blood pressure. To answer the initial question, most likely you will feel the best after eating the foods that are highly adaptogenic (e.g. beef , eggs, meat) and those are the foods that would historically make you the strongest around your peak reproductive age. What happened after was not important as long as you could pass down your genes and reproduce successfully a few times. In our ancestral times, caring for old was a burden, not a privilege. the more old people your tribe would stack up, the more vulnerable the tribe would become so it was actually preferable to get very strong and then die relatively young as long as reproduction was successful. Ancestral foods are ideal to get you that far. Since we have moved past that and achieving longevity is more preferable and we have developed infrastructure to care for the elderly and don't have to kill each other for food anymore, you could make an argument that eating foods that create soy boys rather than alpha tribal leaders are preferable if you intend to stick around for longer. A long answer to a simple question
  11. Pretty sure those berries are not responsible for any of that. Berries actually blunt that blood sugar spike a little bit. Might have been all the other sugars tho. Maybe you'll notice that adding fruit back won't result in any detrimental outcome. Glad you found something that works!
  12. Could it be related to anxiety? Anxiety attack feels similar to chest tightness. The more you ruminate the worse it gets - that's a common sign of panic attacks. GERD is definitely a possibility l. You could take some antacid when it occurs and if they help you will know that's what it is. Also costochondritis may feel similar when the ligaments between sternum and ribs are inflamed. There may also be bacterial infection of sternum. You could locate the source of the pain by pressing on these regions and they will hurt the most when taking the deepest breath Cardiac problems are statistically less common in young people when it comes to clotting and atherosclerosis issues. Rare occurences include things like patent foramen ovale - no idea how common that is and i believe those are not painful. Have you had your cholesterol levels checked? Based on what they investigated it is probably not heart related but keep exploring . Go get a second opinion or pay for more investigation if you have to.
  13. Stress management and sleep improvement would be the most noticeable immediate benefits. Whem I get stuck in YouTube shorts loop for too long, a session of meditation helps me rebalance my overstimulated brain. I think it is also good for sexuality and libido although don't have a any clinical research for that. Neuroplasticity is a big one too if you care about things like creativity, memory, undistracted attention and mental health. That's some of the more biological benefits that you asked about
  14. Andrew Hubberman has an entire 2hr video on dopamine. Worth watching, excellent content
  15. There is limit to what nootropics can achieve here unless you are someone suffering with severe ADD or ADHD. Creativity is driven by internal motivation and by the strong vision & love for the content you create. The more distracted you are, the les creative you will generally be so a digital minimalism can be a powerful tool here. Being smart comes from having vast experience, having made a lot of mistakes and being able to learn from your and other's experiences. Emotional intelligence and social skills are also important here. Ofcourse things like psychedelics can open up a new dimension of creativity for you as well In terms of day to day stuff, your diet, lifestyle, daylight exposure, sleep, stress levels, any drugs you take and other things will have more profound effects on your day to day cognition compared to very minimal (if any) effect by common commercially available nootropics (the non-addictive ones) That being said, sometimes for the right people, the right herbs can work well but overall nootropics currently available are mostly hit & miss unless you want to go for pharmacological CNS stimulants, adrenergic receptor agonists etc. But those come with their own side effects.
  16. This might be easier to fix than you think. Again, all about action. Maybe the action here is to start your day with 15 minute daylight exposure followed by a good breakfast and some short yoga. 30 minute time altogether can make a drastic difference to your motivation for the rest of the day. Good luck, either way
  17. Perhaps it would be worth journaling on whether journaling itself isn't an avoidance of facing this existential question. Mind can be tricky with avoding the important work through something "urgent" but less important. One the axis of Urgent vs Important - do you focus on what has low importance and high urgency? How could you get to low urgency and high imortance. That's where the growth is but that's where also the most emotional resistance lies. That sense of motivation can be created. Mind can be very resourceful with dopaminergic stimulation but it needs to believe that you are serious. If you convince your mind that what you do is serious and important, that motivation will follow suit
  18. Try using the forum less. Take a break from all the drama and take some action in real life. Spend some time alone to think about what you actually love doing and want to be doing. Writing in journals is nice but sometimes action is needed to move things forward. The more you resist the outer world, the stronger the grip of anxiety will become. Go out, explore, spend some time alone in nature, talk to people, read books and work on figuring out what's the most important thing to be doing with your life Your energy is also dependant on your diet, lifestyle, daylight exposure, vitamin D, iron levels etc but I feel (from your content) that the answer may be in disconnecting yourself from this place for a few months.
  19. @Matt23 sounds like you should be good sharing this with clients
  20. I think once a brain has become addicted to a substance, that tendency to fall back will be there throughout your whole life. I heard a quote in a movie once that sounded a bit harsh but realistic "once an addict, always an addict". This means you may need to be on the lookout throughout your whole life now even if you quit. Same for any addiction out there. I don't believe the desire ever goes away 100% That being said, millions of people have quit and so can you. Books have been written, and courses and seminars are out there. Work of people who dedicated their life to addictions is at your fingertips for free. Don't expect an easy fight. The curve of withdrawal is a sinusoid curve rather than an upward linear curve with the drops gradually diminishing and the gains gradually increasing in timeline. You may fail many more times before you succeed so be prepared for that. Right now you just have to find something else that gives you that satisfaction and pleasure, cut yourself of all external sources that will invoke the desire (idle socialisation with people who have bad influence on you etc.) - and read the shit out of relevant literature (look into work of Anna Lembke, Gabor Matte and Alan Carr). Having a sense of purpose and vision for life may give you the dopaminergic drive you need and crave with nicotine. You probably already know what you need to do. Chemical withdrawal is a hell but you can ride that wave and win but extreme commitment is needed. Maybe you should go sit into oncology clinic for respiratory diseases for a few hours and observe patients coughing out blood into tissues - Or find someone with lung cancer and talk to them about their journey to understand that is a potential outcome if you don't quit. maybe what you need right now is negative motivation by fear before you can motivate yourself with passion and love.
  21. Was the purpose of the course to teach you skills to apply with your clients? Is it a business course or personal use course? If the aim was to teach business, then you are probably fine. When in doubt, check with the original provider
  22. Most of these websites are designed to sell you more nootropics. Important not to confuse sales information with properly resrarched review that is only offering information. Supplemental companies (especially in US where you can legally make healt claims on health products) notoriously exaggerate the magnitude of evidence to push more revenue. Examine.com do that information side of the job very well. Even at their non-premium, one may access incredible wealth of information. If you like them, sub for the premium, worth every penny
  23. of course. Such is human nature. Corruption has always been and always will be part of human society. Each human is corruptible by nature, some more than other and some degrees of corruption are more obvious than other but no one is immune to this.
  24. you're talking about the dark side of stage blue. How about government, public services, medical services, postal services, military, charities, court of justice, social services, hospitals, homeless shelters, utility services, waste disposal servcices - all of these are stage blue entities. Often owned by stage orange people but the essence of these services is very stage blue. You could say they have their downsides but imagine an existence without stage blue government , we are right back to tribal warfare and Borderlands 2 type of existence. Without stage blue institutions & laws things like , war, ISIS, genocided in Africa, childhood labour and slavery (also a trait of toxic stage blue), tribal warfare and suppression of human rights take hold. What about healthy stage blue values & principles? Honour, duty, discipline, kindness, faith, justice, equality, moral, ethics, code of conduct, education, hierarchy, Of course, there is lot of toxicity, dogmatism and controversy but every stage has two sides, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Not all stage blue people are medieval crusaders, kamikaze pilots and witch hunt inquisitors. What about a mother with strong family values who loves her children and devotes herself to them? A teacher who loves to educate ethics, a professor who finds joy in teaching history & philosophy, a police officer with a strong sense of justice, a tired but fulfilled paramedic who sits down at the end of a day on her couch after having saved 5 people from cardiac arrest, a politician who genuinely cares about the states of the country and does not participate in corruption such as Angela Merkel etc, a doctor who genuinely went into mediicne to help people, a volunteer at the local fire brigade....the list goes on.
  25. Let's try to be kinder to eachother. You don't know anything about other people and the environment they have grown up in. Not every issue can be attributed to laziness and you need to take some time to appreciate how lucky you were if you were born to a normal family with normal financial background (I assume in Northern America) and untraumatized parents compared to if you were born to a mediocre family in Eastern Europe or Balkan region, a family potentially traumatised since the WW2 generation with just shitload of demons, unresoved stuff, mental blocks and limiting beliefs. There are people on this forum from all sorts of countries, families and environments. This sort of stage orange David Goggin type of motivation is just not possible for everyone. Sometimes compassion is more helpful than pep talk.