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  1. I finally feel I'm regaining the momentum I had before that water poisoning session. I'm getting way more done than before, a decent amount of effort into social media posting and I've put over 12 hours into the latest research since Friday The first of the upcoming 3 posts is up The topic of dental health in connection to wider disease is so incredibly fascinating. Shame it wasn't part of our syllabus. It is funny how dentistry is always isolated from mainstream medicine yet the amount of havoc it can wreak in the body once it goes unchecked is pretty scary. The most fascinating is the connection between biofilm clusters hidden deep inside the periodontal pockets releasing pathogenic bacteria that may even lead to something like SIBO, heart infection, pneumonia and systemic inflammation. How the hell did we not talk about this? Maybe we've got the treatment of the gut wrong, maybe we should have always started from the mouth, not from the bum My main challenge remains to condense these articles into reader-friendly material. I keep seeing that as a major difficulty. If I omit too much, I feel like I'm not being true to myself but then if I include too much geeky stuff it is completely unreadable. Ideally down the road, each blog post would come with a summary youtube video. I'd like to start doing that. I'm also looking into launching my first video course. I have a few topics in mind but haven't decided on anything yet. Been looking into Thinkific for a platform and I'd say the price is reasonable and functionality pretty good even at the lowest price point. Maybe I'll launch the first one before the end of this year KEY 3 TARGETS FOR THE REMAINDER OF THIS YEAR launch the first video course invest in marketing & business tutorial course Collect 15 more CPD points - I f****g hate attending CPD lectures, a bunch of industry-sponsored bs biased towards selling products and tests. There are exceptions thou such as the research course our lecturer is running at the moment, that's one of the diamonds in the huge pile of shit of supplement-company sponsored CPD courses. Gods, if only I could claim my own research as CPD, would have got those 30 hours in the first week of the year. Cool mix ↓
  2. I've never lead a journal in my life and been postponing starting one online but it feels like the right thing to keep myself accountable and share a journey as so many others are doing. I love reading what other people are going through. So I am turning on my fav soundtrack from my fav movie and cracking on with the writing. My journey has started after coming to London from Slovakia, my home country. I was always lead to believe that having a good education, university and good grades was important. My dad works in business and is doing well for himself so naturally, I never saw any other way. I studied at business university and accepted that I'll just be clocking my hours for the rest of my life for some company that I have no passion or ambition at just because this is the "normal life". All changed when I found Leo through "how to stop caring what other people think about you". The more I listened to these videos the more it made sense to me. I started to realise how out of balance I was. A materialistic Eastern European with zero passion, zero motivation and no fulfilment. Somehow I convinced myself I was doing the right thing and was becoming "successful". Lol, if I had a dollar every time I hear this word..... I become a corporate rat, sucking up to my boss and depending on other people to tell me what to do. It took me 2 years to muster the willpower to make the next step and to buy the LP course which opened up a new dimension for me. I've always been interested in health, fitness and that side of life but never saw it as more than a hobby really. The course convinced me that I should pursue this passion and create a purpose out of it. I took 5 months of additional life-coaching after the course and by the time it ended, my journey was quite clear -> I wanted to lead a life where I would help other people get well and to stop suffering. I kinda assume it would involve some area of alternative medicine but wasn't really sure. Sometime later I discovered a post from College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and at that day they happened to have an Open Door day and the last opportunity to sign up for the new semester (starting in 4 weeks!!). To this day, I think this was a sign from the universe...or just google being really smart with adds ..either way, the moment I walked in I knew I found my temple of knowledge and that I was meant to be here. An hour later I was walking away with a prospect and a bill for the sign-up fee for 3 year course of Naturopathic nutrition. That was Summer 2017. Year 1 was all about anatomy. Endless revision of bones, muscles, organs, tissues and cells. English & Latin both. I seriously have massive admiration and respect for medics. We did not go into the depth they do but man.....I don't know how someone can remember thousands of Latin words and location of every single bone and muscle on the human body. Somehow my enthusiasm lasted the whole year which made learning easy but I lost a lot of it now. Years 2 and 3 were more into nutrition, biochem & pharmacology but also herbal med, Chinese med and most of all therapeutics. For the first time, I came face to face with real client which was an extremely terrifying experience but at the same time, it felt like the right thing. My very first client in the school clinic was a young finance manager. Burned out, depressed, stressed, overworked, overexercised, asthmatic and allergic. I could see myself in him couple years back. I was that superachiever, exercising 7 days a week doing Crossfit and always living on the run. During this time my asthma & allergies were the worst they've ever been so I had to slow down. I explained the same to him and 4 weeks later he came to his follow up with pretty amazing results. I realised that the modern epidemic is not really some sort of infection and fancy diseases but it is stress. I saw that in all my other school clients. Stressed, burned out, unhappy and overworked. The modern epidemic especially in cities like London. I am now in my final days of the naturopathic college pretty much just awaiting the diploma. Everything has been submitted but that's just the beginning of it. Marketing, accounting, taxes, Webdesign and all the other stuff comes next and it's giving me a lot of headaches. I'll be documenting the next steps of the journey on here.
  3. Congrats guys! Finally, the day has come. Happy for you
  4. Trans-poo-sion as some call it may be one of the most promising medical treatment of the next decade but so far it is still research in diapers. As far as I know so far FDA has only approved transplantation of Bifidobacterium which is super limiting so I'd wait at least another 5 years for more research to catch up and more variety becoming available. Mice studies show some pretty darn exciting results in obesity, diabetes, IBD. Consider reading "10% Human" if this stuff interests you. Potentially this could even be helpful for authism I'm definitely looking forward to poo-clinics transpoosion becoming widely available
  5. Find better friends. Cut ties with those people to a minimum and focus on your own development. If you are not blessed with masculine genetics (from what you write I assume you may have some predominant feminine features that are a source of mockery?) you will have to compensate for it in your life with sharp mind, intellect, humour, self-confidence served from other areas of your life, strong sense of purpose and intuitive wisdom. The earlier you start working on those things, the earlier you'll outgrow those peacocks. I would also consider doing some physical fitness. Gaining some muscle will increase your self confidence and even if you are shorter (I am making assumption, maybe not) you can gain peer respect by developing some musculature. Find what you are passionate about and start investing energy and money into it and fuck everyone who disagrees. You cannot please those people so don't even try. Don't worry about that girl either, you will meet other, better quality women once you develop yourself enough they will start getting attracted to you Hope that helps
  6. I'm sure there are bound to be videos on proper burpees, jacks etc. In terms of landing it is important to distribute the weight while landing. So for example with burpees don't just land like a rock on the ground slamming the feet in one go (people tend to do this once they get fatigued) but slowly distribute the weight from toes to heels and make sure not to lock your knees but bend to soften the landing. A proper burpees is like a circular motion that doesn't stop but one thing leads to another. It has to be soft, gradual and controlled rather than hard landing with locked knees
  7. ^ this guy
  8. I'd probably start with retesting and comparing results to your first breath tests just to see if round 1 was any successful. If not, you may need to swap around the antimicrobials. I'd even consider speaking to a herbalist to create a powerful antimicrobial blend for you. These things work better in synergy than isolated and you need a master in herbs to really know what to use and when and in what amounts. I've had decent results elsewhere with SIBO using a combination of goldenseal, wormwood, oregano oil and psylium + strong probiotics in combination with a strict 100% LF diet and later on some gut-maintenance protocol. I wouldn't just throw random stuff at it. Get a strong blend from a good herbalist. Herbs on their own are usually not that expensive. These are excellent in the second phase once the antimicrobials have been finished. If you suspect a degree of intestinal permeability, then glutamine has by far the best evidence out there.
  9. Highly recommend this book if you're ever keen to explore the topic of ww2 in depth from a highly critical and kinda yellow perspective
  10. try this https://www.amazon.com/Letting-Go-audiobook/dp/B00ZTN2CKE/ref=sr_1_3?crid=22610VW1U2LSF&dchild=1&keywords=david+hawkins+books&qid=1632420622&sprefix=david+hawkin%2Caps%2C233&sr=8-3 and this https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Intelligence-20-audiobook/dp/B003MSCSD4/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2W78AIAXT2EXR&dchild=1&keywords=emotional+intelligence+2.0&qid=1632420642&s=audible&sprefix=emotional+%2Caudible%2C231&sr=1-1
  11. yes, agreed this is a general issue with pharmacology, especially polypharmacy. Lack of long-term holistic solutions and leaving people on meds for decades. Absolutely agree that this is a huge huge problem Brains of people with long terms mental health may often undergo some atrophy of the executive regions such as prefrontal cortex or cingulate cortex and hypertrophy of regions such as amygdala which creates a vicious cycle and makes it harder to treat. But I'm not sure to what degree this is relevant in terms of wider population and "normal brain" size/weight. Might just be academic speculation rather than a crucial point. Animal research does have a huge value in early stages when lack of human data is available or it would be unethical to conduct human studies but once the research availability grows, animal trials start losing their value. Not disputing the results. They are indeed scary findings. But they are aware of the limitations. When you conduct observational study, there is just way too much that can interfere with your results as much as we'd love to see a direct association, it cannot be drawn as simply despite those results. "Our results must be interpreted in the context of additional limitations. Identifying an association does not necessarily indicate a causal relationship. Furthermore, observational studies involving long durations such as ours inevitably preclude use of the “gold standard”: a random-assignment controlled trial. The current study could have been strengthened by having control groups, eg, schizophrenia patients assigned to deferred or no antipsychotic treatment or healthy volunteers treated with antipsychotics for comparable periods. However, ethical standards in human subject research prohibit such comparison groups. The small number of schizophrenia patients in our sample who received no antipsychotic treatment did not allow for meaningful statistical analyses. "
  12. The longitudinal study being an observational study within a single geographical region does not have enough strength or statistical power to suggest a correlation or causation relationship. The best they can do is hypotheses generation. You will notice that the study does not say A causes B. They are aware that more research needs to be done. While I agree that this is a disturbing finding I wouldn't straight away assume that everyone who takes these drugs end up with cortex atrophy. 211 patients isn't that huge of a study. There is just too many confounders and potential biases in here (recruitment, choice of treatment etc) here that could influence it. For example patients with schisophrenia are often more likely to smoke and we know smoking is a risk factor for neurodegeneration. These patients are more likely to have a junk food diet, sleep deprivation and recreational drug abuse. So the question is, is it really the drug or an overall behaviour? 211 people longitudinal study won't be able to catch that relationship. You need a prospective cohort of 50,000+ (hundred even) across different populations to determine a statistically strong relationship. Obviously drugs are never an ideal long term treatment but sometimes this is what prevents the patient from killing themselves or becoming deluded and instable. In the long-terms they are probably not the best line of treatment though but they keep the patient sane so that the problems can be worked on for example by working through some shadow work, nutrition therapy, herbs, mindfulness etc. But without those drugs, the patients wouldn't be able to ground themselves. Or at least not in the short term
  13. On the top of everything that has already been said, I'd just add this. Make sure you don't automatically assume that any health problems you currently experience (whatever they may be) are caused by systemic heavy metal toxicity simply because that has been a popular topic on the forum. Groupthink can be a seductive beast. Common symptoms of fatigue, neurological symptoms, digestive irritation, mood problems etc could be caused by a variety of other things as well. Ofcourse, some of those may indeed be caused by toxins but usually that's not the case. A lot issues can be fixed by fixing one's sleep, diet, sitting:not sitting ratio, stress elimination, mindfulness practice and maybe doing some basic medical testing like blood/stool tests. For example, I've seen some pretty groundbreaking changes just from people starting to eat proper breakfast and sleeping a bit more. Just saying Make sure to eliminate all the most obvious triggers and mediators first before you go down the detox rabit hole
  14. It is not an unreasonable line of thinking but the anatomical structure of the respiratory apparatus, does not support the idea. And @undeather can probably correct me on the anatomy. But once the air leaves the nasal (or oral) cavity it is moved into the trachea (single tube) and then to lungs from where it escapes via diffusion into the bloodstream. So even if one of your nostrils took in more air, overall the air eventually gets mixed and the body gets equally oxygenated. You would have to have some severe respiratory & circulatory disorder to get insufficient oxygenation which would be followed by skin discoloration before it affected nails or eyes. It may be that you expose your right hand (being right-handed) to more mechanical stress and friction and with eyes it could be genetic, my partner has one eye weaker than the other since she was a kid. No advice on the septum, surgery is probably the only way to fix that.
  15. maybe, hard to tell. Do you often feel tired? Do you yawn a lot? Any hair loss, fragile nails, skin dryness? Dark circles under eyes? You can always ask for some basic bloodwork from your doctor if you mentioned you get fatigued a lot. They will usually be able to include at least Ferritin, B12 and folate in the test.
  16. It's ok, don't base too much on sex. All good things will come to you in time. Focus on advancing yourself, work on your health, finances, emotional mastery and your life purpose. In time women will get attracted to those qualities and sex will become part of your life.
  17. Good start, now think about how you could turn that into living. Put up a drawing board and everytime you walk around it spend 1 minute thinking. Anything comes up, a keyword, add it to the tab. See what you got in 3 months. Of course it needs to be at least somewhat profitable so you can leave the job you don't enjoy
  18. Originally in 2017 when I finished the course it was: "Studying health & nutrition to help people live better, longer & to thrive in life" nowadays if I was to polish it, it would be shorter and kinda more on-point but the core of it still works. I think this is a good start and needs a little bit more specificity in terms of "what's the medium". Helping people be together by <add your core medium and core activity>. But I know you're getting there
  19. While certain alterations to some water-soluble nutrients such as niacin, vitamin C and other chain-breaking antioxidants may help, generally cooking does not destroy as much nutritional value as is often assumed. That is moderate cooking. If you grill the heck out of the chicken or fry the heck out of that broccoli, you may lose more. Microwaving is totally safe and we do not have any reliable data that would show microwaving any food is harmful or bad or exposes you to radiation. How much that food has spent on the shelf is also important thou. Ageing vegetables and fruits do lose some antioxidants naturally. That's impossible to tell without fully knowing everything about their logistic and the entire supply chain. How much time has elapsed between that broccoli being picked and it landing on your plate would be the major determinant as well as what sort of heat alteration has happened in between. Sometimes companies use synthetic ingredients to protect shelf life, that's a factor as well. I'm gonna jump in conclusions and assume your question was "is microwaving safe and does it destroy my food? " The answer is yes it is safe, it does not destroy your food and it is a perfect warming option for busy people who have no other means of eating warm meal. Don't worry about it sometimes ..... many marketing words, unless they are protected by law literally mean nothing. A word "fresh" or "natural" is as meaningless as can be these days. Other words such as "organic" are more likely to be relevant as there are more rigorous testing protocols.
  20. Might be you are approaching the meditation mechanically. Such as "meditation = less stress" and so you force the meditation and expect less stress immediately but the brain actually becomes stressed about it because it is not working as effectively or as quickly as you want it ti. You could try switching perspective from "I meditate to suppress my gastritis" to "I'll just sit here and see what happens". And you let go of trying to control, you let go of desiring an outcome (less gastric pain, less inflammation) and just sit there and take it all I. No judgement, just pure 100% observation. And if there is any pain during the process, see if you can accept and tolerate that as well. May I ask what the bland diet is based on? What supplements are you taking for the gastritis? Is there any medication? And finally, have you been tested for H-pylori?
  21. Could it be that you've conditioned your brain through a lot of exciting stuff and social media to expect quick and short hits of exciting information? Maybe your mind is resisting the deliberate focus because there is no immediate gratification in it the way you get from tic tokc scroll. But I might be assuming, it could be something else. If the above is the case, then 40 minutes of meditation for half a year will fix that for you, possibly much sooner.
  22. As long as the cycle is fairly regular (28-32 days), no months are skipped and there is no excessive pain or excessive amount of bleeding I wouldn't be concerned. It is probably a good thing if the period is light rather than heavy & painful. However the duration of bleeding, heaviness and pain may alter from one month to another (speaking from experience of women I know or the ones I've worked with and discussed that topic) As per migraines, see if better hydration, caffeine avoidance and generally eating more vegetarian diet (during those 2-5 days) helps. 200mg of magnesium bisglycinate may help as well. You could experiment with taking magnesium +P5P for 1 weeks before the period starts.
  23. What are you most passionate about? If happiness was the currency of your salary, what would you be doing to maximize income?
  24. That sounds very unlikely. If excessive exposure to any given food led to a development of allergy and a risk of subsequent anaphylaxis, human race would have died out by now. Legumes have been eaten by populations for thousands of years. If you have been ok eating them so far, you won't develop an allergy. Any intolerance that develops would stem more from gut problems (e.g. SIBO, IBD, excessive intestinal permeability, EOE) rather than an actual allergic response. Some intolerances can be corrected with some deep gut work and I've seen that happen on a rare occasion from personal experience. Real allergies are more difficult to cure. There are many theories that cause allergies, one of them being insufficient exposure in childhood rather than excessive exposure and insufficient microbiome balance from that. Or when kids are raised to vegan parents and then in their 20s or 30s they decide to start eating dairy or eggs, a theoretical possibility is a massive flareup of allergic symptoms to a point that adrenaline shots for life will need to be carried by the kids. For this reason I am not super pro the idea of raising children through avoidance of many food categories. There needs to be an exposure. Even for parents doing ethical veganism, I would potentially still consider giving kids at least trace amounts of these things especially during first 3 years of life. Hygiene theory is also popular that says insufficient exposure to environmental antigens leads to development of allergies such as not having had opportunity to get exposed to dust, mud, bugs and microbes by living in sterile environment - I think we'll have a whole new generations of covid kids who will grow with massive allergies due to their parents desynfecting their hands 50 times a day and forcing them to wear masks which will among other also prevent inhalation of airborne antigens such as pollens and so allergies will develop over time. O Other theories include an imbalanced immune response between intracellular and extracellular immunity. This is super complex and dependant on million of other factors but generally what can switch this balance are things like inflammation, oxidative stress, toxins, heavy metals, potentially even some medical drugs mainly antibiotic over exposure. I've had this to a degree with my allergies in the past and managed to correct it (to a certain degree). One side of this imbalance is asthma & allergies where the other side is autoimmunity. From my limited experience when this happens, gut health is usually massively involved. It is not yet well known what causes the shift to more pro-allergenic or more pro-autoimmune response. Genetics could be a strong determinant here. Other cases can also be genetic such as with coeliac disease when you have the HLADQ8 and HLADQ2 mutations and eat an excessive amount of gluten, over time coeliac can happen. But things like antibiotics can definitely accelerate this process for those genetically predisposed. This is fairly easy to test for and so cure in form of avoidance is possible and quite doable.
  25. Been a while since the last journal entry. I've been spending a lot of time with my family lately. I've finally seen them after 9 months after coming back to Slovakia for a visit and to attend a friend's wedding. Seeing the lovely couple of my elementary school buddy and his fiance say their "yes" has kinda triggered something in me and my girlfriend. We have been together for over 10 years and we've both felt that it is about time for us to start talking about these things. We have set a deadline of 2 years to get married and probably leave UK and go back to Slovakia and start a family. I feel like, for the first time, we both really agree we are ready to do this. My main goal during the next 2 years will be to make the clinic sustainable enough to be able to leave corporate job and do this free time to be able to spend more time with my kids in the future without doing some sort of soul-destroying job once we come back to Slovakia. I'd like to be able to have a home-based clinic and seeing clients both in person and online. As it stands, I'm nowhere near that place but I'm motivated more than ever to put some serious effort into making this a reality. We've also been talking about moving up north to Snowdonia for the next 6 months since both of us are still remote workers, it is possible and we'd just like to experience as much of Wales as we can before leaving this country for good. I'm also looking more into investing in some sort of business development course, something a bit more complex and expensive. I want to embark on this before the end of October. So lots of moving pieces but I've lost momentum in the past 2 months so ready to get back to it, put more deliberate effort and be more serious about the clinic and my life generally. It's about time to become more serious and piss away less time on social media, video games, youtube and all sorts of other distractions.