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  1. @Max_V if it doesn't get better, consider asking for HPylori assessment. The tests are called Urea (13C) breath test and Stool Helicobacter Antigen Test (SAT) If positive, a 'triple therapy should' help you get rid of it. Definitely speak to your doctor if the symptoms don't get better on Omeprazole. Good luck!
  2. Read every day Exercise 3-4 times a week Practice focused attention - put an object in front of yourself and stare at it for 5 minutes straight, twice a day Clean up your diet Clean up your apartment if needed, clutter causes psychological stress If needed, improve your sleep Reduce usage of video games, social media scrolling, memes, reels, and anything else that destroys your attention. Treat your attention as a precious currency.
  3. This topic has turned into a mud throwing contest, let's all take some productive time off the forum
  4. @Leo Gura i feel like in this case taking the morally neutral ground is a form of avoidance. I mean sure, morals are a human construct but we are all physically and existentially tied to this 3 dimensional world which is governed by human laws. If we can eleviate suffering of some other living species since it is mostly unnecessary, why shouldn't we strive for less suffering? I'm not saying that it is what will happen, actually i think the opposite is happening these days with veganism losing rather than dominating. I don't agree with the way she presents her agenda, she is clearly a trained debator but i am tempted to slide with her rather than Shawn who I've always found a bit delusional
  5. Drugs don't cure side effects caused by other drugs. Take a month off everything, you might spend a few days in bed shaking even feverish and then things will be better. A few cold showers and some sauna along the way could help. That's how you desensitise. You folks need to become a tad more responsible with these things, it seems like every day someone on the forum crashes down with substance abuse, psychedelic potential or not, you can't approach these things like a bag of Smarties
  6. I wonder if it is the actual AC that's making you sick. Personally, I have a very low tolerance for AC, and the few times I had to sleep in such a place, I'd always wake up with an itchy throat and a clogged sinuses. The mould probably isn't helping either
  7. yeah, that's exactly how I feel about my family home. It is more of a habit thing rather than something I think is essential but it feels like you have a safety net, in case things went terribly for you in life, you have a place to return. On some subconscious level, it gives me a sense of security. It is not great at the moment in the UK either. The interest rates are high and increasing and I am honestly scared to mortgage my ass for 40 years. One way or the other I still have to pay either a landlord or the bank, it kinda feels like the house will never truly be yours until you're like 75 and can finally pay it off. Although people's income changes and you can re-mortgage to adjust terms. not particularly but I hear this is something that can be learnt. yeah, I pay a lot of attention to those factors. Not only you want a safe neighbourhood but you want to make sure there are sufficient nurseries, elementary schools, places for kids to do hobbies, infrastructure (so that you don't have to cab your kids around for 12 years), at the same time if the area is too overinflated with lot of rich movers, expect high council tax but also increasing cost of the property. I am mostly worried about making a wrong choice and burning up tens of thousands of pounds on a mistake. Like buying in wrong area or buying something that is in poor condition and then needing to sell it under-price. I am worried about tying myself down with expensive mortgage and creating a massive pressure that will impact the family psychologically. In Slovakia, where I come from, people generally have a mindset of "you must not bring a child to this world if it doesn't have a home" meaning you need to own before having a kid. I don't know if I agree with that but it is deeply rooted in my head. Like that you shouldn't be moving with a kid or be at risk of being evicted by a landlord when you have a baby. I think it is a very old school mentality and people nowadays rent while having kids. We want to start trying later this year closer to a wedding and might start looking at prices of flats around here as well. Maybe the step one would be to consider owning a flat and then moving to a house later. I'm trying to be openminded but I'm also being overly cautious. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it! I will check this out, thank you! yeah, it does feel like that. Seems like I've got some research to do. Thank you for all your insights, appreciate it! thanks! There is definitely something to owning that you don't get from renting but maybe in the end it is the environment you create for the kid. Kids don't get worried about bills unless they see their parents being extremely stressed or their parents directly involve them in those debates, which I don't think is right. this was surprisingly insightful, thanks for sharing. See technically you are always tying yourself even if you rent , right? Unless you can muster enough capital that you can just pay it off in a few years. I had that sense of security as a kid and only now, years later, I can appreciate how much it actually helped my emotional development. Have you ever talked about this in video or a blog? Would be interested to learn more from your experience. thanks! I like this perspective. Agreed, it is crazy over here but it is no better elsewhere. I think for people who have household income of at least 70K you're mostly fine being able to handle mortgage, childcare and everything else. But on low income, UK living is difficult.
  8. Hey guys, I'm curious to hear your opinions whether you have bought or haven't or have been thinking or have a position on why yes or why not My partner and I are getting married this year, want to start trying for a kid and the thing that naturally comes along with that (in Eastern Europe where i was born) is owning your own property. I am aware of the trap of materialistic ownership. I am at a stage where I can't afford to buy but I can get a mortgage with the current income would be able to afford it. So my question is. Do you think it is important for a family to own? I think a flat rather than a house for a starter would be good. Is it important for a child to be growing up in an owned house? Like, is there something there, some form of inner security, feeling of comfort or something along those lines that is never quite fulfilled when renting? Could you traumatise a child in some way but, say renting vs owning? Technically when you have a mortgage you still rent but your landlord is now a bank which may or may not be better. I'd love to be in a position to spot buy but I can't muster 350K at the moment at will @aurum @Emerald @Leo Gura @Carl-Richard - tagging you guys because I know you're roughly my age and above so might have gone through something like this already but would very much love opinion of anyone else who has or hasn't.
  9. Agreed, let's leave it there Thanks for the chat !
  10. The aim of that training is to go heavy but not to the point of complete exhaustion, in fact you don't want to go to that point as it may trigger a catabolic response through a lot of circulating cortisol. You kinda want to feel like "that was a hard session but I could do a bit more if I had to" . As such 3 such sessions per week are doable but I think it is not appropriate to a beginner as there is a prerequisite that some foundations are already in place. In the end it comes down to what you write in the second paragraph, what your goals and aims are. If you want to stay mostly lean, mostly similar body weight, and just exercise to stay in shape, then once or twice a week might be enough, but I think if the goal is different, it might not be enough. I like being a little bit bigger and absolutely love being strong and feeling that my body can take more than average person's. It is kinda egotistical and vane but then, we can't all be saints! It's part of my branding of my health business as well as, in this industry, people judge you based on knowledge and competency but also based on looks.
  11. @Nilsi I am not very familiar with Mike's story, The issue I have with that whole bodybuilding period is that I don't believe any of those guys were ever clean. Whether you look at Franco Columbu, Sergio Oliva, Kevin Levrone, Mike O'Hearn, Dorian Yates - all of these guys were on high volumes of steroid cycles. Potentially even someone as lean as symmetrical as Frank Zane would have been enhanced. But ofcourse we can't prove anything. Maybe Mike was different and extremely genetically gifted? Maybe. But I think there are limits to natural development as most bodybuilders already train at peak of human capacities and those who are natural and those who are not look nowhere near the same. The most prominent is how they look when they cut and how lean they can become during a severely catabolic diet. This is where steroids protect you from severe loss of muscle tissue. According to nattyornot https://nattyornot.com/mike-mentzer-use-steroids/ "Mike Mentzer believed that natural bodybuilders should introduce long rest periods between training sessions to ensure proper muscle and joint recovery. According to him, pro bodybuilders get away with frequent high-volume training thanks to the steroids in their systems." - I would agree with this. But then they go on about this (I dont know if this is true or not) "According to another legendary bodybuilder, Casey Viator, who was close with Mike Mentzer and his brother Ray Mentzer, Mike used to take about 2.5 grams of Deca a week, along with other drugs such as Primobolin and Dianabol. Here’s an excerpt written by Nelson Montana, author of The Bodybuilding Truth: “I have fairly recently trained down in Florida with top pro of the 70’s and early 80’s CASEY VIATOR. I asked him directly about steroid use in the 70’s and this is what he had to say…. and I quote… ‘Don’t let anyone fool you about our low doses. We were just as reckless with steroid use as they are today.’ I asked him when the big doses started…. ‘The big doses started around 1974 and yes we were all right on top of it. Yes we ALL used GH back then and it was from real cadavers. The GH we all used was called CRESCORMIN and nobody was going to morgues to get it’. I wanted an example and I told him about what I heard my mentor, and his friend and former training partner, Mike Mentzer used……only 400 of deca/week and 30 of d-bol/day. CASEY LAUGHED and then said this….Mentzer used up to 2.5 grams of deca a week, God knows how much primobolin acetate, along with d-bol and growth, so as I said don’t be fooled about our low doses as we were just as reckless as theses guys are today.” I love this If all drug usage is discontinued, the muscle industry will collapse because people will suddenly realize that their idols don’t look nearly as impressive naturally. Therefore, the incentive to buy supplements and training programs will drop. This will lead to the bankruptcy of many companies. in summary I think if you enjoy the training and it brings you results, carry on with it, just err on the side of scepticism where claims are being made about what is naturally achievable. If you are relatively new to weight training you will make gains on any training routine because your body is unused to this level of mechanical stimulation. It is only after you get the newbie gains that you start noticing how your body responds to different ways of training.
  12. Not every session, but I am gradually increasing the weight I can handle on an almost weekly basis. For example I've gone from being able to squat 90kg for 8 times to 140kg for 8 times within about 5 months. In the same time, I've gone from 80kg*8 benchpress to 100kg*8g. At the same time my bodyweight has only gone from 88-91 so I assume either some fat loss happened or this shit activates other, secondary pathways that enhance peak strength. Shoulder press I went from 45kg * 10 to 75kg * 6. My back and my grip have always been weak, so I progress the slowest with pull-ups and pendlay rows. Given that I've been lifting since 15 and made all the newbie gains long time ago, this is the most progress I've made from consistent training for the past 12+ years. But there are days when my strength dips. What fascinates me the most about this type of training is that when you do the same thing over and over, you can calibrate your performance and monitor the impact of, for example, fasting vs. having breakfast. You can monitor the time of the day when you are the strongest vs. when you are the weakest. I find 11-12 AM to be my golden hour; I always thought it was 6 p.m. Sleep quality has a drastic impact on this as well. Hydration does not have as much of an impact which surprised me but caffeine does, to some degree although overcaffeination (> 1 espresso) actually made me shaky and weaker on that day. I have not tried creatine or any supplement, maca would be interesting to try. SO I've kinda been geeking out with Chat GPT and excel spreadsheet , observing variables and modifiers that make difference. It is the most fun I've had lifting since my early 20s honestly, I'm 33 now. Btw I did not invent this training. Full credit to William Charters https://www.instagram.com/charters_william/
  13. This is definitely a good start even for an experienced lifter. Deadlifts and dips are perfect but I'd push back on smith machine squats and still encourage you to do unsupported squats. If you are worried about balance, use the safety rails that catch the bar if you lose balance and make sure to start light. Don't add more weight unless you can confidently do 8-10 reps. It is important to master the form properly before loading weights, a knowledgeable PT or a lifting coach would help you. As for the rest of this split, they are all like Tier 3 exercises, very isolated, single joint and not anabolic stimulating enough. You would probably see better improvement by adding a standing shoulder press instead of lateral raises and something like wide pull-ups instead of biceps curls. The standing triceps cable press is imo one of the most useless exercises for a non-steroid user. Overall this is a solid training and likely to lead to some improvement but if you built it around unsupported full body compound training, you would make 30-60% more progress in the same time. Honestly, the more I do this, the more convinced I am that split body training is a giant pile of rubbish that has been sold by steroid users to the natural community for too long. It doesn't work for experienced lifters like you and I, it is a waste of time, leads to exhaustion, injuries and overtraining and guys then have to rely on 250g of protein per day to stimulate sufficient muscle synthesis. I am not convinced that eating that much protein is harmless despite lack of evidence. If you go full body, you become so anabolic that you can easily make gains on a vegan diet with a little bit of hemp protein. I weigh 91 kilos, eat about 140-160g of protein per day (90-95% of that from plants) and have been making consistent strength gains on this program, unlike anything I've ever done before. It blows my mind how effective this routine is. What you need is: squat or deadlift benchpress wide pullup standing shoulder press pendlay row dip some form of abs where your legs aren't hooked to a bar, and you actually have to engage your core at 100% capacity. all free weights, no machines , no cables. 48-hour break between training as the peak of protein muscle synthesis occurs between 24-36 hours post-training. That's it. Try that and let the results speak for themselves. Ofcourse it is still a good idea to do some form of functional training like gymnastic rings, TRX, rope climbing and some occasional HIIT like boxing, Tabata etc so that you continue increasing your V02 Max because the heavier you lift the harder your cardiopulmonary system gets challenged. When it comes to weight training, for a natural lifter, this is as good as it gets. But if this feedback doesn't resonate just ignore it
  14. Could you find a part time job in Sweden? What is the annual fee for the course? Otherwise the question might be, not just "How do you pay the fee" but "How do you survive in Sweden for 5 years given it is one of the most expensive countries of Europe?" Northern Europe countries with their liberal politics probably have some form of support for overseas students, other than scholarship directly by the Uni. Perhaps also worth exploring your options there. Look at what the Swedish government offers. Also worth maybe checking if Indonesian government offers anything that could be of use to you? Like the Erasmus exchange course but tailored to this particular case
  15. Hey, There are many reasons why it could be so. It could be a compromised immune system in general or a prior infection (e.g. COVID) that has taken hold of you. It might also come down to your lifestyle, diet or living environment. Sometimes, immune system is also weakened by a challenging life circumstances. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to look into long-COVID - a possible and somewhat likely explanation given it was the trigger low iron - significant contributor to weak immune system low vit D / zinc / selenium / protein / hypocaloric diet/ low antioxidant status (e.g. glutathione, vit E, selenium etc) or even antioxidant depletion if your body was, for example, struggling to produce sufficient glutathione because your levels of proline, glycine and other amino acids was low during a period of high stress or while experimenting with restrictive diets, fasting etc - this is a speculation without testing. chronic stress, burnout, redundancy any situation that requires you to "burn the candle from both ends" living with someone who is often sick living in a "sick building" - mould contamination, loud noises, poor air quality, poor water quality (old piping, high chlorine levels) thyroid - anything and everything could be anchored in thyroid hormone imbalance insufficient sleep quality / length insufficient or excessive physical activity temperature at your home - too cold / too hot some form of low-grade allergic response - pet, food item, environmental undergoing a major life transition (career, housing, childcare, caring for an elderly, bereavement) If I was to guess based on the little info I would write you a referral and sent you off to get your full iron panel, vitamin D and thyroid assessed. Then I would ask you to make sure you are eating enough and that your diet is covering all your essential micro and macro nutrients. You can easily track a few days in Cronometer and see what's missing. I'd also critically assess your - exercise routine, sleep and stress levels. Once those are all checked and good, move down the list
  16. Maybe something along the lines of it being attractive for lots of young men and women who might be going into it for wrong reasons who might end up with debilitating long term injuries. People in those sports can be incredibly savage and ruthless even doing sparring practice
  17. No, but have been considering starting a regular fund with Heargreaves Lansdown in UK. Would love a book recommendation for a newbie if any of you guys have any
  18. No MMA duel invite for me ? 😥 I'm generally meh on online debating, done one in the past and it was unbearable. Twisting of words, using Chat GPT for arguments...nah.
  19. Completely off topic Don't have a subscription, never had a never will pay for porn. I've seen some leaked content, that's true, nothing too flattering. OP is free to do whatever she desires but of she was completely convinced this is the right way for her, she wouldn't have raised this topic on the first place. Don't assume everyone who discourages OF is a dirty pig that spends hours a fay watching porn, seems like a shadow of yours @Princess Arabia, There is a reason it has become a severely despised website among men and it is not because men despise female artists expression. OF Is a low class porn side. That's the brand it carries and that's the mark any content creator will be chestised with.
  20. not necessarily, there are no rules other than what each of us imposes on ourselves. Nobody is saying, "You must not do OF". You are a free woman with free will; do whatever you like. All we're saying is "Think about the potential long-term consequences of your choices" You are young and beautiful, and obviously, many guys would pay to see more. But one day you may look back and wish you could take that choice you made in the heat of the moment away. If you do decide to pursue this path, I truly wish you success and fulfilment on it
  21. ^ listen to our GI doc Don't mess up with supplements and experimental stuff at this stage Max. Diagnosis prior to treatment.
  22. I'm going to be blunt because someone has to be. That's exactly what OF is and that's what anyone who subscribers to a "content creator" on OF understands. Only fans no different from any other trash porn website with the pay wall being only difference. I think the deeper reason is that maybe you are worried that quitting your job as an architect will significantly cut your income and being IG and YouTuber might not be enough to provide you the same level of financial security so you're creating a delusional fantasy that somehow OF content is aligned with your healing so you can excuse your moral distortion because i bet deep down you know it's a terrible choice of "hobby/career" , hence why this post came up to be because you were kinda hoping for the forum to talk you out of it ... Furthermore No amount of spiritual mambo jumbo wrapped nearly in fluffy words like "healing, trauma, release, manifestation, acceptation" will cover up the fact that once you start posting nude content on OF, you're selling yourself off to the lowest bidder and with it your dignity and divine feminine purity. There is a reason OF is single hand navigating friendly app, because that's the expectation you create, you become a jerk off material to bunch of adolescents and if you become popular enough your content will leak anyway. Please for the love of god have some self respect. You can pursue true sexual expression through tantric experience and I'd encourage you to do that but don't do it in a such shallow way Also, worth mentioning, the competition on OF is absolutely staggering and so while you may be posting intimate content, the level of ROI -return on investment (or more precisely ROLD - return on lost dignity) might be pretty bad unless you are exceptionally good at creating tickle content on IG and if that's the path then... well, none of this will change your mind. Whatever you choose, may all the divine guide your path 🙏