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  1. important things in pickup
    Question about Tripp from Leo's Interview
    You can get very technical about game.
    But that's not good for newbies. When you're just starting out you want to focus on the bare basics like your dress, grooming, approaching consistently, building decent state, eye contact, smiling, body posture, physical escalation, never running out of things to say, and leading.
    The most important things are:
    Going out at least 2x-3x nights a week, consistently Approaching consistently Putting yourself into a good mood while you do so Smiling and laser eye contact Getting good at never running out of things to say. Becoming good at holding conversation Communicating with her man-to-woman, with clear sexual intent Immediate physical escalation Leading her That will get you 90% of your results. Getting decent at all the above will take you several years of full time work.