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  1. Read the title of this post for the answer to this question.
  2. Yes, I have faced mental illness and real suffering on my journey.
  3. What understanding of the aspects of reality am I lacking in your perspective? Your disagreement with the words that I am sharing cannot make me sad. I know my truth, I know the Truth. I know myself.
  4. This may be true. I am awakening every day.
  5. @Arthogaan My perspective is all there is for me. Your perspective is all there is for you, other people's perspectives are all there is for them. Yes the room is still here if I close my eyes I love and appreciate technology so much more because of my understanding of technology and what it has done for me. No Yes it's real - prayer. Intentional words combined with feelings and spoken out loud as affirmations. I will assume you mean romantic relationship. I am in a sacred marriage with my beloved woman, she is my twin flame, we are one soul separated in two bodies. The entire creation is our True Love story.
  6. You, I, everybody and everything exists because it's the best possible creation thought up by the the infinite intelligence of God to experience self in the most awesome way possible. You, I, everybody and everything has contributed to God's Absolutely Magnificent Plan, The Perfect Divine Purpose, The Masterpiece of All Masterpieces with absolutely everything. You, I, everybody and everything has fulfilled our life purposes. This is why you, I, everybody and everything exists - to be God's vehicles for the purpose of embodiment of the Great Divine Plan.
  7. All the judgements that you have directed towards me are a reflection of conflicts that are within you.
  8. I appreciate your kind words. I prefer the words "letting go of the old", "transformation", "alchemy" in the process of growth and evolution. And also, "uncovering true self" instead of "de-identification". Before: I don't know who I am and I don't know the Truth. I am Vladimir. After: I know who I am and I know the Truth. I am Vladimir and I am Universe.
  9. @Loving Radiance My enlightenment was inevitable since the moment everything was created. I was never in control, everything that has ever happened to me was guided by God's infinite intelligence. In my personal experience, my life disappeared, yet my breath remained. Life is so much more than just a shadow of breath.
  10. @Loving Radiance I will be responding to those quotes you posted individually, here is the first one. @A Fellow Lighter I will be responding to your questions soon, thank you for your depth and intelligence. Yes, maturity develops with awareness. Awareness is the golden key to the gates of self mastery. Awareness is the diamond foundation for all growth. Do your best to cultivate awareness in everything, every day, every moment, that includes - thoughts, feelings, breath, sensations, sound, taste, touch, smell, vision, actions, and habits. It is safe to cultivate awareness, it is safe to become aware, awareness is the path back to love, life, joy, peace, union, Truth, rhythm, balance, healing and harmony. Unawareness is what causes suffering to yourself, other people, other beings and the entire world. Unawareness is ignorance and is also the cause of the Hell of separation. One of the best ways to begin raising awareness is to practice awareness of the breath during daily activities. Most, if not everybody in the world think of life and death in this way - "A person is born", "a person lives a life", "a person dies". In actuality, everybody who is "alive" right now is not really alive, everybody is in the between state of Life and Death - the Middle World. Some people are more dead than others and are suffering more, and some people are more alive than others and are more joyful, but most are somewhere in the middle. Nobody is fully dead or alive. I am now in the process of becoming fully alive after recently slaying the Final Boss. To die completely and fully, is to die for real, and that means to end up in Hell, this is what happened to me, I remained in that state for about 18 months and I started gradually coming out of it about 4 months ago. To become alive completely and fully is to awaken to Paradise, this means to "awaken to real life", real life that is beyond the fear of death. I am now in the process of rapid ascension into deeper and greater glory of Eternal Paradise, I am in the process of becoming fully alive, alive for real. The deepest joy that I am experiencing now is transmuting and alchemizing the depths of darkness that I have endured during those 18 months of suffering the Hell of real death, a complete separation. Maturity is how one liberates her/him self of death. Death cannot be lived, and especially not "intensively lived", death is the opposite of life, there is no life in death.
  11. I am not lacking anything I am not asking for any advice or opinion I do not need to do anything I know what I need want to do and how I need want to do it I know what I can do I know what enlightenment is I know what awakening is I am asking for questions about my awakening
  12. Does anybody else think it's strange that people are answering questions in this thread that are presented for me? Notice the title of this thread "I awakened - ask me anything", this makes it very clear that all questions are directed to me in this thread, so that I can answer them, not so that somebody else can answer them for me.
  13. What comes up is that all of these are very deep and powerful statements. I'm going to need more time to contemplate these and write a response to each quote.
  14. The best way is to have faith in me, believe words of Truth that I speak. Believe these words coming from me right now - Self Love is the best way into the Kingdom of Heaven, Self Love is the only way. The important part in this is knowing what Self Love is. This is where I come in as Wonderful Counselor and Sage of Sages to be the shepherd that I am and guide others through the dark forest and into the light of Garden of Eden.
  15. I'm glad you resonate with my message, thank you for recognizing goodness in my energy. I see the embodiment of this craftsmanship being developed in balance between spontaneity and discipline. We can call it "Teaching" and "Healing" to be more specific. Teaching what? - wisdom, skillful/conscious way of living. Healing what? - trauma, distortions, insanity, addictions, fear.....I may still choose to teach through Clever Techie videos and other mediums, I enjoy variety. After my awakening, I appreciate and love technology even more, so much more....
  16. This sounds vague and sarcastic. Could you be more specific? What question are you asking?
  17. I love this question! My only source of income at this time is from my Clever Techie youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CleverTechieTube The last time I uploaded a video was on October 23, 2020, so it's been almost 2 years! Soon after that my descend into the darkness began. I may soon upload a video just to let my subscribers know I'm still alive and to start reviving the channel, some of my subscribers wondered what happened to me. I may continue uploading to Clever Techie and the videos will be different because I'm passionate about sharing wisdom, even through programming videos. The videos will be aligned with my every day intention which is: "to be the best I can be for my highest good and the highest good of all". At the same time, I have an understanding what my entire life, initiations, shamanism, healing and hero's journey have been preparing me for. What I'm moving towards is not a "job", but rather "craft" that I have always wanted to do, what I'm truly passionate about, and that is aligned with how I want to live my life and who I truly am. In short, this craft includes everything, so I call it "Life Craft", it is a skillful, wise way of living, unlocking yourself, realizing potential, uncovering true self, conscious actions, mastery of the mind, mastery of the body, ceremonies, building conscious community, authentic relating and healing. Eventually this journey of aligning with abundance and the way I want to live my life will lead me to "creating abundance by sharing the love of who I am" from the pure desire of wanting to share my love with the world. The truth is that I have won the greatest treasures that the Universe can provide with this awakening and the material abundance will come soon in the most beautiful ways possible that will bring me the most joy. Yes it's that good and much better than anyone can imagine. Have faith and patience because miraculous gifts are coming soon and there is enough for everybody. I have more than 39 years of experience (in this life time) for the craft that I'm now stepping into, I will show the world the beauty of Truth, that which is my truth. Thank you so much for asking