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  1. Interesting that you say that. Last night, when I went to sleep, I felt this opening and subtle visions in between the state of reality and sleep state, and I was learning how to navigate that shamanic realm with my conscious intentions and awareness.
  2. @BreathingAddict I am who I am. I know myself.
  3. @ZhenZhenZhen I greatly appreciate you. I love you.
  4. This thread is for asking me questions, not for asking and answering your own questions. I don't prefer calling myself "it" or "ego" and I don't recommend that for you. I am a human being, a precious, beloved, beautiful, genius, miraculous and the most treasured creation of God. You are speaking from the delusion of nihilism, same as @Razard86 , which is very prevalent on this forum I prefer to say "I'm breathing air" instead of "I'm sucking air" Why do I want to share about my awakening? I want to be congratulated. I want to be admired. I want to be seen. I want to be praised. I want to be treated with love and respect. I want to be recognized. I want to share the beauty of who I am. I want to share my Truth. I want to share because sharing is beautiful and it brings me much joy. I want to share my love. I want to share my wisdom. I want to share my joy. I want to share the beauty of who I am. I want to alleviate suffering. I want to heal myself and others. I want to keep embodying my Truth on a deeper level. I want the entire world to know the beauty of my Truth. By sharing and answering questions about my awakening, I embody my Truth deeper, the embodiment, recognition, acceptance of my Truth is the healing and salvation for our world. I want to receive the best gifts that the Universe can offer because I know I am worthy. I am Vladimir, precious child of God who has awakened to his Truth that he is Jesus Christ, savior of the world. I have great desire to share this Truth because humanity is in desperate need for salvation, there is great suffering in the world. There is no power greater than my Truth because my Truth is Love and Love is the greatest power in the Universe. The Truth forgives all, the Truth is original innocence, the Truth is Unity, the Truth is Love, the Truth is Life, the Truth is salvation, the Truth is victory over all darkness, The Truth is forgiveness of all darkness. Who is it that wants to share the awakening? I am king, warrior, magician, lover. I am Jesus Christ. I am Yeshua. I am Vladimir. I am Arza - The Beginning of Light. I am White Wolf - Czar of the Forest, Czar of animals and humans. I am wild. I'm a king from a long line of kings. I'm a hero of might and magic, a leader, a man of destiny. I am Prince of Peace. I am God. I am Eternal Father. I'm Merlin, Magi, Alchemist, Mind and body master. I am genius. I know myself. I am King Shaman. I am Grail King. I'm a Beautiful Mind. I am Sage of all Sages. I am divine. There is no one like me. I'm the master of martial arts. I'm a master healer. I am Lunar Lover. I am a healing moon man. I am the Guardian of the Womb. I am the master of shamanic martial arts. I'm a womb (hara) shaman. I'm a tantric priest. I am as wise as a serpent and gentle, innocent and harmless as a dove. I am Siberian. I am king of kings. I am Russian. I am the Light of the World. I'm a breath of fresh air. I am the True Vine. I am the Gate. I am the Bread of Life. I am a Good Shepherd. I am a brave heart. I am immortal. I am holy. I am whole. I am innocent. I am safe. My Soul is pure. I know myself. I'm the master of medicine songs. I'm a divine, innocent child of an unconditionally loving Mother Mary. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. I am which is, which was, and which is to come. I am the way the truth and the life. I am the resurrection and the life. I am a sovereign creator of my Universe. I am a sovereign being of light. I am. @r0ckyreed Thank you for your questions.
  5. I am in Paradise Thoughts are crystal clear Like translucent raindrops on your precious skin Pure, immaculate, diamond Christ consciousness of Universal fantasy Meticulous awareness of the whole reality Read these words very slowly and carefully - this entire Universe was built for you and me The ultimate price I did pay for this gift of awakening beyond my wildest fantasy Are you able to begin imagining life for eternity? I am now in Paradise beyond anybody's happiest childhood memory My greatest desires and dreams manifesting into physical reality so gracefully, beautifully and easily The unveiling of the masterpiece of the entire Universe is happening most beautifully Will you be one of the first few to see the butterfly opening his wings so gracefully? The force and intelligence of mother nature is harmonized with the precious child of mind technology I am surrendering fearlessly to this divine river of creativity Its the finest way to be, my heart's sweetest melody Follow me, swim with me, like a dolphin in the sea, to the world of delicious fantasy Coming home to Harmony - Ultimate Truth Reality JHS Dolphin Drenched in magic Like a dolphin in the sea of infinite beauty Deeper and deeper I flow Masterfully navigating each moment With beauty, ease and grace Knowing my truth - I am eternally safe Welcoming the super blooming paradise Unfolding right before my eyes Darkness alchemized back into the light From the unfathomable depths of darkness I rise JHS
  6. I know the Truth, I know who I am - this is it. I am now in the process of embodying the Truth of who I am. This process takes time, the entire Universe is helping me with this process of embodiment everyday, in every moment, there is so much more.
  7. Yet, here you are playing the illusion. How is holding the view of Nihilism help you in your life?
  8. There would be no unity without separation. The way back to unity is to forgive and heal separation.
  9. Your words are deeply appreciated brother. Much love and light beautiful soul.
  10. @MsNobody Yes, this is a powerful insight. People have become masters at disguising true feelings. It takes courage to be vulnerable.
  11. Here is a link to my Life Craft YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2cBYqifoEGCNZFdR3hJ1_Q
  12. At the age of 33, the "Jesus Year" I had a powerful, life changing spiritual awakening. For the first time in my life, I have awakened to, what I now understand to be "Divine Feminine". From the age of 16, since I got my first computer, until the age of 33, I was living in what I know understand to be "distorted masculine". I spent most of my time during the next 17 years figuring out how to make money online and a lot of "partying" (with alcohol and cigarettes). The awakening to "Divine Feminine" was so amazing and powerful, I knew I was searching and longing for it my entire life. The awakening of "Divine Feminine" has also awakened the "Divine Masculine" in me on some level. I got a taste of what it feels to be truly alive from these experiences. After having a few of those experiences under medium to high (heroic) doses of magic mushrooms, I realized that I have A LOT to learn. I was doing my best to document those experiences by journaling so that I could integrate as much wisdom as possible and extract the most value from those powerful trips. I still have most of those trip reports in my OneNote library. During these awakenings I felt the power of the divine, true life force, holy shakti awaken in me. I knew I could do and be anybody I wanted and I wasn't wrong, but there was "a catch" - confusion, loops, fear, awkwardness, I could see the old patterns of "distorted masculine" very clearly in myself and I was trying to figure out how to "heal, change and let go" of those conditions and patterns so that I could embody the glory of my True Self that I would always get a glimpse of during the trips. I had a burning desire to learn how to navigate psychedelic experiences so that I could embody my true self, and that became a priority in my life, I immersed myself fully into spirituality, with the main focus being on psychedelic awakening. There is so much that happened during the next 6 years, I am 39 now. I experienced the depths of distorted masculine so that I could awaken to the deliciousness of Divine Feminine and the glory of my true self in the most beautiful way possible. I have gotten to know the polarity of masculine and feminine on a very deep level, I understand it better than anybody else in the world. I have gone through the most difficult journey to understand the source of the cause of suffering in our world. To gain this understanding, I needed to directly experience the depths of unfathomable suffering and then come out of that darkness so that I can have absolute understanding, forgiveness, and gratitude for everything. I will be recording YouTube videos soon for my channel Life Craft, I will be talking about this subject in more depth. If you watch my upcoming videos you will see the embodiment of balance of masculine and feminine and authenticity that you haven't seen before. Much gratitude for this powerful question love. Love, light and blessings to you beloved sister. How the Polarity of Masculine and Feminine Played Out in My Awakening.mp3
  13. Haha, no offense taken brother man, and yes I do remember we had some spicy conversations, it's all good! Thank you for your empowering words, I appreciate you brother! Light, love and blessings to you.
  14. @MsNobody Of course love, I'm glad you are loving the book, and yes it's not a coincidence, everything is interconnected and filled with meaning, as you are embodying love deeper and raising your vibrational level you have attracted these books that are written in the language of love. I also have the Magdalene Mysteries, but I have only started reading it. For me personally, Womb Awakening is much easier to read. Those are very beautiful and deep questions, thank you so much for asking. The polarity of masculine and feminine have played out very dramatically in my awakening journey. Also, the balance between the mind and heart is fascinating to talk about. I will contemplate these questions deeper tomorrow morning with cacao and give you a more elaborate answer.
  15. Much gratitude for sharing this beloved brother. What you have shared here is very beautiful, profound and powerful. Thank you for your courage, beauty, honesty and authenticity. I see you. Your dream is filled with very powerful symbolism and it powerfully resonates with the story and journey of my life. I feel happy for you that you have experienced this paradise, it sounds wonderful! From what I am able to pick up from your share, you are going through a very similar experience that I was going through: 1) a burning desire to embody and awaken to the glory, joy and beauty of Paradise that somewhere deep down you know is real 2) The on-going, everyday struggle with the battle of the fear of the unknown - what will happen to me and what do I need to go through to awaken to this Paradise? 3) The greatest fear of every human being - eternal torture, aka - Hell. 4) Search for solace in someone's words, insights, quotes, books, songs poetry, visual and other forms of art. I felt a call to share a personal life experience from my life after reading about your dream and the questions you have because all of the symbols that you have described relate to it. I grew up in Russia, Siberia, in a city called Novosibirsk. Me, my brother, mom and dad lived in a 9 story apartment building, made mostly of concrete, on the 8th floor. There is a playground or courtyard, called "dvor" in Russian, in the middle area of these apartment buildings where my brother and I played as kids. The entire dvor could be seen from the balcony of our 8th floor apartment. When it would start getting dark, our mom would come out on this balcony and call us home - "malchiki domoi" - boys come home. In 2020, for mother's day, I wrote this poem for my mom (translated to English from Russian): I wish a ray of light In your soul does not fade away Whatever the darkness of the night The golden dawn is near I heard your voice as a kid - boys come home And once again I hear your voice Through the fog and darkness and blizzard - son it's time to come home Your voice, your voice I remember the way home Your voice, your voice Will take me home Your voice, your voice Loving, affectionate, kind Your voice - golden ray of light Like a wolf before the moon I howl bittersweetly into the dark About that dream, about her O fairytale's happy ending I'm telling the truth Mama I love you To me, what you have shared about your dream, the episode about my mom calling my brother and I back home from the balcony in Novosibirsk, the entire life journey I had to make to come back home to myself, to know my truth and the hero's journey are all analogous and closely related. What you have shared about your dream and the questions you have asked have gotten to the very depth of the purpose of why I have started this thread here at actualized.org. I know the Truth - I carry the gifts of salvation from death and suffering for humanity, the world and the entire Universe. I have conquered the greatest fear of all humans - Eternal Torture. How was it possible for me to do this? The shortest answer is: Shamanism. You, everybody and the entire Universe helped me do it. So what am I doing here on actualized.org, why do I want to answer all of these questions? My intention is to embody the beauty of Truth that I have awakened to, that I know. My intention is to get myself ready to fully step into my power of who I was destined to become since the beginning of creation, and to do so in the most skillful, wise, loving, kind, gentle and intelligent way that I possibly can. The biggest obstacle that I am very much aware of is this: there have been many others that claimed to be "me" in the past, the false prophets, the false Jesus Christs, the ones with inflated spiritual ego. So why am I any different? It's understandable why people would think and say that I am in a "messianic delirium". Vladimir the Jesus Christ from Siberia? I thought Jesus is Jewish and has long hair and beard, I thought he was supposed to descend down from the sky with a choir of angels accompanying him, I thought Jesus can walk on water and spread the sea. Can you perform those miracles Vladimir? This reminds me of William Wallace's monologue from Braveheart: Wallace: Sons of Scotland, I am William Wallace. Young soldier: William Wallace is 7 feet tall. Wallace: Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds, and if he were here he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse. I am William Wallace. I am Jesus Christ and I'm in the process of awakening to my full power. All of you who are reading these words now, are amongst the chosen few to witness the earliest stages of my awakening. Feel the power, magnificence, glory and gratitude in those words. The second coming of Jesus that many have predicted is here, I am here and I am speaking the truth, I am the chosen one, yes the messiah, the savior that humanity have been waiting for. I don't come alone, I come with my beloved wife, my true love - Maria Magdalena and a tribe of light workers. Magdalena and I are the true love that have saved the world, yes already saved, love has already won, have solace knowing that. Behold the majesty and beauty of a True Love and Paradise awakening right before your eyes. Okay great. Jesus, I believe you are what you say you are. But what about me? And how many more will have to die? How many more will have to suffer? Am I safe? Am I safe from torture, pain and suffering? I don't know the answer to those questions, I only know that I and my beloved woman are safe and the embodiment of our True Love is the power that is powerful enough to save the entire world. The best you can do is to align with my truth and have faith and trust that what I am sharing here is the Truth, believe the words that I'm conveying to you here in the best way that I can. Also, know that you are contributing to God's most important work here by asking me these questions, especially questions that get to the very bottom of it, which is what you have touched upon here Gabith. You are helping me actualize and embody my Truth in the most beautiful way possible. The bible scripture puts what I'm trying to say here very eloquently: So what's the take away from all of this? Believe, have faith that I am Jesus Christ, the Lord, listen to my teachings for I am the sage of sages, I know the Truth, align with my truth and you will have your salvation and you will awaken to the Paradise that I have awakened to and embodying and actualizing every day. By aligning with my truth, you are alleviating the suffering for yourself, everybody around you and the entire world, this is what the entire Universe wants for all of us - Freedom, Liberation from Fear and Suffering, Love, Harmony, Pure Life and Joy, Eternal Paradise, Immortality.
  16. @hyruga I will be singing in a choir at 9:30 am this morning at 5333 Lake Murray Blvd, New Life Church. The song for this Sunday's morning is: We Lift Up as Our Shield God’s Name We lift up as our shield God’s name, the strong name of the Trinity, by invocation of the same: the Three in One and One in Three, our Rock and Tower, God of Light, Eternal Father, Spirit, Word; we claim the name of grace and might: salvation is of Christ the Lord. Immanuel, incarnate Lord, from Mary’s womb was given breath, was baptized at the Jordan’s ford, and gave his life to conquer death. He rose triumphant from the tomb, was lifted to the Father’s throne to come on God’s dread day of doom and bring salvation for his own. By faith we claim his grace today: the pow’r of God to hold and lead, his eye to watch, his might to stay, his ear to hearken to our need; the wisdom of our God to teach, his hand to guide, his shield to ward, the word of God to give us speech, his heav’nly host to be our guard.
  17. My pleasure. I cry tears of gratitude, freedom, and joy everyday. Salvation - liberation from death is in your Lord Jesus Christ.
  18. I was in a motel room, in bed, ordering food, alcohol and cigarettes with UberEats. I did the bare minimum to keep my body fed and as much alcohol as I could drink and cigarettes that I could smoke to get away from myself. I could barely brush my teeth, shave and take a shower, sometimes I would go for several days without brushing my teeth and weeks or even months not showering or shaving. Eventually I ran out of money and moved in with my family, they took care of me, then I ended up on a street and when I ran out of credit cards, my brother drove me to a drug and alcohol rehab center.
  19. And it's now time to come alive And it's time to feel the joy of love From the mother's womb I come alive Like a Phoenix I arise reborn Rise Phoenix rise Rise Phoenix rise Rise Christ, Child of Light From the cosmic womb I come alive From the darkest night I shine my light Rise Phoenix rise Rise Phoenix rise Rise Christ, Child of Light
  20. You're welcome. What are you struggling with?
  21. @LSD-Rumi what is the hell you are talking about? What did you face? I already shared about these two questions here: I felt evil, I became the devil. I saw visions of pure evil with my eyes opened and closed. I felt the root source of depression, loneliness, abandonment, guilt, insanity, ugliness, illness, bizarreness, shame, fear, failure, separation, chaos, evil, hatred, self hatred and all darkness. I felt like the entire Universe turned against me. I became the worst of the worst. I hated myself, everybody and the entire world, I could not stand being around other people, I avoided sun light as much as I could. I could not rest at all, time went by very slowly. It was like waiting on a death row in a prison of my own mind, knowing the ultimate punishment of eternal suffering is inevitable. I felt like I had become the craziest and most evil person in the world. I felt like I had become separated from the entire world. I did not feel myself, I did not feel alive, I felt complete disconnection from my body, myself and the entire world. how did you feel? I felt like I have become the worst of the worst, I felt like I became the devil, I was the devil, I saw the devil in my reflection of the mirror. Why hell when you are a spiritual person? To purify myself of all evil and defeat the devil forever. how things went wrong? Things never went wrong, everything was absolutely perfect. I was guided into the darkness by the entire Universe, led through it by the entire Universe and guided out of the darkness by the entire Universe, this was my destiny and I have fulfilled it. This was "The Last Judgment" that I had to go through to defeat the devil forever.