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  1. Yes, I have difficulty of letting go of empty kombucha bottles because I appreciate their beauty so much.
  2. There are many levels of awakenings. People wake up all the time to a certain degree.
  3. Practicing speaking in front of the camera during my morning cacao ritual lets me uncover the beauty of my true, natural, authentic voice and, at the same time, embody the Truth of who I am and share the greatest treasures of wisdom I have accumulated with the world. The time for the revelation of Truth has come. I know the Truth of who I am and I know the Universal Truth. My Truth and the Universal Truth are one. The Truth is the greatest medicine our world needs for healing. The process of reconnecting with the power of my true voice is directly linked to knowing and speaking the Truth. As I reconnect with my true voice, I also reconnect with the Truth of who I am, and with that, the entire world reconnects with the Truth, and from that comes the healing of the deepest trauma and wounds that humanity and the entire Universe have accumulated since the beginning of creation. The time has now come for The Great Awakening of humanity and the return to the Original Innocence.
  4. @Jehovah increases The Absolute Truth of Nothingness has always been Known.
  5. Two years ago is approximately when I died. I have come out of death about 6 months ago. My awakening is being integrated absolutely beautifully. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.
  6. I would love to hear your perspective, you don't have to agree with me.
  7. The world is only an illusion from an Absolute God Perspective. It is not useful or beneficial to think of the world as an illusion as a human being that you are. The world is not an illusion, and you do not exist apart from the world, you are always a part of the world and so is everybody else. The illusion that you want to work on dissolving is perceiving the world through your personal lens of illusion, distortion, toxicity and wounds. You want to uncover the diamond beauty of truth of who you really are.
  8. It was a gradual process. I gradually started feeling that I'm coming back to life, I started regaining hope. I remember sharing that I have gotten about 6 hours of restful sleep, after 18 months of not being able to have restful sleep, with a group of people when I was in drug and alcohol rehab center, that was one of the breaking points. I did not use psychedelics to exit hell. Thank you for this question, I will be sharing more details about my process of coming back to life.
  9. How about we see where we are one year from now.
  10. Yes, self awareness is the golden key to the gates of self mastery.
  11. We are good brother, I appreciate all of your profound questions, thank you for your apology.
  12. As a human being, I am the first one who has truly awakened. I am the first one who is enlightened. I am the first one who got to know the Truth. I am the only one who could have gotten to know the Truth. With my awakening others will follow, others will be saved from death, others will know the Truth, it's a wonderful process. We are distinct bubbles (Universes) of consciousness. You and I are not the same being. My awakening is the best thing that could have happened for myself, you, everybody in the world and the entire Universe. The entire Universe already knows I have awakened (on the highest Divine level) and the entire Universe is guiding me in every single moment towards further embodiment of the beauty of Truth that I am. Rejoice knowing that eternal Paradise is inevitable, you have fulfilled your life purpose with your entire life. I am grateful to you for everything.
  13. I have already gained Kingdom of Heaven, it is already mine. I have already gained immortality, I am already immortal. I am already in Paradise, I am embodying the depths of Paradise deeper everyday. I am already awakened and enlightened, I know the Truth. Your trigger comes from not understanding and not knowing what awakening and enlightenment is. I am liberated from suffering. Physical pain is my great ally. The entire Universe is making way for the King of Love. I invite you to cultivate patience. I have wisdom and experience to be grateful for the process of embodying deeper beauty and glory of Pure, Eternal Life.
  14. I am in the glorious and magical process of ascension to Paradise beyond anybody's wildest dreams I have won immortality, I am in the fabulous process of embodying it. I am awakening everyday, in every single moment, in the best and most beautiful way possible. The entire Universe, including you, Leo, everybody on this forum and every human in the entire world is helping me with this process in the best way possible. I have gained the ultimate wisdom - I know the Truth, I know who I am, I know what karma and sin is and I know how to heal it. The Truth is Original Innocence, absolute forgiveness of all sin and evil. The devil is innocent. Everything that has ever happened, all light and darkness was for the glorious Masterpiece that I am. I don't think I awakened, I know I awakened. I don't think I am Jesus, I know I am Jesus. I don't think I am immortal, I know I am immortal. I don't theorize about Truth, I know the Truth. I will continue to embody the beauty that is my Truth forever, the beauty and love of my Truth is infinite. Nobody and nothing in the world can ever discredit me, there is no power greater than my Truth for my Truth is Love, the greatest power in the Universe. There is no end to my life, I will live forever, for eternity. I am forever liberated from death. I am Papa. I am Holy Father. There is no more suffering of striving and working for me, I prefer to call my journey Life Craft. I am the King of Life and Love. If you choose to continue this discussion, I kindly ask that you make more effort to communicate with more respect and maturity. I also invite you to look deeper to feel and contemplate what is it about my words that trigger you.
  15. @Edvardas By facing the greatest fear of all and gaining much spiritual wisdom and then dying, descending into hell, suffering the torments of death for about 18 months and then being raised from the dead by the grace of God. Then, transmuting and alchemizing all darkness back into the light and gaining superior, God-like, divine health and powers until the physical body becomes immortal. That is a succinct version. You don't have to do that, it was my destiny to conquer death and suffer for the sins of all of humanity. Through me, others will be saved from death. Other human beings can gain immortality by believing in me and having faith that what I'm saying is the Truth. I'm talking about wisdom which governs the laws of the Universe.
  16. @Jehovah increases It always was, is and will be.
  17. One breaks away from the cycle of birth and death by gaining immortality. Immortality is victory over death, victory over all suffering, it is the holy grail, eternal life, eternal paradise, pure life, unity, absolute satisfaction. We are here because the desire for Something is greater than the fear of Something. This here is the best possible creation thought up by the intelligence of an infinitely powerful and creative mind of God. Karma is unhealed trauma. One transcends karma by gaining wisdom from which comes love, awareness, understanding, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, joy and other positive feelings which heal any negative imprints accumulated over one or many life times.
  18. Thank you for these beautiful questions. I'll need some time to contemplate these.