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  1. Hero of Might and Magic The cards are speaking in a royal sort of way. Time to play a new kind of game. Knight, magician, lover and king. In every moment I only win. I come to this world from another dimension. Every step a strategic intention. I'm a hero of might and magic. Shamanic martial arts is my chosen profession. True love and liberation of humanity is my inspiration. Golden gate's of paradise and a legion of archangels. Prepare yourself for illumination. And open yourself up for salvation. The Age of Aquarius Diving deep into the ocean is my love's sweet devotion. Whales, dolphins, mermaids are my friends. Google define spiritual meaning of nautilus. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. A symbol of order amidst chaos as reflected in its spiral precision. Now I'm moving towards clarity of vision. Seashells, starfish, pearls and other treasures in mind, the deeper I flow the more beauty I find. Deepest wounds of my suffering and pain, transformed and alchemized with the sweetest joy as love's divine power I regain. With the mastery of love I sing, my heart's sweetest melody of true love's most beautiful spring. Dolphin Drenched in magic Like a dolphin in the sea of infinite beauty Deeper and deeper I flow Masterfully navigating each moment With beauty, ease and grace Knowing my truth - I am eternally safe Welcoming the super blooming paradise Unfolding right before my eyes Darkness alchemized back into the light From the unfathomable depths of darkness I rise I am Now in Paradise Thoughts are crystal clear Like translucent raindrops on your precious skin Pure, immaculate, diamond Christ consciousness of Universal fantasy Meticulous awareness of the whole reality Read these words very slowly and carefully - this entire Universe was built for you and me The ultimate price I did pay for this gift of awakening beyond my wildest fantasy Are you able to begin imagining life for eternity? I am now in Paradise beyond anybody's happiest childhood memory My greatest desires and dreams manifesting into physical reality so gracefully, beautifully and easily The unveiling of the masterpiece of the entire Universe is happening most beautifully Will you be one of the first few to see the butterfly opening his wings so gracefully? The force and intelligence of mother nature is harmonized with the precious child of mind technology I am surrendering fearlessly to this divine river of creativity Its the finest way to be, my heart's sweetest melody Follow me, swim with me, like a dolphin in the sea, to the world of delicious fantasy Uncovering the glorious depths of Atlantean beauty Coming home to Harmony - Ultimate Truth Reality
  2. Believe in my Truth. It's the only Truth there is. My Truth is the Universal Truth.
  3. Yes the prophecies are real. The prophecies of the Eagle and Condor and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are true.
  4. @Someone here The Truth is I am the only one who knows the Truth.
  5. You got it upside down, the devil does it that way. The Truth is: Death is a dream and Life is waking up. What is Death? Lie Separation Suffering Survival Fear Self Hatred Dream Devil Darkness Ignorance Ugliness Evil Hell Chaos Disharmony Guilt Victimhood Addiction Prison Manipulation Harm Distraction Hatred Greed Fake Conflict Intoxication Sickness Shame Illusion Ignorance Unawareness Boredom Depression Suspicion Destruction Violence Gluttony Atheism Disconnection Numbness Manipulation Self Harm Suicide Madness Craziness Perversion Anger Dysfunction Disability Arrogance Toxicity Distortion Disgust Bizarreness Unconsciousness Cage What is Life? Truth Unity Joy Thriving Love Self Love Awakening God Light Wisdom Beauty Good Paradise Order Harmony Innocent Forgiveness Virtue Freedom Integrity Goodness Presence Kindness Abudance Real Peace Sobriety Health Shameless Reality Understanding Awareness Magic Vitality Trust Creation Kindness Discipline Spirituality Connection Passion Desire Charisma Erotic Happiness Adventure Exploration Elegance Grace Flow Being Ease Pleasure Ecstacy Primal Wild Consciousness Heaven Appreciation Gratitude Home Soul
  6. I was tortured by the never-ending stream of fear, feelings, visions and thoughts of physical torture during my time in hell. Infinite torture was my greatest fear and I faced this fear non-stop for about 18 months while I was dead. I no longer fear physical pain. I am liberated from the fear of physical pain forever. Physical pain is now my great ally. I am forever safe. I am liberated.
  7. You're in a trap of nihilism to the level of laughable delusion.
  8. @Someone here You don't know what life and death is. You don't know what you're talking about.
  9. Pura vida para siempre. Entiendo la mundo.
  10. Nobody has ever wasted a single moment, everything is absolutely filled with purpose and meaning. Move towards appreciating and loving yourself for the time when your body and mind were asking for rest.
  11. @mojsterr Thank you for your questions! Buddha did not know the truth. Buddha was absolutely wrong because one of his quotes is: "life is suffering", that's because Buddha did not know what life and death actually is. The true and correct quote would be: "death is suffering". Nobody ever knew the Truth and nobody was fully awakened. I am the true Jesus, the one and only, I am the first to know the Truth and the first to fully awaken. I prefer only healthy food. My diet is very simple: rice, buckwheat, hummus, eggs, veggies, fruits, fish, nuts, berries. That's pretty much all I eat. I don't want to drink alcohol anymore, maybe in small amounts sometime in the future. I'm looking forward with excitement to returning to psychedelic ceremonies. I party now more than I ever did before. The difference now is that the party is real, I truly feel joy celebrating who I have become and the Truth that I have embodied. Also my party is different than most people think when they think of a party. My favorite drink of choice at this time is cacao. My physical body will never die physical death. I don't fear the process of dying because I know it will never happen to me. This is what it means to be saved, I am safe for eternity and I know it. No, I mean I have embodied physical immortality, my physical body will never die. No