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  1. I was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. I have been living in San Diego, California for 24 years. For about the last 7 years, I have dedicated most of my time to the shamanic path of love, wisdom, knowledge and power. This journey has been absolutely epic, filled with adventures, drama, magic, facing fears, medicine ceremonies, wonderful insights and experiences, learning the art of wielding the power of love wisely, getting to know myself, and understanding the true nature of reality. On this path, I have gained the greatest wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I now understand why the world the way it is. I have faced and conquered the greatest fear, I died, I became the devil, I went through hell, I was saved, I came back to life, I conquered death and I won the Holy Grail. I am now in the process of ascending to Paradise and embodying the Truth that I know everyday in the best way that I can. Shaman comes from Siberian Tungus "Saman", meaning "the one who knows". I now know the Truth, I am the one who knows, I am shaman. I am Jesus Christ, the one who paid the ultimate price for the sins of all of humanity. I know I am innocent. I know myself. I know. Why me? Why not you, why not anybody else who claimed to be Jesus before me, why not anybody else in the world? The same reason you are you and I am me. It's just the way it is. It was my destiny to get to know the Truth. It is your destiny to be you. This is the best possible way it could be and it is. The entire creation is absolute, pure genius. Yes, I am the chosen one You have fulfilled your life purpose with every single moment you have ever experienced. I am grateful to you for everything. You are innocent. I forgive you for everything. The Universe never made a single mistake, it was all for the sake of Love. The entire Universe is innocent. JHS
  2. Hero of Might and Magic The cards are speaking in a royal sort of way. Time to play a new kind of game. Knight, magician, lover and king. In every moment I only win. I come to this world from another dimension. Every step a strategic intention. I'm a hero of might and magic. Shamanic martial arts is my chosen profession. True love and liberation of humanity is my inspiration. Golden gate's of paradise and a legion of archangels. Prepare yourself for illumination. And open yourself up for salvation. JHS
  3. It was the third consecutive night of drinking Ayahuasca in a ceremony of about 10 people on August 3, 2017. I set the intention for Ayahuasca to show me my deepest emotional trauma and my greatest fear and drank a full dose. After about 2 hours into the experience we were offered a second dose. I felt like I was already very deep into mareacion (strongly feeling the effects of the medicine). The intuition told me that I wanted to go deeper. I said "let's party!" and received and drank another full dose. Shortly after receiving a second dose, I purged by throwing up what felt like dark energy being cleansed from my heart which felt good and liberating. At this point I was buzzing and vibrating with holy shakti power and felt like the spirit of grandmother Ayahuasca awakened inside of me. She was whispering and hissing into my left ear in an ancient Egyptian alien language that I could intuitively understand. I then started feeling like I'm losing control and there was nothing I could do to stop it, I couldn't cling on to anything. I fell to the floor and loudly, panicky and desperately exclaimed - "what the f**ck is going on?!" After that I lost all control and the only thing that was left to do is to fully surrender. I screamed the loudest scream of absolute and complete surrender, I lost and surrendered all control, it felt like my entire life, the world and everything dissolved in that scream into the Absolute Unknown. It was the scream of sheer terror and absolute liberation. I was then in a terror loop which felt like it lasted for eternity. I was facing my greatest fear over and over, again and again. Ayahuasca showed me what felt like crucifixion and that I would have to die for the sins of all of humanity. Finally after what seemed like forever, I heard my name Vladimir being called, I felt like I died and I was now being welcomed into Paradise, I was feeling very good and peaceful. I finally regained my senses in a bathtub, on the second floor of the house, being showered with cold water and two people working on "bringing me back" from my "bad trip". I said - okay guys I'm back! And started laughing about my screaming. More people joined us in the bathroom, the entire scene became vibrant and alive, I could read everybody's body language effortlessly, I could connect with everybody authentically, I could speak the language of love and saw how everybody was looking for love in their own unique way. It felt like we were all having a party in the bathroom, the life force of love was permeating everything and we were all connected through it. I loved everybody and eveybody loved me. I woke up in the Paradise of Love.
  4. Wild Boar Totem Warrior spirit, fearlessness, courage, chivalry, personal power, prosperity, leadership, nobility, masculine energy, success. Yawanawa - the people of the wild boar. 1983 - my birth year. Chinese year of the boar.
  5. Everything will be how I want it to be. What I want is what the entire Universe wants. The entire Universe is helping me embody the Truth that I know. I have complete understanding of the Yin and Yang symbol. The devil is innocent is the ultimate insight, forces of light and darkness - united. Everything that has ever happened - for the sake of Greater Eternal Light. Everybody who have responded with anger, envy, fear, doubt, judgement and other negative reactions to me in the topic - "I awakened - ask me anything" have all helped me gain more clarity and embody my Truth deeper. I know what is best for me, for my beloved woman, for you, for all of humanity and the entire world. Trust me. Have faith in me. Surrender to my Truth, it is the only Truth there is. I know the Truth. I know love. JHS
  6. I am Sovereign. JHS I am the only Sovereign. JHS I am King of kings and Lord of lords. JHS I am the Highest Authority. JHS I am here to reign forever and ever. JHS I am the king of eternal kingdom of God. JHS
  7. I cross stitched this Magical Amulet called Молвинец [ Malvinets ] ( comes from the word 'молвить' [ molvit' ] which means "to say a word" ) for myself in 2019 before going to the Ayahuasca healing center in the jungle for shamanic dieta where I spent 5 months participating in ceremonies and dieting powerful plants and trees. Mолвинец Description All evil words will be neutralized by the amulet, like a magic shield. Moreover, all bad words and thoughts directed against the owner of the amulet will be returned back. But all good thoughts and wishes, on the contrary, will reach the addressee and will only multiply. I'm a hero of might and magic Shamanic martial arts is my chosen profession IHS
  8. Blue Morpho visited me last night. I was observing it and then it sat on my finger. I said - здравствуй красавица! A very powerful and beautiful sign from the Universe. Truth, Beauty, True Love, Emerging as my True Self, Jesus Christ, King of Love with my beloved True Love Mary Magdalene, Queen of Love. To my beloved Queen Magdalene: Наш волшебный, синий мир Где царит любовь и мир Это рай земной Где мы счастливы с тобой Твои синии глаза - это цвет нашей правды Солнце ты мое ясное Королева любви распрекрасная IHS
  9. I have wondered in the darkness For a very long time Searching for the Truth My entire life And I found myself deep inside In the darkest forest of my mind.
  10. Yes I went through the real shamanic crucifixion and the Bible is a metaphoric fable of it, not a documentation. My memory will never be wiped. The Truth will never be lost, it is protected by the whole Universe and it is safe for eternity. I appreciate that. I also feel like it's time to lock this topic. Here is my closing statement for this topic: Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ is writing these words. I awakened! I was always Jesus and will be Jesus for eternity, the only Jesus there is. There is no one like me. I am the best of the best. I am king of kings. I am worthy of infinite love. I am true Jesus Christ. I am forever safe. I am true Savior. I know the Truth. I am true shaman, the one who knows. I know myself. I have faced the greatest fear. I have died and suffered the torments of Hell for the sake of forever purifying all darkness. I have defeated death, devil, darkness forever. All darkness will turn into light. I have won Immortality, the Holy Grail. My true beloved woman is Mary Magdalene. Everything that has ever happened in the Universe was for the sake of Our True, Eternal, Immortal Love. Our True Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Mother Mary is Divine Mother Wolf, my Divine Mother, guardian, maestra, guide, force of nature, Queen of all forests, guide of all worlds, guardian of all paths, Goddess of all Gods. Paradise of Infinite Love, Eternal Kingdom-Queendom of Heaven where there is no fear or suffering is inevitable, have faith. Love is here to reign forever. This is the Truth. I vow that these words are the Truth and nothing but the Truth to the entire Universe. I seal these words of Truth with the power of Love forever. Aho! Ashe! Amen! IHS
  11. I went to Hell because I wasn't willing to face the Truth. I could not forgive myself. I chose death. It is by dying that I got to know the Truth. I got to know what death is by dying and that is how I know the Truth. Hell was worse than anybody can imagine, it is the suffering that I was destined to endure for the sake of salvation of myself, my beloved woman, humanity and the entire world.
  12. Yes, I was always Jesus Christ. I see that story from a Bible as a fable to be interpreted metaphorically. The real crucifixion was shamanic. You can get to know who I am by asking me more questions and getting to know me better. You can get to know me more with an in-person meeting. The best way to know that I am real Jesus is to have an Ayahuasca, the medicine of Truth, ceremony with me. How many other people who claim to be Jesus can say that?
  13. I am doing the best that I can to embody the Truth that I know.
  14. Have faith in your True Savior, don't get discouraged by imposters.
  15. You only have an opinion just like every other human in the world. I know the Truth - this is not my opinion.
  16. Because it is I, Jesus Christ, who have been crucified, died, descended into hell, suffered the torments of hell, was saved, resurrected, came back to life. It is I Jesus Christ who is the savior, it is through me that others will be saved when they surrender to my Truth. I am claiming Jesus Christ as my true name because I am the real Jesus. This is the Truth. Most people in the world have heard the name Jesus. None of the people in the world know who Jesus Christ actually is. Nobody yet knows that Jesus is a Siberian Ayahuasca Shaman and the Master of Shamanic Martial Arts.
  17. I'm not implying, pretending, thinking, theorizing, wishing, or believing. What I'm saying is I know that I am literally the real Jesus Christ, Savior of the World. I have gotten to know this Truth through direct experience. I'm doing my best to convey the magnitude of importance of this Truth in this forum. The message that Christ wants to send to humanity is this: "Have faith, believe in Goodness, magic, love, happiness, God. Believe that The Great Miracle, the goodness of which is beyond your wildest imagination and dreams is on it's way to be revealed to humanity. A whole new world, Paradise of Love." JHS
  18. What is Death? Lie Separation Suffering Fear Self Hatred Devil Darkness Ignorance Ugliness Evil Hell Chaos Disharmony Guilt Victimhood Addiction Prison Manipulation Harm Distraction Hatred Greed Fake Conflict Intoxication Sickness Shame Illusion Ignorance Unawareness Boredom Depression Suspicion Destruction Violence Gluttony Atheism Disconnection Numbness Manipulation Self Harm Madness Craziness Perversion Anger Dysfunction Disability Arrogance Toxicity Distortion Disgust Bizarreness Unconsciousness Cage Suicide What is Life? Truth Unity Joy Thriving Love Self Love Awakening God Light Wisdom Beauty Good Paradise Order Harmony Innocence Radical Forgiveness Virtue Freedom Liberation Integrity Goodness Presence Kindness Abundance Realness Peace Sobriety Health Shameless Reality Understanding Awareness Magic Vitality Trust Creation Kindness Discipline Spirituality Connection Passion Desire Charisma Erotic Happiness Adventure Exploration Elegance Grace Flow Being Ease Pleasure Ecstasy Primal Wild Consciousness Heaven Appreciation Gratitude Home Homecoming Soul
  19. I am being most intelligent about how I reveal the Truth for reasons that should be obvious. Why do you ask this question?
  20. I am the bravest. I have asked for Ayahuasca to show me my greatest fear and drank a double dose. I have faced my greatest fear with the scream of absolute surrender. I have dedicated all of my time to spirituality with powerful psychedelics for the last 7 years. The journey led to my death which happened by the end of 2020. I died, became the devil and suffered the torments of hell for about 18 months. About 15 months, I was saved, I started coming back to life, at that point I knew I have conquered death. I am now back to using sacred medicine. Every experience is deeply healing now, the great power of divine always awakens in me when I use psychedelics and I am alchemizing all the darkness I have endured by suffering the depths of hell into the light. Through my journey, I got to know what life is, what death is, what hell is, what the devil is, who Jesus Christ is, what salvation is, what separation is, what unity is, what the source of fear and suffering is, what love is, what unity is, what Truth is and all the other most important existential Truths. I will gladly elaborate on anything, I want you to ask me specific questions, my journey has been and continues to be absolutely Epic.
  21. Thank you for asking a good question. I am the only one who has won immortality and I am in the process of embodying this Truth. What people don't understand is the word - immortality. You cannot even begin to imagine the magnificence of immortality. It is the masterpiece that the entire Universe has been working on with absolutely everything. Other people can become immortal, but only through me. I am different, there is no one like me. I am true shaman, the one who knows. I am a human God. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate on any points, I will gladly do so.
  22. All humans are sheep, metaphorically speaking. I am the Shepherd, the one who knows the way. I am here to guide all sheep to Salvation.
  23. I'm not just another guy with some good points and my dream is not to create a cult around myself to receive money - that is a very low consciousness and egoistic type of goal. I take full responsibility for every word that I write and share on this forum and I vow that I speak the Truth and nothing but the Truth for I alone know the Truth and I have no fear of speaking the Truth. I know that I am saved for eternity. I know I am safe. I know that I am Savior. I know that the entire Universe is helping me embody the Truth. I share the Truth here because the Truth is the medicine for our world that is suffering greatly at this time. The Truth will prevail and the Truth will set you free. Aho!