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  1. Did you use Google Translate?
  2. What can you say about Euro-asians?
  3. Are mixed race children genetically better due to diversity of the gene pool?
  4. @Cookiesliyr It's better to care much. Our lifetime on earth is finite.
  5. @vizual I have enough experience and the only thing that I can say with confidence is that nothing is true _ every thing is permitted How do you know that I am skeptical? I guess you haven't understood what I said. Please read the comment more analytically. Thanks for the unnecessary advice.
  6. @Leo Gura That sounds great! BUT are you 100% sure that WE ARE GODS? Our existential nature might not be pure awareness, I'm sorry but the conception of enlightenment MAY be nonsense. One needs to be careful.
  7. Start physical training if you are able
  8. “Integrity has no need of rules" - said Alber Camus. Such a good quote. what do you think about these words? how do you interprete them?
  9. @ayokolomo "When another man is using all his will, strength and technique to try to strangle you, then you truly are in the present moment." - so true! I had been doing Karate for 3 years, I didn't have many achievements like getting black belt, winning a championship etc for 3 years I used to wear white belt... in competitions other competitions would beat the sh*it out of me... I had been a punchbag for 3 years. Although I would try my best, everything was in vain... BUT! subconsciously I could always the Gold nugget results. For 3 years I had been going through crucial psychological development phase. I got much wisdom about fear, human capabilities... understand ya?
  10. @ayokolomo Actually, I think that if workout like jogging, doing bicep curl etc is done for a while, IT BECOMES A MEDITATION SESSION I have seen that, I have felt that... so, doing exercises is like a warm-up routine before one starts meditating... exercise is medicine yes! it is meditation! you can see it if you put your heart and soul in exercising! YOU FEEL GREAT WHEN YOU EMBRACE THE PAIN! WHEN YOU FEEL YOUR HEART PUMPING BLOOD IN YOUR BODY... that's awesome! that's the very moment you feel what it means to be a human being...
  11. @HGGabrielF by the way don't think, just be - I love that quote!
  12. Trust me, it's better to switch - I say it regarding my experience
  13. Nations do not exist All the people live together in the peace
  14. OH! HERE IS THE BEST FOOD TO START YOUR DAY WITH - GARLIC ! eat 1 clove every morning
  15. Several days ago I was a teenager too wanna do 100 push-ups? I want the same, plus 50 pull-ups which is my AIM! If you want to see some results you must be consistent in your training. CONSISTENCY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MAKING GAINS IN ALMOST ANY FIELD, wether it is building muscle, losing weight, learning another language ect. Wanna know how to solve your problems? I would like to advise you realizing that problems actually do not exist... If you want to achieve some goals like doing 100 push-ups you must STFU and do what you have to do wether you feel like it or NOT good luck