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  1. Thanks for your answers! Yes, I just listened to Osho a few days ago. Also watched Leos videos on masculinity and femininity but they were more general/sexual. Im interested in the female path to enlightment. How do women go about it, when not questioning reality, pondering about Truth, being mindful, being aware of the mind labeling things, entangling the groups under each label, seeing reality for what it is, watching the thoughts and fiddling through all the lies told by society? Maybe even more interesting I find, what is the motivation behind all this. For me, the motivation that got the ball rolling was definitely finding Truth, deepening my understanding of existence and personal growth. How is that different from a female perspective? Im not on that level yet to just tap into my female energy and answer all these questions for myself. Allthough if you happend to have some guidance I will give it a try. Disclaimer: Im using the word woman/female/masculinity etc. just for the sake of clear writing. Im aware everyone is both female and male to variing degrees.
  2. They are interested in people, of course! Because they have an uterus and thus can be more centered in themselves they might be more drawn to others. Even though our society is very masculine they might also be assuming everyone is like them. My mind is blown! Yeah @K VIL im fucking trapped here, help!
  3. As Leo said in his video (@2:42) If you want to be an amazing mathematician you have to love math and get inspired by it in an almost spiritual level. Can you see yourself like this? If you can, I guess you can then also imagine how you talk to other people about math and have this glowingness in your eyes, that they can see. And you can inspire other people for math, showing them cool things (especially physics has a lot of interesting things to offer), ultimately expanding their understanding of the world. So yeah, math can exist really good in the "real, warm humans lives". I dont know about the exact work life of someone working in physics but if you have the superpower to work on something for long periods of time all on your own. Then sitting in a lab and doing math seems like a cool place to be. If you dont like doing that, then maybe collaborate with other people, get a lot of assistants or work on a more "hands on" kind of field. There is always a way and if you really have no interaction with other humans at work, there is still time after work. It can also be a blessing to not have to deal with people at work On a metaphysical level, yeah math and physics have nothing to do with Reality, but so is everything you can study in university from social sciences to economics, to controlling and to computer sciences. In the end you can have a big impact on the world with physics and I would be very grateful to have a good understanding in physics. But if its not your kind of shoe maybe consider something related like programming or as you mentioned finances.
  4. Live like your life could be over tomorrow, because it could. On the other hand, dont be afraid of death. Why do you want a security net?
  5. If you dont want to share whatever your vision is with others, your close family and your friends, thats ok. But realize your missing an opportunity to connect and grow by doing it Everything you fear guides you to what you should do.
  6. The "Awareness alone is curative" video already shows a possible solution. There are like 4 other videos on his channel about addiction. Although they are maybe not what you are looking for, definitely worth a watch
  7. Yep, asked myself the same question. Very interesting topic!
  8. Leo, do a video on connection. I think it would add greatly to the fan favourite "needy vs non-needy perception" video. As it already covers a lot of this. Can you go more into it? Like how to connect with people, animals, nature, existence. How it is the most important thing and how to really get into it. Like 100% connection, pure being. All aspects of it with practical tips. Thank you!
  9. Fear is the opposite to Love. To me a successful journey is one, where Love is defining your journey more so than Fear. Learn to conquer your inner demons. They are an important part of your life, just as Love. Everywhere you look, existence will help you in your quest to conquer them. You are right, the end result doesnt matter. Overcoming the Fear is what matters.
  10. To which extend do you think that people who were never told about santa clause or the easter bunny have a disadvantage to become enlightend? I think there might be a truth to this, but the effect is so miniscule that I can dismiss it. Furthermore, I remember when I found out about it, it didnt exactly inspire me to question the fabric of reality itself, like for example "The Matrix" did. It was though a disillusion which is in itself always good. The fact that it is a cultural lie could open you up to explore other lies/illusions society spreads. But on the other hand, because it is agreed upon by everyone that it is in fact an illusion, santa clause might even strengthen those bigger illusions we have because almost no one sees them. So we get used letting society tell us what is real and what is not.
  11. I think they are all very helpful for their specific purpose. But the insights in those two videos have had a profound impact on my live. With the "How to be funny" guide, these are the 3 most watched videos for me.
  12. Not saying its true but it would be hilarious if Leo just forgot to make a video and his posts here are just him going along with his made up story.
  13. Im not trying to defend non-vegans here. This is simply not true. Can a hawk not be one with everything, or can a tiger not be one with everything? You can eat a chicken and still be in love with it and cherish its gift.
  14. So I kind of believe that what happens right now is because of one consciousness/god realization that it is infinite and splitting into several consciousness to experience itself fully. But why? Are there any theories to it that you believe? I guess the thing is, is that you can never tell the whole story. Even if we find out that this consciousness exists because of X, we wont know why X is.
  15. @Nahm Im not looking for a way to enter the Now. Maybe this is not the right discussion board. I can let my "why" go, its not bothering me. Im just having fun with my mind here. Like Leo had in his last episode about context. Where he challanged the context with the fun example of alien life feeding on human emotions. What you are telling me is, that we can never experience or understand why infinity exists, in existence, because the question becomes redundant/can not be as soon as you experience infinity?
  16. @see_on_see That seems to be true. Even inside consciousness, only humans seem to have this question. So maybe the question "why" is limited to the mind. @Victor Mgazi I dont think there must be a reason. Its just my mind trying to make sense of things.
  17. Best hacks: -Start difficult tasks right in the morning, your mind kind of still is asleep and will have less objections against doing the task(s). -Just start. Say I will only do this task(s) for 5 minutes. If I dont like doing them anymore I can stop. But I do 5 minutes. The trick is, that your mind wont object to doing something when its only 5 minutes and once you are already doing it, its easier to continue. -Break big tasks that seem to be impossible to do into very very small parts and start with them. -Get motivation: Bring to mind what you will get after doing the tasks for a long time, how your life is going to change to the better, be inspired. -Remind yourself, whatever you are doing or have to do: This stuff is easy. For addiction I dont have any good tips. I think Leo has a good video on it where he will sit you through a guided talk ot sth. Do that. Internet is kind of an addiction for me but its more of a "I do this whenever I dont have anything else to do" kind of thing. Im not craving it when Im busy with other stuff.
  18. You can totally do a gaming channel. I worked in a youtube network for several years and have seen people making good money on it. I also considered this idea. All these big YT with their big audience, they dont really know what to do with them. Leo is also on youtube. There is no reason why you cant bring across the same kind of ideas while playing a video game. I also thought about how you can use the games themselfes in a way to illustrate specific points about reality. But I didnt flesh them out. So plus -You can reach a lot of people and by that you can have a lot of influence on these people. -Can support you financially and you can focus your free time on developing the skills you want. On the other side -Your money comes from advertisement, this will most likely be ads that bath in the "low conscious" water (see Leos video about marketing). -There might be better career paths you will miss out on. Edit: Forgot, its actually quite hard to earn a living with gaming. Most big channels out there are 5+ years old and you have to put a lot of effort into it before even getting a few $$$.
  19. Hey, Im interested on your thoughts about other people. You have many videos covering the self, me and how I can change my views and feelings about other people. But I would like to know more about other people. Be it close family and friends, people I know or strangers. Some things that come to mind that you already said about other people. -People are not seperated from reality or myself. They are connected to one another or other things in the same way they are connected to me. (How Your Mind Distorts Reality - Needy vs Non-Needy Perception) -Relationships and friendships should be avoided (Lifestyle Minimalism - Renouncing Your Busy Stupid Life) I also know, not experience, that the self is an illusion likely instilled by society, What I would like to know is what do other people mean, is there some kind of prevalent, false concept we have about others (as there is about ourself)? Or the public in general. Thank you
  20. As Leo said in his "Lifestyle Minimalism" video, these are the things everyone should focus on: Meditation Enlightment Life Purpose Learning Slow deliberate mindful action Contemplation Being So it seems like he would suggest to focus on both at the same time. The way I see it is, that the day has 24 hours. So when you can then meditate or just be. You will find, that you cant do that for straight 24 hours. So thats when you start to focus on your life purpose and the other things. As long as you dont distract yourself I think your good. If by any chance you really become enlightened, good. You will know what to do then.