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  1. @Happy Lizard Note that I didn't say "job" and instead "field/profession". Someone with more experience in their profession and willingness to take on more responsibility will make more money than someone who has just learned the basics. In general, the more responsibility you have, the better the pay. One thing that is the most common way to make a lot of money is to be self-employed. Because your responsibility and income is not capped like in most jobs.
  2. Not sure where you live but the average debt of an American citizen (including mortgages) is 100k. Do you have that much debt? Also the longer you work in a specific field the higher your income would be. If you switch your profession every 2 years, don’t expect to make as much as someone who has been in that profession for 10 years, generally speaking.
  3. There are some interesting things do with dreams. You could do Jungian dream analysis and use it to do inner work. Or you could get into lucid dreaming, which is another whole area of exploration. ❤️
  4. Narcissm is something that is very common in our society. Everyone is on a spectrum. Certain aspects of narcissm are kinda glorified and encouraged in our society, so it's normal and expected everyone has some of it. If you parents were highly narcisstic, then it is almost impossible for you not to also have narcissm. Because a child will absorb everything around it, to help with navigating this world. Narcisstic people get their sense of validation and love predominantly from the outside. In short, they have a very limited or non existent ability for self-love. Therefore, when you are narcisstic, you are constantly very needy. You need reality to be a certain way. Your child must be how you envision it, therefore it cannot be himself. Do you have any memories of your parents not letting you be who you are and instead demanding from you to be a certain way? Like you couldn't authentically express yourself? In this thread you also showed some form of this. For example, you switched the roles I mentioned earlier, by demanding your parents to be a certain way. Or you want members here to behave in a certain way.
  5. Yes, news like this can really make us sad. When we encounter a trigger like this it is a great opportunity to turn inside. Inquire deeper into this sadness. Where is it coming from? How big is it? Where do you feel it in your body? Also think about it. Could AI help us to bring more human creativity into this world?
  6. When you want to grow into your larger Self you have to integrate demons. So demons are not something to fear, they are something to Love and to integrate, to conjure and to align with a greater purpose. They are not evil. They are part of the Good... they are you.
  7. I'm currently not travelling travelling but I am in a lot of places. I find it inspiring to see how the day to day life differs from country to country. And all the variations in culture, architecture, energy and languages. Also seeing new places. To just see that there are so many people living here, that you have never seen before. I find it refreshing and it automatically shifts my perspective. Travelling can also give you time for yourself. Disrupt your normal routine and shake things up a bit. I think it depends on your inner world. Do you need/want to escape? Then you will do it anyway. You do not need to travel.
  8. Thank you! Can you do this with GPT or Gemini as well?
  9. As much as I like your idea and intentions. 'Tis against our Guidelines.
  10. How is it going for you, did you discover some repressed tendencies?
  11. I wouldn't call it psychology but taking care of your mindset while working on your business could be beneficial for you. Many people have weird ass beliefs about money (e.g. rich people = bad, money stinks, money is the devil, you have to work hard to get money, rich people are so different then me etc.). And also being very needy with money can have a negative impact on your situation (I write it like that because I don't want you to develop another mindset that you have to be not needy for money first or whatever). @Rishabh R You can work on your emotions and triggers. That's a great idea. But also you want to see if those emotions might have a point. Maybe you are really lacking in some form of maslow's hierarchy of needs. And you should really get your ass up and get a girlfriend. And you already got some good points about talking to girls and gaining traction there. One other thing you can improve on are some secondary stats. Like having a strong life purpose, confidence, your clothes, wisdom etc. Those will increase your overall attractiveness and make it more likely that when you talk to girls, they will find you a "good catch".
  12. There are thousand reasons that do not really have to do with you. Women oftentimes are not sure if this is the right time to even date someone / anyone. It has not so much to do with respect and more with her inner world. The best thing you can do is not to think about it.
  13. The consequences are more like a missed lesson. But you don't jump SD stages as quickly as this. The more common situation is that the society you grow up in is stage Orange and you haven't integrated purple, red and blue thoroughly.
  14. Very good answers in this thread already. It's true, you do not need to be optimistic in order to get something. And you do not even need to get something. However, if you want to get something, it will become easier when you are in the right emotion. I'm referring to the consiousness/emotional scale (see for example David Hawkins). You could start logically debunking your belief system. Which is helpful, but not necessary. Instead, just come into feeling. Feel the fear. Become present with the fear. And come into being. This will move you up the scale. I wrote a whole thread about this here One other thing I've found helpful is doing gratitude practices. ❤️
  15. This is not a problem. Right now you are here: O This is where you want to go: O /|\ / \ ❤️
  16. This is common advice in marketing. And it's true. There is nuance to this. It's good for checking if the problem you want to solve with your business is big enough for people to do something about it. Once you know that it is a big problem for people, then you can work on solutions. Or you might already had "a" solution and just needed the right problem. It also depends on whom you show your offer to (that's the next step, finding the right market) and how you present it (e.g. the copy). Then you can use this technique again to check which product/service is the most wanted. It is a very much client oriented approach.
  17. You also have to consider that 2,6 million will only be worth 1,2 million after inflation (assumed 2% p.a.). It could also be closer to zero with maybe a 1% chance. Doomsday Szenario. I would rather invest money into my business or into my hobbies and increase my income sources that way. Seems more fun. But if you don’t know what else to do with your money, investing is always a good idea.
  18. If you live your life very low consciously that might be true. But this place is about self actualisation. You self actualise by taking things into your own hand and take responsibility. You live life to your fullest potential. That doesn't necessary mean you have to make a lot of money but by avoiding a lot of the material traps and illusions laid out by society, your financial situation should be better than 70-80% percent of the population easily. And why do you define yourself by the low conscious standards set by society?
  19. If you just want to make money, yes. But that is not a smart goal to have. Letting money define your skills is a very bad idea. You can take it into consideration depending on how much you value money in your current situation.
  20. This is true. Especially if you follow your Life Purpose and develop a valuable skill. If you live in the west, have a somewhat valuable skill and still find it hard to make money, you have a mindset problem. And right now with inflation you just have to become used to higher pay checks. No way around it.
  21. For the same reasons there is grass growing outside... It is magical. A true miracle! Literally, grass is growing right now: "whaaaat". Ask yourself, why is there grass growing outside? ❤️
  22. Contrary to men, who will always deeply ponder the things that he finds attractive in women. That's why men can't be manipulated as easily.
  23. @RendHeaven Focus on your own sense of status (the status you perceive your self to have) and on releasing your need for attention, validation, love and sex. Chris Hemsworth would probably not show up at your bar and if he did, he probably wouldn't be interested in 99% of the women there.
  24. Have you made any small bets? Like working on someone else's farm or growing food at home?