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  1. Take responsibility. If you want to connect and meet with other people it is your job alone to get that stuff going for you. It's not humanities fault for having shitty rituals and society with their bad habits, don't make it so easy (in the long run very hard) for you. If one person on this planet made connections at a party then it should be possible for you, too. Resourceful, abundant thinking vs. fearful and lacking.
  2. Confidence comes from your emotional state. Lower your needs and you will become confident. You are afraid that someone won't like you? Afraid of not having control over the situation? Afraid for your safety? These are all needs that you can lower and lower. If you have them super low your emotional state will rise naturally.
  3. Every topic can be discussed for eternity. Welcome to infinity! If stopping to consume self-help material on the internet is helping you, isn't that also self-help?
  4. Controlling doesn't work. Just sit with the emotion and feel it. If you want to stay at a place you can even just go to the toilette and release the emotion by feeling it. Be nice to your thoughts. It is ok to have whatever thoughts that might come up, even thoughts about being inadequate, worthless, angry or whatever. And also in the moment, try to relax your body. Feel into your body and relax your hands, your arms, your stomach, your face, everything.
  5. They are both illusions. While money is a big illusion it is more fractured or pointing to specific things in your life. Whereas time is fundamental to most of the core inner runnings of your psyche. So it is a little more sneaky in that way.
  6. It’s the opposite. Why do you think men get send to war? Be the last on the lifeboat? You even mention it in your post as well ❤
  7. @itsadistraction yes, because problems are illusions. A very visceral and good illusion. Practically, for a person who has developed themselves, life becomes easier than for a person who didn't.
  8. What makes you feel this empty? It could be wise to investigate and feel into this more as it seems to be at the root cause of your problem. You are doing good. Just keep being curious about what that emptiness feeling really is. And then find ways to do more valued work, eating out shouldn't break the bank.
  9. You will never have control over everything. But you can always have faith.
  10. There is a nice balance to it. If you never do anything challenging, your life will become a challenge on its own.
  11. Hi Antonius22, welcome to the forum! Please put more efforts into your posts. I also recommend you read our User Guidelines if you haven't already, to get some ideas what we are focused on here. Best universe
  12. I wouldn't say looks are nothing but they sure are only one of hundred of factors for women when they look for a partner. Imagine you are a woman in a tribe, looking to maximise your survival. What is more important in a man. -Ressources -Perfect nose -Leadership qualities -Nice hair -Strength -Well done nails -Caring -Beautiful eyes A woman is already beautiful, she doesn't need more beauty in her life. A man is already strong, he doesn't need more muscle in his life. ❤️
  13. Do others still make money drawing? If yes, then it is still possible. You have to take responsibility and own whatever you want to do.
  14. Just be open-minded and you will have your spiritual breakthroughs eventually You are at the right place. In some way, the relative way, time is your most important resource. So use it wisely.
  15. The law doesn't separate victims like that. You could be an asshole to your coworkers your whole life. Then one day go to a gas station and get shot during a robbery. The law would enforce the same regulations on the gun man as if you would have been nice your whole life. It's not so much about the victims but more on the offenders. You want to have clear boundaries on what is allowed and what is not. Distinctions between good and bad victims blurs that line and people will be confused. The fairness is in what is allowed and what is not. And that everyone is included in this. Of course that is not always what's happening. If you come into law enforcement bringing in your own biases you will make it more unfair. If you want fairness you have to be as neutral as possible.
  16. Don't be irritated if a girl you have broken up with some time ago starts dating again. Some people are not good at being single and need a partner to fulfil their emotional needs. Your text is a bit hard to read. Put some paragraphs and effort into your writing.
  17. If you see low quality, unconscious & unkind posts you can report them as they are against our forum Guidelines.
  18. Take responsibility for your own mental health. If you feel like screen time is bad for you then do something else and see how it feels for you. Two big things that don't involve screens are sport and spending time with other people and talking with them. Also look into meditation and spending time in nature.
  19. Yes you want to combine them. It's normal to go through phases. Have a green hippy phase if you want but when you are over that it's time to integrate the lower stages. Love Money! And you can also make money while loving people. Find out how you can help them even more! Then money comes naturally. And then you will find that you can help even more people by charging higher prices.
  20. Stop with this low quality posting. Put more effort into you questions if you want it to stay open.