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  1. Yeah it takes courage (same as being truthful). In your scenario the partner that grew up could also end the relationship. Why is he still in it, if he is so grown up and doesn't love them anymore? So this is actually a situation in which a lot of fuck ups happened (both not facing the fact that the relationship has effectively ended a long time ago) before someone decides to cheat.
  2. No one said you have to measure it objectively. Of course value will be very subjective. Some people will value what you do a little, some will not value it at all. But some people will place huge value on what you do. You just have to find those people and figure out how to help them even more. If you are not willing to do that, why should society hand out extra rewards to you?
  3. Oftentimes it's one of the later symptoms of a relationship turning bad a long time ago. So if you think the relationship isn't good anymore just end it before you cheat. But if you think the relationship can be saved be truthful to your partner about what you do and how you see things.
  4. Ah I see, thought you where still talking about the game you played against the computer. Sounds good, could be something to build on.
  5. Enjoyed that reading Which knight moves? Why did you decide to teach chess, is that your LP?
  6. I would ask myself why even play WoW. Aren’t there better things to do? But I also bought the collectors edition back in 2004 and played the beta
  7. Interesting, how was the relationship between your parents when you grew up?
  8. Haha yes, I know what you mean! It's a bit like candy right? You can still Grow out of it. After all there are plenty of beautiful women out there. Also the whole package is important. I'd much rather be alone than dealing with a raging Victoria Secret model in a bad mood, throwing tantrums and stuff.
  9. Agree with @LastThursday You set the standards for what works and what doesn't work for you. That being said as a men it is attractive when you can be with your emotions. Whatever comes up frustration, anger, sadness. Let it all out. But you are comfortable with holding the emotion in your body. Grounding the situation so to speak.
  10. Obliterating your old self that you do not want and becoming the new self you want to be. Your new life will come from the way you are.
  11. Yeah you respect money by not wasting it. And having money around is helpful. Especially if you want peace of mind. I think it is a very personal topic. Some people with a steady job will have a different relationship with money than people who are self employed. Also be mindful of all the ways you keep money away from you, because you are afraid of it and its implications. ❤️
  12. Liberation can only exist when you have its opposite: enslavement. Like good and bad, it is an illusion and doesn't exist in Reality.
  13. Yes, also by bringing awareness to emotions and resistance towards that behavioral change. And bringing awareness to the identification with it. And bringing awareness to the structure of your surroundings. And to the beliefs you hold about it.
  14. No, try Self-deconstruction and Self-Love instead. Regarding Tate, look up the AGFLAP-CAP Emotional Chart. By getting angry at him for making fun of you, you might climb up a few ladders. But it's still far from optimal. Find out ways to climb higher once you are done with this stage.
  15. Please use the old thread instead of making a new one.
  16. For yourself and for others. Having a life purpose is like a cheat code in life. It will make everything much easier and more enjoyable.
  17. It's stopping mid answer all the time now. Such a tease!
  18. This is not an anomaly. People want everything high quality. Partner, House, Car, Friendships, Ice cream, Life, PC etc. Then they'll make bad decisions and end up with something else entirely.
  19. It's precisely this. It's like playing a game on hard when you never played a game in your life. Not very entertaining at first. But once you start to understand what is going on and what the game wants you to do you can have fun with it. Even when you switch to another game you will still know the basics about gaming and you will figure stuff out quite quickly. First step is figuring out why socializing is draining for you and not for others. If Joe Shmoe can do it, then why can't you?
  20. What happened that day? Its kinda important to know. Overall, yes you honored your emotions and its a dick move to not answer. But girls will be girls, if you become too reactive they'll loose interest.
  21. Please add more context to your question. You can PM me the text and I'll add it to your post. Until then: Closed.
  22. Do you want more social interactions during the week?
  23. @johnlocke18 They only laugh when they see someone is trying to impress them. Because that would be funny. On the other hand when you are worried about people laughing about you that doesn't sound like a fun time. A girl that laughs at other people on the dancefloor is not my cup of tea anyways...
  24. Yep and when the server is slow there is just more time to double click.