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  1. Depends on who you ask. In general, yes. Being a professor also helps. Though nowadays maybe not as much as 50 years ago. But still. Why do you ask?
  2. Locked as per user request.
  3. There are many reasons for this. Just to name a few, because unlike men, women don't get aroused by just looking at a man. They are not like a light switch, instead they are more like an oven, which gets hot gradually - over time. And also because a woman will have to know you before she will be attracted to you because of personality. These are generalisations of course. Then you have the whole social conditioning going and there needs to be a way for a women to assess wether or not she will be safe with you or not. Some men actually use this technique and will find a match. It is not what you say. It is how you say it. Women are like military grade scanners. They will locate your true personality, find your hidden agendas and know where to push in order to collapse your whole machinery. Most guys come with a paper plane and crayon on their faces and think that's enough to outsmart them. I'd recommend you to learn and master communication and social dynamics.
  4. Locked.
  5. Question your beliefs. Are things really the way they seem to be? Ideally, you wanna exhaust all stages to a degree and integrate them fully. They are experiences and perspectives. What can you do to change your experience and perception right now? How can you change your perspective?
  6. As @flowboy already said. This goes deeper. Think therapy session deeper. Techniques and just approaching won't do the trick alone. They are too surface level. Also invest in a good coach who knows about these deeper levels, has been there themselves and can show you results. Do your research. You want to gradually transition to making going out fun. If you always think about it as hard, there is this pushing energy and you will exhaust yourself. Do it for the fun first, girls come later.
  7. Yes. Even better if you can love it. ❤️ But identification works on a different level. If I turn a hetero man into a hetero woman, he would stop craving images of naked women on the internet. If I turn you into a kangaroo you'd never crave social media one second again.
  8. If you can I would definitely focus more on life purpose first. Learn the skills and get some work done. Hey, maybe it's good that it didn't work out between you two. You will find a better women for you which maybe you'd otherwise have never met
  9. Yeah relaxation is definitely important. Maybe you also had too much anticipation. Sex with someone else is different to masturbating alone.
  10. Get a girlfriend. And then you can also install some wild beliefs like "I am not someone who looks at porn". And/Or "Porn is cheating and I don't want to cheat on my gf". It's not that hard to quit porn. The question is just do you really want to?
  11. Sounds great! You can do both. Psychology and art, as a holistic approach to life.
  12. Great report! Yep, psychedelics will get you absorbed into experience. Your paradigm shifts. It's good that you took a low dose, so you will be better prepared for a stronger one. Set & setting are really important so take your time and a dose that feels good for you. Body high on LSD is nice. Felt healthy to me on regular LSD. I always feel like my experience on psychedelics is way to sacred in order for me to turn on the TV. But that's just a bias I have. ❤️
  13. Remember our Guidelines and stay respectful to each other. Thanks.
  14. It is, everything is about you. It shows the way you perceive reality. Imagine someone explaining: What's the point of engineering, we build a bridge but it collapsed immediately. What is engineering today? While building the bridge we spend so much fuel and energy. Fuel we could have used on the boats! Finally, there was so much corruption going on and some people were really grumpy while on construction. And that is what our society has come to? I see people engineering all around the world, it's sad. I think Leo is correct here (16:50) Still, I can enjoy a party. And I understand why people do it. It's fun to celebrate. Do it however you like.
  15. Take responsibility. If you want to connect and meet with other people it is your job alone to get that stuff going for you. It's not humanities fault for having shitty rituals and society with their bad habits, don't make it so easy (in the long run very hard) for you. If one person on this planet made connections at a party then it should be possible for you, too. Resourceful, abundant thinking vs. fearful and lacking.
  16. Confidence comes from your emotional state. Lower your needs and you will become confident. You are afraid that someone won't like you? Afraid of not having control over the situation? Afraid for your safety? These are all needs that you can lower and lower. If you have them super low your emotional state will rise naturally.
  17. Every topic can be discussed for eternity. Welcome to infinity! If stopping to consume self-help material on the internet is helping you, isn't that also self-help?
  18. Controlling doesn't work. Just sit with the emotion and feel it. If you want to stay at a place you can even just go to the toilette and release the emotion by feeling it. Be nice to your thoughts. It is ok to have whatever thoughts that might come up, even thoughts about being inadequate, worthless, angry or whatever. And also in the moment, try to relax your body. Feel into your body and relax your hands, your arms, your stomach, your face, everything.
  19. They are both illusions. While money is a big illusion it is more fractured or pointing to specific things in your life. Whereas time is fundamental to most of the core inner runnings of your psyche. So it is a little more sneaky in that way.
  20. It’s the opposite. Why do you think men get send to war? Be the last on the lifeboat? You even mention it in your post as well ❤
  21. @itsadistraction yes, because problems are illusions. A very visceral and good illusion. Practically, for a person who has developed themselves, life becomes easier than for a person who didn't.