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  1. I did the same thing you are about to do. I'm from Norway as well. I flew to Amsterdam and made truffle tea out of 150g truffles (they sell them wet i'm pretty sure). It was a really intense experience, and I must have lost my mind at some point. Looking back it was a bit too much, but sort of necessary The smarter thing to do is to buy 1/2 packs and leave it at that. Out of all the strains I've tried, Hollandia is 100% the way to go. For the record: at the time i had done truffles three times, so only minor previous experience. Please do not go fully heroic until you have some experience.
  2. This really helped me resolve the duality. Hope it helps some of you. At first glance it really does seem like eating pizzas and burgers or salads and fruit are all the same to the infinite. But this is only a half-truth as explained in the video. Brilliant.
  3. @Leo Gura I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I would love to see some high consciousness perspectives on politics. Here in Norway we have an election in a couple of months. We are a orange/green society without any clear yellow party. I'm thinking of voting for the greenest party. (Within reason). It's not a winner takes all here, so it wouldn't be a wasted vote. Again, to get your systems thinking perspective on this would surely help inform many of our decisions.
  4. I have applied your teachings now for roughly three years. In that time you proved your wisdom and gained my trust via your lesser teaching. It was for that reason I decided to research first-hand psychedelics. After doing mushrooms a couple times, I watched your 5-MeO-DMT video and decided that I would find a way no matter what. I live in Norway without any supply of 5-MeO. But like you stated in you video, it would be worth paying thousands of dollars to fly to mexico and see for myself. And so i did. I saved a years worth of earnings and flew to mexico on a 5-MeO retreat. I just want to thank you for presenting the medicine. I cannot imagine living my life without first doing bufo. I realized I (god) created everything. Death is nothing like i imagined. One retreat doesn't solve everything. And i tasted true freedom and peace in human form when I came back. Everyone who has been in that space knows it's worth everything. 4000$ or so is a small price to pay for me to try bufo. in the retreat we smoked the bufo. Death came easily, and I let go without any issue. It was frightening for a few seconds I admit. When I came back I just started laughing. Thanks again for giving me true life. Infinitely grateful I found you at such a young age. Happy birthday Leo!
  5. I was ready in my case. I have only had four mushroom trips beforehand but nothing comes close to one microdose of 5-meo. I think what made me ready was suffering alot the past years and being truly sick of it. Impossible to convey! The importance cannot be overstated. I remember my old pity life playing videogames every hour i could.
  6. @Leo Gura In hindsight I'm glad i did go to mexico, the set and setting (speaking of duality) could not have been more perfect. Worth the hassle anyhow. Your video on lifestyle minimalism has really impacted my life. Tears would indeed pour down my face if i ever did get to thank you in person.
  7. bufo is the slime from the toad. It's 5-meo and some other stuff from the toad.
  8. Also includes the un-necessary Killing of animals.
  9. The host struck me as stage orange and not green. He sort of falls in the bucket of anti-religious/hyper rational people who like to make fun of stage blue folks. What makes you say he's green?
  10. I remember coming back to existence after my 80mg (heavy dose) bufo 5-meo-dmt trip in mexico and the first thing i said was "That was peace..." If you really care to know what the "afterlife" is, then save up money, go to mexico and do 5-meo. It will be worth it.
  11. Tim Ferris from the 4 hour workweek simply recomends you to split test your headlines. I was thinking of something like this: Title: SHY (with a blue background) or: FUCK SHYNESS Description: Eliminate social anxiety and talk to people. or: Play the social game like a master don't think about what YOU want the title to be!!! You're not the one buying it remember? As an earlier shy person, these headlines would grab my attention. Best of luck to you with your book.
  12. You made the vow in the beginning of the course right? Re-affirm that vow to find your life purpose no matter what. "If it takes me till I'm dead, I'll figure it out"
  13. Psychedelics EDIT: if you really want to force it that is. It works
  14. Non-dual consciousness does not take place in the mind. Go do 5-MeO, and you will KNOW!!
  15. Hi, as the title says, I am going to recieve the equivalent of half a million dollars in a few years time. I have been reading alot of economy/personal finance books and feel i have a decent grip on money management and won't waste the money My concern is this, with this money I can purchase a rental property and live of the income without working. So now I don't have much i "need" to do because my basic needs will be taken care of. I am left without a clear goal, and not too much to strive for. I have taken Leo's life purpose course, which is essentially what is left to pursue. I took the course 2 years ago, however i feel my impact statement is no longer true for me. Since taking the course, i have had several mushroom trips, as described in other posts, and they have opened me up to facets of reality i never knew existed. I am left with a thought along the lines of "I can do whatever i like now, i can travel, don't have to work shitty jobs anymore, I can meditate and wrap up this maze I'm in." However i dont know what i want haha. My first Impact statement is this "raising people's awareness through teaching natural movement", and it still feels vaguely meaningful. However, after the mushroom trips, this statement no longer motivates me. I am 19 years old so i have plenty of time. Besides what i call 'natural movement' there is not too much that interests me, and movement has died off for me aswell, which is why i hesitate to take the course again. I suppose i should try a bunch of different things again and find something fun again. I am afraid of falling into the dabbler trap. What are your thoughts? I am 19 years old (working atm), don't need a job, my old life purpose doesnt do it for me, and i have no idea which one would intrest me. Or would I be better off just listening to the birds singing with my wonderful girlfriend? What a strange predicament. Thanks for any comment, would love your perspectives on this.
  16. It does not solve anything per se, but it does allow me more time solve those problems. Also, how will this clarity come about? It has been the central issue for the longest time now. Does it come by contemplating and trying stuff, will more psychedelics help? I will be attenting a 5meo retreat in mexico next year, i hope that will bring some good insights as to what i want and what is important. By natural movement i mean things like parkour, hatha yoga, gymnastics and climbing I don't have the money yet, and it is not a newly found freedom. My mother is in the late stages of alzheimers so i have known about this for a while.
  17. Hahaha, maybe I was unprecise in my post, but I have arrived at this point allready, the "and you can do whatever you want" part is where I'm struggling ☺️
  18. Last summer i had two mushroom trips, the first one was my first one ever and was fairly mild, underwhelming at the time. The second one however was alot more intense and i got my first ever crystal clear vision; relating to relationships. Anyways, after that i started relating to things a bit differently, as you might expect. This summer i took two more trips, the first of which was underwhelming again, but the secong time i made sure i took enough haha. I felt completely at ease and home, and was for the first time content. I saw and understood (i think) true beauty. The following three days I had no clear sense of self, what you might call depersonalisation, i really did not identify with my body and that felt really good, scary at first, but good. That faded of course and i had the most severe ego backlash of my entire life. My point here is that now i truly see things differently, i see beauty in a cookie and in a rusty bolt. I am truly amazed at how things close to my eyes look so clear and distinct from the background, and i wonder how that is. I look at my coffee-cup and pause in awe over the blue beautyfulness that is my cup. I look at my hands and wonder how the fuck these work and how they look and everything. If you have ever taken mushrooms, you notice how things "pop" and jump out of reality into another form of realness. That is what i am constantly noticing, and it is wonderfull, it is like my eyes have opened to the beauty in the world. I wonder how i could have missed all of this before, i feel like i live in a brand new world. When i walk down the streets, look at the trees, notice the beauty in them and start laughing, i feel like this: I truly feel like i am going mad and cannot relate to people anymore. They cannot see the beauty and awe in a cookie and think im weird Thats why i like this picture, i feel like the joker, mad and laughing (and happy). Would love to hear your thoughts on my little story.
  19. Consciousness/absolute/Truth IS the harddrive! Phenomena and belief can only happen "inside" the harddrive. When you remove beliefs, see beyond phenomena and stop identifying with certain parts of whats on the harddrive, you realize that you are it! Or not, i don't know
  20. Hey, I am just wondering what you think the pillars of life is. for me, I can come up with a couple Relationship and sex Career Purpose But I cannot come up with any more, so I am wondering which areas of life one should be improving within. Thanks, -Thomas