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  1. I recommend you watch this video Leo already addresses that here, you might not like the answer lol but I think it makes a lot of sense, especially for our purposes here as self actualizers and truth-seekers we have to be more wise and more long term thinking than the rest of society to get the rewards that they won't. That being said watch that video it will make sense to you or maybe it won't .
  2. oh how fun a Q&A two questions Leo: 1) what is your ultimate vision for and how do you see it impacting humanity in terms of collective evolution? 2)What does superhuman potential look like a bit more to you and how does that tie in with our life purpose? Amazing work btw you are really making a huge impact, Congratulations on 1mil its been long overdue imo.
  3. 40th U.S president Ronald Reagan at the United Nations
  4. Ellen has elements of red where she shows signs of only caring about her success and the success of her show fuck everybody else even her own employees and guests, a lot of testimonies in this video, quite fascinating.
  5. lol yeah it captivates you.
  6. A beautiful demonstration of what mastering your craft looks like from world renowned chef Gordon Ramsey for us to apply to our individual life purposes. Pay keen attention to what a true master is like at work and glean lessons from it, if you really value the mastery process this is truly inspiring. Took him decades to get to that level but very worth it.
  7. What do enlightened intimate relationships look like?
  8. A call to action for Humanity
  9. I'm not so sure about the monastery thing lol, but i definitely do think that there could be incredible value in the people who are following this work seriously to come together in some way, probably a retreat yes like couple times a year to really develop relationships with others who are dedicated to self development and god realization to motivate each other and hold each other accountable as well as learn from each other. I am pretty positive that almost everyone who do this work that leo is teaching us almost has no one around them doing any personal development work, never mind pursuing enlightenment its actually quite sad. Anyways what i am saying is that this work is already hard enough on your own because you are constantly having to go against the magnetic pull of the people around us trying to pull us back down to mediocrity while having people around who are also doing the same work can supercharge our developments individually and also as a group. I hope i made sense but lemme know what you guys think about this.
  10. @pluto good fucking shit, beautifully said i think i needed to hear this right now.
  11. yeah its a great video relevant to the past two weeks topics of dealing with fear, i thought the same thing when i watched it and it was released the same day of dealing with fear part 2. Thought it was good timing.
  12. watch this documentary right now! Moderator edit: The video is legit, yet there are porn-related ads and aggressive redirects to spam. Please do not post links to videos at shady websites.
  13. really fucking fascinating presentation about the potential that is possible for the entire human civilization and the planet, and also how other civilizations within the cosmos could help us to raise up to the higher levels. A must watch!