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  1. That video... Leo. It... The more and more I watch Actualized.org, and the recent videos. I see that I would need a longer life span than just 85 yrs to figure death out. With each new videos it's like your zooming out, revealing more of the big picture exponentially.I don't even fucking do the work seriously! Now. I know you said "No Arguing, there is nothing to argue". Well..... There's more to be expanded upon of what you have said. It's not enough to look at my hand and know that is "truth" If this medium of language itself is like trying to cut a rock in half with a stick, then a new medium of communication need to be made. What does actuality prove. I've meditated, and I have done such meditation before where you really look at an object and realize it is actual. Nothing happens. Ta Daaaa!! Like literally, the thought and concepts stop and you get this, inside the brackets here ( ) No, Not nothing, not a void, not empty white space, nope, just itself. And why should I give a fuck about that "thing" that refuses all labels and references to "it"? (Please note , every word ever used is a label, yes, but, the ones I've put in capitals are the ones I want to emphasize) Concept and Imagination (the medium through which I am communicating this thread write now) takes "effort" . With Concept and Imagination, I can use it, to give LABELS to differentiate EXPERIENCES in ACTUALITY. NOTE!!!!!!!! The link between concept and imagination seems to be assumptions. We ASSUME through concept in imagination that other must feel happiness and sadness. That they feel in ACTUALITY, what we do in ACTUALITY. We use concept and imagination to draw links between concept&imagination and actuality to prove (via reason and science which are concept and imagination) that concept and imagination directly affects what we experience in actuality. (And does it not? Don't concepts and imagination affect actuality, if not now, but in the future?) But you see, this is no good. With used itself, to prove itself. Which.... no. It's just an endless loop. How do we know that, when I feel joy, you feel it also in the same or similar way? We both take actions in actuality, and these actions create emotions in actuality. (Through projection of concept and imagination). How do we know the difference from sad and happiness? It's because in actuality these contrast. However, for some fucking reason. Sadness, we do not accept. And happiness we do... There is no way to explain this using concept and imagination, because you cannot label "why" something feels the way it does in actuality , because it just is. But INSTINCTIVELY, one dislikes it and wants to avoid it. Where does instinct come into play here? Are you telling us to regress back to stage beige? How is this not going back to stage beige? If I refuse to use concepts and imagination, I'll be put into this instinctive mode of avoiding pain and going after pleasure. What if remove the senses, sight, hearing. Are left with pure actuality? (That is, from the day we are born, and say we are not introduced to concepts and imagination via the use of braille etc)
  2. Whether he embodies or actually does the work towards what he says is also not relevant to me. If he is not doing his own work which he himself knows will generates results is his own problem. If I want to verify if what he is saying is not just waffle, I can "do the fucking reading" (XD) or study other spirituality channels on youtube. This is not to say I have my criticisms of Leo, but my criticisms are futile. It is ultimately his responsibility to improve himself and how he wants to present things not mine, and vice versa. I do not judge him for it.
  3. How Leo presents the content of what he says is irrelevant to me. Personally I like the more aggressive presentation he does sometimes it makes the video more entertaining. I do not like the more serious stone-faced lectures some people do, but I can still listen to them. There are other spirituality Youtubers with a more passive style. @Emerald She's gotten more expressive (my preference), but in her older videos, they're more stone cold serious lectures, I do not like. But whatever the packaging, I come for the content of what Leo has to say. Even he did a more passive presentation, I would not really care , personally , being more expressive and aggressive is more engaging to me, that however is about being entertained, and I don't primarily go watch Leo talk for 3 hours every week to be "entertained". I watch him primarily for the content of his videos so I may benefit off any wisdom I can derive for it. A mistake people are making is taking things too literally and getting too technical. I just try to to "understand" what he is trying to get across, rather than taking stuff literally and getting offended, and then the video is of no benefit to me because "Oh noes, Leo seems to be being mean! Oh boi, I'm gonna get triggered now REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I don't take anything say too seriously. If I want to take something seriously, I come to my own conclusions on why I should take something seriously, not because Leo told me to. I sit on the fence with what he says and think for myself about what the actual truth of the matter is. His presentation I care not for.
  4. This is your problem! I have a feeling you are constantly craving carbohydrate type foods, and sweet foods. I also have a feeling you use stimulants like coffee. The poison is fucking you up. Stop eating sweets and junk food. Stop it! Cut down on all the processed junk that typically come sin cardboard packaging. Here is the bulk of my diet, I to live in with my parents. You have to learn what to identify what's junk, what is healthy, and what is least unhealthy. This is how I view the foods I regularly consume -Tinned Mackerel in Sunflower Oil (Healthy) -Chicken Breast (On it's own, not in bread crumbs or in processed flavoured packets) (Healthy) -Bananas, Oranges, Apples (Healthy) -Potatoes (Meh, it's much better than trash, but it's not optimal) -Rice (Meh, it's still much better than trash, but it's not optimal) -Eggs (Healthy) -Homemade soup. (Carrots , Leeks, Broccoli, Vegetable stock, thrown into a pot of boiling water) (Healthy) -Tinned Heinz Beans (Meh, Kinda Healthy, plain beans are more healthy, much better than trash) -Frozen Peas (Healthy) Tell your parents to buy some Potatoes , Rice, Peas, Tinned Beans, Tinned Mackerel when they go out shopping. These things really aren't that expensive. Foods to avoid: Bread Milk All those super marker cereals, that you typically eat in conjunction with milk. Try avoid these, eat them as a last resort. I eat them the minority of the time , I sometimes eat them because I get to lazy to cook some rice or potatoes. Do not be lazy. Being lazy comes at a price. Your health. Rice, Potatoes, and Peas are better. Don't be lazy. Start learning to cook for yourself. Learn how to fry eggs, Learn how to boil potatoes, learn how to oven roast chicken breast. Don't fucking drink glasses of milk. Drink water. Also drink green-tea and various kinds of tea. Learn how to spot sugary or junk versions of otherwise healthy enough food. Don't buy sugar coated maple syrup peanuts, buy regular salted peanuts. Do not listen to me, verify this for yourself. I am just a fool. Just for the love of god, stay away from the trash. If you get hungry, cook up a plate of rice with some nice soy sauce, or boil some potatoes, or sweet potatoes and eat them with a bit of salt, or pop open a couple of tins of mackerel and eat that. That's miles better than eating a bunch of bread, milk, supermarket cereals, chocolate bars , fat fried chicken etc. Just because something tastes better does not mean it is better for you. Sure, maple syrup on top of some golden nuggets cereal tastes better than some boiled potatoes with salt on them, but one will slowly fuck you up, the other, less so. Do your own research man. Don't just read a couple of articles off some random ass nutrition websites and think you are a health stud. Get a bigger picture. I hope I helped. At the very least, if your house is like barebones of food, get your parents to buy rice (like 2kg bags), potatoes, and some tinned mackerel in sunflower oil. (Or some kind of oily fish stored in oil in a tin) These are VERY easy to keep stock in your house because they are so cheap, and they last a while.
  5. Viking. Whats your nutrition look like? What are you eating and how much of it? How much do you know about how important nutrition is, and how in-depth do you know about it? I think poor or detrimental nutrition could be a big factor. Also. Water. Are you drinking enough? Is your piss yellow? Eat properly (research nutrition, do not be filling yourself with junkfood) during your day, exercise for literally 5 minutes, just do a couple push-ups, backbridge's , flail your arms around on the spot, get your heart rate higher than normal , do this outside, make sure you are well hydrated. THEN, sit down, and read your book. Have some self discipline when reading, don't stop at the slightest urge, if your body is telling you to move, stop reading, and go move, run, do push-ups jump, whatever, then resume reading.
  6. Note: I am asking these questions in the relative, practical sense, so don't just tell me "Your already enlightened", I can not do anything with that. Is enlightenment permanent freedom from suffering? Is the experience of infinite happiness unavoidable, even if I lived a trashy life , steeped in lies and delusion.If becoming enlightened allows me to escape the matrix. Is that escape permanent? What are the stakes here? What are the actual stakes? If I wanted to make myself suffer for infinity. As god. How would I do that? If I were to live a life steeped in lies and suffering for the rest of my life, is the experience of infinite happiness inevitable. I sit down to find to meditate to find an answer. Nothing ever happens. The only answer I get is this ------------------> <-------------------------------- All words seem to lie and a tool from the projection. Everything seems to be steeped in infinitely unsolvable mystery and strange loops. There are emotions which aren't much help either. Words seem like trying to pierce through an iron plate with hand thrown pebbles. If absolute infinity is true. Is that not horrifying? Dimensions where people live forever, just to suffer, forever. I have trouble reconciling with this. How can people live in peace knowing that absolute infinity is truth, when within in it, all this endless suffering is going on. What if you were THAT that experienced suffering for an infinity, with no escape. How do you think he feels? I do not know. What then if you or I are to lead a self-actualized life, if, when death occurs, the self is simply melted, and then cast into a new ego, back to square one again. Is there really nothing we can do to have a permanent affect on experience after death?
  7. My farther's side of the family suffer from kidney stone disease. My mother's side does not.My farther has kidney stones, and the farther of my farther had kidney stones, so did his wife. (The farther of my farther) Is there anyone here who has this condition? I would like to know how you manage it. What are the chances I have inherited the disease? If I have it, what should I be doing to prevent it. It seems you can have surgery to have them removed, but this does not rid of ones tendency to form the stones. The cure is in the prevention. Would it be a good idea to see a doctor to verify if I have the disease or not? I do not want to end up like my parent. He often complains about the pain. That he dreams of pain and it never goes away. He reports it being worse on some-days then others. Sometimes I feel something in one of the areas where kidney stone pain is reported to occur. In the lower left abdomen. It is not painful. I have read the Wikipedia page on kidney stones. I want to see if anyone has experience with the condition and can give some advice. Thank you.
  8. Those stuck in horrible jobs need to take 100% responsibility. Everyone has the ability to sell things to others, make their own brand. It is a matter of suffering. Those who suffer win. Those who aren't willing to suffer. Lose. School makes it real easy to be a lick-arse and jump through all their hoops. If you are the prime person in charge of creating value rather than being told what to do by someone else, then it is not so easy. What is wrong with it being more difficult? I don't know. I think we will not agree. I do not mean to argue. I love you rabbithole.
  9. My school system was a metaphor for the one we have. I do not know your context. Maybe your school was... different. That is. What the students do is pointless bullshit for the most part. If I invited you to come to school with me and sit through each class I'd prove it to you. I could even film it and you could not deny that it is indeed pointless bullshit ( primarily the material, secondarily the delivery method of the material, most of the time, it's useless academic bullshit). But somehow , in the marketplace, they use it as way of generating value in the market place by saying that the kid who does best in learning the academic bullshit has more options to choose from in terms of college certifications. Some of those courses ACTUALLY teach students how to generate value in the marketplace, others don't. It is over-hyped for a reason. If it was not hyped up, the value in having a degree would plummet. But instead some use it as benchmark for estimating the value of a person in the marketplace. If A kid is lazy, that is not the schools doing. That is the kid's doing. I do not blame school. I do not like high-school. The teaching, the environment, the material. I'll take some stuff from my textbook, and we'll see how well you turn theory into action then. Lazy? You force a man on a human sized hamster well and ask him to start running, and he refuses... You call him lazy? Or maybe he just doesnt want to do it because the material is pointless. I'd say give up on high-school, read non-fiction, and if you have academic interests, read up on that yourself. Learn how to generate value yourself, with books.
  10. Elementary School was successful in teaching me how to read and write. Although, there was also a bunch of unnecessary crap thrown in. Do not be foolish. Think for your self. What of practical use have you actually learnt? How have you benefited. Do you feel any better? Do you feel more inspired? Have you learnt anything that allows you to create something you otherwise would not have been able to create? What value on the marketplace can you now offer to people? In affect, you learned nothing. Do not kid yourself. Just because you had fun at "school" due to the social aspects was not the school's doing. Fuck, even I can become chief of education and set up a "school system" where kids are simply made to walk around a 1 mile track for 6 hours a day and give the most points to the kids who walk the furthest. You can bet the kids will start talking to each other. It is a way of creating a wealth disparity, not all the kids are going to be willing to rack up the same mileage as the kid in the lead. Except, there is no actual tangible difference in wealth, the kid who only walked 6 miles is just as fucking useless to the marketplace as the kid who ran 20....but..... you see, people buy into lies and there IS an actual value for the kid who walked 20 instead of 6 in the market place, because the college decide to recognize the kid who walked 20 as higher value, giving access to more of that colleges prestigious titles, some employers buy into this is well and then use these titles as a benchmark for whether someone can work for them or not. Except in college, not all the subjects are academic bullshit , some of them teach you stuff that ACTUALLY allow you to contribute to the marketplace. ( If you know how to do brain surgery, that adds value for example) I do not mind the social aspect with school. School however, is not about socializing. I am 16. Do not listen to me unless your willing to think for yourself. I am only a fool.
  11. If it makes the person feel better yeah? And how can it be a lie when the higher stages are more in line with truth?
  12. If we forced a person in stage blue, to act like a person in stage turquoise. Would the stage blue person instantaneously be stage turquoise, because he acting the same, except against his own will. Does that make any sense?
  13. How does one actually test whether someone is a certain stage yet. I know this a George Orwell type scenario but.... What if we force a stage blue at gunpoint to embody stage yellow or turquoise by making them wear a shock collar, an explosive collar, and an earpiece. A shock collar used to punish them for embodying a stage blue person, an explosive collar used to use as threat so they comply. and the earpiece they have a person constantly tell them how to embody stage turquoise. What to say in any given situation, how to act, how to think, what mindset to have, what practices to have, such that the stage blue person acts just as stage turquoise, if he does not , he is punished. Like what is the actual difference?
  14. A bit of context: First. I would like to say. I do not know anything in terms of truth. Relatively I know about some things. I do not know that I do not know. I could go on; it would just me talking in an endless loop trying to explain myself. From my experience as being here 16 years (age).Whatever "this" or "reality" is, is a mystery. I write this thread quite slowly I want to be careful. I just happened to stumble upon Actualized.org one day by accident when I was 13. Something captivated me about it. I invested in a spiritual practice for a while, at my peak I had meditated more or less every day for 3 months in a row for 40 minutes. I think something happened however caused me to backslide, I got lazy, played video-games as always, girls and social status took more priority and space up in my mind. I always keep Actualized.org in my mind though, and intuit that is ultimately the right way. Note: I'll edit and add to this thread. Here are my questions after having listened to this video: So what you’re saying is......: I'll try my best to recall and paraphrase what was said in the video. You say, what we are talking about here in terms of practicality is: Happiness, Peace of Mind, and the Elimination of Suffering. You also say that these things are just the cherry on top, the icing, of the whole cake of the rewards that can come from spirituality. Radical stuff. Stuff that I can't even understand, beyond symbolism, so radical, that if you even began to try explain, it would affect your credibility. And you just tell me "You don't even understand, I can just tell you" Well, if Happiness, Peace of Mind, and Elimination of Suffering are only ICING on the cake and the cake itself is SO GOOD, that it's in a different dimension of consciousness than the feeling of Happiness altogether. Yeah. I want that. As long as its pleasurable right? I understand that it may take suffering to get to the truth, but once I've "made it" its smooth sailing from there forever right? Like how good is this? Is this like INFINITE pleasure, of the highest kind, forever? Really? If that is true. Of course I fucking want it. INFINITE pleasure? My questions are: One of the main questions I had that I had when I was watching the "Life is a Maze" video arose again when watching this video. What implications does it have on my death? What if I starve to death in the maze before I can escape? What I just die tomorrow because someone kills me? Then what? What if I become enlightened THEN someone kills me? What then? Is death any different? Is there really anything to worry about? Is there any rush? Is it now or never? Do I have ONE chance to liberate myself, and I don't I'm stuck in delusion forever? What actually happens after "death", and you very well know what I mean by that. (If you were hit by a train at 300mph for example). Is there an "experience" after death, and can that experience be altered depending on what one did in life (such as becoming enlightened)? Does EVERYONE have the same fate in terms of experience after death? Or does it depend on how deep into spirituality someone went? What is the difference between a rat dying in the maze before he can escape the maze versus the rat escaping the maze? The rat who escaped the maze still dies right????????? I mean, if a rat inside the maze witnessed the death of Eckhart Tolle, he would say that rat died. Like what are the actual stakes here? If as a rat I die before I can escape the maze, is it a matter of missing out on a LOT of pleasure or getting permanently fucked over for infinity?
  15. Positive fantasizing? I've done a lot of that and no such miracle has happened to me. In terms of a deliberate practice, I've always felt fantasizing was a huge distraction from taking action, so I punish myself sometimes if I do so. Not always. It can be fun.
  16. If pure being is an attainable state. Is it permanent or temporary? Will eckhart tolle experience be different from what he experiences now versus what he experience 60 seconds after being hit by a nuclear bomb? What is the difference in experience? Should'nt it be the same because he was always dead in the first place? Do you need an ego in the first place to become enlightened? If I die before coming enlightened? What happens? What causes an ego to arise in the first place? Who is lying? If I do not become enlightened in this life? Will I ever become enlightened? If death is truth. That means everyone gets to experience it and everything is ok right?????? Once dead, how do you stop being alive? Life = lies? Is the ego kind of like the dark sign curse from dark souls? "The Darksign signifies an accursed Undead. Those branded with it are reborn after death, but will one day lose their mind and go Hollow" ????????? Can there be experience outside of ego, or is experience limited to ego? If death = truth, what is the point in inducing death via spirituality early thus experiencing the "truth" when everyone dies anyway and thus also gets to experience "the truth". What is the difference here?????? What is the difference? I don't mean to be the annoying skeptic who only just machine gun fires questions. It is just your not directly answering a lot of these questions. Is it because I need to experience the answer for myself? Wha? The longest spiritual practice I have had was 40 minutes a day for 3 months. And nothing happened. Sure it felt good, but nothing happened. Is an answer supposed to just pop up? If Spirituality is facing ones own death, then everyone is basically forced to do it as some point, and gets the truth in the end. Soo..... what are the consequences for not discovering the truth before dying? What is the closest thing to "hell", and how can you avoid hell? Can "hell" only exist with lies? Does truth mean ultimate freedom from suffering forever? I want to understand, what your saying does not make much sense.
  17. If this is the Truth. What do you mean by "Goodness" here. What is the ultimate goodness. Is is it an experience? Why is it better off to be enlightened than to remain an idea? Actually, what is the total opposite of enlightenment. Why not just entrench myself in as many lies as possible? Why does the truth just so happen to be the Ultimate Goodness? Why is truth not the Ultimate Badness? Why is it worth doing, if I don't get anything out of it? I'm looking forward to the future videos, I mean, you did not even list all the reasons because you said it would affect your credibility. Why do I want truth opposed to lies?
  18. In terms of real science. It all depends on what the results you are "looking" for. In terms of test scores. I would assume traditional school will get higher scores, because the whole school system is made around getting points for tests. There must be no agenda.
  19. Yes I am aware of this. I'll add to the post now. It is more like infinite factors! All of them just varying in importance from the other.
  20. I think Leo's video on ideology is a great pointer on how one might go about making a higher consciousness education system. We have to make it non ideological. A quick little half baked inquiry. (Without going in-depth) How do humans communicate? Language. We will teach the young the native language. At a young age we sort of just have to force them to comply. Basic math, those used most commonly in everyday life for quantifying will also be taught to the young. What is needed to sustain a human being? Food and Water. So we will teach them how to create sustainable sources of food and water of the healthiest kind. So that the food and water benefit the consumer, the plant itself, and the environment which the plant is in, and same with the animals if they are raised, they will be raised with love,care shown affection allowed to live happy lives. We will also teach them survival skills. How does one go about thriving in the world's modern economys? Business. What do you need to provide value to others? Skills. How does one acquire skills? Through the intake of knowledge and the application of the teachings. So schools will be grand library's ,archives and various gymnasiums/training grounds. Filled with masterful teachers. There will be an emphasis on stage greenish and above type business. Win-win-win situations. There will be no classrooms. There will be no rows of students sitting in chairs. There will only be a sage/master, and those who choose to come to listen or take instruction. There will be no "scored" tests, there will be no certifications. What is a primal thing almost all human enjoy? Sex. We will teach them how to go about attracting the opposite sex. The masculine and the feminine. Open markets and festivals will happen often. I'll add to this later.
  21. I intuit that there is a lot of black and white thinking regarding this topic. Is school evil? I do not know. I intuit there is something better than the schooling system we have now. That would require real science. It is much easier however to just assume a position, and assume your position is true, because it makes sense to you. The black and white thinking emerges. It is not a simple matter. Any fool can take a position, make a counter-argument and then believe they are correct because their own reason appears to have trumped the opponents from their perspective. The counter-argument they make is often a deliberate straw-man( because making a straw-man argument takes a lot less effort to rationally trump) or an unintentional straw-man (they assume that the opponents argument is something else from what the opponents arguments actually is) The truth of the matter that I am just a fool and you should not take my word for granted. School could be better. How better? I do not know. Could it be better? I do not know. I intuit it could be a lot better, because I want it to be. How can we find out how it could be a lot better? Real science. It is not a simple, black and white matter. The worst enemy in terms of advancing "schooling" in the future is close-minded , black and white thinking, and "I have the correct answer because X,Y,Z strawman/simple argument that beats yours" thinking. The big picture needs to be taken into account. There are a lot factors that influence the development of a human being. How do we create an optimal learning environment for personal growth? Hmm. Let us run some experiments. Hmmm. Is my thinking flawed? Do we even need a schooling enviroment for optimal learning? Hmmm, lets do some experiments. Hmmm. Where am I full of shit in my thinking. Hmm
  22. He is practicing stoicism is why. He did a video on it.