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  1. Why, my life purpose is to revolutionise the society we live in ( this does not mean to become a poltical figure, but rather) ( See the aims of anonymous fo example)
  2. I know ita a very simpleistic question, however I live in Ireland amongst the countyside and it would be a shame not to appricate the nature.
  3. Got back from outside meditation. And holyshit it felt good ( besides the cold which was somewhat uncomfortable) Playing videogames after meditation makes video games more fun lol. (Just a little bit) Doing meditation everyday for 20 minutes , for thes rest of my life.
  4. Hmm, yes I agree. I will focus on my self while Im still in my early years.
  5. Reply to 7oo Why do to call this a waste time? Who are you tell me I cannot do such a thing, I never said accomplishing such a task could be easy, and yes you are partiallu correct, in the "real world" this would be extremely hard to pull off. But it is possible, and where there is a will there is a way. I see no one else doing anything about the flaws of the societys will live in, so I might is well try. How is making society bettee a waste of time?
  6. -Is Capitalism really "evil"? Capitalism, if done correctly is not in it self evil no, but it commonly abused to take advantage of other people and control them. I think society has come to a Point where Money is more Important then knowledge even though you need knowledge to attain so much money to be powerful. Money, it doesn't matter how you get it , is power and you can use it to take advantage of other people. - If Capitalism really is evil, why dont people act against it? -There reasons for this tend to be different from person to person, -Some people dont want to bother spending there life trying to accomplish such an enormous task. -Some people think they themselves cant do anything about it and just have to out up with it, -Some people are indifferent to it and just accept it as part of "How life works". -Some people are perfectly fine with the society we live in, they dismiss all its flaws. -Some people dont know how to act against it. -Then there are people like me, who winge, moan and cry about it, but little progress is done. *Then there are "Great People" my personal favourite are, Spartacus, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ, Matin Luther king, Voltaire, and Guy Fawkes. (Note- I am not relgious,) Now, Im not saying that what any of what all these people did is nesscarily "good". But what inspires me is that these people managed to Stand up against society, and make a difference. But the point is these people had the Guts,And the persistance to make an Impact in the world. I dont see any "Great people" in the world anymore....., , Im not talking about famous people. Im talking about people who made a difference for the better of Mankind. We think we are in a perfect state in mankinds history right now, We have reached the perfect state of a world. Let me ask you this, if mankind continues in the path it currently is following, things are looking bleak. Imagine what will happen in 100 , or even 200 years from now. There will be a war, a war of attrition, since the dawn of time greed has poisoned mans soul. Mankind have mastered, Killing and Control. Now lets master the joy of Living. Oh yes, I hear people all the time say its not possible.... HOW is it not possible???? ARE YOU telling me that if all the great Philosophers sat down at a table and discussed this topic for a year or 2 , that they wouldnt come up with a functional society that is better then what we have today? I dont beleive for a second that the answer is no, thats fucking bullshit. Its impossible to call It impossible. We can do this, imagine, this society could be a reality, we just have to stand up for ourselves and do something , ANYTHING. Look at Anonymous Official youtube channel. Then we come across the problem "Oh, but I dont know how" I agree it is a very a daunting task to try deal with, I mean marching along the streets holding posters saying "GET RID OF CAPITALISM" will probably achieve nothing. For 2 reasons. 1 . How does one simply get rid of captialism without plunging the whole society into utter chaos and collapse. and 2. 2 people parading with Anti-Captialism posters inst going to really get the message across as something that "The people" want. I would appreciate some feedback on what you guys think.
  7. This is why I strongly dislike Capitalism (Money in general to be honest) People abuse it , they use money as a means to take advantage of other people.
  8. I can answer all 5 of your questions. However I will do so tommorow, I have to go to bed. Check this thread tommorow. On your last question concerning communism. I am not a captialist. Nor communist. A self actualised world, is possible, infact its impossible to say its impossible. I have been re writing a goverment system from the top down, I am focusing on the education so far and only have scrathed the surface. I will answer your 5 questions in depth tommorow, its 1:20am where I live so I gtg otherwise my parents will rage at me lol. Please I encourage to check out this thread tommorow when I will answer your 5 comcerns.
  9. I would focus on making the world a better place for everyone, rather exclusively just myself, leaving everyone else to suffer.
  10. People abuse captialism. I shouldnt have said it was evil. And no, I do not hate anyone. I love everyone and try my best to help everyone, that is why I am focusing on a better society for everyone Our current society is functional, but not without its major flaws. I would not use violence or hatread to achieve my goals. Pointless to do so
  11. Hold Up. For one, dont be stressing about exam results. Exam results do not define your intelligence, unless you wantthem to define your intelligence Exam results will not shape your destiny, unless you let them shape your destiny. Also, I beleive you can take College exam without having even studied at the college ( meaning that you can be educated from other sources aside from the courses the college provides) Now to answer you question. If you want to get something done. Make your motives and goals clear and do it, question yourself why you need to study then study. As long as you know more about a subject then you dont know, you will be fine ( Anything above 50%, but try aim higher depemding on the college you want to go to). If you invest time in preparing for your exams you will see a benefit later. Know this, Patience is bitter, but the fruits it bear are sweet. Cheers hope this helped.