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  1. As for the sleeping: I used to be very irregular on the sleeping times. Impulze to change it lead to decision and i literally dragged my body to bed not later than 11pm. For 2 months. Got much better sleep, higher energy and efficiency and that made me to stay with it. I am doing that for good 3 years now. These days my body asks me to go to bed early 10 or 10.30 pm and I wake up early on my own. Even at the same time! Most of the times. Our boddies are very smart Make your choice, decide, stick to it and see if that actually suits you. I know people who are night's owls and simply love that life-style more. Of course it is more natural for body to sleep overnight but from what I know, the regular rhytm is even more important, regardless the sleeping times.
  2. Love this idea, Ayla! For me, to start forgiving was a huge move. I was trapped in the victim mode for not accepting and hating myself which lead me to massive overeating, not attractive look and low self-esteem. To leave this circle I had to stop blaming my family life-style which is rather passive, lot about TV and loads of food. First I had to realize that if I don´t like living that and being who I was, I must change this myself. Crucial part of that was to forgive to my family for handing me over the bad and destructive habits. And it was important to keep re-confirming that forgivness feeling at every point of the process I did to change my life-style. Because I was confronted a lot with: why on earth would you do this? why do you put yourself through that "torture"? and similar. But what looked destructive to them, was healing for me. I live very differently than the rest of my family now. It was several years long process. And from this point, where I am now, feeling and knowing that I am the one who makes decisions on how I live and who I am, I am actually grateful for my family and love them more than ever before. Realized that they are great, that my childhood way too fabulous comparing to what many others had to go through and yes, I still got many neurosis from it but I can see now also many GOODs I got. They still gave me the best they were capable of. My top relief in life
  3. I am Alena Krchnava, age 32, female, Slovakia, EU Occupation: coach; NGO coordinator (work with disabled kids and youth) Hobbies: jogging, trekking, experimental cooking, raw food diet, reading, understanding religious beliefs (as a non-religious person), psychology of human behavior I got a chance to work as a coach in the travel business company I worked for. Started with no experience, and looking backwards, actually with a very shallow idea what coaching is about. Realized that it is a powerful stuff..and also realized that I have to first develop myself to be really great at this job. So I quit after 3 years and I slowed down my life to have more time to invest into myself. I am currently taking a course to become a certified coach. I am a big fan of coaching techniques. They are the ones that started shifting my life to a whole new level. Personal challenges I've overcome: Not accepting myself (was hyper-active "annoying" kid). Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating and lost weight. Being very unconscious about how to live life, passive and quite negative. Low self-esteem. What I'm working on now: Continue building my confidence. How to be attractive for men. Discipline in time management Identifying my life-purpose. Feels really great to list publicly the challenges I´ve overcome so far!
  4. Hi Leo! Hi Everyone! Greenhorn, early bird, guinea pig ... or .. just Alena great pleasure meeting you all