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  1. Sorry, the Electoral Collage still makes no sense, instead of small low populated areas being ignored, it just makes the whole country outside few battleground states ignored, way to go. All the Electoral Collage does is shifting the importance to an arbitrary geographical area.
  2. @Dutch guy If you are so much against identity politics, why do you reply me with more of white vs black rhetoric? If I were a US citizen I would have welcome the protests, the police should serve and protect people, not intimidate and threaten, no matter what the color of their skin is.
  3. @Dutch guy What happened in the US so far was underreaction to police brutality. Would you like to live in a place where cops treat citizens like they do in the US? I don't know any western country in which that kind of police behavior would be accepted like it was in the US so far.
  4. @lmfao I can understand it when cops use force because they feel risk for their life, they are doing a dangerous job, and fear in face of life threat is a legitimate thing. Cops also apply force sometimes to maintain public order and keep 3rd party safe, that is also understandable. But in all of the instances shown in the video or the George Floyd case, there was no danger to the cops nor to other parties. It is really shocking to me how this kind of policing was tolerated in the US so far.
  5. Just watched this video by JP, I think it is important and shows quite well how does police brutality works. It also made me thankful I am not living in the US, seriously guys how can anyone think that any of that is normal?
  6. @The Don Also your few empty words about Floyd's murder stand in striking contrast with the emphasis and the emotions you put on looting and rioting. Property can and will get restored, people's life's won't.
  7. @The Don So you are suggesting more violence as a remedy for the violence. I would suggest you to try and understand (like you have written in the post title) where this anger is coming from. What is the underling problem that was triggered by Floyd's video, and what are the systematic failures that create the fear, anger and resentment that is blowing up right now? Using force to keep public safety is necessary, but using it to suppress people's rage without addressing the root problems that cause it will ensure a bigger explosion in the feature.
  8. I have struggled with the same question, and similar guilt feelings. Beauty is subjective by definition, if someone finds something beautiful than its as objectively beautiful as something can be. Standards are just what our culture promotes. Having said that, I figured out that I am a product of my society and cannot choose what I find beautiful , and I do not choose what attracts me, therefore there is no need for feeling guilty about it, just like there is no sense in feeling guilty about my height or skin color. I also found out that feeling guilty doesn't help the people I am not attracted to, instead it just makes me behave in a weird around them way which makes them feel uncomfortable. I try to replace it with empathy and kindness, and remember that no one really wants someone to show them fake attraction out of guilt. So my advice would be to try to see their positive side as well as their pain and offer real empathy instead of guilt and fake attraction. And remember, all we need in the end is only one person who will see our beauty, so there is hope for everyone, even if their are not what society defines as beautiful. Sometimes it's just not up to us to deliver that and that's OK as well.
  9. Why do you think that people should love their rights?
  10. @tenta I'm not preaching going vegan, and it's not so much about solving the problem. The way I see it my options are: 1) Keep my eyes shut, and avoid thinking or looking at the harsh reality - that is compromising my consciousnesses 2) Be aware of what's happening but continue to act as usual - that is compromising my integrity and dis-powering myself by surrendering to the norm 3)Try to make some behavioral change in order for my for my behavior to match my worldview and values. Out of those 3 options I like the 3rd one the most, that's how I see it.
  11. That's a cute denial, however keep in mind that as a consumer whatever you consume - you promote. Also even if you by yourself won't change everything, you are still either part of the problem or part of the solution. I'm not vegan not the way, but I do try to be mindful of how I spend my money and limit animal product intake.
  12. I have purchased some LSD which turned out to be be NBOMe (the bitter taste gave it away), now I'm stuck with a few of those blotters and don't know what to do with them... I am not a big fan of poisoning myself and I don't know whether the substance has the potential of the same benefits as LSD/conventional psychedelics. For those of you have tried the substance, did you had significant experiences on it? how is it compared to LSD or mushrooms? was it hard on the body? did anyone tried micro-dosing on it?