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  1. Hej Leo. I Watched yor video "How to stop caring what people think of you"... and I have really been helped by your advices and theories.. Thx! Now Im watching another video where I thought I could receive some good tips in how to achieve an amazing sex, and ....8 ways to keep your man loyal.....And I am totally confused with you...You are so out of your subject...This is absolutely not your area, and you should better concentrate on what you can do for oneself..Not relation relates stuff... Women are way much more intelligent than you think... You haven´t met one yet...And due to your very weird way of seeing woman you probably, won´t meet one either... Could you for real, evaluate and consider women strengths and possibilities, in taking charge of the planet..Give me a show in that theme.. ...Your grandsons would have a better future.. Best,,,,,E