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  1. "The sage does not accumulate. The more he helps others, the more he benefits himself." - Tao Te Ching From the wiki about Hakuin Ekaku, one of the most important zen masters: "Hakuin realized that his attainment was incomplete. His insight was sharp during meditation, but he was unable to sustain the tranquility of mind of the Zen hall in the midst of daily life. His mental dispositions were unchanged, and attachment and aversion still prevailed in daily life, a tendency which he could not correct through "ordinary intellectual means."His mental anguish even worsened when, at twenty-six, he read that "all wise men and eminent priests who lack the Bodhi-mind fall into Hell". This raised a "great doubt" (taigi) in him, since he thought that the formal entrance into monkhood and the daily enactment of rituals was the bodhi-mind.Only with his final awakening, at age 42, did he fully realize what "bodhi-mind" means, namely working for the good of others" I believe there are many people in this forum suffering from "incomplete attainment" such as Hakuin's. Psychedelics will give you a lot of information on the nature of reality, but it rarely will open your heart permanently to compassion and empathy. The person feels a sensation of "ok, what now?" and after experiencing the joy and freedom of life, feel they have nothing else to do, or even fall into mental confusion, derealization, depression or psychosis. Knowing the true nature of reality without having the goal of helping others is like knowing how to start a fire but not caring about having any means to put it out. Don't get burned, help the world however you can, what you do unto others will ultimately be like doing it to your own self. NDErs, for example, are adamant about this. It doesn't matter that the path for you was solitary and you made it all in your own, if you really investigate this you will find out you had some help, be it in the form of having access to DMT or having some sort of guidance from an anonymous internet user about how to avoid bad trips, I'm sure if no one in this world ever helped other people, you would also be without your current attainments. If you are afraid of opening your heart you can do it all from your head, simply noticing how "profitable" the action of helping others is. It is a rational choice too. Some NDE testimony excerpts: "Love is the primal force. Love is the light. Love heals. And of course the Golden Rule is the only rule that matters in the life review." - Cami R "[...] put good into the universe, you are more likely to receive good back. Karma is a very real thing. Do as to others as you want done to yourself, and all that…" - Penny S "The older I become the more I realise that'Karma' is a reality. You definitely receive what you give, measure for measure" - Patricia B "But I was also capable to see that the more good emotions they where going throught because of me, will give me some credits (Karma) and the bad ones will take some of it back... Just like in a bank account but here it was like a Karma account to my knowledge. The more I could get will give me permission to access a better area or a better place somewhere. It was the knowledge I had then." Roger C " But emphasis should be on that golden rule...Love your neighbor as yourself. Take care of each other whenever you can" - Jean R Increase your conscience/awareness so you can see where you are doing wrong and where you are doing right to others, and then have the intention to do more of the good things and less of the bad things.
  2. Yes everything here is breadcrumbs, but those breadcrumbs are all most people ever have (during life). It's our mission to spread this bread and help people however we can. Enlightenment only for our personal use would be useless.
  3. According to many NDEs, you choose the circumstances of your life, together with some guides and stuff And some things in life are predetermined to happen
  4. I believe this planet and every planet starts at a baseline where everything sucks and is controlled by "the laws of physical nature", and it is our mission to make things progressively better. There is a place where everything starts at a baseline of perfection and it is the place we go in-between each life on 3D. My source: many NDEs by multiple people